1. All information on Lewis Berman entered by Barbara Berman
2. Per Birth Cert.
3. 3/30/07 Barbara Hacker. Burton Kahn remembers pushing Barbara in a carriage. When Barbara was born she went to live with Fay Kahn and family. They had a puppy. Fay asked Burt and Cecily if they wanted to keep Barbara or the puppy. Of course, they picked the puppy!
4. 1/1/2002 Michael Berman divorced in 2001.
5. 9/3/98 Research Report from RAGAS: Family name Sverdlov wide spread in Vitebsk province and esp. in the town of Polotsk. Druz appeared in Polotsk and Druzd in Vitebsk. But no info. about Bella Sverdlov and Israel Druz. I am rewriting RAGAS to search for Shmil Druz and Raphael Sverdlov.
6. 10/29/11 Swerdloff family research done at the SLC Library. Check individual Swerloff names for any updates.
7. Wendy gave me, framed, three pictures of one elderly man, a young man and a young woman. She said Mom did not know who they were. I took them apart and found printed matter on the back of the older man and young woman. I sent photocopies to Andre Belyi, BCC, to translate. The older man's translation: Photographed by U. R. Bermant, Polotsk, Vitebesk, Ukraine, adress: Vitebskaya str., near the monument. Enlargements of portraits made, any size of your choice. Negatives are kept. Central Photo Studio. The young woman's translation: K. Mulman"s Photo Studio in Odessa, Winner of the highest Grand-Prix award at the International Exhibition in Paris. Honorable Cross, International Exhibition, Paris, 1904. Grand Gold Medal, Palais Royal, 1904, Grand Gold Medal, Paris, 1905. Grand-Prix, International Exhibition, Paris. We keep negatives. Preobrazhenskaya Str. crossing with Uspenskaya str. House #68. From this information I am surmising that the older man is Raphael Swerdloff as Bella was born in Polotsk. The young woman and man (again surmising) are Israel and Bella Druse. Probably taken before he left for America so they would each have a picture of the other until he brought her and Rose over.
8. Per translation of birth certificate of Rose Druse Potter, Wolf is part of the first name, ie: Srul (Israel)-Wolf Druz (Druse). Smilev means son of Shmil. This is Israel's father. Bella's name is Khaya-Beila. It indicates that Israel is a petite-bourgeois townsman from Mokrokaligorsk, province of Kiev (original place of residence). Mokrakaligorka is located at 48o51'/31o13', 60 miles from Elisabethgrad away from Ekaterinslave in the Province of Kiev. Was Shmil from here? Will work on this. 11/97
9. 11/9/97 Per Dictionary of Jewish Surnames in the Russian Empire, Beider, Sverdlov is common in Polotsk, Vitebsk. Means from the village of Sverdly.
10. 10/26/98 Jacob Swerdloff: LDS research re a Jacob Swerdloff. Not sure if related. See "Mystery People".
11. 11/9/97 Per the Shtetl Finder, Polotsk, is N. of Minsk, NW of Vitebsk.
12. Was hospitalized from Feb. 8, 1919 to March 1. During Flu epidemic. Per death certificate, chronic (3 years) endocarditis. also acute articular rheumatism. Bella Druse.
13. Was living at 2444 S. 10 St. Phil., Pa. with husband Israel Druse and children. Bella Druse.
14. 10/96 LDS research. 1910 census. ST. Louis. 093-0050-0217. Bella age 35. Israel 37. Bella US 1905 with Rose. Rose age 7, Fannie 5. Sister Jennie Swerdloff living with them. Age 25. Boarder Fannie Roberts. 1920 Census. NY. Ed580. Sheet 1. Line 32. Israel age 37. Na. 1911. Ent. 1904. Address 595 Vanderbilt. Bklyn. NY. Rose 16, Fannie, 14, Harold, 10 and Florence 5. Widow.
15. March, 2000. Interview with: Basil and Barbara Potter; Cecily Cain; Beverly and Burton Kahn: Re. Israel Druse: Basil has good memories of him, so does Burton. His Dad, Carl, hated him, but Carl liked very few people. (I remember him has rather stern--like a little soldier. I remember him reciting his poetry. I remember him bringing me a big doll once that I loved, but Mom thought it ugly!) Burt said he was very strong. He had a "shack" in the Wachong Mountains of NY. Once Burt was there and a piano leg was stuck through the floor Burt tried to get it out but it wouldn't budge. Grandpa told him to move, grasped the leg, hoisted it out and moved it by himself! When he lived in Plainfield, he walked 7 miles each day. He was in the military in Russia and remembers eating horse meat and getting sick! He was conscripted into the Army and left Russia to avoid it.
16. Per info. fromRAGAS from Russia, birth certificate has been found for Rose which states she was born in 1903, name Ita-Rakhel Srulevna Druse daughter of Israel Druse (Russian for Israel=Srul). This proves last name was indeed Druse!
17. 11/9/97 Per The Dictionary of Jewish Surnames is Russia, Druz name is found in Zhitomir, Novograd, Akkerman. It means "friend" in Ukranian.
18. 11/12/99 ckd. the Jewish emergency US Passports 1915-1924, fiche 6334372; and the US citizens in Jerusalum 1914-18, fiche 6334373. for the following: Feinstein, Berman, Schlam, Druse, Swerdloff, Rohr, Rogovin, Hacker, Nussdorf, Sternberg. The only one remotly possible was a Samuel Sternberg in US Citizens in Jers., Book 3 Page 221. I will follow up.
19. Per Petition for Naturalization. Israel Druse. Age 32. 2801 Sheridan Ave. St. Louis, Mo. Laborer. Born 12/22/1872 in Elisavelgradl (now Kirovograd), Russia. to US via Ship Zeeland, left Antwerp Belgium 3/12/04, arrived NY 3/22/04. (Per Ship manifest name Draus) Traveled alone. Wife and Rose followed in 1905. wife Bella born Polatsk, Russia. childred Rose b. 3/2/03 in Ekaterizroslaw (now Dnepropetrovsk), Russia. Fannie b. 3/25/06 St. Louis. Harry B. 4/5/11 St. Louis. Witnesses Isidore Lipschitz, Laborer, 1406 N. 22 St. St. Louis Mo. J. Bobroff, cabinet maker, 2901 Dayton St. St. Louis. Petition signed Aug. 25, 1911.
20. Per letter from orphanage Florence Hacker stayed in. (Brooklyn O.)
21. Died at Workman's Circle Home for the aged. Question at that time was he married for the third time to a woman at home named Ida? He was married for a 2nd time to a woman named Ida about the time Florence Druse Hacker was placed in an orphanage. Israel Druse. SS # 140-14-9597; b 12/22/1872; died July, 1962 from SSDI 10/29/11.
22. 11/1/11 Israel Druse. Research LDS: SSDI SSN 140-14-9597; b 12/22/1872; died July, 1962; SSN issued NJ prior to 1951; Microfilm 1324928 died 7/11/1962; age 87; Borough, Kings Cert. #7629.
23. 12/23/11 Israel Druse. Death Cert. #156-62-207629. recorded 7/12/1962. Died Bronx NY, 3155 Grace Ave., lived here 20 years. married. born 12/22/1875; age 87; self employed painter; born Odessa; citizen USA; parents names unknown by son Harold Druse; Cemetery Beth-El, Paramus, NJ; buried 7/12/1962; 1345 Jerome Ave., Bronx, NY; died at Workmen’s Circle home for the Aged. 7/11/1962; 9:15PM; white, male; resident 12/24/1951 to 7/11/1962; son’s address 636 W. 8 st., Plainfield, NJ.
24. 11/12/99 ckd. LDS records for WWI registration cards for the following: Louis Berman, Julius Swerdloff, Joe and Leon Schlam; Rohr; Hacker; Hecker; Nussdorf; and Druse. Found only the following mystery people: Isidor Rogovin; Jake Rogoff; David Sternberg; Aaron Sternberg; Abe Sternberg. See the copies in the paper file WWI Draft cards.
25. 9/30/04 Israel and Ida C. Druse. 1930 Census. Israel age 57, came USA 1905; Israeal newman with City Route. Ida age 54 born 1876 in USA 1891. 409 Ave. C; Bayonne, NJ. Rents $32.
26. 2/9/13 Israel Druse. US City Directories 1821-1989: 1423 Franklin Ave., St. Louis, Missouri, 1908, Laborer; 1404 Washington, St. Louis, Missouri, Laborer, 1909; 1920, St. Louis,Missouri, Grocer; 1933 Plainfield, NJ; News Distributor, 518 Division St. wife Ida; 1935 wife Ida; 25 New St., Plainfield, NJ; 1940 Plainfield, NJ, 427 W. 4 St, wife Ida.
27. 4/1/98 Per RAGAS research:There is no record of a marriage between Israel Druz and Bella Sverdlova for the years 1900-1902 in the Ekaterinoslav city synagogue.
28. 10/20/02: Israel and Ida C. Druse: 1930 Census Index: Israel age 57, born Russia, live Bayonne, NJ, county, Hudson, Roll T626-1346; Page 27A; ED 197; Image 0941; Ida C. age 57, the rest the same.
29. 12/13/07 Ida Druse. Per Mount Ararat Cemetery, Ida Druse born 12/25/1881 and died 8/2/1975. I will send for death cert.
30. 3/00 Interview in Orlando, Fl. with Basil and Barbara Potter; Beverly & Burton Kahn; Cecily Cain: Beverly and Burt spent a lot time with Harry and Helen in Plainfield prior to their marriage. Burt was about 5 years old and riding in the car with Burt on the front seat. He was speeding a a police car came up on them. Right before the police car pulled along side, Harry slapped Burt in the face and Burt began crying--hard! Harry told the policeman that Burt was sick and he was rushing to get him help! He got no ticket!
31. 2/4/08 Harold Druse. Death cert. born 4/5/1911. age 86; died 10/4/1997; 1AM; SS#102.10.0079. was in military. married. CPA & Attorney. 1700 Tice Valley Blvd. #432 Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County, 94595, CA for 6 years. Wife Helen. Father Isadore born Russia mother Bella Swerdloff, born Russia. disposition 10/17/1997 UC School of Medicine, 515 Parnassus Ave. San Francisco, CA 94148 for Scientific us. died of respiratory arrest due to CA lung (6 months); dementia-alzheimer’s type. St. file #3 051997 37153; Local Reg. #39707004676.
32. 3/30/07 Harold Druse. Per Cecily Cain: Israel Druse pulled Harry out of the orphanage about the age 13 to help him work the paper routes. Harry was a wild one! Eddie Kahn helped straighten him out and got him into college.
33. 1/22/08 Druse, Helen Heyman. St. of Ca. death cert. File #3052007053890; Reg. #3200707002999; Born 1/4/1912; NJ; widow; died 6/7/07; SSN 059-09-8369; some college; 175 Cleaveland Rd. Pleasant Hill Contra Costa, CA; CA 94523; lived here 15 years. daughter Roberta Fischer 136 Southwind Dr. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523; father Unknown Heyman born Germany; mother Rachel Burson born Palestine; buried Res. of Ken Druse 100 Halsey Rd. Newton, NJ 07860; Non Hodgkin’s Lymphyoma.
34. 7/13/07 Druse, Helen. Died on June 7, 2007, in Pleasant Hill, Ca., per Bobbi Fischer. 6/3/13 SS death index: 94523 Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa, Cal. born 1/4/1912 died June 7, 2007; SSN ?
35. May be 1946
36. 3/2000 Interview in Orlando, Fl. with Basil and Barbara Potter; Cecily Cain; & Burt & Beverly Kahn: Per Basil: His parents did not have a happy marriage. Carl was a WASP from Beacon, NY. He could trace his family back to the Mayflower. He could not make a living there and moved to Brooklyn, NY. He went to live as a boarder with the Silvermans. He was a very elegant dresser. He used a cane, wore spats, etc. Fay Druse had a crush on him. Renee Druse was going with a guy with a wooden leg--which turned her off. Fay introduced her to Carl. Renee danced on Broadway and took ballet lessons. Carl and Renee were separated during their marriage for about a year. Burt remembers being on Carl's shoulders in about 1929 or 30 when they were in Coney Island watching the boardwalk burn down! Burt was about 4 years old. Renee and Carl were pack rats--they collected everything. Renee covered all the furniture with layers of plastic, material, etc.!
37. 6/3/13 Renee Potter. SS Death Index. born 3/25/1903 (we have April, not March); SSN 137-12-9526; died 7/25/2000; last Res 91765 Diamond Bar, Los Angeles Cal.
38. 2/9/13 Rose Druse Potter age 27 married immigrated to USA 1903 from Russia. Census 1930; Boarder with husband Beverly Potter age 25; Ralph Goldman age 9; Jennie Goldman age 38; and Dave Goldman age 47. done 4/18/1930; ED 18-34; Sheet 5B; Sup. dist. 10; Dave tailor own shop, from Poland 1904; Ralph born in NY; Beverly born NY Lawyer; Renee (Rose) bookkeeper in Hardware Store. Note: They have Goldman as “Golden”
39. 3/29/09 Potter. Information supplied from Basil Potter.
40. 10/29/11 Fay Druse Kahn. Per died 1/8/1992; Houston, Texas; married 6/7/1925.
41. 3/30/07 Fay Kahn. per Cecily Cain: Grandpa Israel had to go to school all the time for Fay. She talked the neighborhood shoe repairman into taking a bunch of kids to Coney Island. None of the parents knew. They were all frantic.
42. 7/26/01 Interview with Burton Kahn. He thinks their name might have been Cohen. Father born Eketerinaslav, Ukraine, 1900. Came to US with family (he thinks) in 1906 through NYC. They lived in lower east side (Montaine? St.) then moved to Brooklyn. Celia died in the flu epidemic of 1919. Jacob was a kind, quiet man, who went to Temple twice a day. He died when Burt was at camp at age 15. He was living with Bea and her family at that time. Burt remembers crying when they told him. He was very fond of Jacob. Edmund graduated New Utrick High, Brooklyn around 1918, graduated NYC college around 1923, married at age 25, and Burton was born the next year. Edmund bought himself a gold initial ring when he graduated. Burton got the ring when he died. Burton lost the ring while gardening. Several years later, Drew and Jay found the ring in the garden. They had it cleaned and presented it to him all wrapped up on a special occassion! Lila married late--in her thirties.
43. 11/7/01 Kahn family: Soundex K 500. 1920 census #1821174. Jacob Kahn. Age 45, Russia, Alien. 76 Beaver St. Brooklyn, NY. all born in Russia. Wife Celia, age 45. D. Beatrice age 23. Bookkeeper clothing factory. Son Edmund age 24. Bookkeeper poultry market. Jacob owns butcher shop. D. Anna age 17. Vol. 187 ED 1182. Sheet 5. Line 11. Could not find them in Ellis Island web site.
44. 11/7/01 Edmund Kahn. Cannot find in SS death index.
45. 10/4/14 Per Cecily Kahn Cain: Edmund changed his name to Kahn when graduated from college.
46. 1/5/02 A. E. Kahn: Per family born 1900, per Nat. born 1898, per 1920 census born 1896. Will use Nat. figure.
47. 10/8/04 Brooklyn Dir. 1920: Jacob and Celia Kahn home 217 6th Ave. Apt. F3; Edumnd waiter, 54 Dahlgren Place; Bea Stenographer, 987 Bedford Ave.
48. 11/18/06 Kahn, Edmund. Per Cecily Cain: at about age 20 he was going to NYU. He and Al Ritz (of the Ritz Brothers) were running block parties featuring dance contests. No one could compete with Al. Cecily learned this when she was in HS. Also, when he and Fay were just married, he ran a night club in the summer at far Rockaway.
49. 10/4/14 Per Cecily Kahn Cain: Edmund graduated form Boys High School in Brooklyn, NY
50. Florence Hacker. Birth Cert. states May 24, 1914. We were always told May 12.
51. Florence Druse Hacker. Address of family at this time 51 Rockaway Ave. Info. from birth certificate.
52. Solomon Feinstein: From death certificate. #7606. Died at home. In Country 27 years, in NY 25 years. Coronary Thrombosis and Arterial disease. Wife Bertha.
53. 3/30/07 Florence Druse Hacker. Per Burton Kahn. Florence lived with them at 7902 Bay Parkway. She brought him presents....cameras and film. She bought Cecily Kahn a Diddy Doll. He went to Jones Beach with Florence and Moe while they were dating. Moe Hacker took Burt and Cyril on a one week trip to the Pennsylvania coal mine area.
54. Morris and Florence Hacker. Miami Directory. 1958. address 35 SW 64 Ave. Morris salesman Best Home Equip. Florence machine operator Tow factory.
55. 7/27/01 Per Burton Kahn: At Florence Druse and Moe Hacker’s wedding, a young Basil Potter ran up the aisle during the ceremony yelling, “Who is the man in the bathrobe?” It was the Rabbi. Harry Druse captured him and took him from the hall.
56. 7/1/07 Hacker, Morris and Florence Druse. Marriage cert. #786533. 5/30/1937, I. Hoffman Hall, 1130 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY Rabbi Rachmial Rutstein, 486 Amboy St. Brooklyn. Witnesses Herman Yellin and Lawrence Kleinberg. Florence 7902 Bay Parkway, age 23 single, born Brooklyn, father Israel mmother Bella Swerdloff. Morris Frank Hacker 1934 69 St. age 25 Divorced; salesman, born Brooklyn, father Michael mother Anna Sternberg. Second marriage.
57. 10/96 LDS research. 1910 Census. Jenny living in St. Louis with Israel and Bella Druse. Single. age 25. 1900 and 1920 census checked in New Jersey. R 1827304 and R1827443. Not there. Checked under name David and Jenny Goldman also (in 1920 census).
58. 3/2000 Interview with Burt & Beveryl Kahn, Cecily Cain, Basil and Barbara Potter: Per Basil, in about 1954, Jenny was paranoid and had to be admitted to Matowon? Asylum in NJ. She was a sweet, generous lady and a wonderful cook. Jenny housed a lot of the newly arriving Swerdloffs from Russia. Basil remembers there were two other brothers with very Russian names! Dave Goldman was a tailor. Ralph had a big police dog named "Prince". Once Burt, Jenny and Harry Druse took Ralph from the facility he was in for a picnic. He became violent, hit Jenny. It took Harry and Burt to subdue him.
59. It is possible Dave was previously married and had a daugher named "Gertie" per Burton Kahn.
60. 6/27/99 See copy Ralph Goldman's Medical (Mental) health records: Half sister (older), Gertie Cerelo. As of 1940 lived 30-20 Neptune Ave., Coney Island, NY. First admitted to Marlboro St. Hospital 12/21/1940 from Brooklyn St. Hospital. Diag. Dementia Praecox, Catatonic State. Transferred to New Jersey Neuropsy. Institute 9/29/64. diag. Schizophrenic reaction, Hebephrenic type. Ralph had one year of college. 19 in 1940. In Marlboro again 2/11/76 to 8/1/76 discharged to Beachview Rest Home in Keansburg 3/26/76. Admitted again to Marlboro 3/16/77 and discharged 12/1/77 to Sue Ann Rest Home in Englishtown, NJ. Here we lose him. From original history: Grocery clerk, as child discontented and induldged by parents. Graduated high school age 17. One year Jr. College. Introverted, seclusive. Depressed, irrational, suspicous. 5'7". Thin. Born 1/9/1921, Brooklyn, NY.
61. 11/6/99 Goldman: Per 1920 census researched at LDS library, Vol. 144 Ed 309, Sheet, 11 Line 29. Age 35. 194 Tompkins Ave., Bklyn, NY. Reads, writes and speaks English. Yiddush 1st language. Jennie entered country 1905. Owned millinary store. Wife Jennie, age 32. Daughters Gertrude, age 10 and Diana age 7, born NY to 1st wife. David entered USA 1907, alien.
62. 10/31/00 SLC LDS. David Goldman and Jenny Swerdloff ckd. marriage certs, NJ. Could not find (no Swerdloffs). films 1543461, 64, 65, 1001871, 72.
63. 5/7/99 Per Burton Kahn: He lived with Jenny prior to his wedding. He believes she died in about 1955 in NJ. Ralph died in the 1960's in the Mental Health Hospital in Monmouth, NJ. Dave Goldman died in the 40's in NJ. Julius died in the 1960's in Florida. See note 356.
64. 10/29/98 Julius Swerdloff: Cked. LDS records for marriages NYC 1900-1911. Not there. Will check for marriage NJ. Film was missing: 1543517.
65. 3/2000 Interview with Burt & Beverly Kahn, Cecily Cain; and Basil and Barbara Potter in Orlando: Julius owned a bungalo colony in the Wachong Mountains, NJ. It had a community kitchen where all the women did their cooking.
66. 6/27/99 From birth Cert: Samuel Swerdloff #30681, born 9/9/1911. At home 756 Gates Ave. NY, NY. Father painter, Julius born Russia age 26; mother Rose Kosovsky age 27 born Russia, 2 previous children.
67. 11/2/05 Swerdloff, Julius WWI Reg. age 32, 237 E. 110 St. NYC; B 4/8/1885; Nat. Cert. #616143, Vol. 225, Pet. #55797; done 6/5/1917; medium height and build; blue eyes, brown hair; self employed; born Poltsk, Russia.
68. 11/11/99 Found Julius Swerdloff death cert. LDS library fiche 6081812, Fl. St. death cert. indexes, 1964. Vol. 2635; 49048, Co. 23; 11/64. Will send for certificate.
69. 10/16/2006. Julius Swerdloff. death cert. Dade County, Fl. code No. 23-162. file # 64 049048, reg. # 9187. info. entered in data.
70. 6/5/13 Morris Swerdloff. US City Directories. 1931; Plainflield, NJ, Student; 502 W. 5th; Anna Swerdloff stenographer John T. Coggins 502 W 5th; Samuel Swerdloff clerk Liberty Drug Store 110 N; Sam & Rose delicatessen 502 W 5th. 1938 Plainfield, NJ Address 459 W 3rd; Anna sec-treas. Swerdloff’s Inc. 459 W. 3rd; Julius and Rose 459 W 3rd; Ralph student 459 W 3rd; Samuel pres. Swerdloff’s Inc. 459 W 3rd.
71. Julius Swerdloff. Later life lady friend was called "Big Bertha"!
72. Samuel Swerdloff: 9/3/98 from SS Application dated 11/27/1936. address 459 W. 3 St. Plainfield, NJ. Worked for Whelan Drug Co, 104 W. Front St. Plainfield, NJ. ss# 150-03-7129. Lists mother as Rose Rosafsky.
74. 6/8/07 Swerdloff, Julius. Naturalization. Declaration of Intention. #23699. US District Court NY. 7/19/1912. age 26. painter. white. dark skin. 5’3”. 116 pounds. brown hair, blue eyes. born in Polotski, Russin 4/8/1886. address 658 Classon Ave, NYC. emigrated from Antwerp, Belgium, on the Noorland, last residence was Odessa, Russia. arrived Port of NY 5/21/1906. Petition for Naturalization. 7/19/1912. #55797, 197; 145 Orchard St, NYC (also 151 Forsyth St. c/o Rosenfeld. left Antwerp, Belgium 5/3/1906. wife Rosie Goldstein, born Dragin, Russia; children all born NYC: Sarah 4/24/1908; Annie 5/1/1910; Sam 9/8/1911; Morris 1/25/1913. Witnesses: Morris Yankowitz, house painter, 606 Dean St. Brooklyn, NY; Louis Schwartz, Tinsmith, 14 E. 116 St. NYC. 1/1/1911. Oath of Allegiance: 6/8/1916. 616143.
75. 1/17/05 Harold Druse and Julius Swerdloff. 1930 Census: Julius Swardloff, Plainfield, Union, NJ, Julius born about 1886; head of house; Harold Drewes(Druse) nephew is staying with them. Possibly going to college in NJ.Census done 4/2/1930. ED 20-123; Dist. 8; Sheet 6A; Lines 25 thru 32. Julius: W; M; 44 years old married at 18; USA 1904; decorator; own shop. Wife Rose F; 45 married at 19; USA 1903; delicatessan shop; own. children: Annie; daughter F 19 single stenographer in law offices; all children born NYC; sons: Samuel age 18 single; Morris; age 16 single. Harold age 13 single. Ralph age 9 single. Harold age 19 nephew born Missouri; helper. 110Street house # 102 Renter.
76. 3/30/07 Rose Swerdloff. SSN 143-38-1069; born 4/2/1890; died 1/1969; SSN received NJ 1963; 07208 Elizabeth, Union, NJ.
77. 4/10/12 Marriage of Julius Swerdloff and Rosa Goldstein, sent by Ava Koenka, 1/5/1907; Kings County; Cert #356 Marriage of Mordecai (Max) Goldstein and Rosa’s neice Rebecca Rosofsky 5/8/1910 Kings County Cert. #4348
78. 11/2/05 Swerdloff, Julius. SLC. Census 1910. Brooklyn, NY. 4/21/1910. District 2; ED 338?; sheet 9?; address 206 Scholes St. apt. 38; Julius; age 24 married 4 years, Russia, Painting contractor. wife Rosa age 24 married 4 years, Russia; Sarah daughter 1 year 11 months b. NY. 10/24/06 amended Boarder Max Goldstein. age 22 single. Russia. Salesman ladies waists US 1907. neice. age 18 single. dressmaker at store. US 1904.
4/19/12 Per anonymous relative, The neice was Rebecca Rosa Kosovsky’s neice. Ave has wedding info. on Rebecca and Max Goldstein and info. re. the Swerdloffs. She will send them to me.
79. Ralph Goldman: Per information from Burton Kahn: Ralph loved to play the drums and kept pigeons for a hobby. He was commited to an insane asylum and died there. (died late 50's) New Jersey St. Mental Hospital, Mattawan, NJ. Per Florence Hacker, he had a love affair which his parents broke up. Shortly after, he "broke down".
80. 7/27/01 Per Burton Kahn: When Burt moved to Plainfield, June 1949, he lived with Aunt Jenny until Sept. 1949, when he got married (on Front St) about a block from Harry and Helen Druse. Dave did alterations at Tepper Bros. Dept. Store. They lived over the tailor shop on Sommerset St. in N. Plainfield, NJ.
81. 11/6/99 Ralph Goldman birth cert. #2316, "male" Goldman, 1/9/21, reel #1322467 LDS. Will mail for birth certificate.
82. 7/29/13 Ralph Goldman. died 2/22/2003; SSN 154-10-8752 in NJ; born 1/9/1921; last Res. 07735 Keyport, Monmouth, NJ.
83. 11/2/05 Swerdloff, Jack M. (Morris?) SLC SSDI. SSN 145-091529 issued NJ, last residence Miami, Fl. b. 12/27/1912, died 6/15/2001.
84. Swerdloff, Jack. 10/19/06. Death Cert. age 88. see data entered. cert. # 01 084310; 009504. Informant Larry Swerdloff, 8149 High Corner Road, Brooksville, Fl. 34602. Jack widowed.
85. 4/18/13. Morris Swerdloff and Dorothy. US Directory Plainfield, NJ; 1947; Pres. Sun Ray Neon and Lighting. home 836 Leland Ave.
86. 6/5/13 Morris Swerdloff. US City Dir. 1943; 1343 S. End Pkwy Plainfield, NJ wife Dorothy; Sam and Ada pres. Best Drug Store 1352 Murray Ave.
87. 6/5/13 Morris Swerdloff. US city Dir. 1944; New Brunswick, NJ wife Dorothy 15 John.
88. 6/5/13 Morris Swerdloff. US City Dir. 1947; 836 Leland Ave. Plainfield, NJ; wife Dorothy; pres. Sun Ray Neon lighting; Harold and Julia; clerk Best Drug store; 304 E. Front; Samuel and Ada Pres. Best Drug store 1352 Murray Ave.
89. 9/3/98 Per Death Cert. Richard Swerdloff.
90. 5/30/07 Larry Swerdloff. Information sent to me by Larry.
91. 7/27/01 Per Burton Kahn: Burt fondly remembers Moe Hacker taking him and Cyril for a week at Easter time on a road trip with him while he sold jewelry. (They were probably young teenagers.) Burt remembers when Florence worked (before her marriage) at Univex Camera company as a forelady. She used to bring him home the newest model cameras.
92. 11/13/14 Information from Suzan Kahn Hale.
93. 10/6/14 Per Cecily Kahn Cain.
94. 5/29/12 Per Cecily Cain, Brendon’s middle name is spelled Micheal.
95. 9/3/98 from application for SS# done Nov. 27, 1936. Address 1934 Bay Ridge Ave., Bklyn, NY. Worked for Met. Life Ins. Co. #1 Madison Ave. NYC. Mother Fannie Sokol. (Known as Fannie.)(Michael HACKER)
96. Michael Hacker: Marriage certificate 4392, 2/3/1903.Manhattan. Performed by Leopold W. Harbinger, Alderman, 66 2nd Ave., NYC. Witness: James Weldon and Patrick Parial. Witness for groom Hanna Teishman. For bride Dora Genduer. Signed in the presence of Aron Ludeuduer and Moses Katz. Michael Hacker: 169 Norfolk. Age 22. Born Austria. Father Pincus mother Fannie Sternberg. first marriage for both. Annie Sternberg: 200 E. Houston. Age 20. born Austria. Father Israel Sternberg, mother Hannah Sternberg. Note: Michael Hacker SS application says mother's name Fannie Sokol.
97. Per Lynn Cohen her father told her the family name was Hecker not Hacker and that Michael changed it to seem more "American" to get a job with Met. Life. I have no evidence of that yet.
98. 11/17/01 Michael Hacker & Family: LDS 1920 Census: Michael, Vol. 179 Ed 1012 Sh. 3 Line 96. Age 39, born Austria. 185 Bay 14th St. Brooklyn, NY. Wife Anne, Age 37. Son Harry age 16, (all children born NY), Ruben Age 15, Daniel Age 12, Morris age 8. Michael came US 1895, Anne 1900. Michael worked for Met. Life Ins.
99. Hacker, Michael. Came to USA in 1880's. Naturalized Nov. 2. 1965. Reissued copy then. Naturalized in 1904.
100. Naturalized Nov. 2, 1965. #A 13 362 926. I have sent to Wash. for copy of application for Naturalization . This has proved incorrect. naturalized in 1904.
101. Per Uncle Danny, they moved to Fl. in 1950. Lived on Miami Beach.
102. 5/16/07 Michael Hacker. Mt. Zion Cemetery info. address 42 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fl. Society P. L. Sternberg; Folio 2337; Burial No. 300; County Dade; Sec. 1, Blk. 5, Grave 2; Path 1-A, map 14 P.P. buried 9/25/78.
103. 1/6/03 Michael Hacker. Brooklyn Directory 1933/34. Michael Hacker. Asst. Mgr. Met. Life Ins. Co. r185 Bay 14th. Reuben (Eliz) printer h186 Bay 14th.; Daniel 185 Bay 14th St.; Harry 8750 Bay Parkway Apt. 4D.
104. 10/21/06 Michael Hacker. WWI Draft Reg. card. 3977. ?847. 9/12/1915?. Medium height and build. grey eyes. brown hair. 185 Bay 14 st., Brooklyn, NY. age 38 born 5/4/1880. wife Annie. Investigator for life insurance. Metropolitan Life Ins. 8403 18 St. Brooklyn, NY.
WWII Draft Reg. card. #198. 161 Ave. P, Brooklyn, NY. age 61. born Austria. 5/4/1880. unemployed. res. party Morris F. Hacker 7602 21 Ave. Bklyn, NY. phone beachview 2-6695. written 1941.
105. 5/16/07 Annie Hacker. Mt. Zion Cemetery. 23372; Folio Spec; address 334 Euclid Ave. S. Miami Beach, Fl. Society P. L. Sternberg 1 R. age 73; buried 6/10/1956; burial No. 2470 B of H No. 650. Grave 1 Map 14.
106. 7/27/01 Per Burton Kahn: When Wendy was quite little, they lived on the same block as Fay and Eddie Kahn. Wendy was the apple of Eddy’s eye! In the middle of one night Eddie hears by his window, “Uncle Eddie, Uncle Eddy”. He thought he was dreaming, but there was little Wendy who walked over for a visit.
107. 4/29/08 Mabe, Jessica. Information from Wedding invite. Parents Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Mabe. 5/3/08 to David Alexander Hale. at Southwinds Baptisit Church. Tomball, Texas.
108. 10/19/07 Druse, Kenneth. Nationally known garden expert, written many books, speaker, received many awards. go to
109. LDS research 10/96 from 1920 Census Vol. 130 Ed 81 Line 69 Sheet 4 for Israel Sternberg. Listed Clara as "wife". (Note: buried in Sternberg plot. Lists her as widow with last name of Cohen. Also per death Cert.) 603 Williams Ave. Blkn. Age 66. Wife Clara age 60 entered USA 1907 (He really entered 1900) Al. R1821145.
110. 10/96 LDS research 1900 Census. Israel Sternberg. Vol 130 Ed 188 Manhattan Line 64 R1241089. Born August 1851. Austria. Peddler. Came to US 1900. 159 Orchard St. Wife Yetta H. Born 8/1864 age 45. Children (all born in Europe) Harry Nov. 1873. Age 26. Sigmund (Sam) March 1876. Age 24. Annie Nov. 1881. age 18 and Fanny (Flo) July 1891, age 8.
111. 11/21/10 Simon Sternberg. Did Simon go back and return with daughter Mauzie (Mae) in 1890? But this is our Simon leaving Hamburg per Hamburg passenger list. Left 5/18/1886; ship British Queen; age 38; born about 1848; merchant; going to NYC; with him Keile Sternberg born about 1875; Abraham born about 1876; Jachne born about 1883; and Schmaje born about 1885. (Children)Brother: Israel age 36; Ephraim age 26; Nephew Solomon age 20. Cannot find the NY arrival on the British Queen. Not sure who Ephraim is. Did he die?
112. Israel Sternberg: Address at time of death was 185 Bay 14th, Brooklyn, NY
113. He went to live in a house owned by Anna and Michael after Chabella died which was about two years before his death.
114. Israel Sternberg: From cemetary and death certificate. death cert. #17371. Brooklyn, NY. Widow. August 9, 1931. age 80 Peddler. Austria. father Aaron Mother Molly Kauritz. USA 35 years. 185 Bay 14 St. Bklyn. Chronic Myocarditis. Buried 8/10/1931. Mt. Zion Cem.
115. 5/16/07 Israel Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. Folio SP 221; 7147B; 185 Bay 14 St. Brooklyn, NY; Society Pr. Lot Sternberg; age 80; buried 8/10/1931; Burial No. 1697; B of H # 17371; M 284.
116. Per Sylvia Rubenstein, Anna's mother was Leah. 11/16/96.
117. Most likely Yetta and Israel were cousins. Perhaps Solomon was her brother or could be Israel's brother.
118. 10/4/01 Death Cert. Annie Sternberg. died 4/22/1910. Ca. Stomach. Age 58, born 1852 Austria. Cert. #8670. address 416 Van Sickler Ave. Brooklyn; Proctor House. Parents Harry and Eve Sternberg. In USA 11 Years. Married, housewife.
10/20/07 Sternberg, Annie. addition to above. Cert. 8670.
119. 5/16/07 Annie (Yetta H.) Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. Folio 130; F-147B; Society S. Sternberg, KUV; age 58; buried 4/25/1910; Burial # 1276; Range 1 Grave 1; Map. 284.
120. Widow. Married name Cohen. Appears common law wife of Israel.
121. 10/3/01 Clara Cohen: Israel Sternberg’s second wife? Death Cert. born Austria. US 16 years. parents Benjamin and Jennie Abisch. Austria. Rt. Lobar Pneumonia. Buried Mt. Zion Cem. Sternberg plot. Cert. diff. to read. died May 24, 1926(8?). Cert. # 12594??. Age 64, born 1862.
122. Per Sylvia Greenberg, Pincus had a tattoo on his arm. It had to do with the Army and was done for a purpose.
123. 11/6/99 Found on reel #1375024, Ed 1663, Census 1910: address 310 E. Houston St. Apt. 95, NY, NY. Sol Hacker, age 55, married 22 years, teacher, from Austria, rents apt, came to USA 1/4/06 from Austria. Wife Sadie, age 42, 7 children, 5 living. Joe (m) age 20, single, born Austria; Tessie (F), age 18, born Austria; Rose (f), age 15, born Austria; Beckie (f) age 2, born US. Related? How?
124. 10/27/09 Pincus Hacker. SLC researched for more info. on Pincus in USA. None found.
125. 10/96 from research LDS library SS death files. 8/23/2010. SS death Index Fannie Rohr. SSN 119-24-9338. last residence 33139 Miami, Dade, Fl., born 7/4/1905 died 5/1982, SS issued NY.
126. 10/20/07 Hacker, Pincus Death Cert. #17650 address 65 E. 4 St. NYC (Tenament); married Jennie Hacker; tailor of coats for 50 years; Born Kolomea, Poland; USA 50 years; fsather Menachem Hacker mother Cleia Schmack?; Informant Benjamin Rubenstein, son in law, 567 Wyona St; buried Mt. Pion; died 8/22/1940 at home; funeral director Gordon Memorial Chapel.
127. 5/16/07 Pincus Hacker. Mt. Zion Cemetery. 65 E. 4 St. NYC; Society Erster Obertyner #2 K. U. V. n.g. BL 44R; Folio 7-536; F-315; age 75; buried 8/22/1940; burial #1390; B of H No. 17650; Range 2 Grave 15; BL Map 57 44R-Map 62
128. Frances (Fannie) Sokol: Came over to US with the four children.
129. Fannie Hacker: Per death certificate of Anna Hacker Rubenstein, her mother was commonly known as "Fannie".
130. Michael Hacker: Per Social Security Administration documents. 1/25/98. 10/27/98 Per his marriage Cert. mother was Fannie Sternberg although SS says "Sokol".
131. 10/29/00 Per Bieder's book on the Jewish Surnames for Poland: Sokol=Polish for falcon also Falk in yiddish means falcon.
132. Died of Cancer.
133. Pincus Hacker was a holy terror. He made all his wives lives a living hell. (per Sylvia Rubenstein Greenberg)
134. 10/24/06 Pincus Hacker. NY County Supreme Court Nat. Petition Index. 634 E. 5 St. NYC. 2/4/1914. Vol 142 Page 49.
1/9/08 Pincus Hacker. Circuit Court of the US Southern District of NY. Natualization 2/4/1914. Petition. 49. 34899. 634 E. 5 St. Tailor. born 3/15/1851. Kolemea, Austria. arrived from Antwerp Belgium 6/25/1899; Port of NY on the Rhynland. declared intention 7/12/1904 Circuit Court US S. Dist. of NY. Wife Jennie (Seltzer) Hacker from Kolomea, Austria, 634 E. 5 St. NYC. Children Michael born 5/4/1880; Annie 1/2/1882; Max Dec. 3 1884 all Austria. signed 9/5/1913. Witnesses Michael Hacker Agent 72 Glenmore Ave. Bklyn; Louis Hacker Pocketbook maker 14 1st Ave.
135. 10/24/2006 Pincus Hacker. Census 1910. Manhattan. District 1. ED 509? sheet 29A. 326 Orchard St. age 56 married 3 years. Austria. tailor. wife Jennie age 47 housewife. from Austria. 3 daughters of Jennie Blumberg Hacker: Annie age 13, Minnie age 12, & Frieda age 8. (All born in Austria) Boarder Rose Spector. age 21 Single. Russia. operator ladies.
136. 10/3/04 Pinkus Hacker and Lina Zisser. Marriage Cert. #8040; 3/28/1906; microfilm #1558585; Pinkus lived at 136 Suffolk St. Manhattan, NY; 54 year old, widow; tailor; born Austria; father Max and mother Izpra (Tsipora) Schneck; 2nd marriage; Lina Zisser widowed and divorced, 3rd marriage; born austria 1864; 42 years old; father Harry Zisser and mother Sahra Serf.; witnesses Solomon Gorkll and Joseph Reiss; performed by Rev. Israel Firmlichman (?) 78 Sufflok St. NYC.
137. Info. from death certificate. Home address time of death 3030 Surf Ave. Bklyn. NY
138. 4/97 per Lynn Cohen Shirley was a twin.
139. 8/21/02 Shirley Hacker: death info. per Lynn Hacker Cohen.
140. 7/29/04 Info. from Paul Hacker re. his family.
141. Per Uncle Danny, while his mother was pregnant with him, she had a dream in which an old family friend (relative?) named Dena appeared and asked her to name her child for her as no one was named for her. Upon waking she spoke with her father, as she barely remembered Dena, who confirmed she had died many, many years ago. Hence, he was named for her. Curiously, Steve named his daughter Delaney, Dena in Hebrew, not even knowing the story.
142. 1/7/99 Per Honorable discharge US Army: Inducted 7/2/43, NY. DC 10/22/45. Battles: N. Apennines, PO Valley, Rome-Arno. Legal Clerk. Decorations: American service medal; European-African-Middle Eastern Service Medal, and Good Conduct Medal.
10/20/06 Daniel Hacker. US WWII Army Enlistment Records. born 1907. NY, Kings County. enlisted 7/2/1943, NYC. Private. Post graduate education. married. civi occupation: dispatcher clerk; policeman or investigator; Criminal ID Lab. Tech; Vice squad Patrolman or traffic patrolman.
143. Uncle Danny died peacefully at home. It was his wish to die at home and not in the hospital. Wendy and I arranged the details. He had been depressed for a while. He told me he was just "tired and wanted to die". Antidepressants did not help. With the housekeeper Marie's help we hope to be able to keep Aunt Lee at home. She is quite aware of what is going on, but still confused and cannot be left alone.
144. Death Cert. #10020159.
145. Ruby had a twin that died at age 3 months. His name was Herman. The twin was born 8 pounds (Ruby was small and sickly) yet the “healthy” one died. He and Betty were entertainers in vaudville.
146. 2/27/13 Reuben Hacker. SS death Index; born 6/4/1905; died 12/24/1991; SSN 055-10-5986
147. 1/2/01 Ruby Hacker: Per Jean: He died in a nursing home in St. Louis. His and Betty’s ashes are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Jax., Fl. Betty also died in the same nursing home 7/17/1991.
148. 8/10/08 Rubin Hacker. 1930 Census. Brooklyn, NY. Kings County; 16 Assembly Dist.; Ed. 24-1952; Sheet 4B; District 32; 4/7/1930; 68 Bay 14 St; Rubin head of household; age 25 actor Vaudeville; wife Betty age 20, married 2 years; actor Vaudeville, born NY; son Robert age 1.
149. 2/27/13 Betty and Ruby Hacker residences: 1994 Betty; 1115 Edgewood Ave S; Jax, Fl; 32205; phone 904-387-2925; 1986 Betty P. 1115 Edgewood Ave S Apt. 543, Jax, Fl 32205-0802; 1955 Betty P & Rubin; Jax., city directory 914 King, Rueben printer, Jean student, Robert musician; 1949 Betty B. and Reuben Jax, Fl. city directory;1955 Jax, Fl. city Directory. Reuben printer, Robert D. photographer; 2667 Myra. 1946 Jax, Fl. city directory; Reuben and Betty, Reuben collector Jax Utilities, 36 E. 5th; M. Frank and Florence 1946 city directory, Jax, Fl. collector Jax utilities, 831 King apt. 4.
150. 9/3/98 from SS application: filed 6/13/1944. Unemployed. lived at 7602 21 Ave. Bklyn, NY. Parents Harry Gilbert Babcock and Maybell Pierson.
151. 2/27/13 Betty Hacker. SS Death Index; 32205 died Jax., Fl. born 2/18/1909; died 7/17/1991; SSN 072-22-2542.
152. 8/10/08 Robert D. Hacker; Georgia deaths; died 5/17/1985; Fulton County; age 56; residence of Rockdale County #017373; date filed 5/28/1985. SS death Index, SSN 126-22-1918; born 1/12/1929; died 1985 SSN issued NY, NY.
153. 1/2/02 Information re Robert Hacker and family (and Jean Hacker and family) from Jean.
154. 4/20/98 For the last two years I have been trying to contact Jeannie. I have her address and phone #. She refuses to answer my phone calls or letters. I recently sent her a certified letter which she refused. She must not want to have anything to do with our family. She is very much like her father. I know we have not been close, but have no idea why is wants to be cut off.
155. Fay Hacker. Fay died as a toddler hit by a bicycle per Uncle Danny. I find no record of this at this time. 10/28/97.
156. 2/22/13. Abraham Krinsky & family. From Krinsky Family Tree. Abraham died 1948. Lena died 1963. Henrietta died 2012, Ohio.
157. His father, Abraham, was adopted by the Krinsky family in Russia when he was a little boy. It is believed he was orphaned.
158. 4/23/98 Told by Uncle Danny. Lou was Moe's friend. When his wife died, Henrietta went after him. The were married in her parents home. Sylvia Rubenstein arranged and set up the whole thing. Henrietta was never a very gracious person--she did not even thank Sylvia.
159. 2/23/13 Louis Krinsky. Fl. Death Index. died Dade County, Fl. age 76; born 9/20/1912.
160. Louis Krinsky. 2/22/2013 WWII enlistment. 5/13/1942. Boston, Mass. Private. Warrant Officers. 4 years high school. single. skilled work in fabrication of textile products. height 5’9’; weight 169 pounds.
161. 4/23/98 per Uncle Danny.
162. Krinsky. Marvin and Richard were Louis' children by his first wife, Ida who died of leukemia. Henrietta raised them as her own.
163. 4/23/98 Per Uncle Danny: Richard was 3 and Marvin was nine when Louis married Henrietta. Marvin always knew Henrietta was not their "real" mother, Richard did not. When he was about to go into the Army, Marvin told Richard.
164. Stanley comitted suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage.
165. Michael's biological father is Timothy Evans. He has been adopted by Steven Rolison.
166. Max changed his name to Hecker because there was a flour company with that name.
167. 11/16/01 Max Hecker: 1920 Cenus, LDS, NYC: Vol. 177, Ed 967, Sh. 6, Line 15. Max age 34; 8628 Bay 16, Brooklyn, NY. wife Bessie, age 31 born Russia. Daughter Helen age 7 born NY; son Herbert age 2 11/12 born NY. Max cloak cutter. Max came US 1895, Bessie 1898.
168. 10/29/05 Hecker, Max. SLC. 1920 Census. Max; age 34; immigrated 1895; Austria; cloak cutter; wife Bessie age 31 from Russia in 1898 homemaker; daughter Helen; age 7 born NY; son Herbert age 2 years 8 months born NY. 1/6/1920; District 3; ED 966; page 7b; Kings County; brooklyn.address: 8628 Bay 16 St., apt. 109.
169. 10/29/11 max Hecker. WWI Reg. Card. undated. #2216; 1144 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, NY; age 57; b 8/15/1885 Kolymyya; phone Pres 3-3904; wife Bessie; works at Levy-Blum Goldsmith 512 7th Ave. NYC.
170. 1/22/13 Max Hecker. 1915 Census. Brooklyn, NY; House #369 Dean St; line 47; page 19; age 29; wife Bessie age 25; daughter Helen age 2; brother of Bessie Harry age 25; Assembly dist. 23; Harry Bressler, driver; Bessie housewife; Max clothing cutter; done 6/1/1915; block 1; district 24 ward 26;
171. 1/22/13 Mendel Bressler and Hinda Rener (born 1858) parents of Bessie Bressler Hecker per Billig Family tree on Arrived USA age 8. Married to Max Hecker. Children Helen born 1913; Herbert born 1918; and Victor born?; residences age 25, NYC; age 30 Brooklyn, NY; age 40 Bronx NY; age 50 NYC; age 67 Miami Beach, Fl.
172. 5/16/07 Max Hecker. Declaration Intention. 102764; Cuttger; White complexion dark 5’5” 130 pounds brown hair and eyes; born Kolomea, Austria 8/15/1885; address 8628 Bay 16 St. Brooklyn, NY; wife Bessie born Russia; written 11/26/1919. Petition for Nat. address 8629 Bay 16 St; cutter; born 8/15/1885; Kolomea; arrived through Hamburg, Germany on the Tasamina in June, 1895; wife Bessie born 9/14/1891 Russia; children all born Brooklyn: Helen 10/28/1912; Herbert 1/28/1917; Victor 10/8/1922. Witnesses Anna and Michael Hacker 185 Bay 14 St. Brooklyn, NY 6/1/1903 #102764; Oath of Allegiance 6/17/1924 #3026408.
173. 10/29/11 Bessie Hecker. SSDI SSN 105-28-0619; last res. 07728 Freehold, Monmouth, NJ; B 11/26/1901??; died 7/1988
174. Hacker, Annie. marriage cert. #22459; 11/8/1903; witnesses Morris Knitzer and David Buscz(?); Rabbi Israel Zimlichman, 82 Sofolk St.; groom Pinkas Rubenstein; 126 Styerstant St. NYC; age 23; single; born Russia; parents Izak and B. Fucs; bride Annie Hacker, 169 Norfolk St. NYC; 20 age; single; born Galizina; parents P. and Dwore (?).
175. Address at time of death 1206 E. NY Ave. Bklyn, NY per death certificate.
176. 10/29/05 Hecker, Max. SLC. 1910 Census. Max Hecker Boarder. Cloak cutter; single age 24; born Austria. Annie Rubenstein is Max’s sister: Rubenstein, Bennie contractor skirts; age 30 married 7 years; wife Annie, age 28 born Austria; son Max age 4 born NYC; daughter Celia (Sylvia) 3 months old born NYC. address 616 Blake Ave., Brooklyn, NY; ED 806; district 2 page 19B; 5/2/1910.
177. Information from Cemetary.
178. 10/29/05 Hecker, Herbert. SLC. SSDI. born 1/25/1917; died 8/8/1995; SSN 056-14-1029.
179. Herbert Hecker. Almost black listed by the McCarthy hearings.
180. 2/10/14 Heckers from Annie Lynn Morris. Related to Bessie Hecker. Info. from Annie.
181. 10/30/00 SLC LDS. Victor Hecker not in SSDI. Still alive? Looked in white pages and will send letters to five Victor Heckers. Called one in Las Vegas. Similar names but not direct connection. See mystery people.
182. 10/15/06 Death Cert. Victor Hecker. 000140; 01005201; SS#097-12-7940.
183. 5/14/07 Victor Hecker. Death Cert. Florida. File #000140; 01 005201; SS # 097-12-7940; born 1/1/2001; age 78; born Brooklyn, NY; Died Homestead Hospital 1/1/2001; wife Lillian Pocras 2620 SE 19 Court; 12th grade high school; Inspecftor US Government.
184. 10/21/06 Victor Hecker. WWII Army Enlistment records. born 1922, Brooklyn, NY. enlisted 12/1/1942. NYC. Private. 3 years high school. Welder, Spot or Burner, single. 5’8”. 126 lbs.
185. 2/11/2014. Helen Hecker Mabil. died 2/3/1969; buried Flushing, Queens, NY per Find a Grave Index.
186. 1/22/13. Max Hecker. 1930 census Bronx, NY; Max age 45; Bessie age 40 born Russia; daughter Helen age 17; Herbert age 13 and Victor age 7. Children born USA; Max Cutter cloakes and suits; Bessie homemaker; Helen bookkeeper; boys students; done 4/5/1930; 224 167 St. Bronx; Assembly District 5; block E; Sup. Dist. # 25; ED 3-349; sheet 10A.
187. 2/22/13. Helen Hecker. Marriage Cert. #2145; 9/19/1937; Helen age 24; single; born NYC; father Max; mother Bessie Bressler; by Rev. David Schectter. 2725 Neptune Ave. Brooklyn, NY; groom Bernard Mabil; age 27l single; Bookkeeper; born NYC; father Isaac; mother Dora Rosenblum; address 885 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY; Witnesses Solomon Oreifetz; Ben Millstein.
188. 2/11/14 1940 Census. Bernard Mabil age 30; born about 1910; born NYC married to Helen born 1911 NYC; Bronx, NY Gererd Ave.; sheet 13 B; Bookkeeper at gasoline station; rents apt.; highest grade C8; works 39 hours week. Income $2000. year; Wife age 27; Census enumerated 4/13/1940; SD 49; ED 3-443
189. 2/11/2014. Bernard Mabil SS Death Index; SSN 058-10-5156; Long Branch, Monmouth, NJ; died 1/1980; SS # issued NYC. Find a Grave: buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery, Flushing, Queens, NY
190. 5/16/07 Samuel Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. 17817; Folio Spec. 1-R; Society S. Sternberg KU (PL S. Sternberg; age 78 buried 12/30/1958; burial no. 1102; B of H No. 25840; Map 284; Map 14.
191. Mary (Miriam) Sloate. Per Tombstone. Death Certificate says parents last name Sternberg?? Which name?
192. 7/18/13 Marriage cert for Frances Sternberg and George Jacob Stolar. 188 Bay 34 St.. Brooklyn, NY; Rabbi Harry Halpern; George 8-18 Bay Parkway; age 22; single; salesman; born Manhattan; father Morris mother Sophie Beamont; Frances 188 Bay 34 St.; age 19; single ; born Manhattan; father Sam; mother Mary Slertsky?; # 1980; Witnesses Harry Goodman and Jacob Sulder??
193. 10/20/07 STernberg, Sam. 1920 census. Bath Beach Brooklyn, NY. 1/14/1940. District 3. ED 1904. sheet 10 b.
Bay St. Sam. age 38 usa 1890 Nat. 1901. born Austria. Man. addresses. wife Mary. a 35. USA 1892. Russia. home. daughter Frances. age 17 born NYC Student.
6/13/13. Rest of family on 9B, listed incorrectly as children of Norman J. Case and Clara E. Case. Lillian Sternberg age 15; Aaron age 12; and Henrietta age 10, born USA.
194. 5/16/07. Mary Sternberg. 1-17817; Folio Spec. Mt. Zion Cemetery; address 167 E. 67 St. NYC; Society S. Sternberg; age 82; buried 1/22/1968; burial No. 773; B of H M-1742; Grave 7; Map 14 P. L.
195. From cemetery. Harry Sternberg purchased the Sternberg plot from his brother Samuel Sternberg.
5/16/07. Harry Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. 17814; Folio Spec; address 310 W. 86 St. Society P. L. Sternberg; age 79; buried 11/6/1955; Burial No. 923; B of H No. 23473; Grave 16; Map 284 next to Viola.
196. 10/3/01 Viola Sternberg: Death Cert. #1086. Manhattan. 945 West End Ave. NYC. 48 years. marrie4d to Harry born 10/25/1876 in Germany. Housewife. Father Samuel Cohn. mother Johanna Cohn. died 1/12/1945 2AM. buried Mt Zion Cem. 1/14/1945.
197. 5/16/07 Viola Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. 945 West End Ave. NYC; Folio Spec. 1-17814; Society S. Sternberg KUV 1 R; age 68; buried 1/14/1945; Burial No. 55; B of H No. 1086; Pr.Lot Harry Sternberg.
198. 10/18/10 Information from Italian Gen. Group Bride and Groom indexes.
199. 12/3/10 Harris Sternberg & Viola Cohn. marriage cert. #13804; performed service A. Rosenthal; witnesses Louis Berowicz & Eli Meyer; Harris: 124 E. 2 St. NYC; age 26; single born Bieluico (Austria); parents Israel Sternberg & Yette Sternbert; Bride Viola Cohn 210 E. 10 St. NYC age 23; single; born Zerbeam (Germany); parents Samuel Cohn & Johanna Levinsk.
200. Per Danny Hacker: Flo was quite the drinker. Her drinking friend/cousin was Bea Sternberg Bienstock. Bea was from another branch of the Sternbergs. Bea married Lt. Col. Michael? Bienstock.
201. Per Danny Hacker: Sam Baer was a very wealthy furrier. He lost all his money in the 1929 depression. He worked hard and did come back, but not to his former wealth.
202. 10/15/10 Sternberg, Florence. Marriage cert. #26553. Soundex S365. date 10/12/1919.
12/20/10 Sternberg, Florence Marriage cert. to Samuel Baer; age 45; 139 Beach St.; Belle Harbor, Long Island, NY; singel; manufacturer; father David; mother Johanna Metzger; first marriage; Hotel Lucerne, W. 79 St.; NYC; 10/12/1919; Rabbi nathan Stern; West End Synagogue, 201 W. 79 St.; NYC; Florence age 24; 25 St. Nicolas Terr., NYC; parents Israel & Henrietta; 1st Marrage; witnesses Benjamin Nietziner; Jeanette Gilbert.
203. 10/15/2010. Sternberg, Florence. Census 1920. Sam and Florence Baer. District 10. age 24. b. 1896. wife of Samuel Baer. Sam age 46. b 1874.
204. 10/4/01 Lilyan Sternberg. Death Cert. 426. Connecticut. born 6/11/05, age 88. Greenwich, Fairfield, Conn. born NYC. Single. died 10/24/1993. Self-employed bookkeeper. SSN 062.07.2215. address 1165 King. St. Urosepsis. buried Mt. Zion Cem. Maspeth, NY 10/27/1993. Informant: Judith Levine 28 Alpine Rd. Greenwich, Ct., Court Appointee.
205. 5/17/07 Lilyan Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. address 1165 King St. Greenwich, CT. Folio Spec; Society S. Sternberg KUV (P. L. Sternberg); age 81; buried 10/27/1993; burial No. 205; B of H Greenwich Wds.; Grave 9; Path 1-Right; Map PP14 F-147B.
206. 10/30/00 LDS library SLC: Film 1828235. 1920 census. Aaron Sternberg. A 12. Born circa 1908. NY; Father not listed. 188 Bay 34th B, Bklyn, NY. Vol 179 Ed 1004; Sheet 9 Line 52. SSDI found two Aaron Sternbergs that may fit. will send for their death certs. Fl. 1. B 1/15/1914; SS 092-01-7180 issued NY; D 12/4/1994; Fl 33437. 2. B 9/26/08; SS 068-05-0308; issued NY; D 5/10/1989; Fl 33411.
207. 6/17/01 Aaron Sternberg. Death Cert. #89 054660. Florida. 3913013. Died 5/10/1989. West Palm Beach, Fl. Hospice of Palm Beach County. Born 9/26/1908, NYC. age 80. General manager. Ladies Lingerie. Married to Pearl Schwartz. home 153 Lake Barbara Dr. West Palm Beach, Fl. 33411. High School grad. Father Samuel Sternberg. Mother Mary Slote. Informant Pearl Sternberg. Same address. Cremated. Contintal Crematory, Lantana, Fl. SS # 068.05.0308.
208. Close to Moe. Lived in Jax., Fl. at the same time.
209. 6/21/13 Pearl Sternberg. US SS death Index; 33411 West Palm Beach, Fl. born 1/3/1922; died 3/27/2005.
210. 7/5/13 Pearl Sternberg. Death Cert. Local file 6005-3830; 2005 047609; born 1/3/1922; age 83; died 3/27/2005; Palm Beach Hospice; W. Palm Beach, Fl. home address 421 Lake Evelyn Dr. W. Palm Beach; 33411; Hair stylist; widow; father David Schwartz; mother Lillian Weiss; informant Judith Levine, niece, Greenwich Conn; 26 Alpine Road 06830; All County Crematory; Lake Worth, Fl; SSN 068-12-9683.
211. 10/3/01. Henrietta Sternberg. Death Cert. #156.71.103990. died 2/25/1972. age 61. Born 1911. 219 E. 69 St. NYC, NY. Saleslady, Blouses. Born NYC. Parents Samuel Sternberg and Mary Sloate Sternberg. Informant sister Lillian Sternberg, 219 E. 69 St. NYC Buried Mt. Zion, Queens, 2/27/1972.
212. 5/16/07 Henrietta Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery; 17815; Folio Spec. address 219 E. 69 St. NYC; Society P. L. Sternberg; age 61; buried 2/27/1972; Burial No. 95 B of H No. M-3990; Sec. 1 Blk. 5; Grave 8; Path No. 1-right; Map P.L. #14.
6/13/13. Henrietta Sternberg. SSDI. SSN 053-03-8455, last res. 10021 NYC, NY; born 12/5/1910; died 2/1972.
213. 6/12/13 Samuel Sternberg. Census 1925. St. of NY Census. age 45; wife Mary age 42; Lillian age 19; Aaron age 16; Henrietta age 14; Frances age 22; George J. Stolar, son in law; married to Frances, salesman; age 24; done 6/1/1925; Block 8 ED 30; Ward x; Assembly Dist. 16; 188 Bay 34 Street. Aaron in School; Henrietta in school.
214. 6/13/13. George Stolar. SSDI born 10/1/1900; died June 1970; SSN 043-12-7178 issued in Conn.; died Hallandale, Fl. 33009. Will send for death cert.
6/30/13 George Stolar. Death Cert. St. of Fl. 70-035295. died 6/16/1970; age 69; married. accountant; SSN 043-12-7178. Wife Frances Sternberg. Born NY. died Golden Isles Hosp., Hallandale, Fl. address NYC, NY, 302 E. 88 St. Cremation Grove Park Crematory, 6/18/1970; Miami, Fl. Funeral home Wadlington-Greaver, 201 W. Beach Blvd. Hallandale, Fl. info. given by Frances Sternberg Stolar
215. 1/20/02 Per SSDI Hilda Altmark: SSN 057-03-1823; issued NY before 1951; born 6/7/1902; died Dec. 17, 1989; 10019 NY, NY.
216. 1/20/02 Per SSDI: Milton Altmark: SSN 063-09-9356; issued NY before 1951; born 7/4/1904; died Aug. 1969 10023 NY, NY
217. 10/13/98 Per death Cert.: Residence 7 Emma Pl., Piscataway, NJ. Died Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center Plainfield, NJ. Wife Roberta Stess. SS 150-03-7129. Last Emp: Thrifty Drugs, Piscataway, NJ. (owner) age 75. born Bklyn , NY 9/9/1911. Son Michael Swerdloff, 1020 Kerwin St. Piscataway, NJ. Buried Hebrew Cemetery, S. Plainfield, NJ. 10/29/98 LDS research: Could not find him in NYC births 1900-1913. Also ckd. NJ births. Will write to NYC. See note #355.
218. 4/18/13 Samuel and Roberta S; Directory 1960; Plainfield, NJ; Thrity Drugs New Market; home 1215 Watchung Ave.
219. 4/18/13. Samuel and Ada Swerdloff. US Directory Plainfield NJ; 1947; Best Drug Stores, Inc. home 1352 Murray Ave.
220. Harold H. Swerdloff. US City Dir. 1957. 714 Ayres Ave. NP, Plainfield, NJ, wife Julia R. pres.treas. Sleepy Hollow Delicatessen & Bakery, Inc. 714 Ayres Ave. (NP). Barry Swerdloff, clerk Thrifty Drugs 1215 Watchung Ave. Samuel Swerdloff Thrifty Drugs New Market, 1215 Watchung Ave. wife Roberta S.
221. 10/29/11 Roberta Stess Swerdloff; SSDI; SSN 146-14-1705; last residence 08840 Metuchen, Middlesex, NJ; born 12/17/1924; died 5/28/07; SSN issued before 1951 NJ.
222. 9/26/98 Per Helen Druse: Sam Swerdloff had two sons, Barry and Michael. Barry was divorced and had one son. Michael had a lovely wife and 2 children. One of the sons lived in Florida and had a "shady" history. Hesh and Julia Swerdloff lived at 6460 NW 24 St. Sunrise, Fl. 33313. (This is many years ago.) There was a daughter married to a man by the name (?) Septembre. (Not sure per this letter who Hesh and daughter belong to)
223. 11/2/05 Swerdloff,Harold SLC SSDI & Fl. State Death Index. SSN 154-10-6968, b. 12/6/1916, died 2/17/1996, SSN issued NJ.died in Pinellas County, Fl.
224. 3/30/07 Harold Swerdloff. SSDI. died 2/17/1991, Pinellas Fl.; born 12/6/1916; SSN 154-10-6968; New Jersey. 11/16/11 Swerdloff, Harold; ssn 154-10-6968; Florida Death Cert.; 91 022025; died 2/17/1991; age 74; born 12/6/1916; NYC; in Armed Services; Died at Bay Pines, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Medical Center; Pinellas county, Fl; owner Deli; wife Julia Rosner; lived in Sarasota 3335 Lullaby Rd, North Port; zip 34287; 12th grade; father Julius mother Rose Rosofsky(Goldstein); cremated; Southeastern Crematory Clearwater, Fl. died at 4:57PM
225. 4/18/13. Julius swerdloff. 1940 Census. New Providence, Union, NJ; Emerson Lane; sheet # 61B; age 55 born about 1885; Russia Married; Storekeeper, own store; monthly rental $50.; attended 2nd year High School; income $1500. year; wife Rose age 55; son Harold age 22, born USA clerk drug store; son Ralph age 20, born USA Inspector Elec. equipment ; boarder David Goldman, 60 born Russia (brother in law) Tailor; wife Jennie born Russia, 58 (sister of Julius); SD 6; ED can’t read; done 9/11/1940;
226. 4/18/13. Harold Swerdloff and Julia Rosner. Marriage Cert. Sebastion County, Arkansas; 7/18/1944; Harold age 27 Julia 22; FHL film # 2133847.
227. 4/18/13 Harold Swerdloff and Julia US Directory 1947; Plainfield, NJ; clerk Best Drug store. home 304 Front St.
228. 10/21/06. Harold Swerdloff. US WWII Army Enlistment records. born 1916. NY. lives Somerset, Newark, NJ. Private. single. 2 years high school. 5’2”. weight 152.
229. 11/17/11 Julia Rosner. SSDI; born 4/15/1922; SSN 579-16-7175; last residence 85015 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona; last benefit 34287 North Port, Sarasota, Fl.; died 5/22/2004.
7/23/13 Julia Rosner Swerdloff. Send to Arizona for death Cert. They would not send unless I had birth cert.
230. 3/21/07 Ralph Swerdloff. US WWI Army Enlistment Records say born in 1920.
231. 11/2/05 Swerdloff, Ralph. SLC WWI Veterens Interr Overseas. Staff Sargeant. 417 Bomber Squadron 25 Bomber. Momument Batery Park, NYC. 10/20/06 WWII Casualty Lists. dies 10/31/1943. Tablets of the Missing at East Coast Memorial. Missing in Action or buried at sea. NYC. Staff Sargeant. US Army Air Forces. ID 16030255. 417th Bomber Squadron, 25 Bomber Group. WWII Honor Roll. US WWI Army Enlistment Records: Born 1920. from Union County, NJ. enlisted 11/15 1941. enlisted in Illinois. Chanute Field. Air Corps. Private. 4 years high school. Single. 5’7”. Foreman Labor.
232. 3/30/07 Ralph Swerdloff. per Burton Kathn. Ralph was very good looking. He let Burt wear his Army jacket. He was very nice.
233. Twin to Ruby. Died at age 3 months.
234. 6/19/02 Per Jean Hacker Brank: Herman Hacker died of Pneumonia. Anna Hacker up Ruby in the warmed oven as he was sickly to him from getting a chill. Herman, the healthy one, got pneumonia and died.
235. Hermann Hacker.Family address at time of death was 200 E. Houston St.
236. Hermann Hacker. Address at time of death 200 E. Houston St. Per death certificate had lived there 18 days. Believed moved back from Boston.
237. 5/16/07 Hermann Hacker. From Cemetery: Folio 66; Society S. Sternberg, KUV; F-147B; Burial # 2150 Map 284; age 3 months durial date 9/28/1905. Range 1 Grave 5.
238. As of 8/11/97 I have put Lena (and her sister's) parent Harris Sternberg. Not positive this is correct.
239. 8/11/97 I am not positive all four sons are Aaron's--I think so, not sure yet.
240. 10/96 Sternberg, Malke.LDS research. NYC 1910 Census Ed 1663 R 1375024. Not There. Checked Immig. 1897-1902 (believe she came in 1897 maybe with Grandson Samuel but have not checked) Immig. 0821552 and Nat. 1462874 and 73. Not there.
241. 10/20/07 Sternberg, Malke. death cert. 29357 9/26/1911. LDS roll #1323290. NYC 210 E. Houston B. 4/19/1815. Housewife. USA 14 years. mother Bessie Sternberg. father Israel Sternberg. Chronic nephritis and myocarditis. buried Mt. Zion 9/26/1911.
242. 11/6/99 Molly Sternberg: ckd. LDS reel #1375025, census 1910, 310 E. Houston St., Ed 1663. Not there.
243. 5/16/07 Malie Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. Folio 130; F 147B; address 310 E. Houston St.; Society S. Sternberg, KUV . age 96; buried 10/26/1911. Burial # 2630; Range 1 Grave 3 M284.
244. Alfred David Berman--Also info. from baby book. Weighed approx. 8 lbs.
245. From birth Cert.-Alfred David Berman
246. Helen Rohr. From marriage cert.
247. 10/96 LDS research. Naturalization for Helen Rohr and Rebecca. R1462682. Not there.
248. 2/24/99 See interview with Richard and Seymour Schlam dated 2/11/99.
249. 6/4/13 Clara Rohr. 1915 St. of NY Census. NYC, NY. born about 1905; Austria; age 10; in USA 2 yrs; Assem District 10; House # 421 E 9 St; Line # 49; Page #76; Harry father age 49; Beckie mother age 48; children: Jacob age 26; Rosie age 24; Helen age 22: Isaak age 20; Suwia? age 17; Sam age 16; Dave age 13; Ed 17; done 6/1/15; Harry & Beckie in USA 2 years; Harry unemployed; Jacob egg dealer USA 8 years; Rosie dressmaker in USA 6 years; Helen dressmaker in USA 2 years; Isaak USA 2 years clerk; Suwia?(Sylvia) USA 2 years dressmaker; Sam and Dave USA 2 years, school.
250. 10/96 Leon Schlam. LDS Research. 1920 Census Index. R1828249. Vol. 231. Ed. 499. Sheet 6 Line 90. Age 36. Naturalized NY, Man. Address 318-320 E. 8th. Wife Helen Age 28. D. Martha age 2 yrs. 6 mths. Born NY. Boarders Sam Hoffman Age 52 Alien from Galacia and Kalman Hoffman Age 48. Speak Polish. Leon Immig. 1906. Na. 1911. Helen Immig. 1904 Na. 1911. 1910 Census Ed. 912 ckd. 126 St. Marks Place Ward 17 R 1875046
251. Schlam. Moses. Per Tanya Schlam, 4/97: Moishe was much older than Rachel when they wed. She was about 14. She was an orphan and lived with an Aunt and had been shuttled about. He studied the Torah and came home once a week to do his husbandly "duties". He didn't support the family. She baked bread to support the family. She left him to come to America. Leon came first and then brought family. The Schlam family was very musical3/16/99 Per Sylvia Freedman: The Schlam's were very mussical. Clara Satz played the piano magnificently--both by ear and by reading music. There was a Settlement house on the East Side where Clara lived and they offered to finance a musical scholarship to prepare her for the concert stage. She was not willing to sacrifice her youth for that kind of commitment and refused the offer.
252. 11/12/99 Ckd. at LDS Library the Philadelphia Index for immigration. Ckd. the following names using the following # reels: Berman, Max #1380262; Druse, Bella #138069; Rogovin #1380301; Rohr #1380303. None were found. Films for Feinstein, Ephraim #1830272; Schlam Joe or Leon #1380304; and Swerdloff, Jennie or Julius #1380309 were not available.
253. 9/10/02 Per Melvin Schlamm: Melvin’s Hebrew name: Elimelech. Leon’s Hebrew name Menachem Yehudin and in Yiddish Mendel Leibish. Seymour’s Yiddish name Zalman Baer.
254. Melvin Schlamm talked about a Rabbi Frankel from the area. 11/4/01 Per Florence Nussdorf: he was Rabbi Elimelech Frandel was was the Rabbi of Jaworow. He was tortured and killed by the Nazis. Rabbi Itchak Rubin were the Rabbi’s of Jaworow. Rabbi Frankel had two sons, Jacob and Harry, who came to the US. Jacob and his wife came to the US, NYC and settled on Columbia Street. They had no children.
255. 8/4/13. From Jaworow AGAD births 1848-96. Lvov: Riwka (Rose?) Schlam born 1872; father Moses mother Rachel Kramer (for all births same M & F); Ester Mindel (Minna) born 1878; Mendel Leib born 1881; Josef Samuel born 1886. Could not find Sara. Will have forms interperted.
256. 9/3/98 Schlam, Leon. from SS application dated 11/30/1936. address 122 St. Marks Place NYC. worked for Devoe & Raynolds, 460 Smith St. Bklyn, NY.
257. 10/4/04 Leon Schlam. From NYC directories: 1911/1912: Schlam, hairgoods 59 and 272 Ave L; home 126 St. Marks Pl; Schlam and Kaminsky hairgoods 59 3rd Ave. NYC; 1912/1913 Schlam, Leo hairgoods 220 E. 14 St. home 126 St. Marks Place; Schlam & Kaminsky 220 E. 14 St. NYC; 1910/1911: Schlam, Leo hairgoods 293 3rd Ave. home 126 St. Marks Place; Schlam & Kaminsky 293 3rd Ave. NYC.
258. 10/8/04 Sigmund Satz. From NYC Directories: 1901/1902 109 St. Marks Pl. 1903 Satz & Weisman, Barbers. 240 6th NYC. 1904/1905. 240 6th. h. 109 St. Marks. 1907/1908. Barbara h. 109 St. Marks Pl. 1908/1909. Barber. 109 St. Marks Pl. 1910/1911. Hairgoods. 109 St. Marks Pl. 1911/1912. Hairdresser. 40 7th. 1913/1914: Rosa Satz hairgoods 125 Ave. A; 1915: Rosie Satz hairdresser 125 Ave. A Home 126 St. Marks Place, NYC. Sigmund Satz barber; home 125 Ave. A. 1913/1914: Leon Schlam hairgoods E. 110 St. home 126 St. Marks Place; Rachel Schlam home 126 St. Marks Place, NYC; Schlam and Kaminsky hairgoods 176 E. 110 St. 1915: Satz, Rosie hairdresser 125 Ave. A home 126 St. Marks Place; Sigmund Barber 125 Ave. A.; Leon Schlam hairgoods home 126 St. Marks Pl; Rachel Schlam home 126 St. Marks Place; Joseph Schlam Draftsman, 154 Nassau Room 1514 home 126 St. Marks Pl. 1916: Joseph Schlam draftsman PSG, home 126 St. Marks Pl, NYC; Leon Schlam same home; Rachel widow of Moses 122(?) St. Marks Pl. 1917: Joseph Schlam draftsman PSG, same home; Leon Schlam same home; Leon Schlam and Sam Barrel brushes 253 Stanton.
259. Helen Schlam. Brides Res: 329 E. 9 St. NYC, Grooms Res: 126 St. Marks Place, NYC
260. 8/24/12 Helen Rohr’s husbands/boarders. Per Melvin Schlamm is as follows:
Leon Schlam, husband; Solomon Streitfeld, Boarder; Harold Goodman, first boarder then husband; Max Weintraub, husband; Mr. Strosser, Sol Grosser, Friend boarder; Max Mamber, Husband.
261. 8/26/12 Helen Rohr & Leon Schlam marriage cert. sent to me by Melvin Schlamm. Leon: 126 St. Marks Place; age 31; single; brush maker; Yavorow, Austria; father Moses, mother Rachel Kramer; 1st marriage; Marraige at 329 E. 9 St; Manhattan; 12/30/1916; Witnesses: Finkas (?) Roser & Saolomon Koenig; by Rev. Major? Nussdorf 130 W. 20 St. Cert #1256.
262. 12/9/07 Schlam, Leon and Helen. Divorce Cert. St. of Fl. docket 124939; Vol. 283; page 281, 9772; Dade county, dinal decree 7/13/1949; recorded 7/14/1949; Leon Schlam of NYC, NY; Helen Schlam of Dade County, Fl. married 12/30/1916; NYC, NY; Complainant wife; no contest; for extreme cruelty, desertion; recorded 8/5/1949.
263. 8/7/08 Schlam, Helen. Husbands(?), per information from Melvin Schlam: Flew to Hot Springs in 1940 to divorce Leon Schlam (Note: Their divorce is recorded in Florida in 1949). From 1935 to 1940 she had “consort” named Solomon Stretfeld; 1943 to 1948 she had a consort named Harold Goodman whom she married in 1946 and divorced him in 1948. 1948 to about 1952 she was moarried to Jack Weinbraub who died. 1952 to about 1954 she had a “constort” named Grosser with whom she lived in Spring Valley, NY. 1954 she married a man with the second name of Mintz, who died. (Note: Per Candy Berman Block Pigott: she remembers Mr. Weintraub dieing in her house when she was about 10. It was very traumatic for her.)
264. 11/4/07 Rohr, Helen. Wedding of Helen Schlam and Max Manber (Mamber?) Dade County Fo, Cert. #202362. State File # 66-000561. Marriage book 132, page3 418. From copy of marriage license.
265. 1/1/08 Mamber, Max. SS Death Index.
266. 1/22/08 Mamber, Max. death cert. File 1785; died 2/11/1980; age 89 born 1/1/1891; died N. Miami Beach Osteopathic General Hospital; widow; born Austria; SSN 106-22-4577; Insurance Broker; address 1498 Jefferson Ave. Miami Beach, Fl. parents names unobtainable. informant son Malcolm Manber 3345 Villanova Ave. San Diego, CA, 02122; creamated Carl F. Slade Crematory; Hialeah, Fl. Funeral home Riverside Mem. Chapel, N. Miami Beach
267. 1/1/08 Mamber, Max. US Census 1930; Brooklyn, NY; ED 24-896; District 39; Pg. 17 B; line 95; 368 Dahill?? Road; age 39; married age 29; born ?Austria; Insurance Broker; USA 1914; wife Jewell; age 28; married age 18; born NYC; parents from Roumania; Claire age 8 daughter born NYC; son Malcolm age 3 born NYC.
268. 9/17/08 Weintraub, Jacob. Death Certificate. State of Fl. file 58-G00806; Registrar’s #608; Dade County, Miami; usual residence Bronx, NY 240 W. 261 St.; died 1/27/1958 at 2400 SW 2 Ave there 7 weeks; age 73; married??; born Roumania; Cashier at a Restaurant; signed by Helen Weintraub (Schlam); Buried Brooklyn, NY
269. Per Jaworer Society Chart 6/16/80 given to me by M. Schlamm 4/97. Per Edward Bittar, Eleazar Nussdorf gave hime the same chart before he died at John Hopkins Hospital (2/3/00)
270. 9/22/07 Rohr, Becky and Clara. 1930 Census Bronx, NY. ED 3-305; District 25; page 16A; lines 11 and 12; 631 Jefferson Place; Becky 63 widow; Clara 24 Single buyer for lace house; USA 1914; born Poland. Also living with them was boarder Hymie Schreck age 35; born Poland USA 1910; brush maker.
271. 10/96 LDS Research. 1910 census Helen/Rebecca R 1375047 Ed. 937. Not there. Rebecca & Helen Rohr R1462682 Nat. not there. Death records Rebecca R 1324925. Rebecca died 1/1/1949 Manhattan Cert. #16.
272. Rebecca Rohr: Address at time of death 85 McLLean Bronx, NY.
273. 2/25/99 Per gravestone translation (done by Ruth Abrams and Gilda Steiger) for Tzvi Rohr:
A righteous man in his ways upstanding in his deeds. Passed away to the sorrow of all who knew him. His days and nights were busy with prayers and Torah. He was good and well liked by everyone. May he rest in peace. My husband, our dear father. Tsvi son of Shumuel Arie (Rohr) died the 16 of Kislev. For Rebecca Rohr: A modest righteous woman. Rivkka the daughter of David Menachem the Cohen. Died the first day of Rosh Chodesh, 1949.
274. 11/22/2011 Rohr, Rebecca. Death Cert. 156-49-100016; died at Home and Hospital Daughters of Israel; 1/1/1949 2:30PM age 85; widow; usa 34 years; address 85 McLean, Bronx, NY; housework; no SSN; born Austria; father Emanuel mother Anna Nussdorf; info. from Samuel Rohr, son; 2 E. 167 St.; Cemetery Montefiore Cem., Long Island, 1/2/1949; permit #2782.
275. 10/14/06 Samuel Horowitz. Per Mildred Nussdorf Horowitz, Sam was an exec. at Sears. He was the “token Jew”. Mildred was a friend of Clara Rohr. She remembers Rebecca Nussdorf Rohr well. She remembers her fondly.
276. 9/21/07 Rohr family. I researched for Tsvi Rohr, Rebecca and their children. Anything found was entered into their name space. I will follow up on death certs., etc.
277. Hersh Rohr.Death Cert. read in NYC archives 4/97: D. 12/10/27, Cert. #8073, D. Bronx, 631 Jefferson Pl. Bronx, B 1855 (age 72), Retired, USA 14 yrs. (1913), Austria, F. Samuel, M. Clara S., buried 12/11/27, cause of death: myocarditis, nephritis, senility.
278. Hersh Rohr. Per letter from David Rohr. 3/28/97.
279. Per David Rohr: Hersh was born in Shabinka, and his father chose him for rabbinical work and sent him to the seminary town of Yavarov. Was he born in Breslam or Shabinka? Per Florence Nussdorf (11/4/01) it was Zhabinka, closer to Jaworow.
280. 11/4/01 Per Florence Nussdorf it was Zhabinka and it was close to Jaworow.
281. Per Martha Berman, Hersh got very ill. Dr. Schwammer was the society doctor. He charged $2.00 per visit. He was well loved and trusted by all. She used to go to the store to get him medicine. At the store, they gave coupons for each purchase to save up for toys. She loved going to that store! She remembers his shiva. He was laid out on the floor. It was a traditional shiva--no shoes, people sat on boxes, the mirrors were covered, they had a minyan, they ate only when served. She remembers Hersh as a wonderful story teller. He taught them all Jewish songs. Hersh had reddish brown hair.
282. 3/9/99 Per info. provided by Ruth Alpert. Harry buried Block 97, Row 4R, grave 3, Gate 521 S. Rebecca Rohr buried Land of Cong. Chesedle Abraham, block 97, Row 4L, Grave 8, Gate 521 S.
283. Per Melvin Schlamm, he was a Rabbinical Student. Never worked. Supported by the Nussdorf's. This was agreed upon at the time of their wedding. Per David Rohr: He earned "cigarette Money" by performing weddings and synagogue services. Per Ruth Alpert he was a Talmud Checham (Wise Scholar). It was a highly regarded occupation and as such considered a "catch" for Rebecca Nussdorf. He did some bookkeeping and auditing work at the grist mills in Jarower. In America he sometimes worked as a masgiach (supervisor of Kashrus) for the catering hall owned by Abraham Nussdorf in the Bronx.
284. Schlam. Info. per granddaughter Tanya Schlam 3/21/97. Joseph worked for the Board of Transportation, planning the Independent line of the subway. Clara Satz was a real beauty. Janice Stout lives in Maine. Daughter of Kate Kreisberg Stout. Sarah Stroh was married twice (?). Children with husband #1.
285. Schlam, Moses. Never came to the United States.
286. 11/9/97 Schlam. Per Shtetl Finder, by Chester Cohen, Yavorov is W. of Lvov.
287. Per Martha Berman: Rachel raised her two nephews: Charlie Schlam, an attorney, changed his name to Charles Sloan. Harry was the other. Her two daughters Sarah Kreisberg and Rose Satz lived with her. Leon Schlam put his brother, Joe, through college and Joe became an engineer.
288. Per Elaine Fenton, 3/21/97. Elaine remembers visiting Rachel's apt. and going to the bathroom down the hall. Elaine was quite young. There was only one dim bulb and the bathroom scared her. Harry was a very kind and jovial man. He was a handsome extrovert. If people couldn't pay he would accept eggs, fruit, etc. She remembers visiting Clara Goldberg. She had black hair. There were no dishes in her kitchen as they ate out always! Note: Per Sylvia Freedman: There were dishes in their house and they did eat out often but not always! Marty Schlam was quite musical. She remembers how well he played the piano. Elaine has her father's birth certificate and will send me a copy.
289. 11/7/01 Schlam family in NYC directories: 1908/1909: Rachel. 126 St. Marks Pl. 1909/1910. Joseph Student, 236 St. Marks Pl. Mendel (??). hairworker (Is this Leon?) same add. Rachel widow of Moses. same add. Schlam & Kaminsky. hairgoods. 293 3 Ave. 1911/1912. Leo. hairgoods 59 and 272 3rd Ave. L. h. 126 St. Marks. Schlam and Kaminsky 220 E. 14 st.
290. 4/11/02 Rachel Kramer Schlam and family pix. Per Florence Wax Schlam. Papa Joseph Schlam visited visited Minnie often and helped Kate Kreisberg practice the piano. Joseph S. was in his forties when Martin Schlam was born. The pix Florence and Martin believe it may be: Joseph Kreisberg, then Rachel Schlam, then Minnie. The girl on the horse was probably Kate and the older girl may have been Clara. (Joseph Kreisberg may be Joseph Schlam)
291. Unov, Univ, Hovniv, Hivner (also Uhnow), N. of Lvov. West and close to Belz.
292. Per Melvin Schlam, Rachel cooked dinner (fish) Friday night, went to bed and died. (They still ate the fish!)
293. 8/26/12 Rachel Schlam; Yorzheit, sent to me by Melvin Schlamm. info: Mother Rachel Schlam departed 5/14/1938; age 84; Monument erected by A. Menig, Inc. 38 Ave. C.
6/4/2015. Death Cert. Rachel Schlam; born 1938; died NYC; age 83; died 5/14/1938; Cert. # 10616
294. 10/96 1920 census. Louis Berman. research LDS library. vol 105 ed 152 sheet 4 line 8 447 Claremont Pky. age 28. Pauline wife born Russia age 26. Naturalized. Rents. 65 people in building. Alfred age 4 years 11 months. Ruth age 2 years.
295. Louis Berman Society: Volosiner U.V. (Wolozin)
296. 10/96 LDS research. Per 1920 Census, Pauline was Naturalized. Ckd. Nat. R1420244, not there.
297. 11/7/01 Alfred Feinstein: Boston City Directories cked. 1896-1902. Found him in 1898-1899. Tailor. 12 Cresent Place. LDS #512794. Could not find in Ellis Island site, in NYC 1900 census. Did find Julia and Pauline in Ellis Island site: Pesche (Pauline) Feinstein, age 7, arrived 11/9/1899. Ship Amsterdam, Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands, with mother Leice, age 30. Says going to meet Mr. Feinstein in Boston. States from Scharrel, Russia. Per Gary Mokotoff, it is Schavl, which is near Kaunas. Not in NYC directories 1892-1910. Did find an Ephraim Feinland, Russia, age 24, arrived 11/15/1898, married, Russia, arrived 11/15/1898, Westernland, Belgium. Also Elje Feinstein, 30 married. State from Cechanowitz, Russia.
298. 1/18/12 Census 1910; NYC; Gidglia (George) Berger; age 67; peddler, private F????; US 1887; wife Julia age 46; Russia US 1900; Tillie age 24 single; born Russia; US 1892; forelady dry goods shop; Charles step-son????; age 18; US 1900; Clerk mens clothing store (Is this Solomon? Israel?); Pauline step daughter; age 17; US 1900; born Russia; stock girl ladies store; Lillie, daughter, age 16 born NYC, stenographer Ladies clothing factory; Sara age 8 b. NYC; Minnie age 5, born, NYC. 4/20/1910, 139 Cherry st., district 1; ED 1687; sheet 7 B.
299. Julia Berger:11/97 Found marriage cert. for Pauline & Louis Berman. Following info.: Louis: 447 Claremont Pky. Bronx, NY. Clerk. Married at 206 E. Broadway, NYC, 3/1/1914. Rabbi Hyman Levine. Witness' J. Berger & M. Shour(?) Pauline: 238 Clinton St. Bronx, age 20, born Kovno, Kovno, Lithiuannia. Father Alfred, mother Julia Harris. LDS: 1530780. Cert. #6209. Found Pauline Feinstein in Bride Registry 1914 #1530830..Louis parents Max and Jennie “Boyara”; Louis a clerk.
300. A picture of Rabbi Rafael Shapiro was found with the Berman pictures by Sylvia Warren. It was taken early in this century on Canal St. NYC. The Hebrew states he was a most high Rabbi from Wolozin. Max and Jenny are buried in the Wolozin plot. His eyes remind us of Al Berman's. A relative or just close Rabbi? Could not find him in LDS R1246855, 1900 census or R1828203 1920 census. Checked the Naturalization records R 1462685 only found a tailor of the same name.
301. 10/96 Max Berman. LDS research: 1900 Census R1246331, 104 Monroe St. NYC, Ed73, Sheet 3 Line 71 Vol 122, Alien Born 1870. Age 29. Jenny born May 1870 age 30. Sara born Russia 4/1887 age 13. Louis born NY 11/1890 age 9. Rose born NY 10/93 age 6. Meyer (Michael) born NY 6/98 Age 1. Fanny born 10/93 age 6. Flora born 12/99 age 5 months. Boarder Morris Lerbovitz from Russia. Max came to USA 1888 R 1241083. 2 children died, 6 living. Jenny came in 1890. Tailor. 1910 census could not find as no address. 1920 Census Vol 105 Ed 152 sheet 4 Line 72. Alien arrived 1888. 447 Claremont Ave. age 53. Jenny alien age 50. Son Michael age 21 born NY. Jenny came in 1900. R1821133.587 58 ,
302. 10/96 Max Berman. LDS research for Max's stay in New London Conn. on a farm. Ckd. 1910 Census. Found a Nathan Berman. H112 Golden. New London. Vol 47 Ed 264 Sheet 14 Line 25. Immig. 1876. N. 1895. Age 48. From Russia (Warsaw). Work15 (25?) Mountain Ave. Wife Esther Age 25 Naturalized. Daughter Martha 25 born Mass. D Rose 23 Born Conn. Son-in-law Walter Phieffer 29 from Germany. Nat. pending. Boarder Saul Smith Age 21 from Minsk Russia. Alien. Nathan a tailor.
Hebrew Syn. in New London (Ahavat Chesed) 8 Shapley St. Rabbi Jacob Mendelshon. Checked City directories R1759948 1902 thru 1919. No Max. I did find a Morris Bernstein, clerk 213 Bank, board at 12 1/2 Truman in 1902 and a few other years. Sylvia Warren seems to remember a relative in the area named "Bernstein" Nathan was in all the census with varying address. See Berman file. Did Max live on outskirts??
303. Per death Cert. Max Berman.
304. Max Berman. Per National Archives, Nat. Papers, became citizen on Dec. 17, 1900. His address was 11 Monroe St., NYC. His witness was Max Kolinsky, Butler, 96Monroe St. He was born in Minsk. He was 30. US Supreme Court NY, Bundle 153 Record # 7. Arrived in US Port of NY July 14, 1892*This date has to be wrong as Louis born US 1891. Max tailor.
305. 10/96 Max Berman. Research LDS library. The ship Amstersdam did not come on dates in 1888 that matched. Have found a Max that was naturalized. ) R 1420094 Nat. 12-17-1900. Bundle 153 Record 7. 11 Monroe St. Tailor Age 30. Russia. Arriv. 7/14/1892. Witness Max Kolinsy 96 Monroe St. Checked ship arriving July 13, 14, 15, 1892. Not there.
306. 11/9/97 Per the Shtetl Finder, Volozhin is West of Minsk. A noted yeshiva existed there from 1802 to 1939.
307. Max Berman. Died at home of daughter Florence Luft.
308. 6/1/13 Max Berman; 1940 Census; Bronx, NY. done 4/9/1940; sheet 8B; SD 49; ED 3-108; 189 E. 413 St; age 72; tailor ladies cloaks; wife Jennie age 70; son Michael age 38 operator ladies dresses.
309. 11/22/11 Jenny Rogovin Berman. Per marriage cert. Louis Berman and Pauline Feinstein, Jenny’s maiden name “Boyara”??
310. 10/28/05 Max Berman and Family. SLC. Census 1900, 1920, 1930. 1900: Max born Aug. 187 age 29, cloakmaker, USA 1888, address 104 Monroe st., NYC, wife Jennie born May 1870 age 30, married 13 yeaars (1887), homemaker; both born Russia as was daughter Sarah, age 13 born 1887, student; Louis born NYC 1890 9 years old student; Rose born NYC age 7 born 1892; Fanny age 6 born 1893, NYC and Meyer age 2 1898; Flora age 5 months, born NYC 1900. 1920: 447 Claremont Pky, Bronx NY. Max USA 1890, 53 years old born Russia, Tailor; Jenny age 50, housewife USA 1892; Michael (Meyer) age 21 clerk factory, single born NYC. 1930: address 447 Claremont Pky, Bronx, Max age 60 born Russia, USA 18 yrs arrived 1888, dressmaker. Jenny age 59 arrived USA 1890, homemaker; Michael tailor cloaks, age 31 single born NYC; daughter Florence Luft age 30 born NYC homemaker, son-in-law Isadore Luft, age 34, born Russia, operator bookbinding; grandson Phillip born NJ, age 10 student. (Paper trail in Berman folder)
311. Jenny Rogovin Berman Per cemetery stone read 4/97.
312. 10/20/06. Max Berman and family. 1910 census. NYC. Dist. 1. ED 1704. Sheet 5A. taken 4/17/1910. address 45 Lewis St. age 40. married age 24. From Russia. US 1886, operator Cloaks factory. alien. wife Jennie. age 40. married age 24. from Russia. US 1886. housewife. son Louis born NY. age 19 single. shipping clerk. cloak factory. daughter Rose. age 17. born NY. stock girl Saul’s headwear shop. daughter Fanny. age 16 single. born NY. stock girl Saul’s headwear shop. son Michael age 12 born NY. daughter Florence age 10 born NY.
313. 10/96 LDS research. 1900 Census. R1246469. not there. (Alfred Feinstein)
314. 727/01 Found a David Feinstein, Naturalized 7/26/1905; 155 Christopher St.; NYC; came to US March 14, 1896; maker of ?? goods; Born Russia March, 1882; Witness Isaac Epstein; 365 Sutter Ave; NYC; Clerk; known David for 9 years. Will follow up with 1900 and 1905 census.
315. 10/23/07 Harris, Julia (Feinstein/Berger) research done SLC with no results: George Berger Grooms Index; Julia Feinstein/Berger Brides Index; NYC Bronx Directories 1906 thru 1914; NYC Death Index prior to 1948 for Alfred David Feinstein. No directories for Greene County NY except 1930.
316. 10/24/07 Feinstein, Meyer Dovid. found in JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry Kovno. Related? father Tsvi. Mother Ariel. from Krok. Cemetery, City Jonava. Plot G2.
317. 10/29/11 Alfred David Feinstein and family. Researched records SLC with assist from Gary Mokotoff. Could not find.
318. 10/30/11 Feinstein, Ephraim (Alfred David). Did an LDS search in Salt Lake City. Still cannot find his death cert. Wrote to Greene County, NY. Gary Mokotoff, professional genealogist, could not find him either.
319. Alfred Feinstein: 10/29/98 LDS reseach. Will assume Alfred from Kovno as wife and Pauline born there.
320. 11/97 LDS. Know Alfred died prior to 1914, not @ Pauline's wedding & Al Berman named for him in 1915. Also Julia now had last name Berger. Ck'ed. NYC deaths 1894-1913, not there. #1324912-916. Ckd. NYC Directories 1898-1900, not there, 1377205, 06. Ckd. Greene County intents for Nat. 1906-12, not there, 1509901. Index to final apps. 1895-1903, not there, 1032911. Nat. 1420244, not there. 10/29/98 LDS research. Rechecked naturalization under all his names. No dice. Checked NYC deaths 1900-1914, not there. Did Hamburg direct list, not there. rechecked 1900 NYC census. Not there.
321. 7/30/98 Per St. of NY, no record of death 1/1/1894 to 12/31/1913. 3/1/99 Also ckd. year 1914--no record for Alfred Feinstein.
322. 11/6/99 From Memorial book of Julia Berger: Torah Yiddish script translated by Gary Mokotoff: Pauline is saying how dear her departed mother and father are. It states the entire date of her mother's death, Jan. 31, 1941, and states father died 10th of Adar--no year. Need to get thru JewishGen possible dates for 10th of Adar from 1894 thru 1913--supposedly came to US around 1893 and Julia was remarried to George Berger by Pauline's wedding in 1914.
At LDS Salt Lake City did the following research with no positive results:
No marriage certificates for Julia and George in NYC and Greene County from 1894 thru 1914. Ckd. marriages, grooms and brides lists.
Ckd. more on Feinstein arrivals (passenger) lists 1792-1906. No luck.
323. 7/27/02 Afred Feinstein. According to Pauline Feinstein Berman’s notes on mothers death book, her father died on the 10th of Adar. From 1900 to 1913 the dates would have been as follows: Feb. 9, 1900; March 1, 1901; Feb. 17, 1902; March 9, 1903; Feb. 26, 1904; Feb. 15, 1905; March 7, 1906; Feb. 24, 1907; Feb. 12, 1908; March 3, 1909; Feb. 19, 1910; March 10, 1911; Feb. 28, 1912; Feb . 17, 1913.
324. 7/31/02 Alfred Feinstein. Per Pauline Berman’s note @ mother’s death, father died “10th of Adar”. 10th of Adar 1900 to 1914 as follows: 2/9/1900; 3/1/1901; 3/3/1909; 2/19/1910; 3/10/1911; 2/28/1912; 2/17/1913; 2/17/1902; 3/9/1903; 2/26/1904; 2/15/1905; 3/7/1906; 2/24/1907; 2/12/1908.
325. 12/24/04 Alfred Feinstein. Went to Washington Cem., Brooklyn, NY. Julia buried there. They could find no record of Alfred.
326. 10/25/06 Alfred Feinsteins. searching for death record. searched Greene County, NY, cemiteries. Not there. checked on-line cemetery listings in the NYC area for the following: Mt. Carmel, Queens; Mt. Hebron; Mt. Zion. New Mt. Carmel. not in any of these. have list of Volozhin plots in NYC. will write to them. Will write to Greene County and NY State archives to re search for death cert.
327. 10/24/07 Feinstein, Alfred David. Still searching for Death. Adar=March. Searched in JewishGen World Wide Cemeter Burial search: Conn.; NY; & NJ. Not there. Also looked for Solomon “Fine”.
328. 8/2/13 Alfred Feinstein. St. of NY could not find death cert.
329. 2/23/99 Research on-line re name "Harris". Could range from Harris to Hersch, GHerish, could have been her father's middle name, or no correlation. Difficult to trace.
330. 11/12/99 Searching LDS for marriage certificate Julia Harris and George Berger after 1894 thru 1914. (Know she was Julia Berger by Pauline's wedding, 1914.) Could not find in NYC or Greene county. In NYC ckd. grooms list, brides list and index to marriage certificates. Will hire someone to ck. NYC Clerk marriage record 1908 to date in NYC.
331. 11/97 Know that Julia was Julia Berger in 1914. Cannot find her in 1910 census.
332. Harris: Per the book on Russian Jewish names, there was no H in Cyrrlic alphabet. see G. Gar= mountain in Hebrew Russian. Per the book on Polish Jewish names, Herz, Hirsh, or Aaron often adoped this name. It was Haare or Horre in Yiddush. It is a patronymic name "son of Henry".
333. 10/27/05 George Berger. 1920 Census. . 202 W. 119 St. Manhattan #124; George 70; Julia 50. Children (of George and 1st Wife?): Sam age 40, single, born in Russia, Operator, USA 1892?; George and Julia Born in Russia; Geoge not employed; USA 1897; Tillie, single, forelady, 35, USA 1898, born Russia; Lillian, 22 born in NY, operator underwear single; Sara, 18, single, twister?; Minnie, 15, born NY, student.
334. Per the Shtetl Finder, Kovno, now Kaunos is a big city NW of Vilna in Kovno, Gub. Memorial book "Lita" 1951
335. 11/97 Julia Berger. LDS 1324923. Died 1/31/41, Bronx, NY. Age 72. Cert. #1276. Address in 1914, 238 Clintn St. Ed. 1688, Ward 7. Ckd. 1910 census 1375021. Not there.
336. 11/7/01 A George Berger in NYC Directories 1911/1912, George C. Berger, Baker, 326 Broome St. NYC also in 1912/1913. Dir.
337. Eddie was slightly retarded but was married and worked as a bus boy in Miami Beach, Fl.
338. 2/18/13 Edward Ira Berman. 1940 Census. Bronx, NY.200 Washington Ave. born about 1925. finished 3rd grade. age 15. Sheet 10B. Mother Pauline Age 47; sister Ruth Grace age 22, stenographer office; Pauline born Russia; children born NYC. Block H Ward 4AD; SD 49; done 4/9/1940; ED 3-509.
339. 9/30/12 Ruth Grace Berman. Grace in Jacobs, Uberstine & Lansdowne Roots & tree.
340. 4/9/13 Gebaide information sent to me from Fred Messing. Per Fred Geoffrey and his brother sons of wife Beatrice, adopted by Moe Gebaide.
341. 9/30/12 Morris (Moe) Israel Gebaide. Fl. Death Index. died 6/4/1978; Dade County, Fl. age 58; born 3/26/1920 (1919?).
342. 9/30/12 Moe Gebaide; US Dept. of Va. affairs; born 3/26/1920; died 6/4/1978; SSN 057070750; enlisted 9/13/1943; US WWII Army Enlistment: No branch assignment; private; enlisted; 3 yrs of high school; married; buyers and dept. heads stores.
343. 9/30/12 Catherine ? Gebaida. From Florida Divorce Index; divorced 5/4/1977; Miami, Fl. Cert #020820
344. Address of family at time of birth 1880 University Ave. NY, NY (or Bronx)
345. 9/17/2007 Reid, Al. Information from Rachel Block Reid.
346. 3/19/07 Sarah Schlam. Per the family, Sarah was married to a Samuel Stroh. I can find no evidence of a Samuel Stroh. But in the 1920 census Hyman Schlam is listed as the husband of Sarah. I can find Hyman no where else. Perhaps he died between 1920 and 1930. Was he a cousin?
347. 3/12/07 Rachel Schlam. 1910 census. age 50. born about 1860. Austria. Head of household. Widow. Immigrated 1906. Living with her Joseph son age 24; daughter Sarah age 30; Leo son age 27; grandchildren Harry age 9 and Charles age 7. Sheet # 16A. NYC ward 17. ED 912?. 176 Avenue H. Joseph and Leo single. Sarah married. Joseph and Sarah tailors. Leo worker hair establishment.
348. Minnie Schlam: 11/1/98. Research LDS. Did find a Minna Schlam, who arrived on the Belgravia on 12/30/1902, Age 25, but Schlam was here married name and she was not from Jawarow.
349. 6/29/01 Re. Kate Kreisberg Stout and family from granddaughter, Cathy Emery.
350. 6/29/01 Minna Schlam. Per C. Emery. Also went by name Ernestine. Very coy re age. Found member of International Ladies Garment Workers Union per Jan Stout.
351. 8/23/10 Research Clara Rohr Flachner. Fl. Marriage collection married to Joseph W. Flachner 3/1969. Fl. death index died 1/26/1989; Dade County; age 81; born 4/6/1907; Marriage Index page 2237; Volume 2751; Cert. #14122; County 23; date 3/1969.
9/7/10 Marriage License. 69-014122; 238981; St of Fl. County of Dade; Joseph W. Flachner and Clara Rohr; 3/31/1969; Witness Samuel Rohr and Fannie Rohr.
9/7/10 Death Cert. Clara Rohr; 89 003597; 001197; died 1/26/1989; SSN 085-09-4649; age 81; born 4/6/1907, Austria; died Human Hospital Biscayne, Miami; Married; Own Hom; Homemaker; husband Joseph Flachner. Address17092 Collins Ave. #604 N. Miami Beach, Fl. 33160; father Harry Rohr; mother Rebecca Nussdorf; Informant Joseph Flachner. Burial Mt. Sinai Cemetery, Miami, Fl. Funeral Home Riverside Memorial, N. Miami Beach, Fl.
352. 10/29/11 Clara Flachner; US Public Records address 17092 Collins Ave. Apt. 604c; Sunny Isles Beach, Fl. 33160.
353. 8/23/10 Research Joseph W. Flachner. Fl. Death Index died 7/21/1991; County of Palm Beach; age 83; born 1/26/1908. Florida Marriage Index Volume 2751; Certificate 14122; County 23; page 837; March 1969; married Clara Rohr, Dade County. Social Sec. Death Index; SSN 111-09-9585; born 1/26/1908; died 7/21/1991. SSN issued NY. Census 1910; NY, Kings County Brooklyn; Sheet 18A; 4/28/1910; Bergen St. 2006124349; Father Louis; age 25, plumber speaks Yiddish and English; USA 1898 Nat from Austria; wife Bessie age 21 USA 1901 from Romania; son Joseph W. age 2 born NYC; son Abraham born NYC age 3 months.
SS Death Index SSN 111-09-9585.
9/7/10 Death Cert. J. Flachner. died 7/21/1991; #6091-5933; 91 063699; SS# 111-09-95l85; age 83; born 1/26/1908 Brooklyn, NY; Plumber; widow; Residence 2580 Emory Drive E. West Palm Beach, Fl. 33415; 12 years school, 2yrs. college; Father Louis Flachner; mother Bessie Greenblatt; informant Ethel Levy, 2883 Crosley Dr. W., W. Palm Beach; Buried Mount Sinai Cemetery, N. Miami, Fl. Funeral home Riverside-Gordon, W. Palm Beach.
354. 8/20/98 Per Martha Berman: Clara was married for a short time (prior to Joe Flackner) to a Mr. Bennett. He was in the jewelry business. Clara owned a shop on Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Fl. and did quite well financially. She divorced Mr. Bennett in the early 50's. She had a lot of silver, etc. She became in need of money and sold her very good silver (all initialed with the letter "B") to Martha. She still has the silver.
355. 6/15/13 Clara Rohr. Marriage Cert. #7209; CJ #90497; Dade County, Florida 4/4/1951; at Lincoln Manor Miami Beach, Fl. by Rabbi Max Shapior; witness George Rothkin and Maurice Manches; marriage book 71 page 423?.
356. Info. from Clara Casale 4/97.
357. Candy Berman has fond memories of visiting Sylvia. She especially like all the cats Sylvia would feed.
358. 2/28/05 Casale Information from Clara Hattery Casale.
359. Per interview with Jeanette Veraldo. 4/97
360. 10/29/11 Sylvia R. Casale; SSDI; SSN 146-10-4629; 07545 Montvale, Bergen, NJ; b. 1/15/1899; died 3/30/1990.
361. 9/30/07 Casale, Guido Florida Death Index. and SS Death Index. 090-01-4395, died Orange Park, Clay County, Fl. 3/1984.
362. 12/9/07 Casale, Guido. Death Cert. 84 1191. 84-025150. died 3/14/1984. Patist Medical Center, Jacksonville, Fl. Born Italy. married to Louise A. Kremer. SS # 090-01-4395. Manager. Laundry Supplies. residence Orange Park, Clay County, Fl. 398 Blairmore Blvd. Father Stefano Casale. Mother Marie Bianca. informant Gustave H. Braunlich 4234 Wedgewood Dr. Jax., Fl. 32244. Cremation, East Coast Cremator. Jax., Fl. Funeral home Hardage & Sons 5453 Blanding Blvd., Jax., Fl.
363. 4/6/99 Letter from Harriet: Lewis Flirted with her last time we met! David (father) remembers seeing Emperor Franz Joseph when he was a child. On the ship coming over, he was on deck playing in rough seas and would have gone overboard if the sailors had not grabbed him. At Passover seders in NYC they would sing with the windows open to liven the neighborhood. During prohibition, he was hired to drive a truck and not told the destination. He was to follow different cars which would meet him at certain places. Eventually they stopped at a brick wall. two Federal men jumped up on the runniung boards on either side of him with guns drawn. He said, "Don't shoot, you'll kill each other!" He was not charged, being an innocent dupe! She was told her grandfather was a charming man and was kind. (She was born a few months after he died. She is named for him.) Her grandmother had 8 living children, 2 still births, and 2 miscarriages. Sylvia Casale told her the following: One day she and Clara (who was younger) went walking in the "old country". Nuns offered them food. Sylvia told them she was Kosher and couldn't eat it but her little sister could--Clara got fed. They were very poor. Harriet remembers a visit by Isaac Rohr when she was about 8. It was very tense. He wore thick glasses and was a thief.
364. 8/23/10 David Julius Rohr. Naturalization petition. born about 1902; age 41; nat. 11/29/1943; residence NYC; NY Southern District Court; address 87 E. 2 St. NY; NY; petition No. 455700; 5092067; 5579174.
9/1/10 David Julius Rohr. Cert. of arrival port NY; 1/10/1914; issued 11/19/1940; SS Pres. Lincoln; Declaration of Intention; St. of NY Southern district of NY; #47773; No. 674671; 12/18/1940; Cert. # 2-849460. from Lemberg Poland; left from Hamburg; arrived NY 1/10/1914; 55 E. 2 St., NYC, NY born Jawarow, Poland 12/25/1901. male; white; fair complexion; brown hair & eyes; 5’2” 135 Pounds; Wife Adele; 55 E. 2 St. NYC; married 10/16 928; NYC; born Prazany, Russia; 10/27/1901; children Harriet born 2/20/1926; Melvin 11/16/1930; Philip 8/26/1933; all born NYC. Pet. for Naturalization 455700; US District 12/18/1940 Nat. Court Southern district; NY,NY; address 87 E. 2 St. NYC; age 41; Wife Naturalized 3/5/1934; Cert. # 3802076. witness Adele Rohr & David Goldman; Goldman 232 E. 5 St. NYC; Clerk; Oath of Allegiance 11/24/1943. granted Line # 221 P.1; list 13719; Cert # 5579174. Note picture of Dave aged 41 on petition and scanned into computer.
365. 8/23/10 David Rohr. SS death Index. SSN 130-01-6939. last res. 11434 Jamaica, Queens, NY; born 12/25/1901; died Aug. 1971; issued NYC.
366. 10/13/01 From Interview in 2000 with Adele and Harriet Rohr. Adele came to USA when 9 years old. They called her “Ida”, Adel in Yiddish. She loved school. Ida was the oldest. Her siblings were Sam, David and Yetta. She loved to help her mother in the kitchen pluck chickens and chop fish. Her mother was a wonderful cook and baker. Her father was a tailor. Her husband sold meats. Everyone loved him-he was always smiling. She lived near her parents in NYC when her children were young. Her parents helped her with them. When she got off of the ship the first thing she remembers was oranges in push carts. Her family from “Prushnek”, Russia. She met Dave at a dance and she taught him how to dance. Her husband’s father was a Rabbi and married them. Adele was 4’10’ and married Dave who was 5’1’. Per Harriet she wanted to abort Philip. It was rumored that Fannie Rohr had several abortions.
367. 8/23/10 Adele Rohr. SS death Index. SSN 092-40-2282; last res. 11224 Brooklyn, Kings County, NY; born 10/27/1901; died 1/20/2002; issued NYC.
368. 8/23/10 Clara Rohr. Index to Petitions for Nat. filed in NYC. age 33. Nat. 5/31/1940. Bronx, NY residence. NY Southern District Court. address 2081 Wallace Ave. Bronx, NY. Petition # 347950.
9/1/10 Clara Rohr. Declaration of Intention: St. of NY Southern District; District Court; born 4/6/1907; Yaworow, Austria; unmarried; came to US via Hamburg; President Lincoln; 1/10/1914; 1081 Wallace Ave. Bronx, NY; Trimming buyer; age 30; complexion fair; hair blonde; 5’2”; 101 pounds; Cert. #2-514825. #397977; 5/27/1937. Petition for Nat. 3479l50; buyer of laces; Witness Samuel L. Rohr 2 E. 1l67 St. Bronx, NY; Rose Rohr Hamerling 596 E. 169 St. Bronx, NY. provision business. Oath of allegiance 5/31/1940; Petition granted Line No 16p1; List # 7552; reason 4768987. Note picture on declaration of intent.
369. 9/7/10 Fannie Rohr. Death Cert. 06243; 82-040386. white age 72; born 7/4/1909; died Dade County; Miami Beach, Mt. Sinai Medical Center; inpatient; born Poland; widow; citizen USA; housewife; own home; SS#119-24-9338A; informant Mildred Simon; 1200 NE Miami Gardens Drive; N. Miami Beach, Fl; Buried Lakeside Memorial Park, Miami, Fl.; Funeral home Riverside 1920 Alton Rd. Miami Beach, Fl. died 5/2/1982 5:45AM.
370. Per David Rohr: Nasty stories about him. He was rarely around. David believes he died in Petaluma, Calif. Per Jeanette Veraldo he robbed everybody! Isaac Rohr.
371. 9/22/07 Rohr, Hersch and Family. Ship President Lincoln. arrived 1/10/1914 Port of NY; inquiry #92; six persons: Hersch age 60; Rebeka age 43; Schifra age 11; Samuel age 10; David 9; Chaje 7; Hinde 20. Manifest Line # 0027. Port of Departure Cuxhaven. Jacob came in 1907. See his records. Hamburg Passenger Lists; taken 8/23/10; #4384; departed Hamburg 12/30/1913; lived in Lemberg. same family members.
8/23/10. NY Passenger Lists record of Aliens held for special inquiry. Family held for special inquiry 1/10/1914. for LPC? Will inquire what this is. LPC means Likely to Become a Public Charge, ie: Charity.
372. 6/20/98 Jacob Rohr: Per Naturalization Declaration of Intent, Arrived port of NY MAY 8, 1907, Aboard the "Blucher", from Hamburg, Germany, April 27, 1907. declaration #227476, wife, Eva, grocer(embroiderer), resides at 663 Casonava St., NY , NY. Petition signed Feb. 25, 1927. The witnesses were Isidore Zeichner, glass ware dealer, 216 E. 10 St., NY, NY; and Leon Schlam, brushmaker, 1377 Franklin Ave.; NY, NY. Born Sept. 9, 1886, Javorow.
10/27/98 LDS research: 1399571 Ships manifest: Ship Bluecher arrived May 7, 1907. Age 20. Clerk. Cannot read or write. Going to Uncle Salke Schick, 51? E. 5 St. NYC. Had $6.00. 5'4". Fair. Eyes brown. Hair reddish. Born Jaworow. Could not find records of arrival for parents or siblings. Checked also the Hamburg direct lines for other family members without luck.
373. Per Judith Rohr Abrams: Her father died when she was 2.5 years old. She knows nothing about him. His brother Samuel Rohr served as a surrogate father. He was especially loved by Judith for all of his life. She still misses him very much. Her mother raised her to the best of her abilities according with the times and tribulations that she had survived. Judith was especially fond, and spent much time with, Clara Rohr, Sylvia Rohr and her Grandmother Rebecca Rohr.
374. 10/2/10 Jacob S. Rohr. WWI draft card. age 30. #2355?; #562; 329 E. 9 St. NYC; born 9/9/1886. alien; Galicia; Austria. Embroidery Collars; employed by Morris Rogow; 460 W. Broadway; Father & mother in US; Single; short; slight build; brown hair and eyes. signed by Sterling Potter; Registrat # 31-9-114-A; Precinct 14; NYC; 6/5/1917.
375. 8/23/10 Eva Rohr. Petition for Nat. NY; District Court; Southern District; Nat. # 281357; Roll 0891; Petition # 226868; Pet. # 227214; National Archives, Wa.; DC; Archive Series M 1972; Archive Roll 1051. 663 Casanova St., Bronx, NY; Housewife, Hebrew; born Kolymyya, Austria; 12/26/1892; married 5/31/1918; came through Hamburg, Germany; arrived NYC 6/2/1904; ship Duetchland; petition filed 12/27/1933; witness Julia Zeichner; housewife; 441 E. 15 St. NYC. husband David naturalized7/14/1927; # 2536723.
9/1/10 Eva Rohr. Pet. for Naturalizaion. #l281357. US District Court Southern District NYC. 12/27/1933. (9/22/1936)#18715. 663 Casanove St., Bronx, NY. Born Kolamyya, Austria; 12/26/92. Housewife. Married NY 5/31/1918; husband born 9/9/1887; Lemberg, Poland; husband died 12/12/1933 at Bayside, LI, NY; 3 children David 7/9/1921; Marvin, 11/4/1926 and Judith 5/13/1931; all born and live Bronx, NY. Husband naturalized on 7/14/1927, NY, NY cert. #2536723; USA via Hamburg, Germany to NY, Eva Steuer 6/2/1904 SS Deutchland; Witness Jullia Zeichner 441 E. 15 St. NYC; husband Isidore Zeichner; liquor store owner.
376. 6/21/98. Per Martha Berman: Eva was having an affair with Sam Rohr.
377. 8/23/10 Eva Rohr. SS Death Index. born 12/2/1892; died 8/1994; last Res. 10977 Spring Valley, Rockland, NY; SSN 088-01-3835.
378. Per Jeanette Veraldo, Rose, along with Jack, worked in the USA to bring the rest of the family over.
379. Per Ruth Alpert. Rose was a housewife after marriage but owned a grocery store from 1935-38.
380. 6/21/98 Per Martha Berman: Rose was very kind. Martha had to stay in bed for about 2 months to prevent a miscarriage (between Lewis and Candy). The baby did die though. But Rose came all the time to bring her food, etc. Rose had heavy legs, and it was not easy to walk the stairs.
381. 3/9/99 Death Certificate: Congestive Heart Failure and Shock. Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease. Last address 76-32 26 St. NYC, New Hyde Park. Ruth Alpert has original. Burial plot I:2ND TIER/77.
382. 3/9/99 Ruth Alpert sent me the Hebrew marriage cert. of Rose and Morris. Need to get it interperted.
383. 10/13/01 Interview with Melvin Schlamm re his service in World War II. After D-Day he was with the Invasion Force Battles; Battles of Northern France; Battle of the Bulge; and Battle of Central Europe. He was wounded in the left arm and received the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. He was with the forward oberserver Field Artillery of the 94th Infantry. He was in the Army from the time he was 17 until age 20. He remebers it as the, “Happiest days of my life.”. He felt at home with the regimented society. Testing said he was best suited to be a hunter and a guide! He was a Sargent when released. He was in ROTC in college. Every week, his sister, Martha, sent him care packages of food. He tells a funny story about his time there: He and another soldier were sent on in France to scout out a town for the enemy. They arrived and the town was almost empty. They went into a building and no one was there. They went down to the cellar and feasted on bread, cheese and a lot of wine! They evidently passed out. While out, the Germans came through and, luckily, did not find them. When there own troops caught up with them there, all was clear. They later found out about the Germans coming through.
384. 3/29/98 Through an agency I have located Seymour at his old house 513 Morlot Ave. Fairlawn, NY 10010. I sent one letter several months ago. It was not returned but I got no answer. Last week I sent a certified letter. A Anna (Tina?) Ceballos signed but then the letter was refused. I guess he does not want contact with the family. I did tell Mom where he is. There is lots of bad blood as Seymour has always taken advantage of his family financially, etc.
385. 6/4/98 When in NJ, We went to 513 Morlot, Fairlawn NJ. The new owner was there. Said she did not know where he was. I will look for Charlotte Hess, Ruth's sister. We went to Richard Schlam's last place of employment, the Eureka Vacuum store. They said they only had his beeper number which Lewis took. Mutzie will check on a NJ drivers license.
386. 10/21/06. Seymour Schlam. US WWII Army Enllistment records. born 1921. NY, Bronx. enlisted 12/12/1942. NYC. Private. single. 5’6”. 146 lbs. Installer-Repairman, Telephone and Telegraph, clerk railway shop dispatcher or manager, production or Entertainment director.
387. 6/17/13. Ruth Schlam. Death Cert. #94 082633; died 7/19/1994; SSN 142-16-7016; age 70; born 6/19/1924, Annapolis, Maryland; father Charles Greenfield, mother Francis Levine Greenfield; died at North Ridge Med. Cent, Oakland Park, Broward County, Fl. married to Seymour Schlam; Sec. Grament Man. Co. last address 9034 Flynn Circle, Boca Raton, Fl. 33427; finished 12th grade; informant son Richard Schlam 2421 Fairlawn Ave., Fairlawn, NJ 07410; buried Beth El Cemetery Washington Township, NJ; Funeral Home Levitt-Weinstein Momorial Chapels, Tamarac, Fl. 33321.
388. Per Clara Casale.
389. 10/11/04 Ruth Schlam. Per SSDI. SSN 142-16-7016. issued NJ Last Residence 07410 Fairlawn, NJ.
6/4/13 Ruth Schlam Florida Death Index died 7/19/1994; age 70; born 6/19/1924; Broward County Florida.
390. Frances (Fanny) Berman Per Birth Certificate
391. 3/24/01 Per Susan Rodgers phone call, the Glockners were Kirchners in the Europe. When came to USA lived with Glockners and took their name.
392. 9/3/10 Rogoff corrections per Leonard Rogoff. His great uncle Max was not the father of Louis Rogoff, he was his son. Max the youngest of the brothers: Julius (His grandfather); Hyman, Will, Max, sister Rose who married a Berkowitz. To get information about the Glockner side, contact Howard Cohen in Albany. He and his sister are Glockners. His father and aunt spoke about their Uncle Alter Glockner in Albany. He remembers visiting Uncle Morris Glockner in the Bronx. Vividly remembers Uncle Ruby Rogovin who came to his Bar Mitzvah. He was grandfather Julius’s uncle, but they were about the ssame age.
393. 10/28/05 SLC. 1930 Census. Morris Glockner and family. (Note: Louis Berman and Rubin Rogovins families lived in same building at this time. 413 E. 173 St. Bronx NY, Apt. 166; ED 3-134, April 7, 1930, Distrtict 25, page 6B; born Vilna; 41 years old; married age 26; USA 1906; Tailor TaTa store; wife Frances Berman; age 36; married age 21 Born NYC; Homemaker; daughter Roslyn age 14 student, born NYC; daughter Sylvia age 11 student born NYC; daughter age 3 1/2 Shirley born NY.
394. 5/5/01 Spoke to Susan Rogers. Per Susan Louis Rogovin married Rivka Farberman, Rivka's brother was Harris and Sister was Sarah Lea. Sarah Lea was married twice. 1st to Kirschner nea Glocker. Kirschner father was Morris. Kirschner and his brother came to USA and stayed with a family Glockner and took their name. Sara and Kirschner had two children: Morris and Alta. Morris married Frances Berman. Sarah then married Mr. Kagan and had 7 children. Her daughter Jenny Kagen married Julius Rogoff and had two children, Leonard and Robert.
395. 10/28/09 Glockners and children. SLC. did a search on all.
396. 6/1/13 Morris Glockner (Kirschner) from Uberstine Tree, Ancestory. com: born 1889, Vilna, Lithuania; Arrived USA 1906 Port of NY; Married to Frances Gertrude (Fanny) Berman 1/9/1915, Bronx, NY, London Casino; resided Bronx, NY; Fanny born 1894 died 1996; daughters: Rosalyn 1916-1983; Sylvia 1919-1981; Shirley (Sherry) 1926-1995.
397. 6/1/13 Morris Glockner. 1940 Census. Bronx, NY; age 48 born about 1892; Russia; Married; 413 E. 173 St.; Naturalized; Sheet 8B; Tailor Rents at $30. month; attended 2nd Grade; Wife Frances age 45; Daughters Sylvia age 21; Shirley age 14; Roslyn Glockner Kurta age 24; husband William Kurta age 25; daughter Joan age 2 months; Sylvia beautician; Morris Tailor ladies garments.Wm. born NY; tailor ladies garments; Rosalyn beautician; born NY; Joan born NY
398. 10/28/05 Sarah Berman named for father’s mother.
399. Per letter from Cedar Park Cem. 9/29/00 Rubin died 10/24/65, Misericardia Hospital, 82, buried same day, next of kin son, Leon. Sarah Rogovin died 4/18/66, buried 4/19/66, died at Hebrew Hospital for Chronic Disease, 79, next of kin son, Leon.
400. 9/13/00 Information from Sima Finger.
401. Julius Rogovin. Per Naturalization papers. States in US 16 years of age. Petition dated June 27, 1902. Arrived June 1892, address 1019 2?? Ave., Manhattan. He was a "News Dealer". Julius Rogovin
7/26/01 Per Rubin Rogovin’s Nat. Petition; 5/25/1905; Julius lived at 1590 Park Ave.; brother of Rubin; who lives at 104 Pitt St. NYC; machine operator; arrived US March, 1897; Julius a stationer. Rubin born feb. 1885 or 1884.
402. 10/29/11 Rubin Rogovin. WWI Reg. Card. #3768; Volume A1462; 9/12/1918; medium height & weight; tailor for Silver & Schultz; 101 Prince St. NYC; Wife Sarah; age 34; b. 6/15/1884; address Apt. B,2 1674 Clay Ave, NYC.
403. 12/26/10 Rubin (Rueben) Rogovin. 1922 US City Directories, Manhattan. Reuben Rogovin & Morris Kaplan cloaks and suits 5 E. 14th B23, Manhattan.
404. 2/18/13 Rubin Rogovin. 1913, NYC directory 766 Washington Ave., NYC; Tailor
405. 4/7/13 Frances Rogovin Lefkowitz born NY. Census 1940; Bronx, NY; 413 E. 173 St; Sheet 9A; 8th grade; age 29; married to Al Lefkowitz age 30, salesman ladies dresses born NY; parents at same address Rubin age 54, cutter ladies clothes; Sarah age 52; daughter Lois born NY, age 3. sheet 9; SD 49; ED 3-108; done 4/9/1940.
406. Rose Berman Per Jack Finger 4/4/97.
407. 10/28/09 Fingers. In SLC. Searched for any findings. Burton Finger SSN 081-05-8722; born 6/6/1915; died August 1975 11355 Flushing, Queens, NY per SS death Index. Rose Finger SS death index SSN 138-40-2705 issued NJ 1964; born 5/14/1878; died Jujne 1973; last res. 33308 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Herman Finger 1920 Census, Bronx , NY age 50; born Austria; wife Rose born Austria; immigrated 1905; rent home; son Burton age 4 1/2.Tailor. District 2 ED 149, page 3. Rose age 26 born NYC; Burton age 6 1/2 born NYC
408. Michael Berman. Loved to draw according to Simma Finger.
409. 12/16/99 Information from Letter from Sylvia Warren re Michael and Florence Berman.
410. 10/28/05 SLC. Michael Berman. Draft Reg. Card: 9/12/1918, tall, medium build, brown hair and eyes, serial #3652, 23052, 31-7-79-C, age 20; born June 1898; operator, employer B. Sirkin 101 Prince St. NYC; nearest relative Max Berman, 447 Claremont Pky, Bronx, Father. 1920 Census: Bronx, ED #152, line 72; Max age 53, b. Russia, USA 1890, Jenny Wife age 50 B. Russia, USA 1892; Michael son, age 31 born NYC; Max Tailor, Michael Clerk in Factory; address 447 Claremont Pky, Bronx.
411. 10/15/06 Michael Berman. death certificate. 156-50-203170. died at home.
412. 10/29/11 Max Berman. Census 1930; Bronx, NY; done 4/12/1930; ED 3-132; district 25; sheet 13A; 256 Claremont Pky.; age 60 married at age 18; dressmaker; US 1888; wife Jenny age 59 married age 17; USA 1890; Michael, son; age 31 born NYC; Tailor cloaks.
413. 2/18/13. Harris Rogoff. 1910 Census; Montville, New London, Conn.; born 1868, Russia; age 42; immigrated in 1887; married to Annie born Russia age 44 USA 1889; children Mary age 16; Fannie age 13; Benjamin age 11; Gussie age 9; Max age 7; Clara age 4; Rose age 1; Morris age 1; Abraham Lesniak age 51, Boarder, farm laborer; sheet 34B; SD 22; ED 372; Ward 8; done 5/12/1910; house # 561, street??; Harris farmer own farm; Mary, Fannie, Benjamin born NYC; rest Conn. Also on same sheet living at #563: Rubeun born Russia; tailor; age 26; married to Sarah age 26 born Russia; Rubeun USA 1896; Sarah USA 1889; son Leon age 5 born NYC; Julius age 2 born Conn.; Frances age 6 months born Conn.
414. Max Rogoff. Per Frances Rogovin Lefkowitz, had a farm in the Waterbury/Hartford, Conn. area near Silver Beach. See my phone interview with her for details of the killing at the farm of Julius Rogovin, Frances' brother. 2/25/98 NY Times article 6/21/1914, Section II, Page 13, column 4: Lived in the Bronx. Shot in Montville, conn. 6/19/1914, shot accidently by Max Rogoff, cousin aged 10. He discharged the revolver outside the house, and that a bullet had gone through the screen.
415. LDS research 11/97. ckd. NY death certs., 1914, 1324917, not there. Indexes to news obits. 0003234, not there.
416. St. of Conn. cannot find death certificate. 3/23/98
417. 6/20/98 Article in the NY Times, June 21, 1914, Section II, Page 13, Column 4: Julius Rogovin, aged 7, son of Mrs. Reuben Rogovin of the Bronx, NY, died yesterday from a bullet wound. The Coroner noticed a hole in a window screen and questioned Marx Rogos (SB Rogoff), aged 10, a cousin, who admitted that he hd discharged the revolver outside the house and that a bullet had gone through the screen The verdict was accidental death. (Motville, Conn.)
418. Rogovin, Julius. Per information from cemetry. 11/97. Burial No. 1665, Society Chev Eitz Ch Wolozin, 16816, Folio 4-454, Path No. 11 Left. Society Eitz Ch Wolozin.
419. Per Frances Berman Lefkowitz 11/97.
420. Rogovin, Leon and Celia. Letter received from the Evergreen Mortuary in Tucson, Arizona with information about Celia Rogovin, Leon Rogovin, Minnie and Morris Adelman. Received 8/14/2000. Information about their whereabouts came from an inquiry on the internet. Adelman possible relative per internet: Minnie: born 7/4/1906 died 7/10/1986 in Gainesville, Fl. Buried Evergreen Lot 306, Section D, Block 28. Morris: born 11/11/1906 died in Phoenix, Az on 4/10/1995, buried Evergreen: Lot 305, Section D, Block 28. Obits for Cecilia, Leon, Minnie included this info: Cecilia: daughter Phyllis R. Cordova of Phoenix, son Ira R. Rogovin of Poulsbo, Wa. buried 9/8/1986, lived at Kevil Geriatric Cent Phoenix, Az. Leon: daughters name at that time was Phyllis Savitch of Tucson, daughter in law, Connie. He was a Mason for 50 years and a musician in local #802, NYC. Minnie: (no obit for Morris.) daughters: Donna Hendelesof Gainesville, Fl. and Geraldine Galler, Scottsdale; sister Mildred Yalen of Tucson.
421. 10/29/00 LDS Library SLC: Film 198403. Leon Rogovin listed as Louis in index but on Cert. #56976 Louis crossed out and Leon entered. B 12/9/1904; 712 E. 5 St. NYC; Midwife H. German; M. Sarah Berman b. Vilna A 28, 1st child; F. Rubin A 20 B Vilna; Tailor.
422. 7/22/00 Per e-mail from Laurel Rogovin--Celia Rogvin (1911-1986) and Leon Rogovin (1904-1983) are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Tucson, Ariz. Two plots away are Minnie Adelman (a906-1986) and Morris Adelman (1906-1995). Another Celia Rogovin was the Grandmother of Laurel's husband. She had a brother Maisha.
423. 4/7/13 Leon Rogovin. from “Find a Grave”. buried Evergreen Memorial Park,Tucson Arizona; Plot Block 28; “Beloved husband, Father and Grandfather.
424. Moved with his wife to Arizona.
425. 10/29/00 Celia Viuker. Per Bieder's book on Jewish surnames in Russia two possible meanings o the last name: Vikor/Ikor=principle thing, leader of the community. Viker/Veker=waker in Yiddish. Research LDS SLC.
426. 9/10/00 Per ss death Index: ss # 092.09.3545. issued NY. born Feb. 27, 1911, last address Maricopa, AZ, 85014.
427. 10/29/00 LDS Library SLC. Checked in NYC for birth of Celia Viuker 9/8/1911; film 1233461. Did not find.
428. 7/1/07 Rogovin, Leon. Marriage cert. 6627, 413

