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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner; but the recent operation on my hand has restricted my time on the computer, plus the fact that I was not able to give you too much information about Aunt Clara (Rohr). Claire (Casale) tells me she had died from congested heart failure.

Her marriage to her first husband was short lived; and he was involved in the boxing commission in Fl. and there was something shady about him and the marriage did not last too long.

Clara was the youngest in the family and she is the one that was responsible for getting us all in the lingerie business. It started by giving Aunt Helen lace to cut at home for her company (Roth & Ro Jene Lingerie) and then Helen started giving work out to the family and others to help and taking a slice of the action. Then she opened a little shop and started doing work for the entire industry including the lace manufacturers. Then she started making bows by hand and that is how Seymour (Schlam) and Melvin (Schlam) got started. Seymour would cut laces when he went out on a date in the subway as well. That is a story in itself.

Anyway she died before my Mother (Sylvia Rohr Casale). As a matter of fact, my Mother outlived all of her Brothers and Sisters and there were 3 that were younger then her and 4 older.

Love Mutz

Aunt Clara as given to me by Steve Casale (Mutzie)

We want to thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving greeting. I don't know if Lewis remembers; but Thanksgiving was always a special day at my Mother's house. Martha, Al & Lewis would come for dinner along with Mel & Renee, my Uncle Sam, Aunt Fannie, my Uncle Dave and his wife Adele and sometimes Seymour and Ruthie would come, that was before Seymour became a big shot.

We had some crowd there and I would come in late when I was in High School because I had to play the last football game of the season.

That part I wouldn't expect Lewis to remember, in any event we always had a lot of fun. Steve Casale’s Memories of Thanksgiving