Berman’s Branches
Barbara Hacker Berman
Towns - Yavoriv

Nussdorf/Templeman came from this area. As did the Schlam, Rohr and Stadler families.

Not far from it is the watering-place of Shklo with sulphur springs. The town was first mentioned in written documents in 1376 and received Magdeburg rights in 1569. It was a favorite residence of king John III Sobieski, who there received the congratulations from the Pope on his success against the Turks at Vienna (1683).

Yavoriv was infamous during World War II for its ghetto. Around 5,000 Jews were killed either in the local ghetto or in concentration camps. There were some who escaped and established a partisan resistance unit, but they were found and also killed.

Thousands of Jews and Soviet POW shot by the Nazis in 1941-1944 are buried under the Pischana Hora near Yavoriv in Lviv Oblast.
Unfortunately, the mass grave was turned into a dumpsite, the monument was damaged and the fence broken.

The site has been neglected and is frequented only by vandals and smugglers who repackage tobacco and alcohol, dumping garbage on the site.
According to locals, in 1944 Germans escorted about a thousand of Jews from rayons Yavoriv, Nemyriv and Zhovkva as well as Soviet POWs. They made the captives dig the graves with their bare hands, burying many of them alive. Locals could hear moans and the earth was shifting for the whole night. The locals managed to save a girl, pulling her from under the bodies.

As of 2001, the population was around 13,500. The town was first mentioned in documents in 1376. It was infamous during World War II for its ghetto. Around 5,000 Jews were killed there or in concentration camps.