E. 173 St. Bronx, NY, 27, single, musician, born NYC, parents Ruben and Sarah Berman, first marriage. married at Mt. Eden Center, 1660 Morris Ave, Bronx, NY; Rabbi Henry H. Rubins 1520 Seriden Ave. Bronx, NY; witnesses Leo A. Adler and Samuel Orshar(sp?). to Celia Viuker, 1222 Boston Road, age 21 single, born NYC father Rubin, mother Ida Wallerstein.
429. 5/31/13 Frances G. Rogovin Lefkowitz. Death Cert. died at Morningside House, Nursing Home/ 3/31/2008; Usual residence, Westchester, Bronxville, 811 Bronx River Road 10708; born 4/6/1910; age 97; SSN 089-28-4408; was a clerk in envelopes; born NY, NY; high school grad. father Rubin Rogovin mother Sarah Berman, informant Beth Cinfo, daughter, Hopper St. Pleasantville, NY 10570; Buried Cedar Park Cemetery; Paramus, NJ; 4/2/2008, Riverside Memorial Chapel; 21 W. Broad St. Mt. Vernon, NY, 10552.
430. 4/7/13 Frances Rogovin Lefkowitz. SS death index. died 3/31/2008; Bronx, NY 10467, born 4/6/1910.
431. 1/20/02 Per SSDI: Alexander Lefkowitz: SSN 081-01-2205; B 11/18/1906, died 2/1983; SSN issued NY before 1951; res. 10467 Bronx, NY.
432. All this info. provided by Sima Finger in 2000.
433. 10/24/06 Frances Berman. NYC Brides Record. married 5/27/1934. Cert. # 3510.
434. 7/1/07 Rogovin, Frances. marriage cert. 3510; 5/27/1934 at 1170 Boynton Ave, Bronx, NY, Rabbi I. Ringel, 116 Lenox Road Brooklyn, NY. witnesses, F. Seiden and J. Greenberg. Frances age 24, 413 E. 173 St. NYC; single; born US parents Rubin and Sarah Berman; Al Lefkowitz, 1450 Longfellow Ave. NYC age 27; single, clerk born US father Morris mother Bertha Palay. LDS roll 19278855.
435. Candy Berman has fond memories as a child of visiting the Fingers. The boys took her to a fair and won her a stuffed animal.
436. 10/23/12 Simma Finger. died 1/2/2011; buried Farmingdale, Suffolk County, NY Per Find a Grave Index.
437. 11/9/12 Finger family from notes from Todd Finger.
438. 11/9/12 Tracey Finger. Sent info. re family: Mom’s last name Appel; brother Craig; partner Detlev Gessner; children Jackson 3/10/04 and Parker 10/15/04.
439. 10/23/12 Todd Finger sent information via e-mail. Eric was anita’s son who Billy adopted.
440. 10/28/05 Rosalyn Glockner Kurta. SLC. SS Death Index. SSN 109.03.7643. last residence 11561 Long Beach, Nassau, NY; born 3/27/1916; died June 1983; last benefit 11791 Syosset, Nassau, NY.
441. 10/26/09 Willie Kurta. SS Death Index. born 1/13/1915. died 6/5/2004, 33321 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. SSN issued NY 065-10-5293.
442. 10/28/09 Hy Greene. SLC. per search US Public records b. 8/1912. Address in 1984 3405 NW 48 Ave. #Avj61 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33319-0101. phone 735-9914.
443. 10/28/09 Hy Greene. SS death Index. SSN 152-01-6481. 33319 Ft. Lauderdale, Broward , Fl. born 8/4/1912. died 10/13/1995. SSN issued in NJ.
444. Info. Per interview with wife Sylvia Warren, Oct., 1996.
445. 10/23/09 Warren, Samuel. Census 1930 married age 23 born Russia butcher; Pearl wife age 46, born about 1884, Russia; Samuel age 58; children Harry age 24, driver; Herbert age 21, butcher; Gertrude age 20; Isadore age 17, errand boy hardware store; Helen age 15 and Robert age 9. All children born NYC
446. 10/23/09 Warren, Isidore. From NY Times Obit. notice: Suddenly on Sat., 1/17/1981, beloved husband of Sylvia. Devoted father of Penny Langman, Richard, Jerome and Ruth Ann Warren, Cherished grandfather of Mark, Jill, Stacy, Tammy, Danielle, Gregg and Matthew. Dear brother of Helen Bernstein and son-in-law of Frances Goldstein. Services Tuesday 11AM at Gutterman’s, Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre.
447. 12/23/09 Isidore Warren. Death Cert. File # 81-001214. born 5/29/1913; died Broward County, Fl. Oakland Park; North Ridge Hospital; born NY; Married Sylvia Glockner; SS 123-01-6270; salesman; real estate; 1830 S
W 81 Ave. #4418; N. Lauderdale; parents Samuel Warren and Pearl Gordon; buried Cedar Park Cemetery; Paramus, NJ.
448. 6/1/13 Isidor Warren. born 1913. NY St. Census 1925, NYC, NY; age 12; AD 23; House # 700; W. 172 St. line #32; page 2; Father Samuel age 50; Mother Pearl age 40; siblings: Harry age 18; Herbert age 15; Helen age 10; Robert age 3. Samuel born Russia butcher; Pearl born Russia; children born USA; Harry, butcher;
449. Current wife. Rosalyn deceased.
450. 10/26/09 Willie Kurta. Fl. Marriage collection, Willie married Arline 7/4/1984 in Palm Beach, Fl. Volume 5653.
451. Information per interview with ex-mother in law, Sylvia Warren, Oct. 11, 1996.
452. Presently lives in Boca Ration, Fla. Information from S. Warren. 10/11/96.
453. Information from S. Warren 10/11/96.
454. Divorced from Glenn Hoffman.
455. 2nd wife (present).
456. 11/20/01 Note from Steve Casale: Thanksgiving was always a special day at my Mother’s house. Martha, Al & Lewis (Berman) would come for dinner along with Mel & Renee (Schlam), Uncle Sam and Aunt Fannie (Rohr), Uncle Dave and Aunt Adele (Rohr) and sometimes Seymour and Ruthie (Schlam). I would come in late when I was in High School because I had to play the last football game of the season. We always had lots of fun.
457. 2/28/05 Casale. Steve and Clara Casale just spent a week with us. Here are excerpts from our conversations. Steve was a Golden Gloves contender when he was young. He still works out with a punching bag, etc. at age 81! He is very handy--can fix anything. He has a delightful sense of humor, makes friends with everyone, is very gregarious and flies off the handle quickly. He was in WWII. He met Clara at a USO dance in Missouri. Clara had a difficult childhood. Her father died when she was 14, her mother wasn’t much of a mother. But Clara worked as a waitress, went to school and took good care of herself. They are a throughly charming couple. Clara appears to be bullied by Steve, yet they seem to have a loving relationship.
458. 2/27/07 Stephen Casale. His nickname has always been “Mutzie”. I asked him how he got the name. His grandmother called him “Schmutzic” as he was always having dirty hands. He couldn’t say “Schmutzic”, so he called himself, “Mutzie”. The name stuck.
459. 10/19/07 Rohr, Bernard. researched in Salt Lake City. Only info. I could find was his US WWII Army enlistment records: born 1926; Bronx, NY; enlisted 2/6/1945; NYC; Private; 4 years of high school. single. occupation: chasier, stock clerk, bookkeeper. height 09 ?? weight 900 ?? Not sure what these mean.
460. 5/29/98 Per Ron & Sherry Rubenstein: Leo went into the hospital for surgery to releive adhesions. Surgery went well. Sunday his (May 24, 1998) his blood pressure starting dropping. The doctor could not be reached. Leo died with Jackie and his family at his side. The cause of death has not been established. The family is still reeling from the shock.
461. Per Sylvia Rubenstein, Rose Rubenstein is still alive and lives close to her in NY. They do not communicate. Rose is a "nasty lady". 11/16/96
462. 10/30/10 Rogovin, Rose Genesha. death certificate #32922; died 11/17/1917; born 9/22/1840; age 77; housewife; USA 21 years; father Julius Farberman; mother Rose Gensha Farberman, Russia; Pulmonary edema; asthama; chronic bronchitis; Dr. James Slamovitz; 22 Montgomery St., NYC; buried Washington Cem; 11/18/1917.
463. Rose Farberman: Per visit to Wash. Cemetery 4/97.
464. Rose Farberman: Per NYC archives and Federal Archives in NYC read by me April, 1997.
465. Rose Farberman: Pulmonary edema, asthma, chronic bronchitis.
466. 10/11/09 Rose and Joseph Rogovin. Per JewishData picture of tombstone.
467. Per Frances Berman Lefkowitz, the original family name is Rogovin. Many changed theirs as they were musicians and thought Rogoff more "American".
468. 10/31/00 LDS Library SLC Rogovin. 1900 NYC Census index F. 1246820. None of our Rogovins found. Rubin and Julius were supposed to have landed in port of NY March, 1897.Index Port of NY F. 0821540 and 42 tried Rogovin and Ragovin could not find.
469. 11/9/97 LDS research found Reesa, 24, Frume, 26 and David, 5 Ragovin from Vilna entered via NY on 10/11/1886. Film 0472927. Also Rachel Rogovin, 15, from Vilna entered June 19, 1891, NY on the Normannia. From Hamburg Lists 0475681. Related???
470. Solomon Feinstein: Per Michael Gebaide, he changed his name to Fine or fein. wife Sylvia??
471. 10/24/07 Feinstein, Solomon. Searched LDS files SLC Grooms Index for Solomon Fine/Feinstein. Could not find. One roll of microfilm was missing: 1614232. Will check it at a later date.
472. 11/7/01 Solomon Feinstein: He was not with Mother and Pauline when they entered country, 1899. So he was born in USA 1899-1910, perhaps Boston or NYC.
473. 8/23/13 Solomon Feinstein. Sent away for Solomon Feinstein born 9/28/1899. NYC. But parents are Louis and Rebecca. not our Solomon.
474. See interview notes 11/16/97.
475. 10/29/05 Sylvia Rubenstein. SLC. SSDI Sylvia Greenberg SSN 099-01-7162, died 11/24/2000; Brooklyn, NY
476. 10/15/06 Sylvia Rubenstein Greenberg. death certificate. Y 189963. 156-00-053907. died 11/24/2000. Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn. 12:45AM. age 90. address 2107 Ditmas Ave. Brooklyn, NY. widow. born 1/17/1910. born NYC. SS# 900.01.7162. Assembler in a box company. completed 10th grade. father Benjamin. Mother Anna. Wellwood Cemetery, Pinelawn, NY, buried 11/26/2000.
477. Sylvia was madly in love with Harry Hacker. But her Aunt Annie Hacker would not permit the marriage between first cousins. Interesting to note that Anna then arranged a marriage for Harry and her first cousin, Shirley Zimbler. Also, after Sylvia picked her wedding date, Aunt Anna picked the same date for Moe to marry Florence Druse so the relatives would have to choose! (per Sylvia Rubenstein 11/96)
478. As of this time, Howard lives in Jacksonville, Fl. per his mother Sylvia Rubenstein. They are estranged.
479. 7/12/12 Information from Sherrie Rubenstein via e-mail. Eric and Rebecca Rubenstein just bought a home in Ridgewood, NJ.
480. 10/14/06 Rubenstein family information from Sherrie Rubenstein.
481. 9/10/07 Rubenstein, Sherry provided this information.
482. 1/12/11 Rubenstein, Jennifer. e-mail from Sherrie Rubenstein: daughter Jennifer (Mrs. Andrew Kanarek) had baby girl, 5/27/2010, named Ora Bella.
483. 10/31/00 LDS SLC Found record of birth cert. on film 2080674 Cert. # 1842, B 2/6/38. Will send for birth Cert. Also, found a Joseph B. B 7/30/38 Cert. 25360, F 2108345. Not sure if related. Will send for his BC also.
484. Ira Rogovin. Deceased. As well as Ceila and Leon. Per Frances Rogovin Lefkowitz. But I do not know this for a certainty.
485. Per SSDI, Ira Rogovin, SS #152-28-6576; born Feb. 6, 1938, died June, 1987; SS issued 1953 & 1955 in NJ. 10/1/00
486. 10/28/05 Ira Rogovin. SLC. Per SSDI: Born 8/6/1938; died 6/1987, SSN 152.28.6576; buried 9/8/1986. Died in Suquamish, Wa. 98392 or Poulsbo, Wa.
487. Married with 3 children. Lives in Arizona. Phone 1-602-296-1842.
488. Married with 2 children.
489. No children.
490. Married. 2 or 3 children. Lives in NY.
491. Married with 2 children.
492. Lives in Fl. 1 child.
493. Lives in Long Beach, NY
494. Lives in NY. Married.
495. Lives in Boca Raton, Fl.
496. Lives in Phil., Pa.
497. Lives in Houston, Texas
498. Lives in Princeton, NJ
499. Lives in Missouri
500. 10/23/09 Pearl Warren. Not sure if this our Pearl. SS Death Index. Will send for death Cert. SS #264-58-4752; Jacksonville, Fl. Duval County 32208.
501. 6/1/13 Isidore Warren. 1920 Census, NYC, NY; age 7; born NYC; father Samuel born Russia age 47; mother Pearl age 35; Siblings Henry age 14; Herbert age 11; Helen age 5; AD 15; done 1/5/1920; SD 1; Sheet 4B; ED 1106; AD 18; Samuel USA 1900 from Russia; Pearl USA 1902 from Russia; Pearl dressmaker; Samuel Butcher; Children all born NYC.
502. Information from interview with G.Mother Sylvia Warren Oct. 11, 1996.
503. 8/2/08 Information regarding the Pigott family submitted by Gary Pigott.
504. 8/2/08 Pigott family information from
505. Micah is Sandra's child from an earlier relationship. TJ and Rebecca are Sandy's children from her marriage to Tom Ryan.
506. 6/3/2013. Joseph Schlam. WWI Reg. 9/12/1918. Serial # 005?; Reg. Report 31-9-114-C; medium height; light eyes; address 126 St. Marks Place, NYC, NY. age 32. born 5/12/1886. Naturalized; could not read occupation; worked for Air Night???? Corp, 464 51 Ave. NYC, NY; Mother Rachel Schlam same address.
507. 5/16/07 Joseph Schlam. Mt. Zion Cemetery. #745; Folio 6-290; Map #135; address 19 Styvesant Oval NYC; Society Palestina Widows and Friendship. 13-15 R; age 67; buried 9/6/1953; Burial # 1061; B of H # 19351; range F Grave 23.
508. 1/1/13. Joseph Schlam. Yearbook. Polytechnic Inst., age 20, 1912, called “Polywog”; Civil Engineering Society.
509. 10/11/04 Bertha S. Schlam. SSDI. SSN 098-24-5535. born 12/5/1897. died 7/15/1989. 100009 NY, NY, issued NY
510. Child of Marriage of Sandra to Thomas J. Ryan.
511. 11/15/2010. Sternberg, Florence (Fanny) (Sternberg). 1930 census; age 36 born about 1894; husband Samuel Baier; Children Jane Baer; Claire Baer; census done 4/19/1930; ED 31-430B; District 22; Sheet 7B; Samuel age 50; married age 40; born NYC; Furrier; Florence wife age 36 married age 26; born NYC; daughters Jane age 9 born NYC; Claire age 1 1/2 born NYC; also living there maid Catherine Frain, age 22 born Ireland. address W. 93 St.
512. Kate was a piano teacher. She worked for the school system. Her married name was Stout. (Info. from Martha Berman and Melvin Schlamm)
513. 2/26/9 From Interview with Martin and Florence Schlam 1/12/99. See notes.
514. 6/30/01 Schlam/Kreisberg information from term paper of C. Emery 1985. Minnie moved to Vienna to work as a hairdresser and in a butcher shop. Then, she immigrated alone to NYC in 1902. She was a factory worker in the garment industry and was one of the founders of the Ladies Garment Workers Union in NY. She paid for the rest of her family to come to NYC one by one, and they all lived together in an apt. on 8th st, which remained the family home until the 1970’s. Whole family here by l910. Joseph Kreisburg and his family immigrated to NYC from Czernovitz, Rumania in 1897. Except for one brother who was turned back due to glaucoma. That brother later entered the country through the Mexican border. Minnie married Joseph in 1909, Kate was born in 1910. In 1912 the family moved to Long Branch, NJ to open a store of their own. The family lived behind the shop. Kate worked the entire time her daughter Jan was growing up. Minnie lived with them and did most of the housework and child rearing.
515. 6/22/01 Letter to me from C. Emery re her family. Kate and Herschel retired in 1970. They lived Cathy’s whole life at 8 Woodland Dr. in W. Long Branch, NJ. Kate tried to teach Cathy the recorder when she was quite young. She was an exacting teacher. She did not let them touch the piano--”not a toy”. When Cathy went to college, she spent many weekends with them, sometimes with a friend. She got to know them better and found them very loving. Kate had always been a source of some fear while growing up. Herschel had emphysema for a long time. He loved to do experiments. Kate practiced the piano two hours a day every day. She and Herschel played the recorder with a group that met once a week for many years. Herschel died in 1987, leaving Kate in a serious depression. After she came out of it, she still lived in NJ. Cathy and Kate traveled to Europe together and had a great time. Even at age 80, she was full of energy. On the day before she died she practiced the piano for two hours and watched baseball on TV--her idea of a perfect day! Cathy and her family lived overseas a lot when she was young-two years in Greece, a couple of years in the States, then 5 years in Afghanistan. Her father taught math at American International Schools. Her mother gave music lessons and taught English as a Foreign Language. They returned to USA in 1974 and moved to Maine.
516. 11/8/01 Kate Kreisberg and family per Florence Schlam: Florence has many fond memories of Kate. After Florence retired, they visited Kate and Hershel often as they both lived in NJ. Then Florence and Martin moved to Mass. Kate was a superb peianist and Martin enjoyed discussing different peano pieces with her. When Kate sat at the peano, I recognized from certain motions that our Papa Joe had spent a great deal of time with her in her younger years. Dad, Papa Joe, did not marry until he was 39 yrs. old, so he would visit his sister Minnie, of whom he was very fond, and supervise Kate’s peano practicing just as he did with Martin later on. We saw Kate & herschel’s daughter only 2 or 3 times as well as Jan’s daughter Cathy and her brother. They were very cute kids. Cathy was a great joy to Kate and she spoke very affectionately of her.
517. 6/3/13. Kate Kreisberg. US Yearbook NYU, New York City, NY; Yearbook Prometheus; Certificate Student.
518. 6/3/13 Kate Kreisberg. Penns. Church and Town Records. Kate married Herschel LeRoy Stout; both of Long Branch, NJ; 7/8/1937; at the home of the groomS. Lippincott Ave. LB; minister Albert L. Banse.
519. Charlie and Harry assumed the name of Schlam as they grew up. Charlie changed his name to Sloan, became a Lawyer and is believed in the Ft. Lauderdale area. (per Martha Berman and Melvin Schlamm) Note: On Ship manifest name listed for both as Schlam.
520. 9/26/01 Per on-line Ellis Island: Sure, Kriel 2 years old and Hirsch 3 years old, last name Schlam (not Stroh) arrived in USA 7/24/1906 on the Rotterdam; from Jawarow, Austria, Hebrew. 9/10/02 complete Ship Manifest info: Sure age 32, Kriel age 2, Hirsch Schlam age 3, arrived 7/24/1906 ship Potsdam, Rotterdam, Holland. Page 0748, Lines 17, 18, and 19. Sure had $5.00 and was going to mother Rachel 9 (?) E. 8 St. NYC.
521. 3/18/07 Charles Schlam. Naturalization petition dated 9/16/1924 #55662. He changes his last name to Sloane. Declaration of Intent Volume 608, page 248. Index to declaration Volume 576 Page 78.
522. 10/2/10 Charles Schlam (Sloane). Reg. Card 1683376. 129 ??m NYC; born 3/25/1889; Jaworow, Galicia, Austria; Waiter, Schwartz Restaurant, 24 W. 18 St., NYC; Wife and Child; married; short, Medium build; Brown hair and eyes. precinct 3-6; 6/5/1917.
523. 3/16/99 Per info. from Sylvia Friedman. Charles died in 1996. Married Evelyn in the 1980s. Sylvia remembers being at Martin Schlam's Bar Mitzvah. Her grandfather, Sigmund Satz died in 1906 during a pneumonia epidemic. He was a barber. Her grandmother, Rose, was an amazing woman for her time. She raised Clara Satz alone. She always worked. She worked at the Metropolitan Opera making wigs for Caruso and other famous stars. In the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, she would go to concerts, lectures, etc. alone.
524. 3/30/07 Charles Sloane. Fl. Divorce records. Not sure if this is our Charles. Docket No. 84348, Vol 229, page 371, 6675. decree 5/5/1944. Married 1/29/1931, NYC. Grounds Charles Naturally impotent. Charles Byron Sloane, address NYC; Dorothy Mitchell Sloane, address Dade County, Fl. complainant wife. contested by husband. no children. no alimony. signed 6/5/1944.
525. 11/97 LDS Per copy birth certificate. Original held by Ellen Parker, gr. grandaughter. Midwife, Shifra Haber, Circumsized by Moses Horsiewenski (?sp) on June 4, 1901. mother Sara Schlam. Living in Jaworow with parents Moses and Rachel Kremer Schlam at house #46. Moses a day laborer There is no mention of a father, illegimate birth?. Jacob Spritzer was a witness.
526. 10/11/04 Harry Schlam. SSDI. SSN 058-28-7351, issued NY; born 5/5/1901; died 9/1973, 33156 Miami, Fl.
527. 10/11/04 Hannah Schlam. SSDI SSN 059-30-8720, issued NY, born 12/4/1902, died 4/1976, 33156 Miami, Fl.
528. 4/2/07 Hannah Brown Schlam. death cert. Fl. died 4/17/1976. born 12/4/1902. age 73. died Coral Gables Convalescent Home. Widow. born NYC. SSN 059-30-8720. Houswife. home address 7190 SW 99th Court. information from Edward Fenton. 7190 SW 99 St. Miami, Fl. buried Star of David Mem. Park, Miami, Fl. 4/19/1946. Gordon Funeral Home.
529. 3/19/07 Harry Schlam. 1930 Census. 4/9/1930. District 21. ED 31-210. Sheet 10 A. Manhattan. 197 St. Marks Place. Harry age 29 married 3 years; USA 1906; chiropodist; grandson of Rachel. Hannah age 26 married to Harry 3 years; born NY; bookkeeper in Real Estate office. Rachel head of house; age 69; widow USA 1905; homemaker. Rose daughter; 52 widow born Poland; USA 1900; Hairdresser in Beauty Culture; Charles 27; single; grandson; born Poland; USA 1906; lawyer.
530. 3/19/07 Hannah Brown Schlam. 1920 census. Manhatan. District 1; ED 125; 2nd Ward; sheet 12B; line 64. Charles Brown. head; age 46; married; USA 1890; Russia; Mechanic Truck?? men’s clothing; wife Freda; age 26; born Russia; USA 1900 home; (assume this is second wife of Charles); Hannah daughter age 18; born NYC; single; steno/typist in department store; Leon son; age 10 born NYC; daughter Goldie age 4 months; born NYC. address 208 Grand Street.
531. Per David Rohr: Hersh Rohr told him that his great-grandfather earned the name "Rohr". It was an honor because he and his large family lived, worked and managed a substantial estate or town called "Rohr". David has not been able to find this town. 10/30/98 LDS Research: There are 8 towns named Rohr in the area that was German at the time. Rohr in German means reed, cane, tube or pipe. The towns: Austria, Oberosterreich, Rohr. France, Bas-Rhin, Rohr. Germany, Baden, Rohr (Bierbronnen). Germany, Bayern, Rohr (BA. Pfaffenhofen). Germany, Elsass-Lothrinen, Rohr. Germany, Preussen, Sachsen, Rohr. Germany, Wurttemberg, Rohr (OA. Stuttgart). Swwitzerland, Solthurn, Rohr.
532. Rose Schlam Satz 11/17/98 could not find in SS Death index.
533. 5/6/07 Rose Schlam Satz. Could not find in SSDI.
534. 9/26/01 Sigmund Satz. From Ellis Island on-line info: Sigmund Satz, from Austria; arrived Port of NY 8/7/1896; Ship Augusta Victoria out of Hamburg, Germany. No other Satz’s appear on that ship that day.
3/18/07. Sigmund Satz. Hamburg Passenger list. He left Hamburg 7/30/1896; born about 1866; age 30. From Pschemischl, Austria; occupation “Kaufmann” (merchant); ship Augusta Victoria; Captain Kaempff; Volume 373-7 I,VIII A 1 Band 094 A.
535. 3/18/07 Sigmund Satz. Petition for Nat. 7/19/1904; born 7/9/1866; arrived Port of NY 7/7/1896; US District Court, Brooklyn, NY; Volume 54; record 287. address 109 E. 8 St. NYC; barber; witnesses William Horwitz 84 2 Ave., NYC; Real Estate Broker.
536. 9/16/01 Sigmund Satz. Per NYC Archives, no Sigmund Satz died in 1906.
537. 11/7/01 Satz, Sigmund. Could not find record of death thru 1920. Disappeared from NYC Directory after 1912.
538. 3/19/07 Sigmund (Sigmond) Satz. In 1910 census. Could not have died in 1906.
539. Undated. Clara Satz. Married a man named Goldberg. She was very jazzy. She wore feathers in her hair, etc. per Martha Berman.
540. 5/7/07 Clara Satz. Birth Certificate. #7225, City of NY. born 7/18/1902; Lying in Hospital; father Sigmund Satz, barber; mother Rosie Schlam Satz; address 109 E. 8 St., NYC; mother born Austria; age 22; no other children; father age 36; born Austria. Cert. issued 1/26/1906.
541. 5/6/07 Clara Satz. Could not find in SSDI.
542. 5/24/07 Information from Sylvia Goldberg Friedman.
543. 3/25/09 Clara Satz Goldberg. Per SSDI died 4/1984; Randallstown, Baltimore, MD; SS NJ 1963 #135-38-2098.
544. 10/15/06 Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine. Named for Czar Catherine-”Catherine’s City”. After the revolution of 1917 the city was renamed Dnepropetrovsk, because it was on the Dneiper River.
545. 11/9/11 Jacob Kahn (Cohen). In Salt Lake City found a Jacob Kahn who died 11/17/1944. Discussed with Burton Kahn. Burt remembers being in camp (around age 15) when the counselor told him his beloved grandfather died. This was approximately 1941. He called his cousin, Cyril, NYC. Cyril remembers that he died in 1939-1940, right before WWII. 1944 Jacob Kahn is not the correct one. Cannot find death of correct Jacob. He was about 70 when he died per Cyril.
546. 10/4/14 Per Cecily Kahn Cain: Jacob Kahn lived in Greenpoint; Monteith St; His Butcher shop was on the ground floor.
547. 10/8/04 Celia Kahn: LDS #2026716, correct Celia?; Cert. 14120, died 6/15/1920. age 30?. says “father” Jacob; in USA 1907; from Russia; buried 6/16/20 Mt. Zion Cemetery; Hysterctomy for fibroid uterus; bled to death; Jewish Hospital; Brooklyn.
548. 10/19/06 Celia Kahn. from Mt. Zion Cem. buried 6/16/1920. Folio 426-4. United Hebrew Community Society. Burial No. 1798, lot 7 Range 1, grave 9.
549. 3/30/07 Arnold Cain (Cohen). 1930 census. Phil., PA. Ward 20 Block 21; 9th day of ?, 1930; ED 50-555; District 29; sheet 4 b; 2007 8th St.; Abraham Brandt head of house; age 56; married age 21; Kiev, Russia; US 1904; shoe salesman; wife Rose age 56 married age 21; Kiev, Russia; homemaker; USA 1905; Samuel Cohen son-in-law; Kiev, Russia; age 34 married age 22; US 1905; furniture salesman; Elizabeth Cohen daughter; age 31 married age 19; born Kiev; US 1905; homemaker; grandson Arnold Cohen age 10 born Phil., PA; grandson Fred age 2 born Phil.; granddaughter Selma age 1 month born Phil.; daughter Mollie Brandt age 34 single born Kiev, US 1905 saleslady clothing; daughter Anna age 20 single born Phil., stenographer, law office.
550. 10/6/14 Information per Cecily Kahn Cain.
551. Bertha Hacker -Died at a young age, before marrying of TB, in a Liberty NY sanatorium.
552. Per death Certificate Pincus Hacker.
553. 10/15/06 Meaning of Hacker: Hacker
O From the English for one who cultivates the soil with hoe or hack, maker of
hacks (Smith, 1953). Also means hachet, axe, heel or pickaxe (Beider, 2004)
554. 10/15/06 Kolomyya: Before WWI was Austrian; Between wars was Polish; After WWII was Russian; now Ukrainian. In the region of Stanisloawow. Per
555. Sylvia Hacker: Per Sylvia Greenberg, she is named for maternal Grandmother.
556. 10/21/06. Louis hacker.Census. Manhattan. 1/7/1920. District 1. ED 344. sheet 7A. starting with lines 47 and going to next sheet. Michael Hacker. age 62. US 1881. alien. Tailor coat factory. Wife Rose age 50. US 1899. son Louis. age 28 single. US 1895. alien. operator clothing. son Jack single age 17. born NYC. clerk Office. daughters Pauline age 15 born NYC. and Sarah age 12 born NYC. address #143 Delancy St.
10/24/07. Hacker, Annie on same census as above, same page. age 37; arrived US 1900; 137 Delancey St. No occupation.
557. 10/22/07 Hacker, Michael death Cert. 2445 LDS roll 2108393. widow Frieda. age 70 tailor. 232 E. 12 St. last worked 1/1928. Born Austria. USA 35 years (1904). Father Max mother Celia Schneck. informant son Louis 1725 weeks Ave. Brooklyn, NY. died at son’s home. died 1/27/1939. buried at Mt. Hebron 1/29/1939.
558. 10/24/07 Hacker, Pauline. marriage cert. # 3615 LDS roll 1642791. married by Rabbi Jacob A. Dolham; witnesses Louis Stein & AJ Gordon. Pauline: 204 Delanncy St. NYC age 23 born NYC father Michael mother Rose Perlman. Samuel: 418 Miller Ave. Bklyn; age 33 cutter; fsather Abraham; mother Bella Reiter.
559. Louis Hacker. Per Sylvia Rubenstein 11/16/96 they lived in the Bronx. A lot of the Hacker cousins lived there. Sylvia hated the Bronx. If she didn't behave, her parents would say, "We'll move to the Bronx."
10/21/2006. Could not find a “cousin Chaim Hacker”
560. 10/31/00 Research on Louis Hacker LDS SLC. Will send for several death certs. (see letter in comp.) on men who might be Louis. Also will send for Nat. of a person I believe to be Louis: Nat. f 1420290. Vol 140 Pg. ?, Rec. 483; 92 E 4 St. NYC; Tailor B 5/4/1878 Austria; arrived NYC 2/3/1894. witness Chaim Hacker, 83 Eldridge St., NYC, Broker. Checked passenger ships 2/1/1894 thru 2/7/1894. Could not locate.
7/26/01 Same Louis pops up again: will check 1900 census and 1905; also check on Chaim Hacker, cousin.
561. 10/22/07 Hacker, Louis. searched NYC grooms index. found 6 Louis Hackers. None had correct parents. Wives names: Helen, Nettie, Pauline, Bessie.
562. 10/21/06. Louis Hacker. WWI Draft Reg. card. NYC. born Austria. 1/15/1892. roll 176580. draft board 98. taken 6/5/1917. operator. Mecks? Bros & Davis, 234 W. Broadway. supports parents. single. short. slender. dark hair and eyes.
563. 1/9/08 Louis Hacker. Declaration of Intention. 7989. pocket book maker. age 19. white. dark skin. 4’11” 114 pounds. hair brown. eyes blue. born in Galicia Austria 8/30/1887. address 107 E 2 St. NYC. arrived from Hamburg, Germany on the Belgravia. 1/30/ 1904. Petition 27119. 19. 1/1/1907. address 14 1st Ave. Pocket book maker. born 8/30/1887 Kolomea, Austria. US South. Dist. of NY Circuit Court declared 8/13/1907. witnesses Michael Hacker, agent 20 Ocean Place Bklyn, Samuel Strom letter carrier 864 Dawson St. NYC. Oath of Allegiance 2/7/1913. # 379717 6/5/1912.
564. 10/21/2006. Vickie Hacker. checked sources LDS. could not find.
565. 10/22/07 Hacker, Vickie. Searched files LDS SLC. Could not find Vickie or Victoria that appeared correct.
566. 11/6/99 Research from V. Charny from the "Minsk Jewish birth records 1861 and 1866", yielded many Rogovin that are probably related. How? See papers in paper file "Rogovin". Leon (Eliezer) Rogovin
567. 11/9/97 Per Dictionary of Jewish Surnames in the Russian Empire, Beider, Rogovin name common in Vilna, Minsk, Oshmyany. Means from the village of Rogovoe. Per Dictionary of Jewish Surnames in Poland, Rogow from the village Rogow but same as above.
568. 4/23/14 Marriage Cert. Mendel Gebaide and Sarah Speisman. Mendel age 22; 105 Norfolk St. NY; single; Painter; father Abraham; mother Rachel Kagan; married 124 Ave. P NY; Sarah 21; single 1357 Boston Road; father Luzer mother Liba Hershman; born Warshaw, Russia; Mendel born Warshaw, russia. Mendel Painter. Cert. #10959.
569. Velvel Berman: 10/31/99 per Jewishgen: The Hebrew equivalent to Velvel is "Ze'ev", which means wolf. Actually the Yiddish name is "Vulf" (wolf) and the diminutive is "Velvel" or little wolf. The usual American version of this name is "William".
570. Per Dictiionary of Jewish Surnames in Russia, Berman was common in Courland, Riga, Slonim. Ber is derived from the Yiddish "bear".
571. 9/30/04 Sarah Berman. Had to die prior to 1887 as Max’s daughter Sarah named for her and born 1887/
572. 10/30/00 Mendel Berman. Per Eileen Poltakoff, name Mendel often goes with Menanchem. In English Mendels use Manny or Emanuel.
573. 10/28/05 Mendel Berman. SLC. NY Passenger lists several Mendels. See Berman folder for paper trail. Have picked the following: arrival date 3/29/1889; born 1860; age 29; male; departed Bremen, Germany and Southhampton, England arrived NYC; line 24; microfilm roll 531; list 353; place of origin Russia, laborer, steerage 2.
574. Mendel Berman and family. Per interview Simma Finger & Frances Lefkowitz April 1997, NY.
575. 10/27/05 (SLC) Rose Berman Rubin. Possibly daughter of Mendel Berman. Married to William Rubin. Draft Reg. card WWI: William Rubin 600 E. 81 st. (?), Bronx, NY, wife Rosey, Painter, employer S. Belink, born Russia, age 38, born Jan. 25, 1879, medium height and build, blue eyes, and black hair, 9/12/1918, local board No. 3, #2114, 31-9-3-C; 1920 census: ? E. 141 St. Bronx, NY; Wm. age 38, US 1905, painter born Russia; Rose age 33, usa 1905; born Russia. Apt. 209. Another possible wife for William is 1910 census: 332 E. NY Ave, Brooklyn, NY; age 36; born Russia, cutter; wife Minnie 34, born Russia; daughter Rosie, age 11, born Russia; son Leon age 9, born Russia; Daughter Annie age 2, born NYC.See Rubin folder for paper trail.
576. 10/30/00 SLC LDS. Searched SSDI for Willie Rubin, Sally Rubin Berger, could not find.
577. 10/28/05 Willie (Wm) Rubin searched for in Monticello, NY. Results: 1920 Census Willie Rubin, 25 years old, son, single, born NYC, address 146 Clinton Ave. Monticello, Sullivan, NY, parents born Poland, Father Barney, age 50, USA 1890, Jewish, not working, mother Sarah, 48 USA 1890, not working; Willie age 25 Single born NY, clerk in Post Office; daughter Ella, age 23 born NYC, clerk Post Office single; son Abie age 21 born NYC, waiter in Hotel; Harry son age 20 single born NYC, ??keeper bookstore. Searched census Monticello for Wm. Rubin. Results 1900 census, none; 1910, 1920 and 1930 census found a Wm. Rubin and family. But wife, Edith French Canadian. Does not fit. See Rubin folder for paper trail.
578. Wm. Rubin. Per Frances Berman Lefkowitz: Mr. Rubin had a farm on Rubin's Road in Monticello, NY. Per Sherry Greene: His daughter is Sally Berger (or is she a Berkowitz who was a Rogovin?). Sally lives in Boca West. She is a widow. Her husband was a judge in Ellenville, NY. Nephews of the Rubins were: Mac Farberman (wife, Julia) from Brooklyn. they now live in Whisper Walk, Boca Raton, Fl. Mac's brother is a famous conductor with the Boston Pops(?).
579. Wm. Rubin. Per Simma Finger 4/97 had two sons. Farm in Monticello NY. A road there named for them called the "Rubin Road". Willie came in the NYC to buy liquor to give to the cattle as medicine.
580. Julius A. Rogovin. He loved to sing per Simma Finger.
581. 10/11/09 Julius A. Rogovin. Per Jewish Data have a picture of tombstone.
582. 10/11/09 Rachel Rogovin. Per Jewishdata have pix of her tombstone.
583. 2/18/13. Harris Rogoff. New London Conn. Dir. 1928; Harris married to Annie home Lyme trailer park; Celia 181 Bentley Ave. (Mrs.); Marie emp. 677 Bank; h. 181 Bentley; Max married to Amy J. mechanic 80 Colman; Max Rogovin married to Sarah, peddler; h. 177 N. Bank.
584. 11/1/05 Rogoffs, Louis and Harris families. SLC. 1900 Census. Bayonne, NJ 6/8/1900; Dist. 12?; ED 4; sheet 23. address 81 W. 22 St. Apt. 419 Harris, 420, Louis. Harris b. Sept. 1864 age 35, married 7 years, born Russia, USA 1890; wife Annie b. July 1864, Russia, age 35 married 7 years, USA 1891; daughter Mary born NJ Jan. 1894 age 6; daughter Fannie born NJ Jan. 1897 age 3; son Benjamin age 1 b. NJ Feb. 1899.

