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Barbara Hacker Berman
Vital Statistics

Samples of Vital Statistics

Family history researchers spend a great deal of time researching all types of vital statistics. We “mine” them from the internet, State records; Federal records; records of foreign countries and the Latter Day Saints’ Library.

I am including samples of various types of vital statistics. It is like a giant puzzle. You get one statistic, it leads you to another, which leads you to another. We pick up pieces of information that go together to form our history.

Clair Rohr Naturalization

Certificate of Death - Max Berman

Declaration of Intention - D. Rohr

Florence Druse - Birth Certificate

Israel Druse - Naturalization

Marriage Certificate - Hacker

Marriage Certificate - Berman

Michael Hacker - Death Certificate

Morris Hacker SS Card

Passenger Record - Hinde Rohr