Berman’s Branches
Barbara Hacker Berman
Towns - Kolomyja

The Hacker/Sokol was from this town.

City on the Prut River in the Carpathian foothills with an approximate population of 63,000, currently the city is located in the Ukraine. First mentioned in 1240, Kolomyja was a settlement in the Halich-Wolhynian principality. In the 14th century it became part of the Polish Kingdom, who fortified the city.
During the Third Polish Partition of Poland in 1772 Kolomyja became part of Austrio-Hungarian Empire.
At the end of WWI a short lived Independent Ukraine was proclaimed and the city was part of that newly independent republic. In 1920 the city once again returned to the Polish Republic.

During the Second World War the Soviet Army invaded the Eastern Regions (Kresy) on 17th September 1939, and then the city came under the Soviet occupation and became part of the newly established Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

In 1993 the population was approximately 68,000 people. It is a notable railroad hub, as well as an industrial center. The settlement was first mentioned in 1241. In 1900 the Jewish population was 16,568, nearly 50% of the town’s population. In 1941, the town was seized by the German’s. Street executions of September and October, 1941, took the lives of about 500 Jews. The following year the remaining Jews were massed in a local ghetto, and then murdered in various concentration camps, mostly Belzec. Several hundred were kept as slave workers, and then murdered in 1943 in a nearby forest.