Louis Rogoff. age 40 married 15 years, b. Russia, Aug. 1859, USA 1888. wife Sarah (?) b. May 1860, age 40 married 15 years, USA 1888; Son Julius born Russia, b. May 1887 age 13; Hyman son b. NY Apr. 1889 age 11; Rachel age 9, b NY, March 1891; daughter Rosie, age 7, b. NY Apr. 1893; daughter Fannie b. NY age 5, Jan. 1895; son Max, b. NY age 3, b. May 1897.
585. 10/15/06 death Cert. Harris Rogoff. New London, Conn. married to Gertrude Devinsky; died 1/6/1956; Arteriosclerosis, prostatic hypertrophy. retired grocery store owner. parents Joseph Rogoff and Rose Fabricant from Russia. born 1869?. 119 Squire St. buried 1/6/1956 Ahaved CVhesed, Waterford, Conn.
586. 2/18/13. Harris Rogoff. NY St. Census 1915; born about 1871; age 44; Russia; in USA 13 years; AD 02; House #218 Cherry st; Line 43; page 88; wife Annie age 42; daughter Beckie age 20; son Sam age 18; daughter Fannie age 17; son Max age 16; son Sollie age 14; daughter Lilly age 12. block 4; ed 13; ward 5; done 6/1/1915; Harris operator cloaks; Beckie finisher cloaks; Sam operator cloaks; Fannie and Max operators shirts. All born Russia.??
587. 2/19/13. Sam Fine. 1920 Census NYC; Sam age 25 tailor; born about 1895; Russia; immigrated 1909; married to Rebecca Rogoff Fine age 25; AD 2; done 1/4/1920; SD 1; ED 109; page 4A; 161 Henry St.; children born NY: Mary 3 1/2; Sophie 1 1/2; Ida one month; living with Harry (Harris) Rogoff age 45 ladies dresses tailor USA 1908, father in law; his wife Rachel (?Annie?); age 45 USA 1911; childred: Samuel age 22 tailor; Fanny age 20 examiner shirts; Max age 19 shipping clerk shirts; Samuel age 18 machinist; Lillie age 15.
588. 2/18/13. Gertrude Rogoff. New London Dir. 1957; Gertrude age 67 widow of Harris who died on 1/6/1956. Maurice, married to Jean, machine operator 100 Garfield Ave. work; home 7 Boston Post Road; Max married to Aime j; Blue Hill Cabins; Harvey Ave; Richard employed by Wfd Art Bronze Co; 7 Boston Post road; William H. married to Olive J., draftsman EBCo; home 198 Jefferson Ave.; Charles K, married to Bernice T., service station manger 415 Broad; home 12 Lewis.
589. 6/8/13. Benjamin Rogoff. WWI reg. card. 6-1-14-C. 5’5” tall; brown eyes; brown hair; Flat footed; fallen arches; 9/12/1918; New London, Conn.; Serial # 2590 Order # 4057; Station 5 Waterford, Conn. age 19; born 4/24/1899; grocer; self employed; Mother Mrs. Annie Rogoff same address. Draft Board 11.
590. 10/6/01 Max Rogoff Death Cert. Not sure if this is right one. Death Cert. 56.63.108258. address 11 W. 65 St. NYC. Died Roosevelt Hospt. 4/3/63 died. in special care unit. No info. on burial, family etc.
591. 10/29/05 Max and Ada Rogoff. SLC. Census 1930. Bayonne, Hudson County, NJ. ED 7-202; District 9. line 31; done 4/10/1930; 39 W. 25 St. address; Max age 29; married at 21; Hosiery Merchant; born NYC; parents from Lithuania; Wife Ada age 34; married at 25; Born NYC; Son Irwin born NJ age 3.
592. 10/29/11 Harris Rogoff; Census 1920; Waterford Town, Conn.; New London County; District 6551; ED 304; sheet 6A; 1/6/1920 done; 105 Lyme Turnpike; age 50; USA 1879; Russia; unemployed; wife Annie; age 48; USA 1887; Russia; children: Gussie; f; 18; single; born Conn.; helper coat factory; Max age 17; helper ship yard; born Conn; Clara age 12 born Conn; Morris age 10 born Conn; Rose F; age 10; born Conn.
593. 7/6/13 Gussie Rogoff. Not sure if this is same Gussie Rogoff: died 5/28/1982; buried 6/1/1982; age 88; Funeral home Park West; interment No 18569; Mount Moriah Cemetery of New Jersey; Workment Circle CB; Row 5; Division B; Planting P; grave 1; Section C. Info from Mount Moriah.
594. 2/18/13. Harris Rogoff. 1940 Census. New London, Conn; sheet #6A; born Russia; lived on US Highway 1; married; born Russia; finished 4th grade; Jewish; age 71; born about 1869;Wife Annie; daughter Sarah age 28; born Conn; wife born Russia; SD 2; done 4/20/1940; ED 6-117; same sheet same address son Maurice helper in shipyard; wife Jean; both born Conn. son Richard age 5; son Frederick age 6 months both born Conn.
595. Per Frances Rogovin Lefkowitz, Max was part of a large contingency of Rogoffs who settled in Bayonne, NJ. Another was a Willie Rogoff. It is believed Max and Willie served in the Armed Services.
596. 9/21/01 Max Rogoff. Believe this is right Max. From Declaration of Intention, Kings County Supreme Court. Enter Port of NY, June 2, 1905, on Pennsylvania out of Hamburg. Wife Mary, born 4/6/1880 in Dorodea, Minsk, Russia. Address 763 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, NY. From Minsk. Max born Sept. 1880. Three children born 3/25/1906; 8/31/1908; 7/30/1910. Petition #143895 filed March 23, 1925. Witnesses: Barnet Silberman, Wholesaler, 260 7 St., nY, NY and Barnett Leibovitz, 163 Pulaski St. Brooklyn, NY. Citizen 6/23/1925. Max butter and cheese dealer. born 9/8/1880, Lupz, Minsk, Russia.
597. 10/29/11 Max Rogoff. WWI Reg. card. #2577; volume 2316; 54 Sumner Ave. Brooklyn, NJ; age 38; b. 9/9/1880; Russia; butter and cheese store; @ 246 ?? St, Brooklyn; wife Mary; medium build; brown hair & eyes.
598. 10/15/06 Rogoff, Louis. Death Cert.New Haven, Conn. died 7/7/2003. born 8/14/1912. age 90, Cardiopulmonary arrest, Sepsis, sigmoid mass. wife Eunice Rogoff; 44 Woodside Dr., Orange, Conn. buried 7/8/03, Cong. Ahovas Sholom Cemeterry, New Haven. Ct.; Army WWII. father Max Rogoff, mother ?? Ginsberg.
599. 5/7/01 All information regarding the Uberstines per Susan Rogers charts, also Rivka Bebecca Farberman Rogovin (Rogoff) and her family.
600. 9/28/04 Beverly Eugene Potter. Info. from Ship registrar Aug. 1922 port of departure Honolulu Port of Arrival San Francisco; Ship Wilhelmina; microfilm Roll 163, page 101 San Francisco Passenger lists; about 50; arrived with Mary Potter, Fe; age 48born 8/4/1872 (sister?) both born in Philadelphia; Beverly Medium Build; blue eyes; brown hair; machinist; Dutchess County, NY Beverly born 8/17/1872 age 50.
601. 10/7/04 1930 Census. Beverly Eugene Potter. Beacon, Dutchess County, NY. Ed No. 14-7, District 19; Lines 63 through 69; Sheet 3-B. 66 Rembrant Ave.; Beverly E. Married at age 24; now 52; born NY State, Machinist; wife Edith; 48 years old; married 21 years old; housewife; born NY State. Howard, son, single, 19, born New York State, Son-in-Law George Lewis, born NY State, proprietor Barber shop, age 31, married age 24. Daughter Hester Lewis, age 24, married age 17, born NY State, two children George, age 4 1/2, both born NY State, daughter Hester age 2 7/12.
602. 10/7/04 Beverly Eugene Potter. World War I Registration card. 9/12/1918. Blue eyes. Brown Hair. Medium Build. Serial # 1483; order # 1272. 66 Wileter (?) Ave. Beacon, Dutchess County, NY; Machinist; Wife Edith; born Jan. 22, 1878.
603. 4/14/99 Per notes given to me by Florence Schlam.
604. 10/11/04 David J. Schlam. SSDI SSN 101.20.7587, issued NY, born 1/7/1929, died 11/17/2002, 20901 Silver Spring, Montgomery, MD.
605. 12/13/07 David and Doris Schlam per Mt. Ararat Cem. Farmingdale, NY. David born 1/7/1929 died 11/17/2002; Doris born 8/6/1930 died 1/3/2002.
606. 3/29/99 Doris called. The first time she met the Schlam family was at Lewis' Bar Mitzvah! She remembers how kind the family was and how elegant Martha and Al were.
607. 12/5/01 David Schlam family information from son Joseph Schlam. Joseph unsure about info. regarding Seth’s marriage and children.
608. 10/11/04 Doris H. Schlam. SSDI. SSN 130-22-9449. issued NY. born 8/6/1930, died 1/3/2002, 13905 Binghamton, Broome, NY. age 71.
609. 10/24/07 Schlam, Doris. Buried 1/2/2002, Mount Ararat Cem. from listing of Mt. Ararat.
610. Per phone conversation Renee/Melvin Schlamm 12/5/97: Tanya recently visited them. She is living in NYC. Helena works for a University in Ohio. Her grandmother, Bertha, lived her last few years in Ohio with them and told Tanya many stories. Renee believes Helena was also interested in family history at one time. Bertha and Joe lived in Brooklyn. Joe died about 50years ago. Carl was quite a bit younger than his two brothers. Renee believes there was another child who died.
611. 5/4/98 Sent an announcement from Bertrand Schlam: There is a Schlam Lecture held yearly in honor of Carl Schlam by the Department of Greek and Latin in his memory at Ohio State U.
612. 3/22/11 Tanya Schlam. Family information sent to me from Tanya.
613. 11/22/05 Tanya Schlam. e-mail from Tanya. In Wisconsin, Madison. Husband professor in math dept. Tanya finishing up PhD in Psychology. Caleb Jacob Schlam Ellenberg born 9/15/05; 5:55PM; 9 lbs. 12 oz; 21.5” long.
614. 8/19/98 From a family tree dated 10-1-1980. (Done by Eleazer Nussdorf per Gene Nussdorf 1/21/2000.) Sent to me by Harry Nussdorf. The verbal history is this: In 1720 in a town called Nussdorf near Vienna, there was a progrom. Three brothers escaped, Menachem, Elazer, and Abraham. At that time Jews had no last names. To keep the family going and in touch, they decided to go to different places and adopt the last name, Nussdorf. Menachem went to Galacia, one brother went to a town near Berlin, and one went to Hungary. Supposedly, all Jewish Nussdorfs stem from these brothers.
615. 11/9/97 Per Dictionary of Jewish
Surnames in Russia, Beider, Noz means nose in Yiddish. Nussdorf name common in Vilna.
616. 7/24/02 Anna Templeman Nussdorf. I have copy of pix of her given to me by Ruthie Alpert. This is her quote: If the lady is seated and holding a prayer book, then it is the one I sent and it is a picture of Rebecca’s mother. It hung in Aunt Sylvia’s home for many years. Jeanette gave it to me after Aunt Sylvia died. She might know other stories about her. My mother’s story about her was that she was very learned and put on “tfillin” to pray. Guess she was one of the first liberated women.
617. 11/22/2011 Rohr, Rebecca. Per death cert. mother’s maiden name Nussdorf, info. given by son, Sam.
618. 10/3/01 Solomon (Sam?) Sternberg: Per death certificate. Died of Cerebral hemmorrhage. Arterio Sclerosis. Cert. #30417. Died 10/23/1914. Married. age 54. Furrier. Parents Harris and Mollie Gotlieb Sternberg. Austria. 126 St. Marks Place. Buried Mt. Zion Cem. 10/25/1914.
619. 5/16/07 Sol Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. 110032; Folio 130-4; address 126 St. Marks Pl. NYC; Society S. Sternberg KUV; age 54; buried 10/25/1914. Burial No. 2686; Map 284.
620. 10/14/10 Sternberg info. from Ellen Sternberg Weiss. Ellen gave me information and also a hand written family descendant chart from 1971.

