Berman’s Branches
Barbara Hacker Berman
Towns - Lviv

Came from this area: Nussdorfs, Templeman, as did the Schlam, Rohr and Templeman families.

Lviv is located on the edge of the Roztochia Upland, approximately 70 km from the Polish border and 160 km (99 mi) from the eastern Carpathian Mountains. The average altitude of Lviv is 296 m (971.13 ft) above sea level. Its highest point is the Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle), 409 m (1,341.86 ft) above sea level. This castle has a commanding view of the historic city centre with its distinctive green-domed churches and intricate architecture.

The old walled city was at the foothills of the High Castle on the banks of the river Poltva. In the 13th century, the river was used to transport goods. In the early 20th century, the Poltva was covered over in areas where it flows through the city. The river flows directly beneath the central street of Lviv, Freedom Avenue (Prospect Svobody) and the renowned Lviv Opera House.

The Nussdorf clan originally came from Przemysl, Galicia, Ukraine, but settled in Lviv, Ukraine. and then in Yavorov, Ukraine. They are all very close. It is regarded as one of the main cultural centers of today’s Ukraine. Historically it has also been a major Polish and Jewish cultural center. It has many industries and institutions of higher educations. It was founded in 1256. Jews were there at that time. Before 1939, there were 97 synagogues. Jews made up 1/3 of the population. Between the Soviets and the Nazis, about 100,000 were killed. By the end of the war, only 200 to 300 Jews remained. After the war many Jews resettled in Lviv. In 2007, the population was 725,000. It is called the “Little Paris of the Ukraine.” The old part of the city still survives.