1/27/20 Per Philippa Steinhart ie Pippa. Mark Simon was her brother he died in 1980’s. He was born with cerebral palsy and was very brain damaged. He lived his life in a facility.
621. 10/3/01 Kate Sternberg. died 1/16/1933. USA 33 yrs. widow. Husband Sam Sternberg. Parents Mottel Sternberg and Marie Goodman. Pemphigus. born 1/18/1866. Austria. Mt. Zion buried 1/17/1933. Cert. # 701
622. 5/16/07 Kate Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. 11003; Folio 4-130; address 1069 Walton Ave. NYC; Society P.L. Sternberg; age 66; buried 1/17/1933; burial No. 140 B of H No. 701; M-884.
623. Per 1900 census.
624. 10/24/2006. Solomon Sternberg. 1910 census. district 1. ED 912. sheet 3B. 57 St. Marks Place. age 50 married23 years. US 1908. furrier. Austria. wife Kate. age 43 married 23 years. Austria. housewife. US 19??.
Children all born Austria. Sarah age 21 single. finisher fur shop. Rebecca age 18 single. typewriter office. Rose age 15 single. trimmer leaather shop. Abraham age 13. taken 4/16/1910.
625. Per death Cert. Abraham Sternberg, died of leukemia. This states his parents Simon and Rose Tartler, not Solomon and Kate. Another Abraham married to Minnie?
626. 10/30/00 LDS SLC. Census 1920. Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Conn. Vol. 3, Ed. 31 Sheet 15, Line 66. Abraham A. 46. entered US 1885. Nat. 1896. B. Austria. 1025 Howard Ave. Bridgeport. W. Minnie A. 46, B. Austria. S Harry a. 21, b. NYC; D. Lillian a. 22, b NYC; D. Jessie A. 16, born NYC; s Benjamin A 9, B. NYC. Also living there, Minnie's brother Harry A 28 B. NYC. Where was Rose? Married? 1920 Rose would have been about 22. All can read and write. Abraham occupation "keeper", owner manager of lunch room. Search of Bridgeport City Directory: 1909, no Sternberg. 1930: Harry Sternberg. clerk. not sure if son Harry, or Brother Harry. films 1320817 & 1698026.
627. 1/22/07 Abraham, Minnie and family. City directory information. Bridgeport, Conn:
1920, A,S, & R Luncheon, 1318 State, home 904 Howard Ave, Harry A. emp. Harry M. son.
1921, A,S,& R Lunch Co, Abraham 1318 State, h 904 Howard, Harry A. emp. Harry M. emp.
1924, Abraham 858 Howard res.
1925, restaurant 1318 State St. res. 858 Howard St., Minnie wife. Son Harold M. Clerk 1318 State. res. 858 Howard. daughter Jessie cashier restaurant same address.
1926, same as above.
1927, Abraham 858 Howard
1929, Abraham &I Minnie emp 1318 Staate. home 858 Howard; Harry M. Clerk; Jessie moved to NYC
1931, moved to NYC. Harry also moved to NYC
628. 10/3/01 Abraham Sternberg: Per death Cert. married. waiter. age 56. born Austria. Fathers name Simon, mother Rose Tartler. buried Mt. Zion Cem. 11/3/1931. Died 11/3/1931. Greenpoint Hospital. Cert. #22597. Leukemia.
629. 5/16/07. Abraham Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. address 836 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY. Society P. L. Sternberg. Per Cemetary: Burial #2238, B of H #22594. Abraham Sternberg, husband of Minnie. buried 11/3/1931; Folio 215; age 56; Map 284. F-147B.
630. Minnie Sternberg: Per Jackie Raines (grandaughter) Abraham and Minnie were cousins.
631. Per J. Raines, Minnie and Abraham had restaurants in Brooklyn and Bridgeport, Conn. They lived in Bridgeport approximately 1915-1929. Frank died there.
632. 10/4/01 Minnie Sternberg: Death Cert. #66-043995, Reg. 8760. Died Mt. Sinai Hosp, Miami Beach, Fl. 9/20/1966. address 920 SW 2 St. Miami. buried Mt. Sinai Cem., Miami 9/23/1966. Housewife. born 7/15/1876, Austria, age 90. Parents Abraham and Rose Sternberg.
633. 10/4/01 Beatrice Sternberg Bienstock. died Homestead Nurs. Home, Willow Grove, Montgomery, Pa. address 1226 Fairy Hil Road, Jenkintown, Pa. died 8/28/1975. widow. born 9/5/1891. age 83. born Austria. Father Solomon. Informant son Dr. Joseph Bienstock 1226 Fairy Hill Rd. Jenkintown, Pa. Acute Myocardial infarction. arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. buried 8/29/1975 Mt. Zion Cem.
634. 10/4/01 Michael Bienstock. Death Cert. 156.54.317850, NY, Kings County. 9949 Shore Blvd. NY 50 years. Married to Beatrice. Buried Mt. Zion Cem. 9/27/1954. died VA Hospital, NY, 9/5/1954, 67 yrs. born Austria 1887. Retired Lt. Col. US Army. Parents Joseph and Maria Bienstock.
635. 12/20/10 Sternberg, Beatrice & Bienstock, Michael Marriage Cert. #598; 1/13/1922; Witness Rose Sternberg & Stuart Harris; 1468 Hoe? ave. Bronx; age 26; single; born Austria; parents Solomon & Kate Sternberg; Michael 744 Fox St. Bronx 34; single; US official; born Austria; parents Joseph Bienstock & Marie Grieb. Married Bronx.
636. Address in 1975 per Beatrice's death Cert: 1226 Fairy Hill Road, Jenkintown, Pa.
637. 1/6/03 1930 Census Abraham Nussdorf and family; Abraham age 63; born Halychyna, Galicia, Poland, owner of Catering business; US 1900; Bronx, NY; ED 309; image 1121; page 5B; Roll T626-1472; wife Mollie age 57, US 1902; daughter Bessie age 22, born NY; daughter Regina age 21, born NY. address 334 E. 169 St. Bronx, NY
638. 3/21/14 Abraham Nussdorf. Per US Petition for Nat. 249 W. 35 St. Restaurant keeper; born 3/12/1867; Galicia, Grodek Austria; emigrated to US from Hamburg 2/28/1902; SS Pennsylvania; intention to be citizen 1/12/1910; Supreme Court NY wife Amalia (Reif) Nussdorf; from Sokal Austria; children Bessie born 5/27/1906, NY and Rebecca 12/25/1907, NY; Have resided in US since 2/228/1902; date of intent 8/9/1913; Witness Jakob Nussdorf agent; 168 Delancey St NYC; Abraham Unger Contractor 64 McKibbin St. Brooklyn, NY; Oath of Allegiance 12/29/1913; fair complexion; 5’2”; 128 pounds; eyes brown; hair brown/grey; lived in Sziget, Hungary
639. 10/3/01 Info. form old, 1973(can’t be right, infor. up to 1978), family history chart by Eliazer Naddor given to Florence Nussdorf in the 1970’s. Copy in Nussdorf file.
640. Abraham Nussdorf: Per Martha Berman, her grandmother's brother had a banquest hall on Boston Road, Bronx, called the Regina Mansion. When Martha was 9 or 10, she helped her mother run the coat check concession. They would get .25 for each garment left. They catered Kosher affairs, weddings, etc. After the affair they would get to take home leftover chicken. Other Nussdorfs had a few such halls in Brooklyn and became wealthy.
641. 10/8/04Abraham Nussdorf. From NYC directories: 1907/1908, Eating house, 79 Clinton. h. 63 Rivington. 1908/1908. Eating. 79 Clinton. 1911/1912 Eating house. 254 W. 35th. 1913/1914: eating house 249 W. 35 St; Harry Nussdorf, eating house 117 W. 21 St. home 28 Clinton. 1915: Abraham rest. home 249 W. 35 St. Harry rest. 117 W. 21 St. home 219 W. 20th; Jacob eating house 88 E. 4th St. 1916 Aaron tailor H. 190 Ludlow; Abraham Rst. 249 W. 35 St; Hy Rest. 117 W. 21 St. home 219 W. 20th; Jacob Rest. 88 E. 4th; Morris Rest. home 219 W. 20th. 1917: Abraham Rest. 249 W. 35th St.; Hy Rest. 117 W. 21 St.; Isaac home 620 E. 168 St.; Meyer Rest. 99 W. 27 St. home 130 W. 20th St. Nathan home 130 W. 20th St.
642. 5/24/07. Abraham Nussdorf. 1910 census. Manhattan Ward 13. Married. US 1901. born circa 1870. Austria. wife Necla came to USA 1903 born Austria. daughter Bessie age 4 Rebecca age 2 born NYC. Mother in law Leah Reif. US 1903 age 65. Neice Sharah Reif age 18 US 1909, makes cloaks in shop. Abraham married 17 years address 269 Rivington, restaurant business.
5/28/11 Mechla Nussdorf; passenger arrival NYC 1904; SS Pretoria; coming to husband Abraham; sailed from Hamburg; husband at 158 Livingston??. has $2.00. left hamburg 2/19/1904. born Ozornia.
643. 8/26/13 Mollie Nussdorf. Death Cert. #6301; 6/23/1937; Concourse Hospital, Bronx, NY; residence 2180 Bronx Park East, Bronx, NY; 64 years old; Housewife; married 45 years; USA 33 years; father Nathan Reiff; Austria; Husband Abraham Nussdorf; Admitted to Hospital 6/19/1937; cerebral thromboxis; diabetes; arteriosclerosis; buried Mount Judah Cem; same day; Gordan Funeral Home.
644. 10/30/10 Nussdorf, Meyer. Death Cert. died at home 260 Pulaski St. Brooklyn, NY; wife Rebecca Nussdorf; died 4/24/1941, 4PM; Coronary Thrombosis; chronic myocarditis; asthma; peptic ulcer; dR. Charles Weiss; 586 Bedford Ave.; Brooklyn, NY; buried Mt. Judah; 4/25/1941; Funeral Director Schwartz Bros. Informant son Isidor Nussdorf 554 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY; mother Hannah; Father David Nussdorf, Poland (Austria); age 32; Restaranteur.
645. 5/6/10 Information from Hermine Nussdorf Gorenberg.
646. 10/11/09 Nussdorf Meyer and Leah. Per Jewishdata. Leah died 1943 buried Mt. Judah, Cypress ave., Ridgewood, NY; Meyer J. died 1941 same cemetery.
647. 10/20/09 Nussdorf, Leah and Meyer. per Leah died 1943, buried Mt. Judah, Cypress Ave., ridgewood, NY. Meyer J. died 1941 same cemetery. Am sending for death certs. and info. from Cemetery.
648. 8/3/13 Meyer Nussdorf; Mt. Judah Cemetery; died 4/25/1941; Jaworower Society.
649. 10/11/01 Mayer Nussdorf: Per Florence Nussdorf: Had a restaurant on Mermaid Ave. in Coney Island, Bklyn, NY. His sons Harry and Irving had catering halls in Brooklyn. Harry had the Regina Mansion in Willoughby Ave. in Bklyn. Irving had the Knapp Mansion on Bedford Ave., in Williamsburg, Bklyn., NY.
650. 3/20/14 Meyer and Leah Nussdorf. Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1/23/1930, article: Celebrated 50th anniversary at 3009 Surf Ave., Coney Island. Operates Catering Mansions where people have weddings, etc. Sons also followed in his vocation. Iriving operates Knapp Mansion; David the Brooklyn Palace, Harold the Regina Mansion. Fourth son Jacob lives in Rockville, Conn. Daughter, Mrs. Charles Roll lives at 2935 W. 30 St., Brooklyn, NY. There are 14 grandchildren. 250 friends and relatives met last night at the Regina Mansion, 601 Willoughby Ave to honor them. Mr. Nussdorf is 70; Mrs. N. is 69. They came to America 30 years after they married. Came to USA 1909.
651. 8/15/13 Rebecca Winter Nussdorf. Death Cert. #23904; Brooklyn NY; 554 Bedford Ave; died 11/26/1943; 8:58AM; age 80; cerebral hemmorhage 11/19/1943; pneumonia hypostatic 11/23/1943; Hypertension since 1923; arteriosclerosis since 1923; no autopsy; informant son Harry Nussdorf, 601 Willocyclly (?) Ave. buried 11/26/1943; Mt Judah Cem by Schwartz Bros. Funeral; born 1859; Widowed; lived at above address 21 years; Husband Meyer Nussdorf age 84 born 1859; housewife; born Poland; father Abraham Winter; Mother Sima Silverman both of Poland; Dr. Charles Weiss.
652. 11/7/01 Rose Sternberg. Per NYC Municipal Archives, Rose Sternberg not born in NYC in 1898. (Could they have been born in Conn.?)
1/12/11 Rose Sternberg. 1920 census states Rose was 25 in 1920, born 1895?
653. 10/4/01 Rose Sternberg Roder. died Miami Beach, Fl., St. Francis Hospital, Cert # 515, Reg. # 341; died 1/26/1949, buried Mt. Nebo Cemetery, Miami, Fl 1/28/1949. Divorced. Parents Minnie and Abraham Sternberg. age 50 born 9/18/1898, NYC.
654. 6/13/13. Rose Roder. 1940 Census. Brooklyn, NY. age 42; born 1898 NY, Married; 8812 Ave. A. sheet 11A; rents; $32. month. Jrs. Clerk WPA projects; finished 8th grade; daughters Frances 24; Jacqueline B. age 14; all born NYC; Frances works National Youth Adm.
655. 10/29/00 Per Bieder's book re Jewish surnames in Poland, Roder/Rader=Rad. FS, Rodka, German for wheel.
656. 10/30/00 LDS Library SLC. ckd. 1920 census F. 1828178. not there. Ckd. Nat. not there.
657. 1/23/07 Charles J. Roder. 1920 Census. Bronx Assembly District 3 Bronx, NY; age 25, born about 1895 NYC; Father born in Russia, mother born Germany, married; renter image 689. Shirt salesman. district ed 202; sheet 15a.
658. 10/23/09 Minnie Sternberg and family. Fl. State census 1945. address 1552 Washington, Miami Beach. age 69. Housewife; born Austria.; daughter Lillian, born NYC, age 32; saleswoman; Jessie age 30; born NYC; seamstress; same address Charles Roder age 50, salesman; wife Rose Sternberg Roder, age 47, housewife; daughter Jacqueline age 19, could not read occupation.
659. 6/13/13. Charles Roder. Fl. Death Index. died 1/2/1986; Broward County, Fl. age 92 born 3/20/1893. SSDI SSN 568-09-9720; Ft. Lauderdale 33319; born 3/20/1894; got SSN in Calif. Will send for death cert.
6/24/13 Per death Cert. Died Lauderhill; 6100 NW 44 St. Bldg 2 #409; Married to Sally Marden; salesman of rugs; age 92; father Jacob Roder; mother Henrietta Levine; informant Gladys Abrams 6361 Falls Circle Dr. Lauderhill, Fl. 33319; buried lakeside Memorial Park, Miami; funeral home Star of David Memorial Chapel N. Lauderdale, Fl.
660. 1/21/07 Frances Roder Schneider. From Social Security Death Index. SSN 058.07.8447. Last res. 15317 Cannonsburg, Washington, Penns. born 1/13/1916; died 8/16/1997. SS issued NY
661. 12/23/09 Andrew Schneider. Per Cencus Fl. 1945. Precinct 28; Dade County; address 1512 Washington Ave., Miami, Beach. Jack age 30, born Hungary, graduated HS, in US Army. Frances age 29, born NY; graducated HS; Housewife; son Andrew born NY 1942, age 3.
662. 1/26/07 Frances R. Schneider. Death Cert. 4037668 Penns. SSN 058 078 447. date of death 8/16/97. Canonsburg, Washington, Penss. Canon House on Central Ave. widow. Caterer in food industry. widow. 12th grade. informant son Andrew Schneider; PO Box 2415 Vashon Island Seattle Washington 98070. cremated 8/18/97 Washington Crematory. time of death 2:15Pm. Aspiration pneumonia. CVA essential HTN.
663. 2/24/07 Jack Schneider. Death cert. died 11/9/1978; Parkway General Hospital, born 3/10/1906; age 27; born Poland Married Rose Vogel Schneider; father Benjamin Schneider, mother Molly, wife 303 NE 187 St. N. Miami Beach, Fl. buried Mount Hebron Cemetery 11/9/1976. Mayflower Funeral home 100 S. Dixie Hwy, Hallendale Fl. Do Not think this is our Jack Schneider.
664. 1/23/07 Fl. Marriage Collection. Frances Roder, Volume 682, Dade County. Will send for cert.
665. 2/24/07 Frances Roder and Jack Schneider. Marriage License 7995 CJ No. 27448, Dade County, Fl., Miami, County Judge W. F. Blanton, Clerk F. Rawls Johnston; marriage book 40, page 122.
666. 6/13/13 Jacqueline Roder. US City Dir. Miami Beach, Florida 1944. See Rose Roder.
667. 6/18/13. Marshall Lloyd Raines. Yearbook, 1944; Dewitt Clinton High School. Born 1928; Bronx, NY; 1944.
668. 6/18/13 Marshall Raines. from Adjunct Professor NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Ed. and Human Dev. 2013.
669. Has won two Pulitzer Prizes per Jackie Raines.
670. 11/7/01 Lillian Sternberg. Per NYC Municipal Archives, could not find Lillian born in 1892 in NYC.
671. 1/22/07 Sternberg, Minnie and family. 1920 Census. Bridgeport Ward 5, Fairfield, Conn. age 46, born 1874, Austria, wife; Abraham born Austria; image 393; son Harry age 21; daughter Lillian 22; daughter Jessie age 16; son Benjamin age 9. Brother-in-law Harry age 28, single. Abraham has lunch room. Others no occupation listed. 1025 Howard Ave. 1/4/1920 Sheet 15A, District 38, ED 31. Abraham came to US 1885 Nat. 1896.
672. 10/3/01 Lillian Sternberg: Death Cert 15815. Miami Beach, Fl. 1610 Pennsylvania Ave. single. owner Retail dress Store. Parents Minnie and Abraham Sternberg. died 7/15/1951. age about 50. born NYC. buried Mt. Nebo Cemetery, Mimai, 7/16/1951. Informant brother Harry Sternberg, same address.
673. 6/13/13. Minnie Sternberg. 1940 Census. NYC, NY; Sheet 10A; 170 West 83 Street; Minnie age 60; Children: Lillian age 36; Harry age 39; Jessie age 26; ward 9; block GH1; SD 17; done 4/13/1940; ED 31-811; Minnie born Austria; children born NYC; Lillian saleslady dept. store; Harry Clerk office; Jessie waitress restaurant.
674. 10/4/01 Harry Sternberg: Death Cert. #89 113328. file 017897. SSN 112.09.0348. born 12/7/1899, Bklyn, NY. age 89 died 11/30/1989; Brookwood Manor Nursing Home, Homestead, Fl. salesman, Newstand. Married Bertha Solomon, address 1990 S. Canal Drive, Homestead, Fl. Parents Abraham and Minnie Sternberg. buried Mt. Sinai Cemetery, Miami, 12/6/1989. Informant William Meirowitz, 13783 SW 66 St. #A216, Miami, Fl.
675. 11/7/01 Harry Sternberg: Per NYC Municipal archives, Harry not found born in NYC in 1899.
676. Jessie and Lillian Sternberg never married.
677. 11/4/01 Jessie Sternberg: Per NYC Municipal Archives, could not find Jessie born in NY in 1904.
678. 1/22/07 Jessie Sternberg. Per SS Death Index, born 8/21/1903; SSN 263-18-0379. Last Res. 33134 Miami, Fl, died 9/1979. SSN issued in Florida prior to 1951.
679. 10/4/01 Jessie Sternberg. Death Cert. 79-069304; 13326. Age 75. born 8/21/1904. Single. SSN 263.18.0379.1. Parents Abraham and Minnie Sternberg. Waitress in Hotel. died Towne House Nursing Home, Miami, Fl. died 9/7/1979. buried Mount Sinai Cemetery, North Miami, Fl. Informant Harry Sternberg. 433 Santander Ave. #2 Coral Gables, Fl.
680. 10/24/2006. Harry Sternberg. Census 1930. Bronx, NY. ED 3-498. district 24. sheet 1B. taken on 4/2/1930. address 2014 Bryant Ave. age 40 married age 28. Russia. US 1908. Polisher Furniture store. Wife Eva. age 36 married age 27? Austria. US 1910. housewife. daughters all born NY: Muriel age 10. Jean age 7. Sadie age 4.
681. 5/7/13 Rachel D. Gebaide. From internet her employment. Partner Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed; 215 N. Eola Dr., Orlando, Fl., 32801; 407-418-6258; office 407-843-4600; fax 407-843-4444. Education U of Fl & George Wash. U. Law School.
682. 9/30/12 Alaina Sue Gebaide. Marriage to Gilberto Andino 6/20/1999; Seminole County, Fl.
683. Max and Heather Gokhman. From Wedding invite. 8/24/08
684. 10/3/07 Rohr (Rehr), Saul. Looked for him in Could not find.
685. 9/15/08 Saul Rohr (Rehr). Searched again in and could not find.
686. 10/17/10 Sternberg, Abraham (Al). JewishGen family tree. born 2/1/1897; Austria; died 5/6/1961, Queens, NY; wife Edna C. Braun born 4/15; 1897 NYC; died 7/31/1969; Great Barrington, Ma.; daughter Marjorie Sue born 8/11/1931; Bronx, NY; died 12/1/1990; NJ; husband Melvin Mandell; son of Marjorie Matthow Isaak Mandell; married to Cara Elizabeth Aber; children May Frances Mandell and Cayne Avram Mandell; Melvin’s father Mauric S. Mandell; Edna’s parents Nathan J. Gus Braun; born 5/1/1869; Hungary; died 7/30/1953; Bronx; NY; wife Jennie Langer born 9/28/1872; NYC; died 10/9/1934, Bronx, NY married 1/17/1894 NYC.
687. 12/20/10 Sternberg, Abraham & Edna C. Braun marriage cert. 446; 1/8/1928; witnesses Michael Bienstock & Leo Braun; married at Franklin Casino 861 E. 162 St. Bronx, NY; Rabbi ??; abraham 1463 Hoe Ave, Bronx; age 30; single; salesman; born Austria; parents Solomon & Kate Sternberg; Edna 1033 Forth St. Bronx; age 28; divorced; born NYC; parents Nathan Braun & Jean Lazzer; 2nd marriage.
688. 10/16/10 Sternberg, Abraham. 1930 Census. Abraham born about 1899; age 33; born Austria; married Edna; usa 1900; Na; manager Jewely house; wife born NYC; age 31. Sheet 29b; Ed 3-155; District 25; done 4/16/1930; 262 E. Murray Place.
689. 10/16/10 Sternberg, Edna. SS death index. born 5/29/1901; died 9/1978. 10471 Bronx, NY; SSN 065-38-6809
690. 10/30/00 LDS library SLC. CKD. Kate Roder 1920 Census; Nat. not there.
691. Per ship's listing, Solomon Sternberg's passage was paid for by his father and his father "M" Sternberg was already here and his sponsor. For the time being I will assume M. and Aaron were brothers.
692. 10/3/01 (Mottel) Max Sternberg: Per death certificate. Died at home of Uremia, cardiac failure. In USA 32 years. 90 yrs. old. born 1837. widower. 56 E. 112 St. Cert. #2483 or 28661? Died 12/25/1927, buried Mt. Zion 12/26/1927. born Austria. Parents Abraham (Austria) and Kate Roder Sternberg (Russia.)
693. Max Sternberg (Mottel) 5/17/07. Mt. Zion Cemetery. Per cemetary Burial #2438, B of H #28661. F-147B; Folio 209 Spec. Vol.; 56 E. 112 St. Society S. Sternberg KUV; 1 R. age 90; buried 12/26/1927; burial No. 2438; B of H No. 28661; Map 284.
694. 10/3/01 Lena Sternberg: Death Cert. #3531. NYC. Bronx. died 4/30/1918. age 69. born 1849. Russia. in US 23 years. Housewife. Father Morris Goodman, mother Anna Sternberg. Chronic Nephritis. Myocarditis. buried Mount Zion? 5/2/1918. Married.
695. 5/16/07 Lena Sternberg (Leah); Folio 222 Spec. Society S. Sternberg KUF; age 69 years 7 months 15 days. buried 5/2/1918; Burial No. 1183; Lot P.L. Max Sternberg 1-2 r.s. F-147B
696. Per J. Raines, Harry step-brother to her grand-father, Abraham. Harry is still alive as of 2/24/97. She saw him not long ago in San Diego at an Art show. He is an artist.
697. 10/31/00 LDS SLC. Found a Harry Sternberg born 9/6/09, F 1992808, cert. 44333. 92 Lewis St. NYC. Father Samuel A 32, Austria; tailor; M. Rosie Reichman A 29. 4 Prev. Children. Not sure if this is same one that Jackie Raines describes in @ 146.
698. 6/17/13. Harry Sternberg. NY Times article. Marriage of Judith Shaland dauther of Mr./Mrs. Wm. Shaland of NYC; to Harry Sternberg, son of Samuel Sternberg of NYC and late Mrs. Sternberg. Performed at the Pierre Hotal by Dr. Israel Goldstein of Congregation B’Nai Jeshurun. Florence Shaland sister’s maid of honor, Louis Sternberg, brother of groom best man.
699. 10/19/07 Starr, Bert. Searched in SLC for more info. on Bert or Esther. Found two Bert Starrs Death records that I will send for. Nothing else.
11/7/2006 Wrote to Civil Court City of NY re. name change. they answered that they did not have the staff to search for a name change. Could come into their office to look.
700. 5/16/07 Benjamin Sternberg AKA Bert Starr. Mt. Zion Cem. Folio Spec. F-147B; address c/o 165 W. 91 St. NYC; Society S. Sternberg KUV ( P. L. Jacob Sternberg); age 73; buried 7/5/1966; Burial # 431; B of H No. M 13924; range 4; grave 2; Map 284.
701. 10/23/09 Bert Starr. ss death index. Not sure this is our bert. SSN 317-16-7166; born 10/31/1911; died 12/1969; died 63801 Sikeston, Scott, Missouri
702. 10/17/07 Starr, Bert. Noted many articles written by him during 1942 and 1964 in the USO Stars and Stripes Newspaper.
703. 12/3/10 Benjamin I. Sternberg and Esther Green marriage cert. #9561; performed by Rev. Max L. Brown; witnesses Theodore Greenberg; Benjamin Miller; Address Ben 560 Green Ave. Brooklyn, NY; age 25; single; clerk; born NJ; parents Abraham and Minnie Sternberg; 1st marriage; bridge Esther Green; 429 Kentucky Ave, Lexington, KY; single age 21; born Chicago, Ill; parents Benjamin Green and Molly Simon?; married 11/1/1936 at 1730 Harrison Ave., Bronx, NY.
704. Frank Sternberg. Per death certificate. Death certificate states died at NY Hospital of a gun shot wound to the abdomen and that it was a homicide. Date was June 15, 1909 at 3:55PM. #18664 death cert. In NY 14 years. Born in US. Buried at Mt. Zion, Queens, NY.
705. Per J. Raines, Frank died of a shot gun wound at age 16 in Bridgeport, Conn. He was playing "Cops and Robbers". Morris Frank Hacker was named for him.
706. LDS research 11/97. abstract of death notices 0002885, not there. Death 1909, 1324916, not there.
707. 5/17/07. Frank Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cem. Folio 30; F-147B; Society S. Sternberg KUV; age 16; buried 6/16/1909; Burial # 1903 Range 2 Grave 1; Map 284.
708. Per Martha Berman: David is very intelligent and successful. . She was very religious and built a church in upstate NY. She was in to geneology. I will contact David for any info. he might have. David has traced the name Rohr to a town in Germany.
709. 8/23/10 David M. Rohr; SS death Index; SSN 123-01-5546; last residence 10940 Middletown, Orange, NY; born 7/9/1921. died 9/4/2006.
710. Per Jeanette Veraldo, Frances died last year (96). She was very much into genelogy. She was very religious and built a church in upstate NY. They were both very intelligent & learned. I will get in touch with David. Note: see his letter of 3/28/97.
711. Per David Rohr, Frances was avid in her interest in genealogy. She was active in many US Societies, such as the Daughters of the Amer. Rev. See his letter of 3/28/97.
712. Info. from Judith Abrams 5/1/97.
713. Per Jeanette Veraldo, Ruthie has a pix of Rebecca Rohr's mother. Ruth knows a lot of family history. Very religious Jew. Will get in touch with Ruthie.
714. 8/20/98 Per Martha Berman. She saw Ella at times and met with her, Gilda, and Ruth for lunch.
715. Hamerling. Per Ruth Alpert.
716. 3/9/99 Have copy of Marriage Certificate.
717. Per Letter 8/99: Melvin remembers traveling in Germany by train in 1952 & 1953 and passing thru the town of Rohrbach. He also remembers as a child Dr. Schoneck coming to his apartment on 2nd St. in Manhattan and after tending to me or his brother or sister, staying for dinner.
718. 1/20/02 Per SSDI Melvin Rohr: SSN 127-24-7210; Res. Scarsdale, Westchester, NY 10583; B 11/16/1930; SSN issued NY before 1951.
719. I remember meeting Harriet when I was quite young. I thought she was the most glamorous, attractive woman ever! She even worked in TV in NYC! She never married and is retired per Jeanette Veraldo.
720. 9/3/10 Rohr, Harriet; Melvin; Phillip, etc. searched Could not find.
721. 6/30/01 per C. Emery: She worked in communications, TV, video, graphics and the Internet. They have 3 greyhounds. She and Mark are active in greyhound rescue.
722. 6/30/01 Per C. Emery re Mark: Lived overseas while growing up in Puerto Rico and Greece. Father worked for General Mothors. Worked in TV and radio before becoming retail manager for pet superstore.
723. Per Bertrand Schlam 4/23/98: Everett lives in Ramsey, NJ, Julia in Lakeville, Ma.
724. Per Bertrand Schlam 4/23/98: Joe directs a large computer programming unit of Fidelity Mutual in Boston. Seth is in San Diego and Heidi is in Boston.
725. In Lexington, Ma. Per Bertrand Schlam 5/4/98
726. 9/24/14 Information from Joseph Schlam.
727. 4/22/14 Information from Joseph Schlam: divorced from Stacey Cannon in 1992. To marry Tannus Pearson 8/30/2014; Alexandra divorces fro Kevin Kahlen 2010; remarried 4/20/2013 to MS; live in San Diego, Ca. Graduated from U. of Mass. at Dartmouth 2006; son Mark married to Kimberly Kocak 2013; Kim born in Binghamton, NY; parents John and Laurie Kocak; Mark graduated from Yale U. 2006; to graduate from Tufts Dental School this May; Judy Schlam’s birth year 1959.
728. In SanDiego, Ca. per Bertrand Schlam, 5/4/98
729. 3/16/15 Info. from Ellen Sternberg Weiss.
730. 2/24/12 Information via e-mail from Heidi Schlam Dallal.
731. 10/30/00 LDS SLC. Ckd. for Sally Rubin in birth certs. NYC 1908 thru 1911, Film 1322461. Not there. Not in SSDI Under Sally Rubin or Berger.
732. Per Molly Sternberg's death cert. Not sure if this is correct.
733. 11/12/99 Kauritz: Name means--Karas: cruacian carp. Towns with name Warwaw, Pultusk, Pulawy, Radzyn, Rypin, Lipno. (or could mean courage, which is in Polish Kuraz, found in Mariampol. (from Beider's "A dictionary of Jewish surnames from the Kingdom of Poland")
734. 9/4/10 Bernard Steuer. 1920 US Federal Census. Manhattan Assembly Dist. 17; NY,NY. age 52; born 1868; Austria; wife Molly Steuer; married; rent; immigrated 1901. Became a citizen 1913. Furrier in Shop. Molly 47; Austria; housewife; daughter Margaret age 18 born Austria; daughter Esther age 14 born NYC.
735. 8/23/10 Marvin B. Rohr. Army Enlistment. born 1926; NYC; lives Bronx; 9/21/1945; private; 2 years of high school; single. SS death Index 054-20-9006; born 11/5/1926; died 4/19/1988.
736. 2/15/01 information per Ruth Alpert who has been invited to wedding. She received a letter from David Rohr giving details. They were married in a civil ceremony two weeks ago with David Rohr as witness. They will have a formal ceremony April 14, 2001. She is an illegal immigrant. They have lived together for three years. She has a girl age 12 and a boy age 15.
737. Per Judith Abrams Justin named in Hebrew for Samuel Rohr and Marvin Rohr (who died 5 months before Justin was born).
738. 10/12/06 Information from Ruth Hamerling Alpert family group sheets.
739. 2/24/12 Info. from Roberta Tischler.
740. 1/21/11 Alperts. Updated by Roberta Alpert Tischler.
741. 1/7/2006 Alpert family information from letter from Ruth Alpert. All children, grandchildren, etc. Jewish.
742. Per oral history per Harry Nussdorf the origins of all Nussdorfs are as follows: In 1720 there was a progrom in the town of Nussdorf (near Vienna). Three brothers escaped. They decided to split up to be safer. One brother went to Hungary, one to near Berlin, and one (Menachem) to Galicia. They were Cohens. But there were many Menachems ben Cohen in Galcia. For that reason, and so that the brothers could keep track of each other, they chose the name of their town "Nussdorf". All Nussdorfs are decendents of the original three brothers. Per the info. he has, no Nussdorfs survived the Holocaust. 7/28/98
743. 10/20/06. Harry Nussdorf. WWI Draft Reg. Cards. NY, NY. born 3/21/1885. Roll 1786815. draft board 154. Most of card illegible. WWII Draft Reg. card. address 601 Willoughby , Brooklyn, NY. Serial #929. phone evergreen 8 0388. age 57. b. 3/21/1885. born “Sandy Wishna” Poland. wife Anna. self employed Regina Mansion. same as home address.
744. 8/26/07 Nussdorf information from Beth David Cemetery. Elmont Road. long Island
745. 5/6/10 Per Honey Gorenberg, Harry Nussdorf died in a car accident which badly injured Bernie.
746. 5/31/02 Harry Nussdorf: Information from Florence Nussdorf Altschulter: Harry was a caterer. He owned the Regina Mansion where Florence’s sister Mildred got married. They were the sons of Uncle Mayer and Tanta Leah Rivcha who was Clara’s (Irving’s wife’s) mother. Harry had 4 children: Herbie, Bernie, Mathilda and Nettie.
747. 11/1/06 Herbert Nussdorf sent completed Family Group Sheet back to me. Info. is from that.
748. 8/10/15 Information from Robyn Casale Fillman.
749. 8/11/01 Nussdorf. Rachel. Information per Florence Nussdorf. Was a seamstress. A needle went into her finger and she got blood Poisoning. Died in her 30’s. Florence’s Dad was three years old.
750. 1/30/99 This is per Perry Dornstein who has the Yizkor book of Jaworow which says that Moses Nussdorf and Eleazer (and their families) died in WWII. Book is written by Samuel Druck and edited by Nathan Birn. I am not sure which "Moses Nussdorf" this refers to.
751. 1/10/05 Nussdorf, Elazer. died in Jaworow in 1939, but not in Holocaust. Natural causes.
752. 8/6/98 Per 1923 Jaworer Directory, L. Nussdorf was a "bydo handel" --cattle merchant.
753. 10/11/01 Rachel Sambul and Leah Sambul related? Per Florence Nussdorf, they were sisters. One brother Leon.
754. 10/31/05 Nussdorf, Lea. SLC. Shoah Victims. This says Lea’s parents were Alexander (Aleksander) and Freida Steinbech (Shteinbuk) Sambul??? Born 7/1883. Jaworow, married to Elazer. died in Auschwitz 4/1943. info. submitted by son Arthur Nussdorf 11/10/1979. Chuncio (Khona); parents Elazer and Lea Sambul, born 1923, Jaworow, died 1943, Jaworow, info. submitted by sister in law Esther Nussdorf. (Leah also submitted by daughter in law Esther Nussdorf in 1/1/1995 and brother Arthur 11/10/1979.
755. 10/11/01 Matel Blazer: Per Florence Nussdorf: died age 24 when a needle broke, went into her blood stream and caused blood poisoning. She was a seamstress.
756. 2/4/00 Per The Ultimate People Finder, Martin Nussdorf lives in Brooklyn, NY.
757. 10/20/2006. Howard D. Nussdorf. US Public records Index 2006. born 6/4/1950. age 56. 24 Royal Oak Dr. Huntington, Suffolk, NY. 11743. Susan Nussdorf age 59 born 1947.
758. 10/11/01 Per Florence Nussdorf: Helen Feuer Nussdorf alive in Bklyn.
759. 10/12/06 Solomon Nussdorf and family information from Ronit Blank Gavrieli, per Gene Rubel.
760. 12/9/02 Solomon, Cyla, Eliezer, Sedelle Nussdorf, Nadodors: Info. per Rachel Naddor Hilgers.
761. 2/12/02 Cyla Schiffmann: Per Nurit Krauss: she was strong willed, excellant cook; health conscious; started yoga at age 75, became an instructor.
762. 12/11/02 from Rachel Naddor Hilgers re her parents: Dad used to whistle like a songbird and he could play multiple harmonicas at once. He enjoyed long hikes in the woods and playing tennis and playing chess (even “blindfolded”-over the phone without a chessboard) He also loved playing with numbers to make solving complicated math problems seem easy. I think he was fluent in 7 languages, also. My Mom was a talented singer and seamstress and was also the “handyman” of the family. She crawled under our apartment (where I lived for 18 years) in order to hook up a washer and dryer in the kitchen of the 2nd apartment. We were the only family in the entire complex with our own washer and dryer. Where there’s a will there’s a way...Plus, she did wiring inside the walls and built a broom closed into the wall. She would have literally built the house she later had built if she had had the physical strength to do it. Looking back, they sure were neat people.
763. 10/14/06 Eliezer Naddor. Per Mildred Nussdorf, he changed his name to Naddor as that was a Hebrew name.
764. 7/28/98 Per SS Death Index. SS# issued in Ohio between 1953 and 1954. Sedelle's issued before 1951.
765. 10/11/01 Eliezer Nussdorf (Naddor) Per 1973 tree given to me by Florence Nussdorf education info on Eliezer: 6/1938 grad. Gimnasia Rechavia, Jm; 1942-1946 British Army; BS 1951 Technion, Israel; CE 1952 Technion, Israel; MS 1953 Columbia U., NYC; PHD 1957 Case, Cleveland, OH. 1956 Professor JHU; Fullbirght scholor 1964-1965, Finland; Professor 1971-72 TelAviv.
766. 2/12/02 Sedelle Moss: per notes Nurit Krauss. Beloved Aunt, misses her so much. Daughter Rachel Naddor Hilger: 2150 Clearwater Dr. SE, Marrietta, G. 30067-7336.
767. Oscar Nussdorf: From death certificate received 7/20/98. Married at time of death. Address 1946 until death 142-01 59 Ave, Flushing, NY 11355 per Harry Nussdorf. 8/19/98
768. 5/19/07 Oscar Nussdorf. Declaration of Intention. #166377; Vol. 333 Pg. 377; Supreme Court of Kings County. Shirt business. age 19; white; fair complexion; 5’3”; 140 pounds; brown hair; gray eyes; born Jawarow, Poland 4/18/1904; address 63 S. 4 St. Brooklyn, NY. emigrated from Cherbourg, France on the Aquitania; single; port of NY 9/7/1923.
769. 10/14/06 Oscar Nussdorf, Per Mildred Nussdorf, Oscar wanted to become a teacher but became a lawyer because Mildred’s father made him do so. Mildred’s father brought Oscar to the USA. Oscar belonged to a nudist club.
770. 11/8/01 Edith Nussdorf per SS death index: born 5/22/1915; died 11/15/1996; in; SS# 126.12.3847, issued NY; last res. 10014 NY, NY.
771. 11/11/01 Information per call from Gerrie Nussdorf.
772. 11/30/01 Edith May Posner. Died 11/15/1996. NY Death Cert. #36890; Cardiac Failure.
773. 10/9/04 Harry Nussdorf. From The Political Graveyard: Harry Nussdorf of Flushing Queens, NY was a delegate to the Democratic National convention in 1972.
774. 8/26/07 Nussdorf, Harry and family. Update info. from Harry.
775. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People finder Albin Nussdorf lives in Little Neck, NY
776. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People Finder, L Nussdorf lives in NY. 11/4/01 Confirmed by F. Nussdorf.
777. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People Finder lives in Brooklyn, NY
778. Howard B. Nussdorf. 10/20/06. US Public Records Index. 2006. born 10/1/1953. age 53. 868 50th St. apt. 2b, Brooklyn, NY 112200. 718-871-3528. another form of same index states Howard L. and that Martin age 96 lives with him.
779. 9/10/02 Howard Nussdorf. Per internet: President of Dyker real estate,
Brooklyn, NY. See article in file.
780. 10/11/01 Abraham Nussdorf: Per Florence Nussdorf: He, Rachel and their baby Rela were captured by the SS in WWII. The SS threw the baby up in the air and shot her. Abraham grabbed the SS gun, killed the SS soldier and then killed himself.
781. 10/26/98 Abraham Nussdorf: Per Ships Manifest. SS Pennsylvania (Hamburg). Baker. Going to New York. 2/28/02. No other family members with him. passage pd. by brother in law Simon Reif, 131 Suffolk St. Had $10.00. Avrumsha. 33 years old. from Lemberg. Can read and write. Page 0105, Line 0017. Note: returned to Europe with family and died in Holocaust.
10/28/09 Abram Nussdorf. SLC. Per Hamburg Pass. lists born about 1869. Left Hamburg 2/16/02.
782. 10/31/05 Jacob (Yakov) Sambul (Samboll). SLC. Yad Vashem. Shoah Victims. info. submitted by brother Leon Sambol 11/20/1980. & 10/10/1979. Rachel Sambol Nussdorf born 5/1909, died 2/1943 parents Jacob and Deborah Sambol. born Jaworow; lived Lemberg, died in Shoah, husband Abraham. Rela Nussdorf daughter of Abraham and Rachel; born 1/2/1937; died in Shoah; born Lwow her info. submitted by Uncle Arthur Nussdorf, 11/10/1979. Rachel and Rela died in Lwow. Henia (Henie) Nussdorf. info. submitted by Esther, age 18 born 1925 Jaworow; died 1943 Auschwitz. Abraham Nussdorf. info. submitted by Esther. born 5/18/1912. age 32, married to Rachel (Rakhel), born Lwow, died 7/1944 Jaworow. (and submitted by Arthur Nussdorf 11/10/1979)
783. 10/31/05 Yakov (Jacob) Sambul and family.wife Devora son of Alexander and Frieda. SLC. One World Tree. Died 1942 Holocausst. Frieda born 1858 and died 1938. husband Alexander born 1857 Yavarov died 1936, Yavarov. Children Leah, Avraham, David, Shlome, Yakov, Etel and Genya.Children Leon. Rachel born 1907 Yavarov husband Avdraham; daughter Rela born 1938 died 1942 Holocaust; Esther born 1916 Yavarov died 1942 Holocaust; Mashe 1923 Yavarov, died 1942 Yavarov. Leon married Rachel. daughter Deborah Esther; daughter Frieda Sara, son Benjamin Wolfe. Deborah Esther married Jeffrey H. Chustckie, children Danielle Alexa. Frieda Sara married Joseph N. Loshinsky. daughter Aliza Yael; Michelle Gabrielle. Genya married Powel Thaler. Genya born 1907 died in germany 1993. Thayer born 1904 died in Germany 1980. Devora died 1942 Holocaust. Frieda born 1858 died 1938.
784. 9/21/14 Information sent to me by Marvin Glockner.
785. 10/11/01 Arthur Nussdorf: Per Florence Nussdorf Altshuler: in 1973 Arthur had 5 gold medallions made for the brothers, Benny, Oscar, Martin, Arthur, and Moe. In 1975 at her nephew Elazar’s Bar Mitzvah, he gave Florence’s father’s (Moe) medallion to Eliazer as her Dad was no longer alive.
786. 6/16/98 Per SSDI. Oscar Nussdorf.
787. 9/18/01 Per Florence Nussdorf: Her father and siblings born in Lemburg (Lvov) and moved to Jaworow later.
788. 10/11/04 Arthur Nussdorf. SSDI. SSN. 074-12-3946 issued NY; born 6/4/1914; died 4/1980; 07723 Deal, Monmouth, NJ.
789. 10/13/98 Nussdorf, Arthur per death Certificate: Died 4/11/1980. Address 70 Lehman Ave., Deal, NJ. Died Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune, NJ. born Poland, age 65. Buried Beth El Cem., Neptune, NJ. owned Century Sportswear, Long Branch, NJ.
790. 9/22/05 Nussdorf info. from Ellie Mirne. See files.
791. 6/2/02 Arthur Nussdorf: Per Florence Altschuler Nussdorf: Arthur married here. Florence was their flower girl!
792. 6/29/02 Per Lawrence Nussdorf: Mother lives at 717 Ocean Ave., Ocean Cove Apt. #802, West End., NJ, 07740; Ellie Mirne divorced approx. 15 years, address 24-4th St. Stamford, Ct. 06905; Andrew and Rhonda live at 14405 Pebblestone Dr. Silver Spring, Maryland, 20905; they have two sons Adam and Daniel born 1/1983 and 5/1986; Larry and Melanie have two sons: Jed Franco born 9/28/79 and Benjamin Arthur Franco Nussdorf born 2/11/82; Melanie partner at law firm of Steptoe and Johnson in Wash., DC; Larry president of privat ely owned real estate and investment co. called Clark Enterprises.
793. Nussdorfs. Per letter from Judy Herschaft, Alan Nussdorf’s first wife: Alan’s birth cert. said that Irving (Isadore) was 37 years old when Alan was born in 1932. Irving moved to Miami Beach and he and his friend bought a Hotel at 214 Biscayne Blvd. (This is not on Miami Beach, my note.) Clara Bloom and Irving married in 1922. The Brooklyn society page wrote: “...daughter of Sophia Hyams who was the widow of Harry Hyams-known before his death as the oldest and richest Brooklyn auctioneer”. Sophia had been married three times. Clara told Judy that they lived in Staten Island and had horses on an estate. They had servants and a chauffer, on whom Clara had a crush. She was a very rich young woman. Clara told Judy that her mother’s family was a Rothschild. Clara was loving, gentle, considerate and wonderful. They had their 25 anniversary at the Knapp Mansion in Brooklyn. They owned it and had a catering business there.
794. 9/11/05 Luda Pechersky Mirne. Info. from Ellie Nussdorf Mirne. Married Michael Mirne 2004. Address 2437 Bedford St. #C6.
795. 10/3/05 Mirne. From Luda Pechersky Mirne.
796. Two children. Could not read on Jaworer list.
797. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate Family Finder, Lawrence and Melanie Nussdorf live in Wash., DC
798. 10/9/04 Lawrence Nussdorf: from internet: Pres. and COO of Clark Enterprises, Inc. holding company based in Bethesda, MD. Clark is one of the largest privately held companies in the country with interests in construction, technology dev, real estte and private equities. He is also VP{ of Clark Construction Group, Inc, the nation’s largest privately owned building contractor. BS in economics from the Wharton School, law degree from Rutgers School of Law, and Master of Tax Law from Georgetown U. Member of the DC Bar and a CPA. Director of Potomac Electric Co and serves on boards of Wash. Scholarship Fund; Anti-Defamation League; Buttonwood Focus Group; Cambridge Technology Group. At Penn he is Vice Chair of Board of Overseers of the Graduate School of Ed. He and his wife established the Lawrence and Melanie Nussdorf Scholarship and the Nussdorf Endowed Scholarship at Penn.
799. 10/9/04 Melanie Franco Nussdorf. internet Steptoe & Johnson: Partner in same in Wash. DC. Practice in employee benefits/ERISA. Counsel for age and sex discrimination at the Dept. of Labor prior to serving as Exec. Asst. to the Solicitor of Labor 1977-81. Special Counsel at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.
800. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People Finder, Andrew M. and R. M. Nussdorf live in Silver Springs, Md.
801. 8/12/07 Nussdorf, Andrew M. Per internet: Branch Manager Genex Services; 73310 Ritchie Highway, ste. 203; Glen Burnie, MD 21061. [email protected] (e-mail)
802. 10/20/06 Rhonda M. Nussdorf. US Public Records Index. 2006. born 1956. address 14405 Pebblestone Dr. Silver Spring, Montogomery, Maryland, 20905. age 50. husband Andrew M. age 53 born 1953.
803. 8/2/98 Nussdorf, Benzion. Per death Cert: born 9/11/1889, Austria. Parents: Elazar (Lazar) and Matel (Mattele)Blazer. Died at Coney Isl. Hospital, Bklyn., NY. Wife Augusta Rogow (could she be part of Rogoff family?). Last address: 2373 Ocean Pky. Brooklyn, NY. Buried New Mt. Carmel Cem., Cypress Hills, NY. Manufacturer/embroideries. SS#064-05-9533. Age 97.
804. 8/31/13 Benzion Nussdorf. Death Cert. #156-87-311278. 7/17/1987. Coney Island Hospital. Wife Augusta. 2373 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY. father Elazar, mother Mattel Blazer. buried Mt. Carmel Cem, Cypress Hills, NY 7/19/1987; manufacturer embroideries; SS# 064-05-9533; born 9/11/1889; Austria age 97.
805. 8/3/13 Nussdorf, Benzion; Mount Carmel Cemetery; died 7/18/1987; Glory of Israel Burial Society.
Nussdorf, Augusta; died 10/2/1992; Glory of Israel Burial Society.
806. 10/14/06 Mildred Nussdorf. Per Mildred, Sam (or his father, notes not clear) owned the Paramount Hotel in the Catskill Mountains. (South Fallsby)
807. 11/4/01 Per Florence Nussdorf: Augusta Rogow no relation to Rogovin family.
808. Augusta Rogow Nussdorf: Death Cert. 156-92-052569; died Coney Isl. Hospital; Brooklyn, NY, 10/2/1992; 96years old; Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular disease and hip fracture, fell. 2373 Ocean Parkway, 11223, Ny, NY. born 4/11/1896; SS 076-20-9806; housewife; father Morris Rogow and mother Esther Gudstadt; informant Mildred Howowitz, daughter 312 Raymond St. Rockville Center, NY 11570; born Poland; cemetery New3 Mt. Carmel Cem, Cypress Hills, NY, buried 10/4/1992.
809. 11/8/01 Augusta Nussdorf: Per SS death index: Born 4/12/1896; died Oct. 1996; NY; SS# 0076.20.9806 issued NY; last res. 11223 Brooklyn, Kings, NY.
8/31/13 August Nussdorf; Death Cert 156-92-052569; Brooklyn, NY; died Coney Island Hospital; Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular disease; hip fracture; died 10/2/92 age 96; 2373 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY; Housewife; Poland; Mother Esther Gudstadt; father Morris Rogow; informant Mildred Horowitz daughter; 312 Raymond St. Rockville Centre, NY; buried 10/4/1992; SS#076-20-9806. Housewife.
810. 10/23/12 Augusta Nussdorf Pet. for Nat. 2/10/1943. #430573; US District Court NYC; Augusta Nussdorf formerly Rogow; 1599 W. 10 St. Brooklyn, NY; Housewife; born 4/12/1896 in Lodz Russia; complextion fair; eyes hazel; hair brown; 5 ft tall; 116 pounds; husbnd Benzion; married 7/6/1927 Brooklyn, NY; husband born Jawarow, Galicia; 9/11/1889; husband nat. 4/17/1924; #1932357; children born in Brooklyn NY: Mildred 5/11/1918; Joseph 6/16/1921; came through Liverpool England; name then Gitel Rogow; landed NYC 11/1/1906 on the SS Cedric. married 7/6/1917 Brooklyn, NY.
811. 1/26/10 Benzion Nussdorf and Louis Rogow owned New Method Embroideries 75 W. Houston, Manhattan per US City Directories Manhattan, 1922. Assuming Louis is Augusta’s brother.
812. 5/14/07 Mildred Nussdorf. Information from Mildred on Family Group Sheet.
813. 10/14/06 Per Mildred Nussdorf Horowitz: son works for Mack Levitt, Medical Hair restoration.
814. 11/8/01 Joseph Nussdorf per SS death index: born 6/16/1921; died 3/24/1992; SS# 086.12.3721 issued NY before 1951; last res. 11235 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
815. 12/8/01 Joseph Nussdorf per death cert.: died 3/24/1992. Coney Island Hosp. Brooklyn, NY. address 1806 Shore Bldvd. 11235. wife Terri Shapiro. born 6/16/1921. age 71. SS # 086-12-3721. Owned embordery factory. boorn Brooklyn, NY. Wellwood Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY. 3/26/1992. Death cert. # 156-92-016999.
816. 10/20/06 Joseph Nussdorf. US WWII Army Enlistment Records. born 1921. born NY. enlistment date 2/26/1943, Tennessee, Nashville Ac Facilities, Air Corps, Private.. single. engineering Aide or sales clerk.
817. 8/13/07 Steven Nussdorf. Found on internet that Steven is an artist via Fine Art American.
818. 11/8/01 Barbara P. Nussdorf: per SS death index: born 10/9/1921; died 2/22/1989; SS# 041.16.3851, issued Ct.; last res. 06040 Manchester, Hartford, Ct.
819. 11/4/01 Moe Nussdorf name in Europe was Moses per Florence Nussdorf.
820. 12/21/01 Moe Nussdorf: death cert. #156-62-119254. died 9/13/1962. Manhattan. 263 W. 38 St. address 679 Montgomery St. Brooklyn, NY. lived NY 40 yrs. married Sylvia. Occlusive coronary. arteriosclerosis. diabetes Mellitis. business wool waste. born Poland. age 64. cemetery Beth David. Elmont< Long Island. Buried 9/14/1962. Father Luzer. name mother Mottle.
821. 10/11/04 Morris Nussdorf. SSDI. SSN 073-22-0633 issued NY; born 12/1900; died 9/1962.
822. 7/12/07 Nussdorf, Morris. Marriage Cert. #18588 LDS roll 1643058. Morris 102 Clymer St. Brooklyn, NY; age 31; single; salesman; born Galicia Poland; parrents Lazer and Malle Blazar; wife Sarah Feldhandler; 284 Divisiion St; age 21; single; born Ostrow Poland; parents Hyman and Malle Zukerman. witnesses Edward Feldhandler and Harry Nussdorf; performed by Rabbi H. Rabinowitz; 281 Hooper St. Brooklyn, NY; married 12/23/1929 at 281 Hooper St. Brooklyn, NY.
823. 12/30/12 Morris Nussdorf. 1940 Census, NYC, NY. age 36, born about 1904; Austria, Married; rag peddler; 193 Ross St. NYC, NY; Naturalized; Sheet # 7B; wife Sylvia; born Poland, daughters Mildred age 8; Florence age 2; born NYC; Ward 4AD; Block I; done 4/8/1940; SD 7; ED 24-571. #118323; Declaration of intent #2899471, 163979.
824. 1/10/05 Nussdorf, Mildred. Information per Florence Altschuler. Info. re. several other Nussdorfs as update to descend chart I sent her.
825. 7/1/07 Wadler, Odette. per Florence Altschuler married Melvyn Wadler 6/23/03.
826. 1/28/06 Per Information re her family from Florence Nussdorf Altschuler.
827. 6/8/07 Nussdorfs. Per information mailed to me by Florence Altschuler.
828. 12/28/14 All family information from Larry Breit. Jackie Rosenberg had daughter Jessica prior to marriage to Perry Rosenberg.
829. 2/25/15 Information from Larry Breit.
830. 10/8/12 From Susan Nussdorf Larkin: I am the granddaughter of Jacob Nussdorf.  My parents were Abe & Barbara Nussdorf; Bess, Anne, Clare and Fay, my Aunts, and Oscar and Sam my Uncles,  All but Aunts Anne and Bess have passed away now.  My brothers are Thomas (Manchester, CT) and Peter (Coral Springs, FL) and my sister is Nancy (Manchester, CT).  Nancy lost her husband (Dan) 14 years ago. They have a son, Timothy.  I was married to David Carl Hamilton, who died in a motorcycle crash in 1979.  I have been married to Hal Larkin since Aug. 1992 and we live on Lake Ontario in upstate New York. 
831. 10/20/06 Jacob Nussdorf. WWII Draft Reg. cards. serial # U 2393. Tolland, Conn. mailing address Rockville, Conn. phone Rockville 1681-5. age 62. born Jaworow, Poland. 12/27/1880. Wife Yetta. employed Self. WWI Draft Reg. card. 9/12/1918. Blond hair. brown eyes. 133 Stanton St. NYC. age 37. born 12/27/1880. wife Yetta. same address. Longshoreman, Cunard Lines. 53 Pier MR NYC.
832. 11/8/01 Jacob Nussdorf: Per SS death index: born 12/27/1880; died May, 1972; SS# 042.28.7033 issued Ct. 1952; last res 06040 Manchester, Hartford, CT.
833. 5/28/11 Jacob Nussdorf. JOWBR; born 12/27/1880; died 5/1972; age 91; Ellington Conn. Cemetery; Maple St/St. Road 140; #474; Knesseth Israel Cemetery; separate section.
834. 11/1/05 Nussdorf Bros. SLC. Conn. Directories for Rockville-Vernon: 1936: Abraham gas station atdt. J. Nussdorf r Crystal Lake red. toll R. RD 4; Jacob married to Yedda gasoline and oil Crystal Lake rd Toll RD 4 h do; Samuel has sta atdt J Nussdorf r Crystal Lake Rd Toll R RD 4. 1940: Abraham (Nussdorf Bros) Crystal Lake rd. Toll R RD 4 r do; Bros (Samuel-Abraham and Oscar Nussdorf) tire retreaders Crystal Lake rd. Toll R RD 4; Jacob (Yetta) gasoline Crystal Lake rd Toll R RD 4 h do; Oscar (Nussdorf Bros.) Crystal Lake rd. Toll R RD 4 r do; Samuel same as Oscar. 1946: Abraham (Nussdorf Bros) Crystal Lake rd. Toll R RD r do; Bros (Samuel and Abraham) real est Crystal Lake rd. Toll R RD 2; Jacob (Yetta) far Crystal Lake rd Toll R RD 2 h do; Nussdorf Oscar (Stella) Nussdorf Tire Recapping 3 Windsor Ave. h 25 Elm; Samuel (Nussdorf Bros.) Crystal Lake rd. Toll R RD r do; Nussdorf Tire Recapping (Oscar Nussdorf) tire recapping and vulcanizing distributors Seiberling Tires, 3 Windsor Av tel 1293l. 1949: Abraham rem to Manchester; Jacob (Yetta) rem to Manchester; Oscar (Stella) (Nussdorf Tire Recapping) 3 Windsor avv h 28 Center.
835. 10/14/06 Jacob Nussdorf. Per Mildred Nussdorf. Last one to come to USA. Was a farmer in Conn. at first. His wife was a good cook. They had seven children.
836. 10/18/15 Jate (Yetta) Nussdorf wife age 61; census 1940; husband Jacob age 61; son Abraham age 25; son Samuel age 24; son Oscar age 21; daughter Bessie age 17; daughter Annie age 15; daught Clara age 11; grandson Erving Rand age 9. ED 7-22; Tolland Avenue, Tolland Conn.; Family 16; line 72; page 3B; frome 00593; roll m-t0627-00527.
837. 2/4/00 Per the Ultimate People Finder, F. Nussdorf lives in Floral Park, NY.
838. 10/20/06 Fannie N. Nussdorf Rand. Conn. Death Index. died 3/16/1994. Manchester, Hartford, Conn. Born 2/5/1910. widow. husband Alex. State file #06452. occupation retired welder for Pratt & Whitney. primany/secondary education. address 385 W. Center St.
839. 10/20/07 Nussdorf, Fannine #3141 LDS Roll 1927453. M. 4/29/1930 @County Court by Judge Harry Hackler, wit. Harvey Saltz and Morris Marcus. Fannie Bronx 995 Union Ave. Age 20. B. NYC. F. Jacob M. Jetta Meyer. Groom Alex Rand 995 Union Ave. age 26 B. Austria. Furrier. Father Juda mother Chaje Hirshberg.
840. 11/8/01 Abe Nussdorf: Per SS death index: Born 5/17/1913; died 4/25/1989; ct. SS# 042.28.1222 issued 1952 Conn.; last res. 06040 Manchester, Hartford, CT.
841. 5/24/07. Nussdorf, Thom. US Public Records Index 2006. born 1946. age 60 30 Wood Ave. Narragansett, Washington, Rhode Island, 02882. 401.782.9442. Not sure if this is right Thomas.
842. 5/14/07 Susan Nussdorf. Marriage Certificate. #77-033655. #77 3728; 6/18/1977; Pompano Beach, Fl; performed by Rev. David H. Schmid; St. Stephan Ev. Lutheran Church; witnesses Nancy J. Nussdorf and Douglas M. Hamilton.
843. 10/20/2006. Susan Nussdorf. Fl. Marriage Collection married 6/18/1977, Broward County, Fl. Vol. 4088.
844. 10/20/2006. Nancy J. Nussdorf. Conn. Marriage Index. married 3/28/1987. Manchester, Hartford, Conn. age 31. groom age 41 born 1946. resides Manchester, Hartford, Conn.
845. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate Family Finder, Peter Nussdorf lives in Manchester, Ct.
846. 10/20/06 Peter J. Nussdorf. US Phone & Address directory 1996 address 6725 Landings Dr. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33319-5091. phone 954-730-9714.
847. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate Family Finder Sam Nussdorf lives in Manchester, Ct.
848. 10/14/12 Oscar Nussdorf: Per Amy Blumhardt: She remembers Oscar as ‘Jolly Jingles’. He would dress up as a clown and do parties and such. Sam Nussdorf was an auctioneer in Hartford. She thinks he died around 1990. Irta Cor is divorced and married to Tina. Gary Cor is married, has one daughter and still lives in Asheville.
849. 10/4/01 See Source 500. One item had for Oscar Nussdorf the citiation: “N. Jolly Jingles” Don’t know what this means.
850. 8/22/98 Info. per death cert. Died at home at 11PM, Nov. 16, 1995. Home address 2237 SW 15 Place, Deerfield Beach, Fl. Wife informant. age 76
851. 10/20/06 Stella C. Nussdorf. US Public Records Index 2006. age 84 born 6/26/1922. Husband Oscar born 1919 age 87. 2237 South 15th Place, Deerfield Beach, Florida 333442. 954-428-5297.
852. 11/7/01 Per letter from Marsha Nussdorf: She was born 1953. Ronni has three children. Stacy is married to Ron and last name Pitluk. They have a son Sam and live in NJ. Meridith (Meri) is married to Alan Chandler. They live in Mass. Jennifer (Jenn) is single and lives in Manhatten.
853. 12/19/09 Ronni J. (Nussdorf) Singer. Paid Obit, Sun Sentinal 5/3/2008. Grandchildren: Sam; Sofie; Grace; Ethan; Sarah and Dylan.
854. 10/20/06 Conn. Marriage Index. Ronni J. Nussdorf. age 21 West Hartford, Conn. groom Lewis Singer age 22 Hartford, Conn. married 8/29/1965. West Hartford, CT.
855. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People Finder, Jeffrey Nussdorf lives in San Jose, Ca.
856. 11/7/01 Jeff Nussdorf: Per Marsha Nussdorf: Jeff only briefly married to Linda Cormier. Now married to Phylis Luckman. No children of his own, but has step children and step grandchildren.
857. 5/14/07 Jeffrey Nussdorf. Marriage Cert; Marco Island, Fl.; 92-4391 92 133074; performed by Catherine M. Verbance, Notary Public; 12/31/1992; Phyllis Ann Dorfman Luckman; born 3/18/1944, Missouri; Jeffrey born 1/27/1947 Connecticut; residence San Jose, CA.
858. 11/7/01 Deborah Nussdorf: Per Marsha Nussdorf: Deborah Ann married many years to Yossi Bargil. Children Talia, a senior in college and Ari, a senior in high school. Divorced and remarried a few months ago to Barry Godofsky.
859. 10/20/06 Dvora Nussdorf. 1/23/02. Per Herut e-mail from Israel. Dvora born 5/20/1949; father Oscar. address 6 Gad St.; Jerusalem 93622, Israel.
Ester Nussdorf. 1/23/02. Per Herut e-mail from Israel: Ester born June, 1926; father Yosef; mother Chana; Husband Menachem.
860. 9/20/02 Deborah (Dvora) Nussdorf: Per e-mail from Israel from Herut. Dvora born 5/20/1949; father Oscar; address 6. Gad St. Jerusalem, 93622, Israel.
861. 10/20/06 Debora A. Nussdorf. Conn. Marriage Index. groom Yosse Bargil age 28. bride age 25. married 3.23.1975.
862. 10/20/06 Marsha J. Nussdorf. US Public Records Index 2006. two addresses. 182 Bourne Ave. 182, Rumford, Providence, Rhode Island, 02916. age 52. born 12/7/1953. and 105 Oakdale St. #52, Attleboro, Bristol, Mass. 02703. phone 508-226-1561.
863. 12/19/09 Marsha Nussdorf. Founder Solutions for Optimal Living. (From internet) U. of Connecticut. BS, Textiles 1972-1976.
864. 10/18/15 Ann Nussdorf. From 1945 Florida State Census. Dade County. age 20. Miami Beach, Fl. line 3 precinct, Miami Beach.
865. 10/8/12 Nussdorf, Jacob. Info. from Granddaughter Amy Blumhardt.
866. 3/26/10 Alexander Seymour Suchotine. Per Petition for Naturalization: 7/16/1943. #825; line 31; of list 53; Cert. # 6004691. 2541 Olinville Ave. Bronx, NY; born 2/1/1912 Odessa Russia; age 31; male; eyes blue; hair brown; height 5’11”; not married; emigrated from Danzig; Port of NY; 9/27/1922; SS Estonia; in US Army 11/19/1942; #32635985; currently at Fort Jackson, SC; witnesses Charles Nell; Mervin Baldrica also at Fort Jackson. Private US Infantry. Roll 150; Archive M1547.
867. 3/26/10 Alexander Suchotine. died 3/17/1995 per Social Sec. Death index. died Dade County, Florida; age 83. SSN 058-07-6520.
868. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate Family Finder Herbert and Freyda live in Delray Beach, Fl.
869. 2/4/00 Per The Ultimate People Finder On Line Search. Lives in Huntington, NY
870. 10/20/06 Dale A. Nussdorf. born 4/7/1954. from US Public records index. 5 Wesley Court Huntington Suffolk, NY 11743. age 52. born 1954.
871. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People Finder Bernard and Ruth live in Old Westbury, NY; a Ruth in Roslyn, NY; and Tuscon, Az; Boca Raton, Fl.???
872. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People Finder Steven (Stephen) lives in Old Westbury, NY
873. 6/5/12 Glockner, Marvin. All info. from e-mail from Marvin Glockner.
874. 10/20/07 Nussdorf, Bessie. Mar. Cert. 3929 LDS roll 1927453 5/15/1930. 757 E. 169 St. Age 22 Born NYC Father Abraham M. Molly Riff. Groom William Stroll 615 E. 168 St. Age 25. Garage?. F. Louis Mother Dirs Schwartzberg. married at 1258-60 Boston Rd. by Leon Frohwan. Wit. Charles Bond and Frank Hertzel.
875. 8/29/00 Through correspondence with Bill Weintraub, Miami, I found that Blanka Miriam Nussdorf entered into the Lviv Yizkor book for the Holocaust the name of Olga Schwam, an ancestor of Bill's. Miriam and Olga's connection? Stated that Miriam was in Ramat Jochanan, Isreal.
876. 10/14/06 (From Ronit Gavriel) Miriam Nussdorf – Blank

Family House

We lived in Lvov (Lemberg) on a nice street where both Jews and Christians lived and most has “free” professions. Not far from our house was the Jewish ghetto with markets for food, cloth, etc. I used to visit to shop and to get a feeling of the “Jewish experience, the Yiddish language (which wasn’t used in our house), the “acidity” of fish mongers and also the strange dress of the religious – “kaputot”, “yarmulkot”, “streimels”. Together with this, I liked to hear the melodies coming from prayers from the synagogue where I stood outside and I was mesmerized by the singing of the hazzan. And to this day, I love this singing.

I got close to Judaism through my grandmother who lived with us who guarded kashrut, and all Jewish home traditions. But my father was connected to the “enlightened” and “mitnagdim” to tradition. In spite of being an “eilui” (means a genius) in the “heder” and in the “Yeshiva”, he studied there only until the age of 13. Than he run away from his house in the city of Yavorov, and came to Lvov at 13 to study accounting, stenography, French, German and Polish. Afterwards, he traveled to Paris and completed a school for trade, where he learned the basis of calligraphy, and when he returned from Paris he studied also in Vienna. Afterwards, he opened a private school in Lvov.

He met my mother in Vienna when she was a girl of 18 where she learned manners and “German” traditions by her relatives in Vienna. She also came from a small town in Ukraine Borshatzov from a religious good home.

Both mother and father spoke just German with each other and also with the children.

The atmosphere in the house was Viennese, the language, the songs (which Mother sang to us frequently) the books were all in German and school was also German. Lvov was in the control of Austria.

When the first World War broke out, we were in a summer vacation rural town and we couldn’t return to Lvov. We fled like refugees to Vienna and we stayed for the 3 1⁄2 years of the war and we returned to Lvov in 1918.

Then Lvov passed on to Polish government and there were internal clashes between the Polish and Ukrainians and finally the Polish won.

My school was, of course, from grade 1-4 in Vienna that is to say all on the purity of German and when we returned to Lvov I was registered in the German school where the Headmaster was Niemiec. That’s where I first felt anti-Semitism more than normal to the point that for the first time in my life I received a grade less than “Very Good” in math! Of course there were many more examples of discrimination and suffering. I just know that my parents removed us from that school and I was enrolled in the first Jewish Gimnasia in Lvov.

Many of our friends studied in this gymnasium in the higher grades (like the Richter’s and the Zidman’s) and I believe many others. David Hurwitz studied than, but in a much higher grade.

My parents also enrolled me in a Hebrew school and for the first time in my life, I learned to speak Hebrew and I heard about Israel and Zionism and that was in the years 1919-1920.

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877. 2/12/02 Amaztia Cohen: High Position in defence forces Israel. Born and raised in Palestine/Israel. (who?) Miriam Nussdorf: Teacher at highschool to teachers college-university; math, methods, chemistry, physics, English. Education: Teachcers college, Tel-Aviv, Israel; MA Physics-Columbia U. NYC; Chemistry Techrion, Haifa, Israel. (Notes from Nurit Krauss)
878. 2/12/02 Amazia Cohen. Per notes from Nurit Krauss: born 1906, died 1938, buried K. Ramat Yochanan; farmer, Sheriff on Kibbutz; Father Elivush; mother mosaq.
879. 2/12/02 Nurit Krauss: Per her notes: She has developed a unique exercise system. Book pending publication. Teached ballet, modern dance. stays fit at age 66!
880. 2/12/02 Wilburt Feinberg and Nurit Cohen married 5/5/1965 and divorced. Nurit married Ehud Krauss on 5/17/1976
881. 2/12/02 Wilburt Feinberg: Per Nurit Krauss. born 10/14/1935; art designer; went to High school NYC. married Miriam Ruth. Nurit: born 11/4/1935; dance teacher; went to Julliard school NYC. son Amazia Feinberg born 2/22/1966; married 2/20/2002. She has lost track of Wilburt.
882. 2/12/02 Yamit and Amazia Feinberg: Notes from Nurit Krauss.
883. 2/3/00 Per phone discussion with Edward. Edward lived for 4 years in England. Has been in Madison, Wisc. for 32 years. Brought up in German section in area near Jaffe. Mother from Vienna.
884. 1/22/12 Nussdorf, Bertha (Bronka). born 9/20/1898; died 1/1972; SSN 058-16-7199 issued NY; last res. 10452 Bronx, NY. Not the right Bertha Nussdorf Bittar. 4/16/13
885. 10/11/01 Marcel Bittar: Per Florence Nussdorf he was the mayor of Jaffa prior to Israel becoming a State. (Arab)
886. 4/4/11 Nussdorf, Edith E. England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005, Birth Marriage & Death. Also for Bertha Nussdorf (Segar?)
887. 10/11/01 Edward Bittar: Per Florence Nussdorf: Bronka married an Arab, causing family disention. Eddie went to college in the US. He was very friendly with Florence and her sister Mildred. This was in 1948. When Israel became a state, he no longer had relations with them as they were/are ardent Zionists.
888. 4/16/13. Irmgard Bittar. Born 12/25/1931, per US Public Records 2002; Madison, Wisconsin.
889. 4/16/13 Anne Karen Bittar. Born 6/28/1963; address 1067 Barton Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48105-1256, US Public Records Index.
890. 4/16/13 Ann Karen Bittar. Married Derek Stephen Wellen; 10/7/1993; Cert. # 017081; Wisc. Anne born 1963, age 30; Derek born 1965 age 28; Married Dane County, Wisc.
891. 4/16/13 Eddie Bittar and Heather (wife) US Phone and Address Dirc. 202, Shakopee, Minnesota.
892. 4/16/13 Michael Solomon Stern. Marriage Cert. married Jeanette Louise Bittar, born 1968; age 23; Michael born 1960 age 31; married 6/23/1991; Dane County Wisconsin, Cert # 015029.
893. 10/4/04 Malka Nussdorf: Passenger record, ship Kroonland from Antwerp, age 16, Female, Dynow, Austria, Malke, Line # 0026.
894. 1/17/02 Chanoch Nussdorf: Per e-mail for Herut S ([email protected] in Israel: Chanoch born 9/6/1914, father Phillip, mother Betty. late husband of Shosana born Dec. 12, 1925, father Lipa, mother Zipora; address 49 Shlomo Hamelech St., Tel-Aviv 64386, Phone (972) 3 5227145
895. 11/22/14 Nussdorf information given to me by Adi Dor.
896. 10/14/10 Sternberg, Israel and family. From Ellen Sternberg Weiss.
897. 9/25/14 Per daughter Adi Dor, Michael changed his name to Dor in Army Service. People kept getting it confused so he shortened it to Dor.
898. 5/3/02 Hannah Nussdorf. e-mail from granddaughter-in-law. States her mother was Hannah born in Galacia, Mosciska (currently Mostiska).
899. 10/14/06 Hattery family information from Clara Hattery Casales family history sheets done by her brother.
900. Per Lynn Cohen 5/12/98.
901. 12/10/99 Information taken from info. submitted to Lynn Hacker Cohen from her cousin.
902. From Lynn Hacker Cohen.
903. All three children, Ralph, Margorie and Doris all deceased per Lynn Cohen 5/12/98.
904. 11/9/97 Per Dictionary of Jewish Surnames in the Russian Empire, Beider, Farberman was common in Bielsk, Bialystok, Ol'gopol. It means "dyer" in Yiddush.
905. Per daughter Rose's death cert.
906. 5/29/13 Information from Jessica Drieblatt Dittami.
907. 7/1/05 Information from Lynn Hacker Cohen.
908. 1/7/99 Per marriage certificate Daniel and Lillian original family name Garuirjie (sp?).
909. 5/15/13 Max Garmise. 9/12/1918 WWI Reg. card. #2473; order#205; 8821 Bay 15 St. Brooklyn, NY; age 45; born 3/15/1873; Russia; ladies tailor worked for B. Snow, 133 W. 33 St. NYC, NY; wife Annie Garmise same address. Medium height; medium build; brown eyes; hair brown/gray. Reg. report 31-9-59-C.
910. 5/15/13 Harry Garmise. 1940 Census. age 22 born 1918; single; house #8700 Bay 16 St., Brooklyn, NY; sheet 63B; Clerk; finished high school; yearly income $884.00; father Max age 65; Sister Sylvia age 35; Sup. Dist. 8 ED 24-1775; Max from Minsk; operator ladies clothing; Sylvia stenographer in engineering.
911. 5/15/13 Max Garmise. Census Brooklyn, NY 1920. Max Garmise. born about 1875 Russia; age 45; immigrated 1894; married to Anne Garmise born Russia; rent; Anne age 42; children: Sylvia age 15; Lilliam age 11; and Harold age 2. Boarder Isaac Zimmerman age 45.Max tailor in factory. Anne usa 1896; children all born NYC. 226 Bay St. Brooklyn, NY; Sup District 3; ED 1012; sheet 366; done 1/8/1920.
912. 5/15/13 Harry Garmise. SS Death index; born 3/17/1918; died 2/23/2003; Brooklyn, NY, 11230; SSN 058-05-7162.
913. 5/15/13 Sylvia Garmise. Fl. Death Index and SS death index: born 5/21/1904; died 3/10/1992; Dade County, Fl. SSN 131-05-4354.
914. Samuel Sternberg. Per death cert., last address 443 N. Huey St. Orlando. Son George at 626 N. Hughey.
915. 10/3/01 Samuel Sternberg: Death Cert. 16828. Died Orlando, Fl. Fla. San. & Hospital. 8/1/1947. Age 82. Born 9/6/1865, Austria. Married to Mollie Sternberg age. 79. Retired Merchant. Parent Mottel Sternberg, Austria. Informant son, George. 626 N. Hughey.
916. 10/18/10. Sternberg, Simon. 1900 Census. Manhattan. 6/2/1900 done; District 1; Sheet 3; ED 375; b.austria age 51; born 12/1848; USA 1886; Austria; furrier; wife Rosa married 3 years, 1897; age 31 b. 1869; appears Simon’s wife died and Rosa took over; son; Morris age 16 b austria; teamster; b 7/1893; ; Beckie (Rebecca) age 8; born NYC and Max age 6; born NYC.
917. 6/18/13 Samuel Sternberg. NYC Passenger lists; Ship Umbria; left Liverpool, England; arrived NYC 10/20/1894; born about 1866; age 28; merchant.
918. 6/18/13 Samuel Sternberg. 1930 Census; Queens, NY; USA in 1885?; wife Mollie; born Austria; Samuel age 64; Mollie age 62; children: Pearl age 28; Abraham age 26; George age 25; Jerome Parnes age 14; Walter Parnes age 12 (are these grandchildren?); 3rd assembly; done 4/14/1930; SD 33; ED 42 194; page 28A. 606 Roosevelt Ave.; pay $40. per month rent; USA 23 years; Mollie USA 21 years; Samuel mens furnishings; Pearl born Florida, stenographer; Abraham born Florida, commercial ?? salesman; George born NY commercial artist; Jerome and Walter born in Florida.
919. 1/22/08 Sternberg, Mollie. Death Cert. #4229; Orange County, Orlando, Fl; lived here 17 years; 443 S. Hughey; Informant son George; born 4/1868; died 1/19/1951; widow; parents Clara and Samuel Baer Edelstein; born Russia. buried 1/21/1951 Gainesville, Fl.
920. 10/18/10 Sternberg, Samuel. 1900 Census. Precinct 7; dist.2; ED 7; Sheet 29 done 6/27/1900. Gainesville, Fl. Sam age 34 b 5/1866; a er; married 4 years; b. Austria; wife Mollie age 32; b 4/1868; Prussia; children Nathan age 10 b 4/1890 b NYC; Kate age 7 8/1892; b NYC; Pearl age 3 months; b Florida.
921. 6/18/13. Nathan Sternberg. died 1980; Volusia County, Fl. Mount Sinai Cemetery; Fl. Fina a Grave age 90; died 1980; Daytona Beach, Fl. born 4/6/1890.
7/5/13. Death Cert. Nathan Sternberg. died 5/26/1980; age 90; born 4/6/1890. Born NYC, NY. widowed. Owner operator Sternberg’s Dept. Store. SSN 266-50-7762; died at home 501 Driftwood Ave., Daytona Beach, Fl. Informant Dr. Samuel Sternberg; 433 Old Trail Road, Ormond Beach, Fl. 32074; Funeral home Baggett & Summers, Daytona Beach, Fl.; Parents Samuel Sternberg; mother Hannah Rachel. Local file # 1689-1496; 80-047197.
922. 6/16/13 Hannah Sternberg. NYC, NY deaths. born about 1862. age 35. died 3/29/1897; Cert. # 9780. NY Times obit: 161 Attorney St.
923. 11/2/11 Pearl Sternberg. Fl. St. Census 1940; age 35; born Fl. about 1910; Precinct 19; Orange County; page 29; line 41; Series S1371, roll 30

1935 Census; Orange County, Fl; Precinct 19; page 43; Line 13; Series S5, roll 21; St. of Florida census; Pearl age 24, college; daughter; father S. Sternberg age 70 Merchant; mother Mollie age 65; brothers Albert age 33 and George age 31. 448 S. Hughey
924. 6/20/13. George Sternberg. Web. Obit Daily Times Index; born about 1904 age 93; died 1997, Orlando?.
925. 6/20/2013 George Sternberg. SS Death Index. SSN 261-22-8794; last res. 01851; Lowell, Middlesex, Mass; born 1/12/1904; died 2/15/1997; received SSN in Fl. Died Mass? Orlando? Mass. charge almost $100.00 for death cert. Did not send for.
926. 6/20/13 Evelyn Sternberg. Orlando City Dir. 1956; Cashier Stern’s Jewelry St. 144 W. Church, home 224 E. Marks. Husband George.
927. 6/20/13 Evelyn Sternberg. Fl. Death Index. born 8/4/1910, age 79; Orange County, Fl, 32803.; died 1/29/1990. SS Death Index SSN 022-05-3139. SSN received in Mass.
928. 6/20/2013. Evelyn Sternberg. US City Dir. Orlando, Fl. Bookkeeper Stern’s Jewelry Store, Orlando, Fl. 1953; husband George, owner.
929. Per Kate's death certificate. Died pemphigus at home. Widow of "Sam".
930. 7/26/01 Naturalization of Samuel Sternberg; bookkeeper; 2/20/1904; came to US May 1895; born Jan., 1878; Austria; lives at 25-7 ??; Bklyn. Witness: Harris Sternberg; 813 East 47th; Bronx; slack manufacterer.
931. Mottel Sternberg: Parents per Kate's (Sternberg) death Certificate.
932. 10/7/02 Harry Sternberg: Birth Cert. 13025. spelled “Harre”. White; born 7/19/1904. 274 E. 7 St. NYC; Father Simon born Austria 1849 (age 55); mother Rose Brand; age 35 born 1869. Hungarian. Three Previous children. 2 living. Signed Berle Freund; 163 Orchard St., NYC. Father furrier. Simon & Rose’s address 274 E. 7 Stree, NYC.
933. 6/13/13 Simon Sternberg. born about 1854. Grocer. Census 1915 NY St. Census. age 61. In USA 28 years; Assem. Dist. 22; House # 465 Barbay St.; Line 32; page 36; Rose age 41 wife;Children born NYC, NY Minnie age 13; Harry age 11. Block 6; ED 55; ward 26; done 6/1/15;
934. 5/16/07. Simon Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. 5859. address 106 Arlington Ave. Brooklyn, NY; Society S. Sternberg; age 69; buried 11/20/1927; Burial No. 2199; B of H No. 21131.
935. 10/30/00 LDS Library SLC: Discovered who Fanny Sternberg is. I have had her as a "mystery person" being in the same plote as the other Sternbergs at Mt. Zion, Queens, NY. Per film 1322994, Fanny died 8/1/1901 and was buried the same day. She died at Mount Sinai Hosp. of a bleeding ulcer. She was 18 and had been in US/NYC 17 yrs. address 312 E. Houston St. NYC. F. Simon. Tailor. B Austria. M. Lizzie. I believe Lizzie was a 2nd wife as son of Simon, Abraham named his daughter "Rose". I have a copy of her death cert. #23610.
936. 10/18/02 Harry Sternberg: SS Application form. #089.26.3735. address 9 St. James Place, Glen Cove, NY. Born 7/19/1904, NYC, NY. Age 46. Father Simon Sternberg mother Rose Brand. Employer: The New School; 66 W. 12 St., NYC, NY. Date 2/10/1950.
937. Per cemetary records Jacob Sternberg. NYC could not find death certificate.
938. 10/15/10 Jacob Sternberg. From mystery people Jo Sternberg. Tailor. Nat. index; common pleas court NYC 10/27/1893; Vol. 759; #183; address 184 Ludlow St. NYC; B 10/6/1871; Port of NY 7/1886; Wit. Ben Leipzig, 57 Ridge St. NYC
939. 11/97 LDS Research. cannot find in 1931 death certs. 1324920.
940. 5/16/07. Jacob Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. Folio 220; F-47B; address 144 Bellview St.; Society P. L. Sternberg; age 60; buried 5/20/1931; Burial No. 1123; B of H No. Elizabeth; Map 284.
941. On daughter Rose's death certificate states Mollie's maiden name as Cohen.
942. 10/3/01 Mary Schnitzer Sternberg: death Cert. 5229, Bronx, NY. age 52. born 4/5/1871. Housewife. bZion Cem. 8/5/1923. Died 8/3/1923. Pulmonary embolism; acute myocarditis.
943. 5/16/07 Mollie Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. F-147B; Folio 220 Spec. Vol. address 656 E. 160 St. Society S. Sternberg KUV; age 52; buried 8/5/1923; Burial No. 1914; B of H no. 5229; J. Sternberg; Map 284.
944. Per death certificate Mary Sternberg.
945. Per death certificate Sadie Sternberg. Died of osteomyelitis of the illium.
946. 10/3/01 Sadie Sternberg. Per death cert. #4835, NYC. died age 21. born US. Parents Jacob Sternberg and Mollie Shitzer, Russia. died 2/19/1928. buried Mt. Zion Cerm. 2/20/1928. can’t read cause of death. died NY Hospital.
947. 5/17/07. Sadie Sternberg; age 21; Mt. Zion Cemetery; Society S. Sternberg, UV; buried 2/20/1928; Folio Spec. 209; F-147B; Burial No. 409; B of H No. 4385; Path No 1 right; Map 284.
948. 10/3/01 Per death certificate Rose Sternberg Glickman. Died of chronic nephritis. Cert. #6664. Bronx , NY. widow. in USA 22 years. housewife. born US. Father Jacob Sternberg, mother Mollie Cohen, Russia. buried 12/5/1921. Mt. Zion Cem. Chronic Nephritis. died 12/4/1921. no birthdate.
949. 11/9/97 Per Dictionary of Jewish Surnames in the Russian Empire, Beider, Sternberg is German for Mountain Star.
950. 4/21/99 Documents of Jewish Community, Mielnica, Register of Deaths 1820-1851.
951. Per Bert Starr's death cert. Single. Address 2958 W. 35 St. Brooklyn, NY.
952. 10/3/01 Bert Starr: death Cert. #155(6?)-66-113924. address 2958 W. 35 St. Bklyn, NY. single. 73 years. Born 1893. Dentist. SSN 065.09.3380. Parents Jacob Sternberg and Mollie Spitzer. Informant Samuel Sternberg, brother, 165 W. 91 St. buried Mt. Zion 7/5/1966. Died NYC, Polyclinic Hospital Intensive care, 7/3/1966.
953. 9/14/01Per Israel Druse’s application for SS: Address: 427 W. 4 St. Plainfield, NJ. Unemployed. Last Employ. owned retain newspaper stand. Born 12/12/1868. Russia. Father: Joseph, mother Fannie. Will assume from this that Fannie (Fay) named for Fannie. None of children named for Joseph so assume he was alive at least until 1914, when Florence was born. Assume Fannie died between time Renee (Rose) was born 1903 and time Fannie (Fay) was born, 1906. But Rose could have been name for Bella’s mother as I still do not know her name.
954. 11/1/11 Druse/Druz. LDS research re. where from. No records from Dnepropetrovsk; Kirograd. Four marriage records for Mokraya-Kaligorka. 2063512 1854-1858; 2063513 1873-1886; 1888; 1890-92; 1907-1908; 1913; 1909; 2289318 1854-58; 1860-61; 1863-64; 1894; 1865-1886; 1888; 1890-1892; 2289319 1892; 1895-98; 1901-02; 1907-08; 1913; 1909; 2289319, birth records, 1858; 1868-1869; 1878-1885; 1887; 1889-90; 1902; 1904;1907;1909; 1914;1911;1916. Did not search. Future work?
955. 9/14/01 Must have died prior to 1906, as Fannie (Fay), named for her (Fannie Druse).
956. Louis Krinsky. 2/22/2013. 1930 Census. Bronx, NY; born Boston Mass. single; born 1912; age 18; mother Lena born Russia age 42; USA 1906; father Abraham Krinsky; USA 1906; Printer; born Russia age 42; siblings: Max age 22 Printer; Sam D. age 22 Max & Samuel born NJ; Isidor age 17; Rose age 14; Louis, Isidor and Rose born Mass. Assembly Dist. 5; block K; 277 Fox Street; done 4/9/1930; SD 3-365; ED 25; Sheet 15A.
957. Per Uncle Danny, 4/2/98. Uncle Lou had three brothers and a sister. Two were twins. Two brothers were trained as lawyers and one as a doctor but none practiced. They had a successful trucking business. Edward is still alive and living in S. Fl. Max and Sam were twins. Sam operated the trucking business in Boston and Mac in NY.
958. 4/23/98 Per uncle Danny, Edward is alive in DelRay Beach, Fl., but quite ill.
959. 2/22/2013 Louis Krinsky. 1920 census. Boston Ward 5, Mass. age 6; Abraham age 30; Lena age 30; Max age 10; Samuel age 10; Isadore age 5; Rose age 4 and 5 months.
960. 4/23/98 Per Uncle Danny live in the Boston area.
961. 4/23/98 Lives in NYC per Uncle Danny (who spoke to Aunt Henrietta)
962. 4/23/98 Per Uncle Danny, who spoke with Aunt Henrietta, she lives in the state of Wash.
963. Never married per Lynn Cohen 5/12/98.
964. 6/4/98 Yetta Swerdloff. Per Burton Kahn. Does not think ever married.
965. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People Finder, K. Nussdorf lives in Santa Fe, NM.
966. 5/10/09 Nussdorf information provided by Dr. R. T. Nussdorf.
967. 9/12/02 Jed Nussdorf: Per internet: U. of Penns. Major Finance, Stat. Activities Honors, VP Graduate Advisor, ZBT Frat. Friars Senior Society. See pix in file. All-time Penn Sprint Football Letterwinner. Class of 99?
968. 11/4/01 Per Florence Nussdorf: She, her sister and then future brother in law, Mel worked the coat checks room at the Regina Mansion--Harry Nussdorf’s catering hall. Florence worked in the kitchen putting a cherry in the grapefruit and putting a pipe cleaner on top to make it look like a basket.
969. 6/25/12 Albert Milton Altschuler. from death cert. #156-95-057-375. address 125 Beach 17 St. Apt. No 4D; 11691; Far Rockaway Queens, NY.
970. 1/23/2012 Albert Sltschuler. SS death index. SSN 076-24-2985. 11691 Far Rockaway, Queens, NY. b 1/28/1931. died 10/28/1995.
971. 9/30/12 Albert Milton Altschuler death Cert. 156-95-057-375; 10/28/1995; male age 64; Peninsula Hosp., Queens, NY; lived Far Rockaway, 125 Beach 17 St. apt. #11691 4D; born 1/28/1931; SS # 076-24-2985; married to Florence Nussdorf Altschuler; Taxi driver; born Brooklyn, NY; 11th grade in school; buried Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY 10/29/1995.
972. 8/31/02 Adolph Rubel and Ron Rubel: This information given to me by Gene Rubel.
973. 7/23/12 Adolph Rubel. Birth Cert. Buenos Aires.
974. 4/2/12 Rubel family information sent to me by Michael Diamant.
975. 11/22/15 Ron Rubel. From obituary memorial by Doolittle Funeral Home.
976. 9/27/02 Judith Dempsey: Info. from Ron Rubel.
977. 9/27/02 Tamara Klein: Information from Ron Rubel.
978. 9/27/02 Rebecca Rubel and John Greenstein: Information from Ron Rubel.
979. 9/27/02 Johnathan Rubel: info. per Ron Rubel.
980. 7/29/02 Per e-mail from Ron Rubel.
981. 9/27/02 Nomi Sofer: Information from Ron Rubel.
982. 11/22/15. Susan Rubel. info. from obituary, Hartford Courant.
983. 8/27/06 Per picture and notes from Steve Casale: Sandra was married at Leonard’s in Great Neck, Long Island in the 1970’s. (See pix of family) The ceremony was both Catholic and Jewish.
984. 12/21/01 from Matilda Nussdorf: She knew Lew’s great grandmother Rivka. Her great Aunt. Meyer’s (her father’s) sister. Helen Schlam was her father’s (Harry) 1st cousin. Martha and Matilda second cousins. Rohr family important part of her childhood memories. Rivka great card palyer and good company. She did not know all of Rivka’s children. Very close to Clara Rohr. Used to meet in Fl. with her and her dance partner Joe. Sam and Fanny Rohr and son Bernard very close with her and her mother, Anna. They all used to talk with her about Martha Berman. They were teenagers together.
985. 4/24/10 Information from Arlene Nussdorf Mark.
986. 10/14/06 Per Mildred Nussdorf, Matilda Nussdorf a wonderful writer.
987. 3/26/10 Simon Schreier. NY Passenger lists. born about 1905; Poland; age 16; arrived 7/10/1921; born Gwozdziec, Poland; SS Lapland; from Antwerp, Belgium; Page 69; With mother and siblings.
5/10/10 Simon Schreier. Add to above. From Koloymja. Mother Beijla age 43; Mozes age 11 male; Simon age 16 male; Szloma age 17 male; sister Golda age 14. going to nYC. Sister of mother in Kolomyja Rachel Wizelberg.
988. 12/29/12 Harry Nussdorf. 1940 census Brooklyn, NY. age 54; born Austria; 626 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn, NY; Naturalized; caterer Regina Mansion; sheet # 2B; done 4/9/1925; SD 10; ED24-150; wife Anna age 54; daughter Nettie age 19; son Herbert age 17; son Bernard age 13; Simon Schreier age 33; son in law, manager mail order house, daughter Matilda Schreier, age 24.
989. 11/16/01 Matilda Nussdorf: Per brother Herbert Nussdorf: Married two times after Schrier, goes by name “Coleman”. Has drawn up a family tree.
990. 11/13/01 Per letter Herbert Nussdorf.
991. 11/8/01 Bernard Nussdorf: Per SS death Index: born 5/21/1926; died 3/18/1999; SS# 119.18.0300 issued NY; last res. 11568 Old Westbury, Nassau, NY. 11/13/01 Letter from Herbert Nussdorf: Brother died in 1999, March. Widow Ruth, has ten grandchildren. address: 1 Carriage Dr., Old Westbury, NY, 11568
992. 4/24/10 Bernard Nussdorf, per Arlene Mark. Died in auto accident.
993. 10/14/06 Per interview with Ruth Nussdorf: They started their business in 1960. Now they have hundreds of shops in mall that sells and distributes health, perfumes and cosmetics. He was a kind, bright man and a Bridge Master. He was also bipolar.
994. 1/14/02 Steven and Arlene Mark children: Per form mailed to me by Arlene: Julia born 11/7/1996. Madeline born 8/21/1998. Bennett born 10/15/1999. Jewish. Married 11/1/1992. Father Bernard Nussdorf died 1999. mother Ruth Broder born 1930, still alive.
995. 10/9/04 Stephen L. Nussdorf. from Yahoo Finance: E Com Ventures, Inc. Director. NasdaqNM- ECMV
996. 10/20/2006. Hermine Nussdorf. US Public records Index 2006. born 5/23/1952. age 54. 10 Cricket Club Dr. Roslyn, NY 11576.
997. 5/10/10 Alexander Suchotine. Petition for Nat. # 825. Columbia, SC. Fort Jackson, SC. Pvt. 399 Inf. 7/12/1943. Pvt. Serial # 32635985. address 2541 Olinville Ave., Bronx, NY born 2/1/1912; Odessa, Russia. eyes blue; hair brown; 5’11”; immigrated from Danzig 9/27/1922; SS Estonia under the name Alexander Ginsburg Suchotnik. entered us Army 11/19/1942.
998. 3/26/10 Alexander Suchoatine. Fl. death index; 3/17/1995; dade county, Fl. age 83; born 2/1/1912.
12/29/12. US Dept. of Veterans Affairs. SSN 058076520; Branch Army; enlistment 11/27/1942; release 1/8/1946.
999. 2/4/00 Per Ultimate People Finder I, R. Nussdorf lives in Louisville, Ky.
1000. 10/20/06 Isidor Nussdorf. WWI Draft Reg. Card. #62. 91 W. 29 St. NYC. born 2/15/1895. alien. from Schumilau, Austria. medium build and height. Black hair and eyes. draft board 154. Roll 1786815. age 23.signed 6/?/1918. Salesman. single. works for Capitol Raincoats Co., 155 E. ???, NYC.
1001. 10/20/06 Isidor Nussdorf. WWII Reg. Draft card. serial # 1677. born 12/28/1894 (note: date differs from WWI card). age 47. born Poland. 554 Bedford, Brooklyn, NY. phone Evergreen 7-8470. person indiccated: Harry Nussdorf 501 Willoghly Ave. Brooklyn NY.
1002. 5/29/02 Irving and David Nussdorf: See article about the Knapp Mansion and correspondence about same 5/02 Family History Post 2001. Irving sold the Knapp Mansion in 1951 for $47,000. the address was 550-554 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NJ. (Irving is listed as Isidor) The Nussdorfs were caterers. The paperwork is filed in Nussdorf files. David was listed in regards to a catering hall “The Brooklyn Palace”
1003. 6/2/02 Irving Nussdorf: Per Florencre Nussdorf Altschuler: Irving sold the Knapp Mansion to the Satmar Rebee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, who made it into a Yeshiva.
1004. 6/2/02 Clara Nussdorf: Per Florence Altschuler Nussdorf: Clara’s mother was Leah Rivcha who was Uncle Mayer’s wife! (Previous marriage??) I will ask her.
1005. 10/4/04 Clara Nussdorf: Passenger Record: Ship Fort St. George from Hamilton Bermuda, Manifest Line # 0021; arrival 10/30/1922; lives in Bklyn, NY; Fe, 20 years old, Married.
1006. 11/17/10 Nussdorf, Clara Bloom. Per Montefiore Cem. Database Clara died 10/19/1965; age 63; Div. 4; Block 6; row 1; Grave 5R; Pifko Winaver FC.
1007. 5/18/01 Per letter from Kathy Nussdorf giving the information about her father Alan and their relatives.
1008. 5/14/02 Alan Nussdorf: death cert. 58330, NJ; died Hackensack Hospital, Hackensack, NJ; Dec. 3, 1978; Born July 6, 1931, age 46, Wife Sappho Papadelis Nussdorf; Salesman, Industrial Chemicals; I. Scott Chemical Corp., Edgewater, NJ; father Irving Nussdorf, mother Clara Bloom Nussdorf; address 1 Hudson Harbour, Edgewater, NJ; buried George Washington Mem. Park, Paramus, NJ, Korean War 1952-1956.
1009. 1/6/05 Alan Nussdorf. Information from Judith Maher Nussdorf: college U of Fl, degree business, Jewish. Judith: born 1/3/1940, Lynn, MA; secretary, high school grad. ; father John Edmund Maher; mother Evelyn Sheppard; other spouse Ian David Herschaft. Kathryn: born passaic, NJ; architect. I Scott: born Denville, NJ; died Warren, NJ.
1010. 10/20/2006. Sappho P. Nussdorf. US Public Records Index 2006. born 5/1/1938. address. 1915 Lavers Circle E404. phone 561.276.2357.
1011. 10/20/06 David Nussdorf. WWI draft reg. 31-9-154-B. Serial # 81. brown hair. gray eyes. born 6/20/1897. address 117 W. 26 St. NYC. father Mayer Nussdorf. same address. inspector Kurzman’s, 397 5th Ave., NYC. “tried to fake ??????? L. eye ??????.
1012. 1/31/99 Per SS death index died 6/1968, NY, age 71. Per Vital Stats NYC no death record 1966 thru 1970.
1013. 11/8/01 David Nussdorf, per SS death index: Born 6/20/1897; died June, 1968, NY. SS#050.09.5675 issued NY; last res. 10013 NY, NY.
1014. 10/21/06 David Nussdorf. Per daughter Hermine, David died 6/14/1968, buried Beth David Cem., Elllmont, NY.
1015. 9/21/01 Information re Kathy Nussdorf and her family from Kathy.
1016. 11/16/01 Hermine Nussdorf: Per Florence Nussdorf who spoke with Hermine: Divorced John Chanin 23 years ago (1978). Now remarried. Lost 2 children. Has one son and a granddaughter.
1017. 5/6/10 Eli Gorenberg. Per Honey Gorenberg, Eli died in a car accident in Seattle, WA. 1/31/05
1018. 12/21/01 Simcha Nussdorf . Per Matilda Nussdorf Chaja and Simcha are not children of Meyer Nussdorf. Where do they belong??
1019. 7/5/10 Rachel Nussdorf. Declaration of Intent, #101168; 8/15/1921. District Court of US; Southern District of NY. Address 117 W. 26 St., NYC, NY. single.
1020. 5/6/10 Per Honey Gorenberg Suzanne Roll’s nickname was Suki.
1021. 4/16/13. Neville Bittar. US Public Records Index; born 6/18/1935; phone 833-4726; addresses: 2779 Cross County Circle, Verone, Wi. 53593-9712; 7616 Saraen Ct., Verona, Wi. (Year 1993); 3346 Mound iew Rd, Verona, Wi.
1022. 4/16/13 Neville Bittar. US School Yearbooks. age 20; 1955; U. of Maine, Orono, Maine, Prism Yearbook; Neville Sec. Fraternity Tau Epsilon Phi.
1023. 4/16/13 Lia Ruth Mikkola Bittar. US Public Rec. Index; born 3/17/1939; phone 833-4726; addresses: 3346 Mound View Rd, Verona Wi, 53593 (1992); 7616 Saracen Ct, Verone, Wi, 53592 (1993); and 505 Ozark Trail, Madison, Wi, 53705-2538.
1024. 4/16/13 Ramsey Bittar. US Phone and address Dir.; 1998; 99; 2000; 02 and 02. 7616 Saracen Ct., Verona Wi; 53593-9500; phone 608-833-5331.
1025. 4/16/13 Maya K. Bittar. US Phone and Address Dir. 1993-2002; 7616 Saracen Ct., Verona, WI; 53593-9500; phone 608-833-5331; yrs. 1997, 98, and 99.
1026. 8/10/08 Babcock, Harry G. Census, Manhattan, NY. 1900. District 1; Sheet 3; ED 94; 9th Ward; June 2, 1900; 55 Barett St. Father Edward E. Babcock, age 42, born June, 1857, born NYC, Druggist parents born NY, Married 22 years ( 1878); mother Agnes A. Babcock, age 38 born July, 1861, born NY parents born Ireland; sons Edward E. Babcock age 20, born July, 1879, NY, Clothing Dealer; Harry G. Babcock age 17 born June, 1882, NY.
1027. 8/10/08 Harry Gilbert Babcock. Draft Reg. Order # 2743; 9/12/1918; 31-9-46-0; Medium Height; Medium weight; brown eyes and hair; lives at 868 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY; born June 16, 1882; Own Express and Trucking business at 2142 Broadway, NY, NY; wife Maybell Babcock.
1028. 6/3/13 Rubin Hacker. 1940 Census. Brooklyn, NY. age 36, born about 1904; married; 73 Bay 22 St; Sheet 11A; Composition printer; Rents at $40.00 month; 2nd year high school; income $1500.00 year; wife Bettie; age 30; son Robert age 11; Mabel Britton, mother in law age 54; SD 8; ED 24-1783 1; Mabel bookkeeper.
1029. 8/10/08 Agnes P. Babcock; Census 1910; Manhattan, NY, NY; Ward 12; District 1; sheet 10A; ED 704; April 23, 1910; 98 West 154 St.; Father Henry G., age 28 married 4 years, Agent for ?? Ex. Co.; wife Maybell age 25 married 4 years, housewife; daughter Agnes P. born NY, NY age 1 year 4 months.
1030. 4/18/13 Barry Swerdloff. US Public Rec. Index. 1991 & 1992; born 10/22/1939; 8 Whittier Dr., Manalapan, NJ 07726-3720 (1991); PO Box 312, Piscataway, NJ 08855-0312 (1991.)
1031. 3/15/99 All the info. re. Greensteins comes from Perry Dornstein.
1032. 4/16/99 Sylvia Friedman remembers going to Martin Schlam's Bar Mitzvah. She was just getting interested in boys. She like his friend Neil. (Note from Sylvia Friedman)
1033. 11/6/99Ellya Rogovin. Per research done by V. Charny from the Minsk Jewish birth records 1861 and 1866, yielded many Rogovins from the same area who are probably related. How? See the notes in the paper file "Rogovin".
1034. 4/19/99 Per Minsk archives, Jewish death records 1861, Feiga daughter of Ellya from Volozhin died 1/11/1861. Therefore Feiga born about 1811 and Ellya c. 1791. Record page 5, rec. 18. Died of "Vodyanka" (related to water). Perhaps CHF? Feiga Rogovin daughter of Ellya.
1035. 11/12/99 Teichman is from Tyszs, Tisch is German for table. Name found in Kolno, Siedke, Radzyn, Plonsk, Warsaw. (from Beider's "A dictionary of Jewish surnames from the Kingdom of Poland")
1036. 9/9/00 Per Gary Raush: Saw Celia & Leon at his BarMitzvah in 1968 prior to their moving to Arizona. Cecilia related to Gary's grandfather, Louis (cousin). Jacob and Ida Viuker, Born circa 1865 died circa 1934 came to usa about 1900 from Kovno, Lithuania. Children: Louis, Morris, Reuben, Jonas, Jennie Podel, Rose Berner, and Leah Greenberg. Louis (1891-1980). Gary thinks Celia daughter of Morris or Reuben.
1037. 5/16/01 Per information given to me by Gary Raush, Bay Shore, NY., on 9/8/2000. He is the Grandson of Louis Viuker.
1038. 5/16/07 Fanny Sternberg. Mt. Zion Cemetery. F-147B 17813; Folio 66; 1R; Society Sternberg KUV; 18 years old; buried 8/11/1901; burial # 812; range 1 grave 1; Map 284.
1039. 10/20/10 Sternberg, Samuel. Declaration of Intent. Supreme Ct. of NY County. #271776; M 551 41. sworn 2/2/1922. Arrived port of NY 7/25/1903; Galicia, Austria; wife Rose b. Russia; b. 3/20/1871; address 207 E. 100 St.; Furrier; USA from Breman, Germany on the Graf Waldersee.; age 50; dark; height 5’8”; weight 173; hair grey; eyes brown.
1040. 7/6/13 Samuel Sternberg. died 9/15/1931; buried 9/16/1931; Mount Moriah Cem. of NJ; Not sure if this is correct for our Samuel; info. from Mount Moriah; Grave 15; block 14; Section A; Plot 17; row 8; society Hudson County #1.
1041. 4/9/10 Glockner. Per Susan Rogers.
1042. 10/23/09 Sarah Farberman JewishGen Yizkor Book town Ruzhany; Belarus Book 126.
1043. 8/23/10 Note: Almost all Kirshner/Glockner info. via Susan Rogers.
1044. 9/18/01 Harris Farberman. Death Certificate. SS # 131.01.8195. 282 Vermont St. Brooklyn, NY. Lived NY 50 years. Widow. wife was Ida. died 8/11/1945. Current address 28 years. male, 79 years old. Bronchopneumonia. Cerebral Hemorrhage, generalized arteriosclerosis. Retired. Presser ladies garments. from Russia. father Shia Farberman, mother Sophie. Informant son Sam, 236 New Jersey Ave., Bklyn., NY. Buried 8/13/1945, Beth David Cem. Funeral director Gutterman’s. 2239 Church Ave. Cert. # 15925.
1045. 10/29/05 Louis Rogovin(Rogoff). SLC. Census 1910. Louis Rogoff age 40; tailor; born Russia married 22 years; wife Rebecca; age 44; homemaker; son Hyman age 19 single born NYC; daughter Rose age 17 born NYC; daughter Fannie age 15; born NYC; son William age 13 born NYC; son Max age 11 born NYC. Hyman was also a tailor.
1046. 9/21/01 Harris Farberman SS 131.01.8195. from death cert. #15925. lived 282 Vermont. NY 50 years. Widowed. Wife Ida. 79 years old. Retired Presser ladies garments. Born Russia. Citizen USA. Father Hhia Farberman. mother Sophie. witness Sam Farberman son. buried 8/13/1945 Beth David Cem. Funeral director Gutterman’s 2239 Church Ave. Sam’s address 236 New Jersey Ave. Bklyn, NY Bronchopneumonia. Cerebral Hemmorhage. Generalized arteriosclerosis. died at home. lived in home 28 years. died. 8/11/1945, 1PM.
1047. 5/14/01 All Uberstine info. from info. supplied by Susan Rogers.
1048. 11/1/05 Julius Rogoff. SLC. Census 1930. 4/25/1930. Bayonne, NJ. ED 9-198, district 7; page 17b; Julius age 42 married age 21, b. Russia, USA 1888, Representative clothing store; wife Jennie age 39 married at age 19, b. Russia, USA 1906; all children b. NJ; Nathan age 19 single clerk in hosiery shop; daughter Shirley age 17, asst. bookkeeper clothing store; daughter Sylvia age 13; son Sol age 9.
1049. 5/5/01 Per Susan Rogers, it appears that Trina Rogovin may have been the sister of Jospeh Rogovin. She married Lazar Meltzer. Etta was their daughter. Etta married Harris Itka Uberstine 1860-1954.
1050. 5/7/01 Per story told by Trina Meltzer to Susan Rogers: Trina Rogovin was well to do in Russia. She had her own horse and carriage. In the winter, she had a sleigh. She had her own driver.
1051. 4/7/13 Uberstine family info. from Find a Grave on line.
1052. 5/15/12 Glockner info. from current trees. Dora wife # 2 of A. Kirschner-Glockner.
1053. 5/14/01 Information from Susan Rogers re. Julius Rogoff and his family.
1054. 7/1/07 Nussdorf, Joseph. Marriage Cert. 14738, 14422; Brooklyn, NY; groom’s home 1 Sheridan Sq. age 26, single, Artist, born NYC parents Aaron Nussdorf and Celia Strasser. Winesses S. H. Weissmann and Harry Kauder. Rabbi Sigmund J. Rome, 766 Montgomery St. wife Janet P. Reisner, 1580 President St. age 24 single, born NYC father Frank mother Minnie Rosenfeld. Note: another Marriage Cert. dated 9/11/1933 #12739. different witnesses Eva Berger, Florence N. Schnur, states married 9/7/1933. Thomas F. Washer performed ceremony. Believe this civil marriage and then Jewish marriage. LDS roll 1684590
1055. Per Susan Rogers notes (5/7/01) Toby and her family did not come to USA.
1056. 5/13/12 Information re. Nathan Glockner & Cherla Uperstine from Marvin Glockner.
1057. 10/24/06 Rose Rogovin. NYC Brides Index. married 3/3/1934. cert. # 1728.
1058. 3/17/15 Louis Belitsky and family information from; 1930 and 1940 census; and address index 1995 for Joshua.
1059. 5/15/2012 Nathan Glockner. 1930 census. age 56; born about 1874; widow; immigrated 1905; Father-in-law of head of house; ward 18 block 16 W; ED 1-82; dist. 17; page 80A; not working; home of daughter Dora and Samuel Finn; Samuel machinist for Otis Elevator age 29; Dora home age 27, married age 21; USA 1910; Aleck age 25 salesman clothing store, single; Abraham age 18 single; Maurice age 16.
1060. 4/7/13 Uberstine family information e-mailed to me via Bob Jacobs. He has information on Findagrave and his tree, Jacobs, Uberstine and Lansdowne Roots and Tree on Ancestory.
1061. 5/17/01 Per Susan Rogers Hirschel, Mrs. Samuel Kirschner and son David did not come to USA.
1062. 5/7/01 Per Susan Rogers: Kirschners who came to USA became Glockners as that was the family they lived with.
1063. 3/24/13 Louis Uberstine etc. From Bob Jacobs. He was the nephew of Louis. Louis never married. Abe U. born 5/27/1898 in Vilna and died 5/1/1985 Tarzana, CA. Martried to Gussie Berkowitz and nephew to Harris. Abe son of Mayer Uberstine and Draishka Brenner. Ruth U. daughter of Abe. Abe at age 19 spent some time in a Reformatory in Ohio. Findagrave and Bob’s tree, “Jacobs, Uberstine and Lonsdowne.
1064. 10/29/05 Julius Rogoff. SLC. SSDI. born 10/4/1889; died 9/1975; Clifton, Passaic, NJ, SSN 138-07-8655
1065. 11/1/05 Julius Rogoff. SLC. Census 1920. Julius age 29 married; Jennie Wife, age 28; son Nathan age 8; daughter Sophia age 7.5; daughter Sylvia age 3 yrs. 7 months. Parents born Russia. Children born NJ. Julius tailor, USA 1893; Jenny USA 1906
1066. 11/1/05 William Rogoff. SLC. Census 1930. address 40 W. 19th St. Bayonne NJ. census taken 4/23/1930, ED 2-198, district 7; sheet 16A; William age 34 married age 24, b. NYC, Tailor; wife Bella; age 34 married age 24; born Austria/Hungary; son Leonard age 8 b. NJ; son Joseph age 7 b. NJ; daughter Rosaline b. NJ 8 months?.
1067. 10/29/05 William Rogoff. SSDI. born 3/4/1896. died Jan. 1975. Bayonne, NJ. SSN 136-32-4002.
1068. 10/29/05 Louis Rogoff. SLC. 1920 census. address 287 Ave. C, Bayonne, NJ. Louis age 50 gents tailor; Rebecca age 53 homemaker; age 23 William single gents tailor; Max age 20 single not working; Fannie age 21 single not working.
1069. 10/24/07 Rogoff, Bella. Fl. & SS Death Index. died 1/13/1990. Dade County, Fl. age 95 born 7/20/1894; SSN issued Bayonne, NJ #158-26-2775.
1070. 11/1/05 Hyman Rogoff. SLC. Census 1930. 4/7/1930. ED 9-205; district 7; sheet 8b; address 86 W. 26 St. Bayonne, NJ; tailor; age 40 b. NYC; married age 21; wife Fannie b. Russia age 40; says age of marriage 24 (not possible if 40); son Sol age 19 b. NJ, clerk W.E. Co, single; daughter Annie age 17 b. NJ, bookkeeper at lawyer’s; daughter Sophia age 13, b. NJ; daughter Blance age 11, b. NJ
1071. 11/18/06 Rogovin, Hyman. info. from Mount Hebron Cemetery.
1072. 11/1/05 Hyman Rogoff. SLC. Census 1920, Bayonne, NJ ED 10; address 86 West 20 St. apt. 89. Hyman age 29 married, b. NY, gents tailor; wife age 34, b. Russia USA 1907, Fannie; son Sollie age 8, b. NJ; daughter Annie, age 6, b NJ; daughter Sophie age 2 yrs. 3 mths., b NJ; daughter Blance age 8 months, b. NJ.
1073. 5/16/01 Per Robert B. Rogoff. Information of 1/23/2000.
1074. 1/12/11 Rogoff, Julius. E-mail from Suzy Anand Garfinkle. Mother Lorraine Harris Garfinkle; grandmother Sophie Rogoff Harris; greatgrands Jenny and Julius Rogoff. Her children, Claire; Joelle; Natalie.
1075. 10/20/09 Rogovin, Sylvia. per Sylvia Rogovin died 1996. buried 1996 Spring Hill Cemetery south, Hawley Court, Brooklyn, NY. Our Sylvia?? Will send for info. from cemetery and death cert.
1076. 8/3/13 Ernest Nussdorf. died 7/14/1934 per Mount Carmel Cem.
1077. 8/26/13 Ernest Nussdorf. death cert. #1367 borough of Richmond. home 554 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY; father born Austria Isadore Nussdorf; mother born USA Clara Bloom; Ernest born 10/1/1923; Heart failure complicating pericarditis & endocarditis; nephritis lasting 1 1/2 years. buried 7/15/1934 Mt. Carmel Cem.
1078. 10/20/06 Judit B. Nussdorf (maiden name Mayer) Conn. Marriage Index.. groom Ian Herschaft, Milford, New Haven, Ct. age 28. Judith age 30. married 9/26/1970, Milford, New Haven, Ct.
1079. 5/15/12 Kathryn Nussdorf. Education info. from Kathy via e-mail.
1080. 11/8/01 I. Nussdorf: Per SS death index: born 12/28/1964; died 6/22/2000; Jax. Beach, Fl; SS# 156.52.3739 issued NJ 1972; last res. 32250 Jax. Beach, Duval, Fl.
1081. 7/24/02 I. Scott Nussdorf. Per St. of Fl. Vit. Stats. could not find I. Scott Nussdorf in their death records for date given.
1082. 7/27/01 Per Burton Kahn: Larry Wolfson is a cousin of his on the Wolfson side. He believes his wife’s name might have been Adelaide and his mother Rose.
1083. 11/18/06 Cyril Wolfson. US WWII Army enlistment records. enlisted 7/26/1943. NYC. Private. 1 yr. college. born 1925, Brooklyn, NY; single; weight 146.
1084. 9/9/01 Lila Fuchs is Lillian Ann per Soc. Security change in record form. 10/5/01 Per SS Applications she is Lillian Annabell Kahn, 12/3/1936. 15510 Ocean Parkway; Bklyn, NY. born 9/15/1905. age 31. LeVine’s Dept. Store 5212 5th Ave. Bklyn. NY. born Russia Kiev; Katarinslav; parents Jacob Kahn and Celia Mi????.
1085. 7/27/01 Per Burton Kahn: Information about the Wolfsons. Larry was a good friend of Burts.
1086. 1/23/2012 Max Altschuler. Census 1920. Manhattan. age 31. b. 1889. Austria. home Manhattan Assembly District 4, NY. white male. USA 1913. Married to Ray, wife age 28, born NY. rent. son Murray age 2 1/2 born NY. Window Cleaner.
1087. 2/22/12 Max Altschuler. SSDI. Died Jan. 1981, Brooklyn, Kings, NY 11213; born 5/2/1888. SS# 069-26-8022.
1088. 1/23/2012 Max Altschuler. Census 1930. age 41. b. 1889 Austria. Brooklyn, NY. Wife Ray, age 37; sons Morris age 8 & Herbert age 12. USA 1912. Sons born in NYC. Wife born NYC
1089. 12/9/12 Altschuler, Rae (Rachel) Death Cert info: Cert. # 156-75-3126751; Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, NY; 10/10/1975, 9:20AM; age 84; female; Dr. Jay L. Falk; home 699 Crown St. Brooklyn; lived in NY 80 years; married to Max; born 2/25/1891; housewife; born Poland; parents Issrael Kimpel and Sarah; cemetery Mt. Lebanbon; Queens, NY ; 10/12/1975.
1090. 1/23/2012 Ray Altuschuler. SS death index. 053-38-7924. b. 2/22/1893. d. 10/1975. Last residence. 11213 Brooklyn, Kings, NY.
1091. 12/6/10 Samuel Sternberg. Dec. of Intentions. age 20; born 5/14/1896; Buckowina, Austria; lives at 104 2nd St. NYC; Came to USA via Rotterdam, Holland; vessel Ryndam; single; Port of NY 2/10/1913; Furrier.
1092. 11/16/01 Dale Nussdorf: Per Herbert Nussdorf: Dale lives in a state mental facility. His mental problems have caught up with him.
1093. 5/25/07 Nussdorf, Dale A. born 4/7/1954. from US Public records index. 5. Wesley Court Huntington, Suffolk, NY 11743.
1094. 1/6/06 Bernard Nussdorf family info. via Judith Nussdorf: Marni Sue Nussdorf married Jonathan Andrew Webb, DOB 8/10/1972; Glenn’s 1st marriage Paulette Satur no children; Genn’s kids Zachary age 12; Jacob age 10; Samuel age 8; Stephen’s children Danniele Nicole Nussdorf.
1095. 10/20/06 Glenn Nussdorf. several addresses per US Public Records Index 2006. 2382 E. Hacienda Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89119. 3038 N. Estrella Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85705. 3431 N. Mountain Ave. Tucson, Arizona 35719. 1466 E. Hedrick Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85719. (Lists Bernard here also.)
1096. 1/28/06 Glenn and Arlene Nussdorf information per mother Ruth Nussdorf.
1097. 10/9/04 Glenn Nussdorf. per internet: Chair/CEO, QK Healthcare, Inc. 102 employees, Medical products supplier. also, from Yahoo Finance: E Com Ventures, Inc. Beneficial Owner, NasdaqNM -ECMV
1098. 5/6/10 Per Honey Gorenberg. Charles remarried after Rachel died. The stepmother raised the children.
1099. 10/13/01 Per Sylvia Friedman, believes Harry Friedman was born in 1888 and came to Ellis Island in 1905 or 1906.
1100. 10 /15/07 Sambul, Leon family. Information from Deborah Sambul Chustckie.
1101. 10/31/05 Leon Sambul. SLC. SSDI. SSN 059-26-4765. born 11/12/1919. ddied 5/9/2001. last residence 11230 Brooklyn, NY. a Leon Sambol SSN 109-03-6689. last residence 10010 NY, NY born 6/4/1912. died 2/1986. Which is right one? will get death certs.
1102. 10/31/05 Leon Sambul. US Phone and Address Dir. SLC. 1404 E. 15 St. Brooklyn, NY 11230. phone 718-998-6978.
1103. Sambol, Leon. 10/15/06. Death Certificate 156-01-021547; NYC; died Tisch Hospital; 5/9/2001; 4:32PM; address 1404 E. 15 St., Brooklyn, NY 111230; Married Rachel Shmeltz; form 11/12/1919; age 81; SS 059-26-4765. Baker. Father Yaakov Sambul; mother Devora; burial 5/11/2001 Jerusalem, Israel, Eretz Hachaim cemetery.
1104. 6/18/02 Per e-mail from Alicia Nussdorf: Married to Stephen. Divorced in about 1978 from Hermine. Married Alicia 1991. Children: Aaron David, b. 7/3/95; Ethan Jared, B. 4/7/98, Jessica Barrie, B. 3/9/01, and one on the way. Bernard Nussdorf (father-in-law) died about 2 1/2 years ago. Glenn is married to Claudine and they have 3 children, Steve Mark married to Arlene Nussdorf and they have 3 children. all live in NY.
1105. 12/19/09 Aaron Nussdorf. Per internet Tennis Aaron freshman, Wheatly School. Class of 2013.
Tennis player.
1106. 3/27/10 Steven C. Mark. Wedding announcement NY Times 2/4/10. Wedding of Rebecca Lee Mark. daugher of Laurie B. Gelles and Steven C. Mark. married David Nicolas Bernfeld. Rebecca graduated from Wash. U. in St. Louis. She is Senior project manager at SMI Construction Man., her father is founder and CEO. Laurie Gelles retired as guidance counselor at Midwood High, Brooklyn. Now she is part time college counselor at the High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies in Manhattan. Bride stepdaughter of DR. Jeremiah M. Gelles and Arlene Nussdorf Mark. David son of Virginia Pepe and Lawrence D. Bernfeld. David, age 30, analyst at Elliott Associates, Manhattan. He analyzes distressed companies. Graduated from Haverford College and MBA from Columbia. His mother principal of Public School 163 Manhattan. Father partner in the Manhattan law firm Graubard Miller.
1107. 1/2/02 Rod Hacker not married to mother of child per Jean Hacker.
1108. 11/8/01 Per Paul Nussdorf: His grandfather was Max (Mendel) Nussdorf. He is not sure of g grandfather, but was told he was here in US and then went back to Galicia.
1109. 12/20/01 Max Nussdorf: Death Cert. #156 74 404816. died 4/3/1974 age 85. Peninsula Gen. Hosp. Queens. Residence 720 E. 31 St., Brooklyn, NY for 50 years. Married to Julia Wolfberg. Born 9/15/1888. Owner Ladies Garment Man. SS#064-26-1528. Born Austria. Father Thruber?, Mother Siym?. Information given by Harried Bandel Daughter 15 W. 72 St. NYC. Cemetery Montefiore Cem. Laurelton, NY 4/4/1974.
1110. 1/1/02 e-mail from Dr. Raphael Theodore Nussdorf. (See Nussdorf file for details.)
1111. 10/22/06 Syma Chuma Wirth Nussdorf. according to LDS Family search IGI Pedigree chart, name Sefine Triet??
1112. 5/14/02 Jewish Index.-Poland town, Mosciska; Births 1882-96: Aron Szloma, born 1883, male to Hersz Gerber from Radenice and Sime Nussdorf from Radenice; Sara born 1884 female, to Todros Nussdorf from Krukiencie and Sime Wirth from Krukienice; Chaje Liebe born 1887 female to Lazer Nussdorf from Lipniki and Matel Blazer from Lipniki-Grodek-Jagiellonski. Mendel Nussdorf born 1887 male to Todres Nussdorf and Sime Wirth; Jakob Nussdorf born 1888 male to Hersch Nussdorf from Buchowice mother Blume Riwe Berg from Buchowice; Chaim Dawid Gerber, male born 1889 to Gersch Gerber from Radenice and Sime Nussdorf; Perl Nussdorf born 1890 female father Todros Nussdorf and Sime Wirth; Markus born 1891 male to Hersz Gerber and Sima Nussdorf; Rifka Nussdorf born 1892 female father Hersch Nussdorf and Sara Mambor, Buchowice; Abraham Isaak born 1893 male to Tobias Nussdorf and Sime Wirth; stillborn male born 1894 to Hersch Nussdorf and Sarah Mamber; Henie born 1895 female father Hersch Nussdorf and Sara Mamber, Hankowice.
10/28/09 Jacob Nussdorf. SLC. Hamburg passenger lists. Jacob Nussdor born ca 1880. Left Hamburg 11/26/1904. Same Jacob??
1113. 1/2/02 Max (Mendel) Nussdorf: Per Ellis Island on-line: arrived US Port of NY 6/4/1909. age 22, born 1887. Austria, Hebrew. Town Sanbor. Male, single. Ship Pres. Lincoln out of Cuxhaven, Hamburg, Germany. Page 1202, Line 0030.
10/29/09 Mendel Nussdorf. SLC. Hamburg Pass. lists. born 1887. left hamburg 5/23/1909.
1114. 7/12/07 Nussdorf, Max. marriage cert. #22367; married 12/31/1917 @ Municipal Building; by Deputy Cityh Clerk M. J. Cryer(?); 129 E. 30 St.; witness T. L. Waterman; Max 190 Ludlow St. Manhattan; age 29; single; Designer; born Prezemyl, Austria; father Theodore mother Selma Wirth; bride Julia Wolfberg 190 Ludlow St. age 24; single born NYC; parents Isidor and Pauline Newman.
1115. 11/01 Max Nussdorf per Paul Nussdorf: buried in Sombra plot Montefiore Cem.
1116. 8/4/13. Julia and Max Nussdorf Buried Montefiore Cem; Max died 3/11/1979; age 86; gate 217/nw Block 79 rom 012R graves 1 & 2; Julia died 3/4/1974; Porgressive Samborer Young Men Ben.
1117. 10 /20/06. Max Nussdorf. WWII Draft card reg. # 3245. address 1802 Ocean parkway, Brooklyn, Kings, NY. age 52. born 9/15/1890. Austria. phone Dewey 9 7975. Wife Julia Nussdorf same address. Self employed Bern’s Coat 6 @ 500 7 Ave. NYC. NY
1118. 12/20/01 Max Nussdorf Death Cert. #156 74 404816. died 4/3/1974. age 85. Peninsula Gen. Hosp. Queens, NYRes. Bklyn, NY 720 E. 31 St. for 50 years. Married to Julis Wolfberg. born 9/15/1888. Owner Ladies Garments Man. SS#064-26-1528. Born Austria. Father Thruber? mother Siyma? information given by Harriet Bendel, Daughter, 15 W. 72 St. NYC. Cemetery Montefiore, Laurelton, NY 4/4/1974.
1119. 1/14/02 Julia Wolfberg Nussdorf. Death Cert. 156-79-209944: Died Bronx, NY; Calvary Hospital; 11/3/79; Female; age 87; res. 200 W. 79 St. NYC; Housewife; SS# 064-26-1528 D. Father Isidore Wolfberg; mother Pauline Unknown; informant daughter Harriet Bandel; 200 W. 79 St. NYC, NY; Montefiore Cem; Springfield Gardens, NY 11/4/1979. widow. B 2/12/1895.
1120. 10/24/06 Max Nussdorf., NYC Grooms Index. married Dec. 31 or 17, 1918 Manhattan. Cert. # 22367
1121. 7/18/02 Weissmann family: Information faxed to me by Hilda Weissmann. See files.
1122. 10/8/04 Samuel H. Weissmann and family. 1930 Census. Brooklyn, NY, Roll 1516, ED 643, Image 855.0. 544 E. 2 St. NYC, Samuel age 45 married age 33, born Hungary USA 1890; wife Pauline, born Poland (maiden name Nussdorf) age 36 married age 24, children: Edwin, male, age 11, born NYC; Theodore, age 6, male, born NYC; and Benjamin age 5, male born NYC. Samuel worked at the Office of the Supreme Court, NYC.
1123. 10/8/04 Pauline Nussdorf. Census 1910. age 18, born 1891, address 12-WD, Manhattan, NYC, NY, Series, T624; Roll 1023; Part 1; Page 20A; 1910 year.
1124. 10/10/04Perl Nussdorf. Per JRI Poland, Mosciska PSA AGAD births 1882-1896 Perl born 1890.
1125. 5/24/07 Nussdorf, Pauline. 1910 census. Manhattan Ward 12, NY, NY. 44 W. 114 St NYC. ED 571 Sheet 3A taken 4/16/1910. Pauline cousin of household. 18 single from Galicia. USW 1902 speaks English. Saleslady Dry goods store. Rest of household: Fabian Randel age 39 Galicia, US 1888, Commercial ??? Liquor Store. Wife Rose age 38, US 1888, Galicia. daughter Isabelle E. age 16 born NY. Son Henry Age 14 born NY. Jennie Bomermald mother of Rose, age 72 widow, Galicia. Annie Luchowlas?? 19 single, servant, born Galicia.
1126. 1/2/02 Pauline Nussdorf Weissmann: Per ss Death Index: born 6/3/1893; died Aug. 1982; NY; SS#131.20.7246, issued NY; last res. 11214 Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Death Cert: #156-82-312604. died 8/22/1982. female 89 years old. born 6/3/1893. res. 3601 Surf Ave. Widow. Informant Ben Weissmann, son. 288 Bay 38 St. Brooklyn, NY. cem. Cedar Park, Paramus, NJ; 8/23/1982. died at Maimonides Med.Center, Brooklyn, NY. Per Hilda Weissmann, this information is incorrect. Correct info. faxed to me by Hilda 7/18/02.
1127. 7/18/02 Weissmann was originally spelled Weiszmann, per Hilda Weissmann. Ben was called Bobby only by immediate family and 1st cousins as a child. Edwin Weissmann never married. At age 6 Edwin was operated on for a brain tumor. Hel lived until 1970 but was at Kings Park State Hospital due to major emotional and physical problems.
1128. 7/23/02 Samuel Weissmann. SS death index. born 2/3/1885; died 4/7/1964 Georgia, SS # 079-20-3772; issued NY. Fulton County; cert. #008795.
1129. 7/11/01 Pauline Nussdorf and Samuel Weissman married 12/19/1917 per e-mail from Esther Feinstein Sackheim, who got the info. from Marilyn Feingold who is doing a search for people from Tulchin. 10/2/02 Pauline Nussdorf: Marriage cert.: #4938, Cert. 6532. Pauline address: 900 Rogers Pl. Bronx, NY; 24 years old; white; single; from Austria; father Theodore; mother Selma Wirth. Sam address, etc: 131 Edgecomb Ave; age 32; white; single; clerk; Hungary; father Benjamin mother Evelyn (?) Rosenblatt; married Sinai Temple Bronx, NY; Rabbi Morris Schrager. Witnesses Sally Josephson and Bernard I. Bormerwald.
1130. 11/8/01 Frances Nussdorf: Per Paul Nussdorf. had 3 children.
1131. 10/26/1998 Frances Nussdorf: LDS 1403914. Arrived US Port of NY 6/4/01; Frimce; on SS Friesland out of Antwerp. Female, age 19. Servant. Galicia, Imigrad. going to Uncle W. Berkenwald, 270 Houston St. The Friesland did not arrive on this date. It did arrive on 7/28/01, 1403964, but she was not there. Numbers on card: 1 2 350. Note: Aron Nussdorf arrived on 4/5/1902 coming to Uncle Wolf Beberwald, NYC. Believe Berkenwald and Beberwald same person.
1132. 10/22/06 Frymage (Frances) Nussdorf and Moris Eisner. LDS pedigree chart. family search. married 8/26/1905. NYC.
1133. 10/20/06 Eisner, Morris. WWI Draft reg, card. Elizabeth, NJ. Roll 1712098 draft board 2. age 39. medium height and build. brown eyes and black hair. taken 9/12/1916. tailor for S & S Co. 252 Broadway, Eliz., NJ. wife Frances. 11 3rd Place, Eliz. NJ
1134. 10/22/06 Frances Nussdorf Eisner. 1920. census. Eliz. NJ. Nat. 1911. Morris Nat. 1900. Galicia. Tailor. Frances housewife. Emanuel son age 13 born NJ. son Herbert age 11 born NJ. son Wilfred age 8 born NJ. daughter Helen age 6 NJ. taken 1/17/1920 District 74. 4th ward. sheet 17A.
1135. 10/22/06 Frances Nussdorf Eisner and family. census 1930. taken 4/12/1930. sheet 14A. ED 30-31. district 8?. address 449 Elizabeth Av. Frances age 46 married age 23. from poland. Morris pays rent $45.00 month. age 48 married 23 years. from poland. son Emanuel age 22 single. son Herbert age 19 single. daughter Helen age 16. all born in NJ. nat. Frances housewife nat. 1909. Morris nat. 1906. Tailor owns store. Emanuel clerk office. Herbert laborer factory. Helen clerk office.
1136. 7/12/07 Frymaze Nussdorf marriage cert. #17789; married August 20, 1905; Manhattan; witnesses Morris Kissel and Joe Pflanzer; performing ceremony S. Langner; groom Morris Eisner 202 E. 2 St.; Elizabeth, NJ; 26 years ole; single; born Galicia Austria; parents Moses Aaron Eisner and Hannah Kleid; bride Frymaze 187 E. Houston St. NY age 23 single; born Galicia Austria Parents Todres and Syma Wirth.
1137. 11/8/01 Aaron Nussdorf: Per ss death index born 2/21/1896; died 3/1982; last address 33162, Miami, Dade, Fl. SS # 168-28-3409, NY. Note: Son born in 1907, per his death cert (Joseph) will get his birth cert. Note: Immigration states arrived 4/5/1902 and was 24 at that time. Not same Aaron. Do not know death date of this Aaron.
1138. 10/2/02 Aaron Nussdorf: Per Mt. Hebron Cemetery: Died age 80 11/8/1957, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC; buried 11/10/57, Adolph Ullman Aid Soc.; Block 2, Ref. 1, Sec. B, Lot ? Line E, Grave, 41, facing 72. #118263.
1139. 8/3/13 Aaron Nussdorf. died 11/8/1957; Mount Hebron Cem. Adolph Ullman Aid Society. Celia Nussdorf died 3/16/1965. same society and cemetery.
1140. 11/2/05 Nussdorf, Joseph SLC Census 1920. Aaron, Celia & Joseph. Manhattan. District 1; ED 600; sheet 1A. Aaron 42, USA 1902; Married, Austria; Store (can’t read what type);wife Celia age 35 USA 1902; Austria; son Joseph 12 age, b. 1908; b. NYC. daughter Florence age 9. Ruth age 6. both born NYC. (amended 10/20/06) rent there home. Aaron can read and write. image 251.
1141. 5/26/11 Aron Nussdorf. Per Hamburg Pass. list occupation (Schneider)= Tailor
1142. 2/9/02 Joseph Nussdorf. Birth Cert. #31286. Born 6/14/1907. named “Joe”. 95 # 1 St. NYC, NY. father Aron Nussdorf, Peddler, age 29, born Austria. Mother Celia Strasser Nussdorf age 27. 1 previous child.
1143. 10/2/02 Celia Nussdorf: Per Mt. Hebron Cem.: 80 years old when died. That would mean born in 1885, not 1880. Which year???
1144. 10/2/02 Celia Nussdorf, per Mt. Hebron Cem.: died 3/26/1965 at Henorah Home, NYC; buried 3/28/1965 Mt. Hebron Cem. Flushing, NY; Block 2, Ref. 1; Sec. B, Line E; Grave 40; facing 72. #140554.
1145. 10/24/06 Aaron Nussdorf. NYC grooms index. 10/28 or 17 1918 Manhattan Cert #2926.
1146. Nussdorf, Adolph I. 10/19/2006. SS death index. born 1/24/1893. died Dec. 1971. Brooklyn, NY 11230. SSN 057-05-4790. issued NY. 10/20/06 NY County Supreme Court Nat. Petition. date 6/30/1920. Adolf. address 216 E. 48 St. Vol. 414 page 108. WWI draft reg. Adolf. short. slender. brown hair. brown eyes. “leak on his feet”. 6/5/1917. Reg. #133. 216 E48 St. NYC. born 6/24/1893. intention declared. from Galicia Austria. waiter. at 43 St. and Broadway. single. opposed to military service. 1930 US Census. Brooklyn, NY. age 33 born Poland 1897. wife Rose age 24. WWII draft Reg. card. #1656. address 1201 Ave. K, Brooklyn, NY. age 46. born Moschiska, Austria. 1/24/1896. employer Kaplan & Lewis, 525 Sweet Ave. (?), NYC. Date not on card.
1147. 11/8/01 Adolf Nussdorf: per ss death index: born 1/24/1893; died 12/1971; SS #057.05.4790 issued NY; last res. 11230 Brooklyn. NY
1148. 1/1/02 Adolf Nussdorf, per son Theodore: apprenticed at age 12 in Lemberg to a oculist. Arrived in US just prior to WWI. Served in WWI Army. Died in Tel Aviv on a visit 12/1971 age 78. Buried there near a cousion who he had missed visiting by several days. 9/30/01 Adolf Nussdorf: Per Ellis Island on -line arrived USA Port of NY 7/26/1913; Austria, Niklowice, Hebrew. 19 years old, born 1894. Male, Single. Ship Kaiserin Auguste Victoria out of Hamburg.
1149. 11/2/05 Nussdorf, Adolf. SLC, WWI Reg. card. 216 E. 48 NYC. Born 1/24/1893. age 24, Short, Slender, brown hair & eyes, from Galicia Austria, Waiter at 43 St. and Broadway. single. done 6/5/1917.
1150. 11/8/01 Rose Nussdorf. Per SS death Index: born 3/15/1906; died July, 1986; SS# 074-32-5516 issued NY; last Res. 11230, Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Death Cert: 156-86-310673. died 7/9/1986. Brooklyn Meth. Hosp. address 1075 Ocean Parkway, NY, NY, Kings County. born 3/15/1906; Poland; age 80. father Abraham Isaac Rudolf, Mother Anna Weidman. Daughter Sheila Cohen. 4865 Faircourt Drive, W. Bloomfield, Mich. buried 7/10/1986 Beth Israel Cem.; Woodbridge, NY. SS# 074-32-5516 Housewife. widow.
1151. 5/13/02 Per Beth Israel Cem., Woodbridge, NY Rose Nussdorf, Block 9, Row M, #10, First Haliciet Ben. Assoc. 7/9/1986 died.
1152. 10/24/06 Adolph Nussdorf. NYC Grooms Index. married 6/8/1929. Manhattan. Cert. #15611.
1153. 7/12/07. Nussdorf, Adolph. marriage cert. #15611; married 6/8/1929 @ Broadway Central, Broadway and Bond St.; Rabbi Sigmund J. Rowe(?); witnesses Pauline A. Weismann and Samuel Weismann; Adolph 229 E. 2 StManhattan; age 32 single; salesman; born Austria; parents Theodore and Syma; wife Rose Rudolph 304 E. 3 St. Manhattan; age 23; single; born Austria; parents Abraham and Ann Weidman. LDS roll 1653832.
1154. 12/8/01 Seymour Nussdorf death Cert: #156-83-400737; died Peninsula General Hosp. Queens, NY; 1/18/1983. age 63. res. 361 Island Ave, Woodmere, Nassau County, NY. born 3/23/1919, NY. Salesman uniforms. widow. Son informant Paul Nussdorf same address. Buried New Monefiore, Farmingdale, NJ, 1/19/1983. Div. 2; Block 2; Row 2; Grave 33; sec. N-A; Field of David.
1155. 3/19/02 Seymour Nussdorf. Birth Cert. #3902; Born 3/23/1919; mother Julia Wolfberg Nussdorf; father Max Nussdorf; 1555 Minford Place; NYC; father designer born Austria; mother age 24 born US; first child. father 30.
1156. 11/8/01 Seymour Nussdorf: per SS death index: born 3/23/1919; died Jan. 1983, NY. SS# 083-10-0320, issued NY; last res. 11559, Lawrence, Nassau, NY.
1157. 3/6/02 Anita Nussdorf: Death Cert. #156-81-412096; Died Queens, NY; Jamaica Hosp; 9/27/1981 11:30PM; age 64; born 3/1923; Nurse; SS#140-16-5618; born NJ; Father Abraham Follender; Mother Anna Weinstein; Husband Seymour Nussdorf; 361 Island Ave. Woodmere, Long Isl., NY; buried New Montefiore; Farmingdale, LI, NY; Oct. 1, 1981.
1158. 10/11/04 Anita Nussdorf. SSDI. SSN 140-16-4518 issued NJ; born 1/13/1923 died 9/1981 11598 Woodmere, Nassau, NY
1159. 11/27/10 Anita Nussdorf. Montefiore Cem. database. died 927/1981; age 58; Div. 2; Block 2; Row 2; Grave 32; Field of David.
1160. 10/20/06 Paul D. Nussdorf. US Public Records Index 2006. born 1950. age 56. 25 Franklin Blvd. 20, Long Beach, Nassau, NY 11561. phone 516-431-1644.
1161. 10/20/06 Mark C. Nussdorf. US Public Records Indexd 2006. born 11/30/1946. age 59. wife Dawn C. born 1959. age 57. 7 Audrey Ave. Tyngsboro, Middlesex, Mass. 01879.
1162. 5/28/11 Mark C. Nussdorf. SSDI. SS# 052-38-7566; last res. 01852 Lowell, Middlesex, Mass; born 11/30/1946; died 5/24/2010.
1163. 10/11/12 1940 Census, Nussdorf, Max age 51; born about 1889; male white born Austria; married; 1802 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY; Naturalized; sheet 1B; wife Julia age 43; son Seymour age 21; daughter age 12, Harriet. wife, children born NYC; Max born Austria; makes cloaks and suits; Ward 16; block F; SD 8; ED 24 1837; done 4/2/1940.
1164. 6/20/11 Bandel, Murray. Census 1930; father Harry N.; mother Lena; Harry age 42 mother age 38; Murray age 3 yrs. 2 months; brother David age 16; ED 31-10967; district 24; page 1B; NYC, NY; West 176 St. #500; Lena born NYC; Harry born Germany; Harry USA 1910; owner auto repair; David age 16 clerk silk house; Kustan?? age 13 born NYC.; block K; district 29; ED 24-?
1165. 6/20/11 Bandel, Murray. SSDI; SSN 091-10-2908; 11375 Flushing, Queens, NY; born 9/13/1916. SSN NY before 1951.
1166. 1/1/02 Theodore Nussdorf: He has been to town of Nussdorf, near Vienna, Austria. Known for its filbert nut trees and the Nussbaumer Winery. It was in the Soviet Sector after WWI which is probably why there are few English speaking people in Nussdorf. There is a street Car named Nussdorf that you can take from the Ringstrasse in Vienna to the end of the line, Nussdorf.
1167. 11/20/12 Dr. Raphael Theodore Nussdorf current office address 23016 Lake Forest Drive, A404; Laguna Hills, Ca, 92653-1324; phone 949-461-9781; fax 949-581-1185.
1168. 10/29/06 Inez Rhoda Nussdorf. US Public Records Index. age 77. several addresses: 9757 Friendly Woods Lane, Whittier, CA. 90605. phone 562.693.3248. 3034 Ledgebrook Ct., Louisville Kentucky,40241 phone 502-326-5695. born 5/3/1929.
1169. 10/11/12 Rhoda Nusdorf. Nat. # 7779714; 415 E. 87 St. NYC, NY; born 3/3/1929; Pet. # 683305; Alien Reg. # 683305.
1170. 10/11/12 Inex Rhoda Burnstein Nussdorf. also listed as divorced in Cal. 10/21/1980. #9247; state file # 100468.
1171. 3/30/07 Sheila Nussdorf Cohen. died 2/2007 per Hilda and Ben Weissmann.
1172. 12/20/01. Joseph Nussdorf death Cert: #156-69-106915. died 331 W. 22 St. NYC, age 61, 4/24/1969. fatty liver, Ethanolism. School Teacher. legal separation from Janet Reisner. born NY 6/14/1907. Father AAron. mother Celia. Informant sister Ruth Densky. 94-01 64 Rd. Forest Hills, NY. buried Mt. Hebron Cem., Flushing, NY, 4/28/1969. Nesvizh Plot.
1173. 10/2/02 Joseph Nussdorf, info. per Mt. Hebron Cem: information from Dr. Lawrence Bizer, 362 Birch Lane, Irvington, NY 10533; #00152279-6; Block 66, Ref. 1, Sec. A-D, Grave 0001; Line 1, Grave 15, Bur. 0001; Prog. Brethren Neshivis Society; facing 51-67.
1174. 8/24/02 Joseph Nussdorf. Per Ben Weissmann, Aaron’s son Joe, was a noted magazine cover illustrator, Redbook, Etc. in the 1930’s etc. He was paid as much as $10,000. per cover.
1175. 1/18/02 Janet Reisner Nussdorf: SSDI: SSN 117-30-6001; B 7/10/1909; Died 1/1/2000; res. 92108 San Diego, San Diego, CA; issued NY 1955 and 1956.
1176. 10/23/07 Reisner, Minnie and Janet. 1930 Census. Brooklyn. 4/11/1930. ED 24-737. distrect 30. sheet 19A. 383 Union St. age 42 born ca 1888 Romania. US 1905. operator underwear factory. Janet. age 20 single born NY clerk knit goods.
1177. 3/22/02 Janet Reisner Nussdorf: Death Cert. # 3 200037 000082; born 7/10/1908, NY, SS# 177-30-6001; Divorced; 17 years school; retired teacher; NYC School district; Daughter Linda Bizer; 362 Birch Lane Irvington, NY 100533; father Frank Reisner (Risner?), mother Minnie ?; died 1/1/2000; address in SanDiego 4075 54 St, 92105; died at Jacob Health Care Center 4075 54 St; San Diego, Calif; CHF, CAD; buried 1/3/2000 Sharon Gardens Cem, 500 Lakeview Ave., Mount Pleasant, NY 10595.
1178. 12/16/09 Janet Reisner. Obituary NY Times. 1/5/2000. Age 91. Educator, painter, writer. Daughter and son-in-law Dr. Lawrence and Linda Nussdor Bizer; grandchildren Marc; David; and Karen Bizer Leder; great grandchildren Justin and Daniel Leder.
1179. 10/20/07 Nussdorf, Janet Reisner. obit. NYTimes9/30/2006.
1180. 1/4/02 Ruth and Florence Nussdorf were childless per Dr. R. T. Nussdorf.
1181. 5/11/10 Ruth Demsky. Death Index. SS# 057-03-8371. died Miami, Florida. 8/17/1993. Born 2/12/1913. age 80.
1182. 6/7/10 Ruth Nussdorf Demsky. St. of Fl. Death Cert.; File 014494; #93 101109; 2/12/1913 born NYC, NY; died Miami Beach, Mt. Sinai Hospital; 8/17/1993; age 80; widow; housewife; 101 Lincoln Road #5, Miami Beach; informant Myrna Zimmerman 13924 SW 106 Terr, Miami, Fl. 33186; Creamation Creamtion Systems of Fl; Ft. Lauderdale, Fl; Funeral home Rubin-Zilbert Memorial Chapel 1701 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, Fl.33139; SSN 057-03-8371.
1183. 10/23/07 Bizer, Lawrence S. US Public Records Index. Lawrence born 7/1935. address 1240 Park Ave. NY NY 10128. phone 212.876.8587. Linda S. Bizer born 1937.
1184. 5/28/11 Linda Nussdorf. US school yearbooks. U. of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich. year 1956; “The Michiganensian” picture on-line.
1185. 10/23/2007. Marc Bizer. NY Times wedding announcement. 6/19/2005. married at NY Academy of Sciences in NYC. Rabbi Yael B. Ridberg. bride recently editor of Web site for Bloomberg financial media NY. will begin work toward master’s degree in Social Work at U of Texas at Austin. graduated summa cum laude from Temple U. daughter of Rita Verbin of Phil and the late Mordechai Verbin. mother Hebrew teach at Perelman Jewish Day School, Wynnewood, PA. father was a prof. of Jewish history at Dropsie College in Phil. Marc age 45, associate prof. French at U. Texas. graduated magna cum laude Brown U., master’s French Lit. from Sorbonne. doctorate in romance languages and lit. from Princeton. mother business consultan Irvington, NY. Michael previous marriage divorce.
1186. 10/20/06 Jonathan D. Nussdorf. US Public Records Index 2006. age 48, born 9/3/1958. address 8812 Bellegrove Pl., New Orleans, Louisian 70123, phone 504-739-9151. also shows address as 5511 Apache Rd. Louisville, Kentucky, 40207.
1187. 10/9/04 J.D. Nussdorf. internet. home page. Glaucoma management & consultation; cataract and lens implantation; trains glaucoma fellow & opthalmology residents in the LSU-Ochsner program. Address Ochsner Clinic 1514 Jefferson Highway; New Orleans, LA 70121. wrote book: Glaucoma in the New Millennium.
1188. 8/12/07 Jonathan Nussdorf. Ophthalmologist, Louisville, KY and Columbus, Indiana. University School of Med.
11/20/12 office address 1516 Jefferson Hwy., New Orleans, La 70121; phone 504-842-3000.
1189. 10/20/06 Aaron Nolan Nussdorf. 10/20/06 Kentucky Birth Index. Reg. date 8/1991. Vol. # 106. Cert. # 52732. Born 12/27/1990. mother Mary L. McCormick.
1190. 1/2/02 Allan Louis Wirth: per father choose gr. grandmother’s maiden name as his last name.
1191. Allan Louis Wirth. 9/6/15. From Obituary, Whittier DAily News. age 49. Died suddenly. Sunday 7/4/2010. brother Jonathan D. Nussdorf, sister in law Mary L. McCormick; niece Laura M. Nussdorf; nephew Aaron N. Nussdorf. graduated UC Berkley 1983; studied Western Philospophy; MS Education; MBA 199 in finance. Taught for 19 years in Oakland; love baseball.
1192. 10/14/06 Per Hilda Weissmann: Alyse Cohen Nathan gave birth to Henry Jacob Nathan 4/8/2006. weight 8 lb. 7 oz.
1193. 4/8/06 Information provided to me from Hilda and Ben Weissman.
1194. 7/14/02 Theodore Weissman. SS death index. #103.12/7858 issued NY; born 8/23/1923; died 10/2/1999, Madison, New Haven, Conn.
1195. 3/7/02 Andrew Paryzer info. per Grandmother Matilda Nussdorf Schrier.
1196. 10/23/07 Reisner, Frank. WWI Draft card. Serial # 1519, #2815; 65 1st NYC. age 36 born 3/6/1883. wife Minnie. medium height, medium weight, brown eyes. done 1919. occupation: U S Railroad? Youngstown, Ohio.
1197. 5/14/02 From Jewish Records Indexing-Poland-Births 1870-76, 86-92: Fischel Nussdorf, born 1887, male, Grodek, Galacia, father Leiser mother Mattel Blaser. Deaths 1877-90 Fischel Nussdorf, 1888, father Luser mother Mattel Blaser.
1198. 5/14/02 Jewish Records indexing-Poland, town Grodek, Galicia: deaths: Meir Arner died 1884, 17yrs old (born 1867); father Jossel Arner, mother Malke Nussdorf. Believe Malke born circa 1847 and daughter of David & Anna Nussdorf.
1199. 5/14/02 is Perl Nussdorf the same as Pauline Nussdorf? Yes, it is. 7/18/02
1200. 5/14/02 Hersh Nussdorf and Blume Riwe Berg Nussdorf. Not sure he is son of Abraham Nussdorf.
1201. 10/10/09 Sara Mambor Nussdorf. Mosicka PSA AGAD births 1882-1896 birth of Rifka 1892 father Hersch. stillborn son born 1894.
1202. 5/14/02 Not sure if Hersh Gerber and Sime Nussdorf if she is daughter of Abraham Nussdorf.
1203. 5/14/02 Gerber: Per Anna Strouse Boiman: Her mother in law is Helen Gerber. Helen had a brother Michael who went to Argentina after WWII. The rest of her family died. She also had a sister. Her mother was Hannah Nussdorf and her father was Svi Gerber. (Note: prior Gerber/Nussdorf marriage). If her mother is 80 then born 1922. Hannah born circa 1900?? (and Svi) Is Svi one of Hersh Gerber’s son’s children? Svi was a dairy farmer in Mostiska.
1204. 12/19/09 Adam Nussdorf. Per internet. Adam is professor at the Lost U. Recently promoted to the head of the Dept. of Media Studies and Online Education. Designed to educate and enhance viewer appreciation of “Lost” in preparation of season 6.
1205. 12/19/09 Benjamin Nussdorf. NY Times Wedding column, 1/9/2009. Married Inna Dexter daughter of Marina and Igor Dextor of Langhorne, Pa. married Sat. 1/3/09., Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wohlberg officated at the Mandarin Oriental, Wash. DC.
1206. 10/12/06 Benjamin Weissman family. Information from completed Family group forms submitted by Hilda Weissman.
1207. 5/9/09 Goldberg, Elise Rose. Per information from Hilda Weissmann.
1208. 5/9/09 Goldberg, Evan Jay. Per information from Hilda Weissmann.
1209. 9/27/02 Ben. Rubel: information from R. Rubel.
1210. 9/10/02 Harry and Mary Sternberg: Information from internet. Harry world famous artist. See articles in files. Youngest of eight children born to Simon and his third wife Rosalia. Simon dealt in fur pieces. Harry was a sickly child, treated for TB and trachoma before he was six.
1211. 7/5/13 Marriage Cert. Harry Sternberg & Mary Elizabeth Gosney. Pinellas County, Fl; 10/9/1939; Clearwater, Fl. Witness Marie R. McHenry & Mary E. Ragland; Marriage book 19; page 114; CJ #9727; #21913.
1212. 5/17/04 Birth announcement re. birth twins Evan Michael and Logan Matthew, born 4/17/04, parents Ryan and Dana Rubenstein.
1213. Jake Frazer and other Frazer family. Information from G. mother Candy Berman Block Pigott. 6/15/04
1214. 9/30/04 Samuel Weissmann. Per 1900 NY Census. Samuel Weissmann had 3 children, Benjamin and two siblings who died. His wife died early in 1900.
1215. 10/4/04 Minnie Sternberg. Born 6/5/1902; #22552; 626 -28 E. 6 St.; Father Simon age 53 born Austria, Furrier; Mother Rosie Brand age 33 born Austria; 2 previous children 1 living.
1216. 10/13/09 Leiser Nussdorf family. Information given to me by Linda Zeff, London. Leiser was her great grandfather.
5/26/11. Leiser came to USA, NYC; 1927; born 1863. Visit? How is this possible when he died in 1927?? another Leiser?
1217. 11/4/10 Nussdorf information sent to me from Linda Zeff. bb
1218. 10/13/09 Malke Seaman Nussdorf. Confusion re death per Linda Zeff. A Malke died in 1899 age 32. Which is correct?
1219. 10/10/04 Lea Seeman. JRI Poland records. Boryslaw PSA AGAD B1878-86, 88,89,94-98, D1878-99. Died 1901, 11 years old. born 1890, Niemcy, Lwow. Father Luzer Nussdorf mother Malke Seeman.
1220. 10/10/04 Josef Leib Nussdorf. From JRI Poland, Drohobycz PSA AGAD B 1877-1901 M 1877-81, 84-91, 93-97, 99-1901 D 1852-96, 98-1901, father Leiser Nussdorfer, mother Malke Seeman.
1221. 12/22/09 Josef Nussdorf. SLC research 10/2009. Marriages in April, May and June 1908. London C. 1c. 57 11/23/11 Volume 1C; page 57 married one of the following: Theresa Dyman or Louisa Elizabeth Warne.
1222. 10/15/14 Josef Nussdorf. Information sent to me from Linda Zeff, England. Joseph Married Theres Dymand in April, May or June, 1908, London City, London, Volume 1C; page 57; line 230.
1223. 11/8/14 Mrs. Nussdorf-Dymand. Passenger lists. 1920. born 1885. age 35. Going to NY. Ship Noordam. Furrier.
1224. 10/10/04 Mordko Monn and Baruch. Sambor PSA AGAD births 1862-98. JRI Poland. Baruch born 1883 in Sambor. father Mordko Mann from Wieckowice mother Henie Nussdorf from Chankowice. Rifka born 1887. Abraham born 1892, Jonasz born 1899. Now says Henie from Bachorzec.
1225. 1/18/05 Sophie-mother of Clara Feiner. Per Kathryn Nussdorf. She sent me pix of Sophie. Sophie was married three times.
1226. 3/4/13 John Hyams. From Judy Harris. She is the great great granddaughter of John Hyams. John had daughters Sophie and Leah Hyams. (Leah great grand. of Judy Harris.
1227. 3/10/14 Family History sent to me from Judy Harris.From 1880 census
1228. 3/20/2014 Sophie Hyams. Per Judy Harris per Westlaw, Estate of Hyams, 1924, married in 1913; Sophie 3rd wife; distant cousin. After Henry died in 1921, the sons from his first two marriages challenged gifts Henry gave Sophie. Sophie prevailed.
1229. 3/12/14. Henry Hyams. From Brooklyn Daily Eagle 11/28/21. Navy Veteran of Civil War; Theater owner; Auctioneer in Brooklyn; died heart failure; age 73; 402 St. Street; born London, England 7/1/1847; Acquainted with old time politicians of Brooklyn; Married to Sophie; sons: Henry Jr. auctioneer US Government; Benjamin F. Contractor; and Samuel wholesale Unit goods; stepdaughter Clara; parents Benjamin Hyams and Rose Melz Hyams.
1230. 4/5/05 Hattery 1/2 siblings. mother unknown per Claire Hattery Casale.
1231. 3/20/05 John William Vaught. Per Clara Casale John adopted by Vaught family.
1232. 9/12/05 Samara Beikya Cohen. Per Lynn Cohen: Adopted 8/28/2005. Born 10/4/2004. in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.
1233. 1/18/12 George Berger. Census 1900. Manhattan. District 1; ED 76; sheet 3; 6/2/1900; 58 Cherry St. George age 50; b. 1850; Russia; US 1887; Forman Store; son Samuel b. 1877; single; Russia; US 1892; operator; D. Annie; b. 1980; single; weaver; US1892; son Louis b. 1880; Russia; US 1892; salesman; D. Matilde b. 1883; US 1892; Russia; Weaver. D. Lilly; b. Oct. 1892 single born NYC.
1234. 10/19/2007. Sambul name: from town of Staryye Sambor.
1235. 5/4/10 Sambul. From old Sambul family tree submitted by Debbie Sambul Chustckie.
1236. 3/22/08 Sambul, Benjamin Wolfe. Per Debbie Chutstckie Benjamin never married and works in a book store.
1237. 10/31/05 Leon Sambul. 2nd Wife Bernice Trachman. son Nathan J. Sambul. Nathan married Nancy Faye Gurwitz.Bernice 1st husband Murray Pollner born 1/11/1925 died 7/2/1978 in Douglaston, NY. children Caren Diane Pollner and Marc Seymour Pollner. See chart for ancestors Bernice.
1238. 3/22/08 Sambul, Nathan. per Debbie Chustckie: No children. mother Bernice is still alive.
1239. 10/31/05 Nancy Faye Gurwitz Sambul. SLC. Who’s Wealthy in America. See Sambul file. born 1946. Diane R. Altman is Nathan’s 1st wife per One World Tree.
1240. Sambul, Nathan and Nancy. Nancy probabe lawayer per internet. Also, listed in Who’s Wealthy in American; 1998.
1241. 10/31/05 Murray Pollner. SLC. One World Tree. 1st husband of Bernice Trachman. children Caren Diane Pollner who married Jonathan Elosua. children Allison Michelle and Brittany Sloan. Jonathan’s parents Juan Elosua and Harriet Jaffe.
1242. 10/24/07 Rogoff, Joseph. SSDI SSN 142-12-5590. b 4/23/1923. died 11/1972. NJ. Per Mt. Ararat Cemetery buried there 11/17/1972.
1243. 12/13/07 Joseph and Dorothy Rogoff. JR born 4/23/1923; died 11/17/1971; per Mount Ararat Cemetery, Farmingdale NY; Betsy (remarried Schekter) born 11/14/1923 died 5/5/2005.
1244. 11/14/06 Nussdorf, Stephen. Information from e-mail from Alicia Nussdorf.
1245. 7/1/06 Ella Samantha ?? born to David ?? and Allison Hacker. 6/23/06 per Lynn Hacker.
1246. 10/12/06 from researcher in Lviv: Abraham Sternberg, died 1/6/1846; age 45; house #39. Ephraim Sternberg died 1/6/1822, age 3, house #39; Ankiel Leib Sternberg died 5/1822 age 5, house #39. Assuming another son who married and became the father of Abraham who married Minnie.
1247. 3/20/2014 Henry Hyams married twice prior to marrying Sophie Hyams a distant cousin.
1248. 5/6/07 Larry Swerdloff. Spoke to Larry on the phone. He is the son of Morris and Dorothy. Will send me information shortly.
1249. 10/19/06 Remi Jordyn Webb. from e-mail from Judy Herschaft.
1250. 10/20/06 Remi Jordan Webb. Birth info. via e-mail from her mother Marni Nussdorf Webb.
1251. 10/24/06 Sofia and Avery Teifeld. birth information per Gilda Steiger.
1252. 10/28/09 Morris (Jack) Hacker. SS death Index. taken in SLC.
1253. 10/21/06 Michael Hacker. 1930 census. Bronx, NY. ED 3-354. dist. 25. sheet 8 b. starting line 87. Michael father. age 70? retired. Louis head of house age 44 single, pocketbook shop, son. brother L. Morris (Jack) age 22.single. stenographer in office. sister Celia. age 20. single. bookkeeper office. Immigrated 1892; widow
1254. 10/28/09 Pauline Eckhaus. SS death Index. 088-24-2664; born 7/14/1904; died 7/4/1990; 11229 Brooklyn, NY. Will send for death Cert.
1255. 10/24/07 Hacker, Jack. 1930 Census; Brooklyn, NY; 349 David St.; ED 24-804; page 13 A; 4/15/1920; District 30. age 27 born about 1903, NY, examiner of woolen goods brother in law to sister Pauline H. Eckhaus age 25 and Samuel Eckhaus, age 35, married age 32, born NYC parents from Austria, cutter ladies dresses. Neice age 1 year 3 months Rhoda S.
1256. 1/14/07 Eliana Lily Steiger born 11/19/06 to Ron and Debbie Steiger, Miami, Fl. Avital Riana Alpert born 12/1/06 to Karen and Avi Alpert. Per Ruth Alpert.
1257. 3/21/07 Samuel Swerdloff (Sweet). Have put him as a brother to Raphael. True?? Know he was a cousin. Now know that Swerdloff from Ekterinislav as well as Poltsk.
1258. 7/29/07 Samuel Swerdloff Sweet. Death Cert. born 4/8/1908??. died 2/10/1985, Neward City, county Essex, widow. File # 19850008415.
1259. 3/21/07 Samuel Swerdloff (Sweet). Petition for Nat. #31571 #221. address 406 Summer Ave. Brooklyn, NY. Salesman. born 2/12/1894 Ekterinislav, Russia. emigrated to US from Liverpool England 4/2/1906 arrived Boston, Mass 4/16/1906. ship Ivernia. Declared intention 8//2/1913 Supreme Court Kings County. Not married. Declaration E32684, 4/21/1917. Witnesses. David Hordos, operator, 29 Bartfelt St. Brooklyn, NY; Israel Druse, painter 51 Rockaway Ave., Brooklyn, NY. Cert. of Nat. 853314. Name was Sweet on this document. Must have changed it prior to Nat.
3/23/2007. Swerdloff, Samuel. US Declaration of Intention. Sate of NY. Supreme Court County of Kings. Salesman. Fair complexion; 130 pounds, hair brown; eyes gray; scar near L. eye. born Ekalerenoclaw, Russia. Immigrated from Libau, Russia. 2/12/1894. address 29 Bartlett St. Brooklyn, NY; Vessel Ivernia; arrived port of Boston, Mass., 4/16/1905. Sworn 8/2/1913. #32684.
1260. 3/30/07 Sam Sweet. SSDI SS#136-16-4390; 07103 Newark, Essex, NJ; born 4/8/1908; died 2/1985; got SSN in NJ
1261. 10/15/12 Samuel Sweet. death cert. from Fl. sent for. date given 1976. They could not find. our Samuel?
1262. 1/14/06 Sweet, Sam (nee Swerdloff). Burton Kahn remembers Sam who changed his name to Sweet. He is related. How? Owned drug stores, one in Plainfield, NJ and one in Bound Brook. Sent to Civil Court of City of NY for change of name. Also, sent for naturalization which I bellieve is his.
1263. 3/21/07 Samuel Sweet. WWI Registration card. #3663, 1300, card 146; #52. 31-9-63-A Report. Medium build. blue eyes; light hair; 30ED, Kings County, NY; 6/5/1917. Salesman, Jewish Daily News. Single. 406 Summer St. Brooklyn, NY; born 2/12/1894; born Ekaterinslave, Russia.
1264. 3/30/07 Sam Sweet was married and had children per Burton Kahn.
1265. 10/29/11 Samuel Swerdloff. 1920 Census. wife Minnie. age 24; USA 1909; Nat. 1919; from Russia; junk dealer; wife Minnie age 21; USA 1910; Nat. 1918; Russia; Brooklyn, NY; ED 76; District 3; Sheet 11B; done 1/9/1920 by Henry Teitler; NY, Kings County; 240 hinsdale st.
1266. 10/6/14 Per Cecily Kahn Cain: Abraham Brandt drove a wagon on the Philadelphia docks. He was very strong and tall. Arnie and his parents lived with them when Arnie was young. There was a break in in the home. He grabbed Arnie. His grandfather reached across Arnie, grabbed the culprit by the neck and held him until the police came.
1267. 10/6/14 Per Cecily Kahn Cain: Anna Brandt married a Bernstein, she thinks. They had two girls, Susan and ???. Susan and Arnie’s daughter Patty were about the same age. They were often confused for each other, they looked so much alike.
1268. 5/14/07 Ralph Swerdloff. Marriage Certs. 12/30/1988; Pastor Daniel John Yeary U. Baptisit Church, Coral Gables, Fl. 88-06014, 88 133934; divorced 9/12/1988; 1104 Ferdinand St. Coral Gables, Fl. wife Eileen Patrice Berry; born 11/22/1963; age 25. First marriage to Mary E. Gevens; 12/4/1970; witnesses Susan Swerdloff and Teresa Swerdloff.
1269. 2/4/12 e-mail from Gwen Swerdloff, wife of Jack Swerdloff; step mother Aaron; daughter Jada.
1270. 8/26/07 Rubenstein, Oliver Milo. Per Sherrie Rubenstein. born 8/23/07, Hoben, NJ; 7 pounds, 2 ounces and 21 inches. To Eric, Rebecca and Jake Rubenstein.
1271. 10/15/07 Sambul Family info. from OneWorldTree.
1272. 10/23/07 Karen Bizer. wedding announcesment New York times 4/17/1988. Karen Lee Bizer. Michael Leder son of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Leder of Woodcliff Lake, NJ. married at St. Regis Sheraton In NYC by Rabbi Martin S. Zion. Karen from Irvington on the Hudson, NY. Karen graduate of Brown U.; fashion editor at Women’s Wear Daily; father director of surgery at N. Central Bronx Hospital and associate professor of surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Med. mother Linda is an education consultant at the Woodmere (L.I.) Academy. Michael asst. VP of Manufacturers Hanover trust Co. graduated from Brown and studying for an MmBA at Columbia U. father is oral surgeon and director of dental dept. at the Hackensack Medical Center, NJ.
1273. 10/28/09 Samuel Eckhaus. 1920 Census. SLC. age 25, Brooklyn District14; born ca 1895, NYC; parents Abraham and Bella born Austria; single; Abraham age 49; Bella age 49; samuel age 25; Anna age 23; Lona age 21. abraham carpenter USA 1890; Samuel 25; cutter ladies clothes born NYC. Anna age 23; born NYC; examiner ladies clothes; Lona (Lena) age 21 born NYC chocolate dipper candy factory. District 3; sheet 6A; ed 857; ward 14; address 114 Lorimer St. date done 1/3/1920.
1274. 12/17/07 Louis Hacker. Declaration of Intention 7/7/1913. Petition 27119, 7/7/1907. pocket book maker. address 14 1st Ave. emigrated to US from Hamburg, Germany 1/16/1904, port of NY on the Belgravia on 1/30/1904; NYC Circuit Court US south District of NY. witnesses Michael Hacker; agent 20 Ocean Place Brooklyn; Samuel Strom Letter carrier 864 Dawson St. 1/1/1907. Oath 2/7/1913 filed. Citizen on 6/5/1913 #379717. dark skin; 4’11”; 114 pounds, brown hair blue eyes. now live at 107 E. 2 Ave.
1275. 8/3/08 Skinner, Annie. Census 1920. Ft. Myers, Fl. Lee County. done 1/14/1920. District 1; sheet 14B; ED 108; Ward 2. 342 Hendry Street. Skinner, Abraham father, age 41 born Georgia; rent home; Contractor Clearing and heavy hauling (owner); wife Jennie, age 37 born Georgia; Children: William age 18 single, truck driver; Emma age 13 single; Abraham age 11; Noah age 8; Annie age 6; Luke age 2 1/4; and Catherine age 3 months. All children born Florida.
1276. 8/3/08 Skinner, Abraham. Census 1930. Lee County, Fl. done 4/4/1930; ED 36-12; pg. 4 B; District 6; 80 Blake St.; William age 23; born Georgia, Laborer; married to Liza age 20 born Florida fruit picker; Abraham married at age 22; Teamster; wife Jennie married age 18; Children the same info. as 1920 census except Noah is a driver and Annie is a fruit picker.
1277. 8/3/08 Abraham S. Skinner, Sr. Death Index, Florida 1947 Lee County, Fl.
1278. 6/5/09 Information re Mirne family from call from Luda Mirne. Baby Catherine Emily Mirne born 6/17/08, Freehold, NJ Norman Mirne’s parents Joseph and Margaret (Peggy), Norman is in Real Estate, unmarried. Eleanor speech therapist.
1279. 12/23/09. Cecilia Nussdorf Zeff. Naturalization Papers. copy sent to me by Linda Zeff. 38 Plympton Rd.; London N.W.6.; born Borisloff, Galicia; 3/20/1896. Married at Philpot St. Synagogue 9/14/1922 to David Zeff. Husband born Plotz, Russia 9/13/1896, his father’s name Israel Zaveruka. Cert NoBNA 5600. British Nationality Act, 1948, Section 6 (2); 11693. National Archives Ref. HO 334/546 C390644. done 10/30/1950.
1280. 11/23/11 Nussdorf, Cecilia. Find My Past, Marriage Reg., Volume #1C page 765; district Mile End Old Town; County London; 1922, either July, Aug., or Sept. to Mr. Zeff.
1281. 12/22/09 Felix Nussdorf. done in SLC 10/2009. British phone book 1934, page 1287. London. 106 Melrose Ave. N. W. 2. Gladstone. 1935 book page 1497 same address.
1282. 5/28/11 Felix Nussdorf. Index of Wills and Adminstrations, 1861-1941. of 106 Melrose-avenue Cricklewood MI; died 1/18/1935 at the General Hospital W. Meddlesex; administored to wife Riki 801 pounds, 9s. 8d.
1283. 5/26/11 Rika Nussdorf. immigrated to Canada, Montreal; 1957 per passenger lists, Find my past. Born 1891.
1284. 11/12/11 Rika Nussdorf. Passenger lists leaving UK 1890-1960: departed 5/10/1957 from Liverpool, England; to Montreal, Canada; born 4/24/1891; age 66, married; Housewife; ship Empress of England.
1285. 10/15/14 Information regarding Edith Nussdorfer sent to my by Linda Zeff.
1286. 5/26/11 Edith E. Nussdorf. married 1952, Willesden, Middlesex per list from Marriage certs., Find my Past. Volume 5F; page 591
1287. 12/23/09 Colin Allen. Per e-mail from Linda Zeff. Fin. Dir. Luxottica Retail UK & Ireland; David Clulow; Sunglass Hut; address Queens Hous, Kymberley Road; Harrow; Middlesex; HA1 1YZ London, England.; phone 020. 8515.6700
1288. 6/1/13 Isidore Warren. NYC, NY St. of NY Census 1915; age 2; father Samuel age 38; mother Pearl age 31; Siblings Harry age 8; Herbert age 5; Hannah age 5 months; May McCann age 54; taken 6/1/1915; ED 38; AD 3?; Samuel Butcher.
1289. 10/28/09 William Kurta. 1930 Census. age 15. born 1915. Parents Harry age 39 and Mary age 33; brothers Henry age 11 and David age 9. Harry shipping clerk, clothing USA 1911. William and Harry born Phil., PA David born NYC.ED 3-134, district 25, page 15A, census taken 4/15/30; address 174 St., Bronx
1290. 3/26/10 Simon Schreier. 1930 Census. Brooklyn, NY; age 24, born about 1906; Father Sigmund age 52; mother Bertha age 51; brother Sol age 25; sister Goldie age 22; brother Morris age 21; Census: 4/10/1930; Ed 24-33; district 28; page 10B; 200 Keap? St.; Bertha housewife; father presser; Sol cutter neck ties; Simon clerk mail orders; Goldie bookkeeper. all of family born Poland. Father USA 1912; rest of family 1914. (Disagrees with ship that says wife and children arrived 1921.)
1291. 3/26/10 Sol Schreier. Soc. Sec. Death Index. SSN 099-10-3283; died 12/24/1988; Brooklyn, NY.
1292. 10/30/10 Sambul family chart submitted by Debbie Chusksie.
1293. 8/23/10 Joseph Flachner. 1920 Census. District 2; Sheet 14A ED 297; 1/9/1920. Father Louis; Plumber; age 36 born 1899; USA 1905; born Galicia; Bessie age 32 born 1901; USA 1905; Romania; all children born USA NY; Joseph 12; Abraham 10; Clara 8; Samuel 3 yrs. 9 months; Ethel 2 yrs. 9 months; Jeanette 1 yrs. 2 months.
1294. 9/3/10 Anna married Meyer Glockner per Susan Rogers.
1295. 9/3/10 Dora Glockner born 1903, named for Nathan’s mother, per Susan Rogers.
1296. 11/2/11 Isidor Gottesfeld. LDS research. Public family tree. born 1/22/1841; Austria; parents Avrum Moishe Gottesfel and Sosie Malamed. died manhattan 1/22/1917 age 76; wife Rececca Sternberg. age 2 lived in Ukraine Skala Podolskya; Merchant; USA 1893 via the Rotterdam; in 1917 baker at Matzos bakery.
1297. 12/10/10 Simon Sternberg. Marriage Cert. August 7, 1888. married Henie E. Marcus. Rev. J. F. Kluegler??, Rabbi; witness Zeb Sanolskie; Maier Krasevitz; Henie Widow of Rublvoitzblie??; 129 Delancy St. age 25; born Russia; parents Isaak Marcus & Rachel; 2nd marriage; Simon 16 essex St. age 38 born 1850; operator; born Austria; parents Abraham & Keila; 2nd marriage. Not sure if this is right person(s).
1298. 6/18/13 Nathan H. sternberg. WWI Draft Reg. Bronx, NY born 12/25/1893; Draft Board 5; done 6/5/1917; Bronx, NJ; one finger lost l. hand; Medium height and weight; blue eyes; born eyes; 31-9-5-!; #340; 932 Tiffany St.born 12/25/1893; NYC; Manager Lakewood Hotel, Lakewood, NJ; live with mother and father; single.
1299. 6/18/13 Nathan H. Sternberg. WWI civilian Draft Reg. born 4/14/1889; NY; Reg. Bradford, Fl.
1300. 6/19/13 Gertrude Sternberg. 1910 Census Bronx, NY. age 19; born about 1891, NYC, NY; Bronx Assembly Dist. 35; married to Nathan Sternberg; parents born Austria. housewife; Nathan Real Estate agent; age 20; born NYC, NY; 409 Washington ave; done 4/16/1910; SD 1; ED 1607; sheet 16B.
1301. 6/19/13 Gertrude Sternberg. 1930 Census; Starke, Bradford, Florida; married to Nathan age 40; Gertrude age 37; both born NYC, NY; Children all born USA; Samuel age 19 born NY; Ruth age 18 born Florida; Benjamin age 16 born Fl; Lillian age 11born Fl; 52 N. Walnut St.; Precinct 2; SD 3; ED 4-3; sheet 3A; done 4/15/1930; Value of home $1,000.; Nathan dry goods merchant; Gertrude salesperson dry goods;
1302. 6/18/13. Gertrude Sternberg. Fl. State Census 1935. age 42; born NY about 1893; wife; Precinct 2; Bdradford, Starke, Fl. page 10; line 1; daughters Ruth age 21; Lilian age 16; Gertrude grad. high school; housewife; Ruth clerk; Lilian student. Could not find Nathan or other children.
1303. 6/18/13 Gertrude Sternberg. Fl. Fina a Grave Index; died 1969; age 78; Daytona Beach, Fl. Fl death index; death Jan. 1969; Vollusia County, Fl. Mount Sinai Cemetry.
1304. 7/5/13 Gertrude Sternberg. death cert., 1/27/1969; died Halifax Dist. Hospital; address 501 Driftwood Ave. Daytona Beach, Fl. born 12/1/1891; age 77 born NYC, NY; buried Mount Sinai, Daytona Beach, Fl. Reg. # 117; File # 69-007129; Haigh-Black Funeral Home. father Ben Rosenberg. SSN 266-50-7762B. buried 1/30/1969.
1305. 12/4/10 Sternberg, Pearl & Irving Schaefer marriage cert. 6/10/1928; 55 Morton St. Brooklyn, NY; by Rev. H. Tshulsenyer??; wittness: N. meyers and Samuel (could not read last name)l Iriving lived at 239 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY; age 23; accountant; born Brooklyn, NY; father Jacker mother Esther Miller; 1st marriage; Pearl: 55 Morton St. Brooklyn, NY; age 19; born Brooklyn, NY; father Morris Sternberg mother Lena Tennenbaum, 1st marriage.
1306. 10/19/10 Sternberg, Pearl. Italian Gen. Brides index. married Irving Schaffer 6/10/1928 Kings county Cert. #7714. No sure this right one.
1307. 6/21/13. Albert R. Sternberg. Fl Death Index. died 12/5/1985; Palm Beach, Fl. age 69; born 8/24/1916. SS Death Index SSN 087-01-7997; 33470 Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, Fl.
7/5/13 Death Cert. 8458; 7993; Albert R. Sternberg; died 12/5/1985; age 69; born 8/24/1916; died Palm Beach County, Fl. St. Mary’s Hospital, In Patient; SSN 087-01-7997; carpenter; self employed; Loxahatchee; 12791 Kazee Road; parents Alexander Sternberg???? and Adeline Lawrence?????; informant Ruth Ann Lindsey 12791 Kazee Road, Loxahatchee, Fl. 33470; cremation; E. Earl Smith & son; Lake Worth, Fl. Who are correct parents???
1308. 11/1/11 Sternberg, Albert SSN 087-01-7997; SSDI; born 8/24/1916; died 1985 33470 Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, Fl. Our Albert???
1309. 6/21/13. Katherine Sternberg. 1940 Census. born Pittsburg, Penns. 1907?. Sheet 4A; Clerk family business; grad. high school. Husband Albert. Ward 2; SD 5; ED 48-9; done 4/17/1940; Precinct 13A; 25 Ridgewood ave; Albert supervisor ordinantion; Katherine clerk gen. merchandise.
1310. 7/5/2013. Katherine Sternberg. death Cert. age 80; SSN 112-14-7826; died 2/12/1993; born 2/11/1913, Elmira, NY; died Munroe Regional Medical Center, Ocala, Fl. widow; Accountant, Manufacturing; home address 9419 SE 140 Place Summerfield, Fl. 34491; 12th grade; Father James Francis Muldoon mother Anne Louis Matteson; Informant William Muldoon 9405 SE 140 Place, Summerfield, Fl. 34491; Roberts Crematory, Ocala, Fl. Roberts Funeral Home, Ocala, Fl.
1311. 7/5/13 Katherine Belasco Currie and Albert Sternberg marriage Cert. #7626; 13365; Orlando, Fla; June 23, 1939; marriage book 10 page 514.
1312. 6/21/2013 Katherine M. Sternberg. Fl. Death Index; died 2/12/1993; born 2/11/1913; age 80.
1313. 6/21/2013. Albert Sternberg. Fl. Marriage collection 1939 #1014; Orange County; Guide Vol. 497; # 13365.
1314. 6/20/13. Harvey S. Sternberg; Fl. death record; born 6/20/1950. died 7/17/1982. Orange County, fl. age 32 Our Harvey?
7/3/13 Death Cert. of Harvey Sternberg. died 7/17/1982; age 32 born 6/20/1950; Orange County, F. not married; died at 650 N. Orange Ave. Apt. 216. writer for the Sentinel Star; address 224 E. Marks St.; father George mother Evelyn; 224 E. Marks sT., Orlando; Burial Temple Israel Cemetery, Orlando, Fl. Funeral home Baldwin-Fairchild, 301 N. Ivanhoe Blvd., Orlando. File # 82-061736; local # 82-2547.
1315. 6/20/13 claire Sternberg. per US public records Index; year ?; address 4735 Lucerne Lakes Blvd. E. Apt.; Lake Worth, Fl. 33467.
1316. 10/19/10 Sternberg, Morris. 1930 Census. Bronx, NY. done 4/12/1930. ED 161. sheet 10B. district 25. 1363 Plimpton Ave. Morris age 42 married age 30; furrier; Austria USA 1901 NA. wife Essie; age 34 married age 18; Austria; USA 1902; daughter Rose age 12 born NYC; son Daniel age 8 born NYC; nephew Murray Feingold; age 19 born NYC; could not read occupation..
1317. 10/15/10 Sternbergs. e-mail from Ellen Sternberg Weiss 4PM today. On tombstone of Israel states his father Ariah Leib Sternberg. Probably called Leib. (Ariah= Lion in Hebrew; Leib (Lion in Yiddish)
1318. 6/30/13 Israel Sternberg. 1900 US Census. NYC, NY; Israel born 5/1872; USA 1894; married 9 years; parents born Austria; wife Esther age 28; Israel age 32 carpenter; children Frank age 7 born Austria; Marcus age 4 born NYC; Sup. Dist. 1; ED 226 Sheet 16; done 6/11/1900.
1319. 10/16/10 Cemetery cards. Israel and Esther Sternberg.
1320. 10/20/10 Sternberg, Abraham. Petition for Nat. 1/9/1911; Supreme Court of Kings County; witnesses Willie Pasternak, fruit peddler, 239 E. 2Ave NYC; Israel Sternberg, carpenter 168 E. 4 St. NYC; Abraham 86 Ave. B, carpenter; b 2/15/1872, Melnitsa, Austria; USA via Canada on NYC Railroad; 6/18/1908; children Harry born Melnitsa 1/10/1898; Clara B NYC 10/24/1900; and Louis b. NYC 6/26/1903 & wife Sarah. Declaration of Intention. 6/18/1908. dark; 5’7”; hair black; eyes brown; to canada from London England. pock marked face; 144 pounds.age 36;
1321. 10/15/10 Sternberg, Israel. Nat. Index. Nat. 12/6/1901. age 26 b. 1/1/1869. Dyer. Austrian. 18 Myrtle Ave., Bklyn., NY. Dyer. witness Wm. I. McRory 227 Adams St. Bklyn, NY. Dyer. Petition for Nat. District Court Eastern district of NY; filed 12/6/1901; address 18 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY; dyer; witness William McRory 227 Harris St; Brooklyn, NY; Dyer; Israel b. 1/1/1859; USA 1884, Manhattan.
12/19/10 Sternberg, Israel. Nat. US District Count; Vol. 26; page 2. petition 12/6/1901; Witness Wm. J. McRory; 227 Adams; dyer; 18 Myrtle Ave. ; Wm. Ingles McRory. born Austria 1/1/1869; brooklyn 18 Myrtle Ave; in USA 1884; NYC; Citizen 1/17/1898; Supreme Court of St of NY; arrived 5/17/1884. Port of NY.
1322. 10/15/10 Sternberg Hamburg Pass. List. Israel b. 1869; age 26; Departed Hamburg 3/3/1895. carpenter.
Ship Phoenica, Captain Leithauser; shipping line Hamburg-Amerika Lince. Port of arrival NYC. Esther b. ca. 1872; age 23; Fischel son age 9 months, b. 1894.
1323. 10/15/2010. Sternberg, Israel. 1920 Census. Fallsburg, NY. District 8; ED 119; sheet 3B; done 1/3 and 5. Israel age 53; Esther age 42; children Louis age 19; Bessie age 17 saleslady Dept. Store; Molly age 10; Max age 8. Israel farmer?; lived on farm.
1324. 10/15/10 Sternberg, Israel. 1900 Census; NYC, NY. age 32 born 3/1868; carpenter. married 1891 to Esther age 28; sons Frank age 7 b Austria; Marcus age 4, NYC; District1 Sheet 16; ED 226; done 6/11/1900; address 306 Stanton? St.
1325. 12/4/10 Joseph Fuchs & Kate Sternberg marriage 3/20/1920 by Rev. Jacob Fuchs at 40 Rivington, NYC; witnesses ?? Halpern & ??Rym; Kate: 40 Rivington St., NYC age 23; single; born Galicia, Austria; father Nathan; mother Jidis Schuster; Joseph: 40 Rivington St; age 26; operator; born Galicia, Austria; Father Isaac; mother Annie Scuerbolk??; first marriage for both; performed by Rev. Jacob Fuchs.
1326. 11/15/2010. Simon Sternberg arrived NYC 5/22/1890; age around 42; along with daughter Maucze age 17.Not sure where Maucze fits! (Is she Mae?)
1327. 12/4/10 L. Sternberg & M. Friedman married cert. #1723; 1/18/1910; at 28 Ave. A, NYC, NY; witnesses: Wolf Friedman & Asids Leid; Rabbi ???; Mary: 353 E. 10 St., NYC, NY; age 21; born Austria; father Baruch Friedman; mother Becky Weiss; Louis: 122 St. Marks Pl; NYC; age 26; Business; born Austria; father Markus; mother Lea Biene Raver?; first marriage for both.
1328. 1/27i/20 All per Pippa Simon. (ie: Phillipa) Per Pippa now lives in Orlando as does daughter and grandchildren.
1329. 10/16/10. sternberg, Max. SS death index. 067-18-3078. 07011 Clifton, Passaic, NJ; b 1/9/1910; d 5/17/1999.
1330. 10/16/10 Sternberg, Frank Soc.Sec. death index SSN 050-22-3236; 11552 West Hempstead, Nassau, NY; born 11/7/1892; died 1/1982.
1331. 12/20/10 Sternberg, Frank. Marriage Cert. 29974; married Rebeca Scharf; 96-98 first St.; age 24; single; born Austria; parents Abraham Scharf(stein) & Selda Brisdeglied?; Frank 147 Forsyth St; NYC; age 22; single; carpenter; born Austria; parents Israel Sternberg and Ester Scharf. Rabbi Isaac Schulta; 128 2nd St. NYC; Witnesses Joseph Belbner? & Josef Gardheim?; married 12/6/1914.
1332. 1/17/11 Frank Sternberg. Info. from Death. Cert. #156-400735 #38; died at Peninsula Hospital, Queens, NY, 1/17/1982 at 8AM; age 89; Body taken to Queens Borough Mortuary 1/18/1982; Causes: Cerebral arteriosclerosis; Organized & recent cerebral infarcts; Occulusive coronary arteriosclerosis, & Acute bronchopneumena; Manuel M. Fernando, MD; address 711 Seagirt Blvd., Queens, widower; Postal worker for US Govern; SS# 050-22-3236; parents Israel Sternberg & Esther Sharf Sternberg; info. from daughter Iris Weinstein; 592 Wildwood Rd., W. Hempstead, NY; Cemetery Cedar Park, Westwood, NJ, 1/19/1982; funeral director J. T. Morris, Inc.
1333. 10/16/10 Sternberg information sent to me via e-mail regarding these family members.
1334. 10/16/10 Sternberg, Frank marriage 12/6/1914 to Rebecca Scharf; Manhattan; Soundex Rebecca S610; Cert.29974; Frank soundex S365.
1335. 10/16/10 Sternberg, Morris Sam. WWII Draft Card. 1942. 11 Lexington Ave. Jersey City, NJ. age 45. born NYC. phone BE 4 7835. born 4/30/1896. Wife Ida. employer Jersey Mill work Coop. 407 Jersey Ave., Jersey City, NJ.
1336. 10/16/10 Sternberg, Morris. 1930 Census. age 33; born NYC;plumber; wife Ida age 30 born NJ; sons Raymond age 9 and Edward age 6, both born in NJ. done 4/8/1930.District 7; sheet 11B; ED 9-103; Ward 8, Jersey City, NJ; address 130 Kearney House; rents at $35.00 per month;
1337. 10/16/10 Sternberg, Morris marriage to Ida Zall; 4/2/1928; Manhattan; Cert. 27415; Soundex for Ida Z400; Soundex for Morris S365. 12/3/10. Marriage cert. Morris Sternberg and Ida Zall; age 21; born Russia; parents Michael and Rose Resmecel?; address 31 ????; Morris: Mountaindale, NY; age 22; Plumber; born NYC; Parents Israel and Esther Scharf. Witness H Waterman; married at Municiple Building, NYC.
1338. 12/3/10 Sternberg, Louis & Janet Edelson; 10/17/1937; 951 Stebbins Ave., Bronx, NY; Louis: 1114 Stratford Dr. Bronx; age 36; single; businessman; born Austria; parents Israel and Esther Scharf; Janet Edelson: 788 ?? Ave; age 32; single; born US; father Simon; mother Anna Vissel; Witnesses Bernard Breitbart; Sam Nobusky; Officiated Herman W. Sarlle, Rabbi. Cert. 8600.
1339. 10/16/10 Lubitz, Morris. SS death index. SSN 107-20-8386. last res. 11285 Brooklyn, kings, NY; born 3/25/1895; died 10/1982.
1340. 10/16/10. Zisblatt, William 1930 Census. Manhattan; age 28; born about 1902; England; roomer; sheet 14b; ed 31-954; District 24; NYC; 324 Pleasant ave.; 28 single; born England; parents Romania; came to US 1910; Na.; painter in shop.
1341. 10/17/10 Sternbergs, . Per e-mail for Ellen Sternberg Weiss Sent to me 10/16/10.
1342. 10/17/10. Sternberg Abraham. Not sure this correct family. 1900 Census. Abraham born Sept. 1869; age 30; married 5 years; carpenter; Immigrated 1898; wife Sarah; born 11/1874 age 25; Austria; son Harry born 1/1898 Austria; Mother Rosie born 2/1850; age 50; widow; Austria.
1343. 10/20/10 Sternberg, Rose (Risa). According to 1971 descendant chart, “Risa” married Ariah Leib. Risa=Rose??
1344. 10/16/10 Israel Sternberg family. Esther Scharfstein father was Abraham Fischel per tombstone pix sent by Ellen Sternberg Weiss.
1345. 10/16/10 Sternberg, Frank. 1920 census. Frank born Austria, age 28; Rebecca wife age 26; children Ida age 1; Erin age 1/2 year. District 2; sheet 3A; done March? 3, 1930; Bronx; Israel carpenter; nat. 1916 (as was Rebecca); both children born NYC.
1346. 10/16/10. Sternberg, Raoymond L. WWII Enlistment. 8/18/1943; Newark, New Jersey; married; 4 yrs. high school; clerk; private; born 1920.
1347. 10/16/2010. Sternberg, Edward. WWII Enlistment. born 1923; NJ; Hudson, NJ; enlist. 5/18/1943; enlisted in Newark, NJ; Private; Civil Occup. Stenographer; single; height “88”; weight 134; 1 year college.
1348. 10/16/10. Edna Braun. 1900 Census. age 3; Bronx; born NYC; father Gus Braun from hungary; age 31 born Hungary; mother Jennie; age 26 born NYC; sister Sallie Braun; children born NYC; Sallie age 5; Edna age 3;Gus USA 1882; forman. Right Edna??
1349. 10/17/10 Sternberg. Per 1971 information from?? given to me by Ellen Sternberg Weiss.
1350. 10/19/10 Sternberg, Kate. Italian Gen. Brides index. married Joseph Fuchs. 3/20/1920. Manhattan. Cert. #8202. Not sure if this is correct.
1351. 10/30/10 Sean Hale. Per Suzan Hale.
1352. 6/21/13. Pearl Sternberg. Fl. Death Index. died 4/1968; Orange County, Fl. SSdeath Index. SSN 434-46-9187; 32803 Orlando, Orange County, Fl; born 3/18/1900.
7/5/13. Death Cert. Pearl Sternberg; #68 1151; 68-024227; Code 58-084; Orange County, Fl. hospital W. Michigan Ave; Orlando; St. address 809 E. Hillcrest Ave., never married; born 3/18/1900 age68; Born NYC, NY; SSN 434-46-9187; informant George Sternberg; 224 E. Marks St. Orlando, Fl.; Pearl storekeeper, Clothing store; parents Samuel Sternberg and Mollie Edelstein; buried 4/28/68 Congreation B’nai Israel Alachua County, Fl.
1353. 7/6/13 Hannah Sternberg; death cert #9780; 3/29/1897; 5:15PM; ruptured tubal pregnancy, internal hemorrhage; Mount Sinai Hospital; buried 3/30/1897; Washington Cem; residence 64 Stanton St. NYC; 35 years old; married housewife; born Russia; USA 12 years; father Oscar Marcus; mother Rosie Marcus; died at Mount Sinai Hospt. 1610 Delancy St. NYC. USA 12 years.
1354. 3/22/11 Anna Brea Schlam Ellenberg. Named for Grandma Bertha whose Hebrew name was Breindle. Per info. from Tanya Schlam.
1355. 1/12/11 Wolk, Peter’s e-mail regarding Sternberg family.
1356. 4/13/13. Per Sherrie Rubenstein, Ora is Hebrew for light.
1357. 1/22/11 Per letter from Roberta Druse Fischer Rubenstein.
1358. 5/12/11 From Candy Pigott.
1359. 10/11/1940 Census. Harry Bandel. age 55. born about 1885; male; white; born Austria; 5201 Avenue I, NY, NY. Naturalized; sheet #6B; wife Fannie age 43; daughter Helen age 15. Fannie and Helen born NYC. Harry shipping clerk.; SD 47; ED 24-219; 4/8/1940; block D&E
1360. 10/11/12 Harry Bandel; Bandel family tree from; born 1886; Fannie Weifrebaum born 1897; Irving Bandel son? born 1913.
1361. 10/11/12 Harry Bandel. Census 1925; Asembly district 6; line 03; page 58; house # 496 E. Houston; Fannie age 35 born NYC; children born NYC; Harry born Austria; Isidor (Irving) age 12; Murray age 9; Helen age 0; Harry pants operator.
1362. 10/11/12 Harry Bandel. 1930 Census. Brooklyn, NY. Harry born Austria; age 40; Wife Fannie age 35 born USA; manager candy store; Harry USA 1900; Fannie works in candy store; Irving clerk magazine office; Helen age 5; Irving 17; Murray age 13; children born NYC.
1363. 12/13/11 Per Roberta Tischler, Gittel Liba born to oldest son this year.
1364. 3/28/2012 Michael Diamant Saw my Web Site. He said Max J. Rubel brother of Adolph.
1365. 6/5/12 Glockner, Marvin. e-mail. Werner and Ruth were adopted by Dora and Samuel from WWII. Marvin’s 2nd wife, Leah, is a first generation holocaust survivor who was born in a DP camp in Ulm, Germany. Married 3 years past 5/30.
1366. 9/30/12 Moe Gebaide 1940 census; age 19; male; born NY; single; Hoe Avenue; House # 923; Bronx, NY; sheet #64B; Mother age 44; Sarah. SD # 24; ED # 3-609; Ward 5?; block B; Sarah widow born Poland; Sarah operator ladies dresses; Moe shipping clerk ladies dresses.
1367. 9/30/12 Max Gebaide. 1925 Census. age 32; Born Russia; paper box maker? Moe son age 5; son Harold age 7; Sarah wife age 32; Born Russia; Bronx, NY; House # 856; line #09; page 15; Block 1; ED 47; Max naturalized 1918
1368. 1/23/13. Max Gebaide, Nat. papers; born Warsaw Russia; 8/10/1892; makes paper boxes; address 32 St. Marks Place, NYC; arrived USA from Hamburg; 6/29/1913; ship President Grant; Intention 8/15/1916; Manhattan; Southern District Office; Wife Sarah born 12/15/1892; Russia; resides same; son Harold born NYC sept. 13, 1917; Dec. of Intent # 50783; cert. of arrival 2270/D50783; wittness Jacob Freedman; weaver 124 Wall??? St; and wife Rose; Cert. Nat. 907947; 12/1/1918; weight 146; hair and eyes brown.
1369. 4/24/14. Per Fred Messing: Max Gebaide’s birth date 8/10/1892. Mother Rachel Kagan. Bajla is his step mother from Avram’s 2nd marriage; Sarah Speisman Gebaide died 1959; Max’s son Harold’s BD 9/13/1917.
1370. 9/30/12 max Gebaide WWI draft registration; Manhattan, NY; born 8/10/1892; draft board 96; born Kherson (?), Russia; #3341; 483; 31-9-96-A; Medium height; medium build; brown eyes; brown hair; 6/5/? date reg.; 32 ? North Place NYC; married; paper box manufacturer;
1371. 7/20/13 Max Gebaide. death Cert. #4559; Bronx; 856 E. 172 St.; married; age 32 yrs 7 months 13 days; manufactured paper bags; born Poland; in USA 13 yrs; father Abraham Leo Gebaide; mother Anna Rose Cohen both born Poland; died of Pleurisy and lobar Pneumonia; 6/29/1925, 9AM; buried Mt. Judah Cem. wife Sarah.
1372. 12/12/12 Sarah Gebaide. 1940 Census. age 44. born Poland; widow; 923 Hoe Ave.; Naturalized; Sheet # 64 B; son age 19 Moe; 5/1/1940; SD 24; ED 3-629; Sarah operator ladies clothes; son shipping clerk, ladies clothing.
1373. 12/23/12 Max Gebaide; per death index via Italian Gen. soc. website; age 32; 6/29/25; Bronx; Cert # 4559.
1374. 12/12/12 Max Gebaide. Per 1920 & 1922 NYC Directory worked at Herald paper Box Co. h856 E172d.
1375. 12/12/12 Max Gebaide. Naturalization. 7/9/18?; son Harold born 9/13/17 NYC;age 24; Paper box maker; white; fair; 5’6”; eyes and hair brown; 206 E. 100 St.; NYC; Port of NY July 9, 1913; Declaration #50783; 2270/50783; Ship President ??; witness Jacob Freeman?, Weaver, 124 Wall???? Ave., and wife Rae.
1376. 6/24/13 Rhoda Nussdorf. Petition for Nat. US District, Southern District, NY, NY #683305; address 415 E. 87 St. NYC, NY; born 3/3/1929 Glace Bay, Canada; age 27; olive complexion; brown eyes; black hair; 5’3”; 108 pounds; husband Raphael; married 12/31/1955; he was born NYC, NY 11/14/1930; no children; entered USA boston, Mass. via plane, 10/13/1951; Alien Reg, # A8 122 688; witnesses Raphael, teacher; ; and Lealine Trubenbacker, same address, Supt.; Oath of Allegiance 3/25/1957. Cert. 7779214.
1377. 10/15/12 Swerdloff, Minnie. Brooklyn, NY; Sheet 4B; ED 9; ED 24-2723; 4/4/1940; 685E. Pennsylvania Ave.; age 42; born Russia; 6th grade; housewife; Selma daughter age 18; born NYC; typist in pringting co.; Leonard age 16; born NYC; son; Marilyn age 7; daughter born NYC; Jeanette Kuby neice; age 17; sampler; Shirley Kuby; age 12 neice; Samuel Swerdloff husband age 45; born Russia; pedler of plumbing supplies.
1378. 11/9/11 Tracey Finger Address: 2828 Royal Palm Ave., Miami Beach, Fl. 33140.
1379. 12/13/12 Avram Gebaide. Father of Max per mrznyc, NY, NY per communication line.
1380. 12/14/12 Abram Gebaide. Passenger Manifest; SS Noordam 2-6; sailing from Rotterdam 5/1920; Holland America; age 54; Weaver; traveling with with Bajla, age 42, housewife; & liza Epstein age 17, daughter?; speak Yiddish; from Warschau, Poland; sent by Mr. Chaskel Epstein Twarda St. 15, Warschau, Poland; going to Bronx.
1381. 12/16/12 Avram Gebaide. Naturalization. Declaration 521; Page 187. Will send for Nat. 2/8/12 per letter declaration: 404 E. 6 St., NYC, NY; Nat. Supreme Court, NY; declaration filed 7/20/1921; Volume 521; page 187; operator; from Poland/Russia; born 10/15/1867; arrived 5/16/1920; wife Bella. 4/8/13 received Dec. of Intent: Arrived from Rotterdam, Holland aboard The Noordam; with wife; 150 pounds; brown hair brown eyes; age 53.
1382. 12/23/12. Abraham Gebaide. Per death index NYC Italian Gen. NYC Soc.; age 45; 3/21/1922; Cert. #8784.
3/17/2013. Received Death cert. Abraham Leib Gebaide. married. born 5/1876, Warsaw, Russia; in USA 2 years; father Gershon Gebaide; mother Sarah Kussman Gebaide both born Warsaw; died at home 196 1/2 Christopher St. NYC, NY #8781; Reg. # 1G576; 45 years 10 months old; died 3/21/1922; died at 4AM; cerebral thrombosis; arteriosclerosis; hypertension for 1 year; also pulmonary edema 1 month; Emanuel Walding MD 196 1/2 Chrystie St., NYC; buried 3/21;1922; Highland View; undertaken Alpert Bros; 141 E. 199 Stree, NYC. worked hand loom.
1383. 12/14/12 Bella Epstein Gebaide. NY St. Census 1925. age 47. Bronx; USA 5 years, head of house; Assembly District 2; House 1285 Washington; done 6/1/1925 Line 28; page 6; Daughter Elizabeth age 21, bra? operator; son Selig age 27, born Russia, Iron Worker, David Cohen son in law, cutter dresses, born Russia; age 29; Citizen 1920; Lillian daughter, wife of David, age 24, born Russia USA 4 years, housewife; Helen age 1 born NYC, grandchild
1384. 12/18/12 Jack Gebaide. Fl. Death Cert. 10/1969, Dade County, Fl. SSDI SSN 064-01-7658, Miami 33139, Fl. born 12/24/1901; died Oct. 1969. SSN issued NY. 1/11/13 Per Death Cert: died 10/16/1969; Miami Beach, Miami Heart Inst.; father Abraham Leib Gebaide, mother Anna Cohen; wife Molly address 1776 James Ave., Miami Beach; SSN 064-01-7658; Buried 10/19/1969; Mt. Sinai Cemetery, Miami, Fl. Riverside Memorial Chapel, Inc. born 12/24/1901; age 67; cutter Ladies Underwear.
1385. 12/23/12. Freida Gebaide/Charles Lieberman married 4/13/1918, Manhattan, Cert. #10310 per Italain Gen. Website NYC. 1/23/13 Received Marriage Cert. #10310. Groom lived at 214 E. 3 St; age 23; single; auto mechanic; born Stryj Austria; father OSkar; mother Fanny Hauser; wittness H. Bolsky and S. Baer; performed ceremony Wolf Greenblatt of 445 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn; Frede Gebaide bride; 13 St. Marks Place; age 21 single; born Warsaw, Russia; father Abraham; Mother Chana R. Cohen; married at 395 S. Marks place 4/13/1918.
1386. 2/12/13 Betty Gebaide Rabinowitz. Marriage cert. Irving Rabinowitz: 36 St. Marks Pl., NYC, cutter, age 21, born Hiessi, Roumania, father Aaron mother Rifka Leah ??; Cert # 32770; married 11/23/1918 at 23 E. 103 st. by Max Hisgaura?? of 32 Rivington St.; Betty: age 17; 32 St. Marks Place; born warsaw Russia, father Abraham mother Chaya Kohn, witnesses Samuel Schwartz & Joseph Merring.
1387. 6/20/2013 Bella Gebaide. Nat’l. papers. Declaration #302173; 132298; St. f NY Supreme Court County of Bronx; address 905 E. 178 St. housewife age 59; dark complexion; grey eyes; brown hair; 5’1”; age 59; husband Abraham, 2nd marriage 3/1914, Warsaw, Poland; entered USA NYC; 5/18/1920, SS Noordam;; born husband born 1/10/1874, Bella born 8/5/1878, Olinka Poland; Abraham died NYC 1922; 5 children, all born Russia; all live USA: Zelig 1/12/99; Lillian 1/10/02; Charles 12/18/95; Ethel 3/15/97; Elizabeth 10/18/04; issued 7/21/1937; Became a citizen on 11/30/1937; states fair complexion; 4’10”; 137 pounds; widow; grey eyes; grey hair. US District Court of Eastern District, Brooklyn, NY 323 5 Ave., Brooklyn.
1388. 12/14/12. Freida Gebaide daughter of Abram Gebaide per grandson Martin Zwerling.
1389. 1920 Census. Bronx, NY. Max Gebaide, 1/16/1920; sheet 39B; Sup districet 2; ED 299; 781 E. 172 St.; age 26, paper box business, Nat. 1919; USA 1913; born Poland; Sarah wife age 26 USA 1914, Nat.; son Harold age 2, born NYC, NY; Max’s siblings: Jake age 18,single, cutter ladies underwear, USA 1917 applied 1919 for Nat.; Mollie age single USA 1917; makes hats, Frieda, single, Frieda age 20, single, born Poland, USA 1917, operator ladies underwear.
1390. 12/16/12 Frieda Gebaide Lieberman. SSDI SSN 468-54-0650; 56701 Thief River Falls, Pennington Minn; b 6/14/1891; died 2/1986. Minn. death index: died 2/16/1986; St. file # 004619; Record # 2207403. Will send for.
1391. 12/26/12 Frieda Gebaide Lieberman. death Cert. died 2/16/1986; born 6/14/1891; NYC; Died Northwest Medical Center, Thief River FAlls, Mn; informant Leonore Lieberman, address of both 313 W. 4 St.; widow of Charles Lieberman; buried Reformed Cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota; 2/21/86; Green Funeral Home.
1392. 12/16/12 Freida Gebaide Lieberman. born 1891 NYC;age 39; Census 1930; husband Charles Lieberman age 46; Freida age 39; daughter Lenore age 18; son Sydney age 13; home Thief River Falls, Pennington, Minnesota;
1393. 12/16/12 Charles Lieberman, 1930 Census, Thief River FAlls, Pennington, Minn.; age 46 born Lithuania; owned clothing store; Frieda 39 born NYC?; daughter Lenore age 18 born Minn., single; son Sydney age 13 born Minn., single; Ward 8; block X ; done 4/8/1930; 313 4 St. West address; sheet 7A; ED 57-24; Sup. district 1.
1394. 1/23/13. Frede Gebaide. Marriage to Charles Lieberman. See source 1457 under marriage.
1395. 12/14/12 Bella Gebaide 1930 Census Bronx NY; Ward 5 block I; #1165; done 4/8/1930; Joseph Cohen son in Law, Cleaner and dyer of cloaks; age 26 born Russia; USA 1908; wife Elizabeth Epstein Cohen age 26 born Poland.
1396. 3/17/2013 Joseph Cohen; died 10/10/1969; born 12/7/1886; age 82; Retired Self employed clothing; Informant Dr. Philip R. Joseph; buried 10/12/1969; Melchazadeck cemetery, Waterbury, Conn; Bronchopneumonia; ASHD; Generalized arteriosclerois for 10 years. Heart block with pacemaker; Cert # 010174; SS# 040-16-8634; died at Middlebury Conv. Hospital 86 Eldridge St. Waterbury, Comm;
1397. 12/18/12 Jack Gebaide. Index to Petitions for Nat. #40600 & 163. Nat. rec. Indexes 82670 & 167. 404 E. 6 St. NYC; cutter; born 12/24/1900 Warsaw, Russia; arrived from Rotterdam left there on 10/20/1916; arrived on the Amsterdam on 11/25/1916; Nat. 12/10/1923?; age 22; fair; 5’6”; brown eyes; brown hair; 130 pounds. 856 E. 172 St.; not married; Nat. 3/22/1922; witness Joe Kassner? PB maker; 149 ave. D NYC.
1398. 1/11/13 Molly Gebaide. SS death index. died 3/29/1999, Dallas, Texas. SSN 099-05-1829.
1399. 12/23/12 Samuel Kramer/Mollie Gebaide per Italian Gen. website; married 4/1/1922, Manhattan; Cert # 10100. 1/23/13. Marriage Samuel Kramer and Mollie Gebaide; 4/1/1922; Samuel lived at 183 Second St; age 26; single; hatter; born austria; father Chaim W. Kramer (Kremer?); mother Yette Sachestorita?; married at 10-12 Ave A by Jacob Streit from Congreation Nadworna; witnesses Jospeh Kremer and Moses Trapper?; bride lived at 404 E. 6 St age 24; born Russia father Abraham Gebaide mother Rose Cohen
1400. 12/18/12. Molly Leah Gebaide. Texas Dept. of Health, deaths for 1999, pg 872; died in Dallas county 3/29/1999. SSDI SSN 099-05-1829. Richardson, Dallas, Texas; born 2/27/1907; died 3/29/1999
1401. 12/17/12 Lenore Lieberman. died 10/26/2001; Thief River FAlls, Minn. SSDI, SSN 468-52-5271. born 5/24/1911. Per obit. died at Northwest Medical Center. Graduated from Lincoln High School 6/1/1928. Worked in Wash. DC; librarian for the City of Duluth; Returned to Thief River to care for mother. Survivors a nephew and two nieces of San Diego, Ca. Preceded in death by parents and brother.
1402. 2/18/13 Harris Rogoff. Census 1925. in USA 15 years; age 54 born Russia about 1871; Assembly Dist. 02; House #161 Henry St.; line #29; page 32; Wife Rose age 54; son Max age 23 no occupation; daughter Fannie age 24; daughter Lilly age 20 bookkeeper; son in law Sam Fine age 30 clothing business; his children Arna age 8; Sophie age 6 and Ida age 5. block 2; ED 4? 153?; done June 1, 1925; Harris makes cloaks/suits; all adults born Russia; Fine children born USA; Mother??
1403. 2/11/2014. Bernard Mabil. 1920 Census; age 10; born NY; Home Bronx, NY; district 7; father Isaac Mabil born Russia; USA 1906; age 41 operator made boots; mother Dora Mabil born Russia age 38 USA 1901; sister Ruth age 7. Bernard & Ruth born USA. SD 2: ED 286; page 13B; done 1/10/1920; 363 Clinton Ave.
1404. 5/23/2013 Eric Gebaide: Managing Director, Innovation Advisors; 1 Penn Plaza, 36 floor, NY< NY 10119; phone 1 212.710.5302; cell 1 917.750.4566; fax 1 212.268.1507.
1405. 4/13/13 Nessa Kanarek. Per Sherrie Rubenstein Nessa means miracle in Hebrew. Fleur is French for flower. Sherrie’s mom was Florence. She was born 3/18/2013 at 7 lbs 6 oz. The family lives in Knoxville, Tenn. Jennifer will be getting her Masters degree and Andrew is doing a post Doc at UT.
1406. 6/30/13 Benjamin Sternberg. Fl. St. Census 1945; Precinct 15; Orlando, Orange County; age 35, born Conn., some college, USO; wife Esther age 30 born Conn; children Allan age 7 born Conn; Carl age 4 born Conn; Brian age 2 born Conn.; Daniel age 2 months born Fl. Page 41; Line 11; Archive series S1371, Roll 30.
1407. 7/3/13 Evelyn Sternberg. Death Cert. Fl. local file # 90456; 90008766; died 1/29/1990; SSN 022-05-3139; age 79; born 8/4/1910; Boston, Mass.; address 224 E. Marks St. Orlando; Bookkeeper; retail Sales; married to George Sternberg; 12th grade; father Morris Tatelman; mother unknown; Informant husband; buried Temple Israel cemetery; Orlando, Fl; Funereal home Beth Shalom Memorial Chapel; 115 W. Gore St. Orlando, Fl. 32806.
1408. 8/19/13 Infant Nussdorf. death cert. #14063. born 4/17/1915; died 5/3/1915; premature; mother Annie Greenstein Nussdorf; father Henry (Harry?) Nussdorf; buried 5/3/1915 Mt. Zion Cem.
1409. 2/11/14 Michael Lawrence (Mickey) Hecker. SS death index born 1/29/1952; died 10/25/2012; SSN issued in New Jersey. Harrisburg, Pens. Newspaper Obit: age 60; born Brooklyn, New York; died Duncannon, Penns.; wife Jennifer Zerbe Hecker; Mother Lillian Pocras Hecker; children Logan and Cora; brother Pete his wife Chris of Williamstown, NJ.
1410. 4/24/14 John Hyams. Death Cert. Widower. born England. father Aaron; mother Sopis; Cardiac Arthemia; Senility; Asthma; chronic nephritis. #182. Buried Washington Cem., Brooklyn.
1411. 3/26/14 Clara Hyams. Death Cert. #1134; St. of NY; died 1/17/02 5PM; Brights Disease; Coma; age 65; Married Housewife; born Germany; in USA 41 years; father Henry Kaiser, Germany mother Caroline Kaiser, Germany; place of death 211 Seventh St. House, NYC; buried 1/19/1902; Washington Cem. Brooklyn, NY
1412. 3/26/2014. Leah Davis. Death Cert. Husband Joe Davis. age 65 Housewife; died 7/14/1929; cerebral hemorrhage; buried Mount Hebron Cem. 7/15/1929; father John Hyams born England mother Clara Hyams born Germany.; died Brooklyn; 2924 W. 30 home; #15570; married; born NYC. 2924. W. 30 home.
1413. 3/20/14 Isaac Davis died 1955 per Judy Davis.
1414. 3/26/2014 Isaac Davis. Death Cert. 156-55-106738; died 3/23/1955 9AM age 86Manhattan; 7 W. 20th St; widow age 86; retired hair goods business; born Detroit, Mich; father Louis mother Katherine; informant Esther Lewis daughter 8020 4 Ave. NYC; buried Percilaron, NY New Montefiore Com. permit #2474; buried 3/24/1955
1415. 3/26/2014. Isaac Davis & Leah Hyams Wedding License; 3/20/1894; #3430; Rabbi Sigmund Lipser; Witness Jacob Stromer? and Solomon Hyams; Isaac address 388 Jay st. Brooklyn, NY age 25 single born Detroit Mich; father Louis Davis; ?? Katz-Hyams; 1st marragie; Leah 217 Varick St. 29 single; born NYC; father John Hyams and Mother Klara Kaiser; Congreation Har Sinai 722 E. 5 St.
1416. 3/26/14 Aaron Hyams. death cert. from St. Clement Danes, County of Middlesex, Strand Union, London England #2415574-1. #467; 3/7/1844 at 5PM; male age 45; Lapidary; gout in Stomach; DYC 762077. Note: deathes registered in Jan., Feb. March 1844 include: Joseph Hyams, Bath Vol 11 page 50 and Nathan London Vol 2; page 136.
1417. 3/26/14 Source Jewish Traders/business in London 1769-1839: Aaron Lapidary 10 Ray St. Clerkenwell; 1836; Note: Many Jewish Hyams in London at this time; Aaron, Lapidary 54 Holywell st. Strand, 1822; & 1823; S, Sam, Samuel, father of Aaron?, lapidary & jeweller 6 Pall Mall 1802, 54 Holywell St. 1820; same 1817, 1818
1418. 3/10/14 1841 Eng. Census.
1419. 3/27/2014 Louis and Catherine Davis. 1861 England Census. Whitechapel; Tower Hamlets; 19 Laman St. Louis Tailor; married age 23; wife Catherine age 19. born middle Whitechapel; Louis born Poland.
1420. 3/26/14. Louis and Catherine Davis buried in Beth Olam Cemetery in Detroit; an old Jewish cemetery which is inside the gounds o fthe Volt car plant and only open to the public 3 days a year.
1421. 3/28/14 Louis Davis death cert. 6/20/1911. 40 Beacon St. Detroit Mich. #3824. age 73; chronic nephritis; cutter of clothing; born Poland; father George; married.
1422. 3/27/2014 Aaron Hyams. died as Albert Alvin Hyams; died 8/17/1936; age 74 born NYC; died Longlade County, Wisc. Vol 8 page 922; wife Florence died 3/18/1950 vol 13 page 283
1423. 3/27/2014 Antigo, Wisc. Genealogy Gopher 1929 Obituary Index: Charlotte Boyd: mother of Florence Boyd Hyams; age 91 died 3/13/2014; husband Andrew.
1424. 3/20/14 Rose Hyams. Joe Hyams husband of Rose per Judy Harris.
1425. 3/26/2014 Samuel Hyams. Death Cert. #3885; State of NY; Dist. No. 1067; male; white; married; wife Flora Hyams; born 9/29/1866; age 58; farmer; born NYC; Father John born England mother Clara Kaiser born Germany; info. given by Louis Berriberg; Craryville, NY; Cerbral Hemmorhage; arterio Sclerosis; buried 1/25/1925; Plealmont? NY.
1426. 3/26/14 Henry Hyams. Death Cert. #4502; NY; died 1/4/1932; acute myocarditis; buried 1/6/1932; born 4/24/1869; Farmer; age 63; father John; born England; mother Clara Claflin born Germany; info given by granddaughter Sara Hyams.
1427. 3/20/14 Shirley Davis wife of Walter per Judy Harris. Clarence Davis’ wife was Marsha.
1428. 3/20/14 Samuel and Marcus Davis per Judy Harris 1880 Census, Samuel born 1871; Marcus 1874. Esther 1875
1429. 3/27/14 Esther Davis Cohen. Clover Hill Park Cem. info: born 9/28/1847; age 80; died 4/26/1957. Nephew Harry Miller. Herman, husband died 11/11/1954; born 8/27/1872; Kaufman Funeral home. Elmhurst..
1430. 3/20/14 Debbie Lewis daughter of Leon per Judy Harris.
1431. 11/4/14 Samuel Meyer. Per information from Sandra Feldman Erez. Yetta Meyer her great aunt. Sam was brother to her Aunt Yetta. Her mother, Frances Meyer daughter of Sam.
1432. 4/17/15 Larry Sternberg Silverman. info. from Larry via e-mail
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