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Interviews - Martin and Florence Schlam

Interview Martin and Florence Schlam
Delray Beach, Fl.

Martin is the son of Joseph Schlam. His wife, Florence Wax Schlam is a retired pediatrician. Her father owned a drugstore and was a pharmacist. Leon Schlam would often visit his store. Martin and Florence felt close to Leon. When their children were young, Leon would often go to the park and watch them play. When Martin was young his brother, David had scarlet fever. They sent Martin to live with Leon. He remembers Leon having hot water with lemon every morning. They remember Leon coming up to NY when he was 104. A reporter was waiting to interview him. The first thing Leon did was to tell him a dirty joke!

Martin had appendicitis when he was ten. Bertha took care of him. Exactly one year later, his brother Bertram had an appendicitis and died of it.

Joseph loved to collect records. He loved music and passed on his love to his children, who are all musical. Joseph also spoke 7 or 8 languages. He was a tailor in Jawrow. He went to Cooper Union in NYC to become an engineer. When going through old papers Tanya Schlam found old ATT stock that Bertha had that no one know about! They believe Carl’s widow has old pictures of Rachel Schlam and papers. Doris and David also have papers.

They believe Charles Sloan (Schlam) has died.

Florence has a twin brother. Although her father was a pharmacist, they did not have much money. Her brother went into the Navy and they sent him to college. Florence went to Brooklyn College and then was able to transfer to Oberlin on a 2/3s scholarship. Some friends got her to go to their Bio-chem. club meeting to see a movie and meet some kids. The movie turned her on to medicine. Florence did her residency while Martin was redrafted into the Navy to serve in Korea. She finished just before Julia was born. She stayed home for five years while the children were small. She practiced as a pediatrician in Oradell, NJ until she retired.

Martin remembers Rachel Schlam as a vigorous, busy lady. They family was always congregating in Rachel’s big room of her railroad flat on St. Marks Place. She cooked for everyone. The day after she died, Martin fondly remembers eating her cinnamon nut bread.

Minnie came to the USA first, followed by Joseph.

David and Doris live at 2 Briar Court, Binghamton, NY, 13905, 607-729-1312.

Martin and Florence met at a party in Stuyvesant House, NYC.

Ironically, when Barry (Berman) was at Brandeis, he met their son, Everett, several years older than Barry, who was going to Tufts at that time!

They remember Richard Schlam as a gifted singer who was pushed into the family business by Seymour.

Kate Kreisberg Stout is still alive and living in New Jersey--8 Woodland Drive. West Long Branch, NJ, 07764. 908-222-2954. She still plays the piano. She gave Martha piano lessons when she was little. Her daughter is Janice Stout Lee. She is a librarian, divorced and has two adopted children--Kathy and a boy.

Clara Goldberg was always flamboyant. When Joe had a heart attack she visited him in the hospital and showed him her red bloomers to cheer him up! Clara’s daughter is Sylvia Freedman, husband Arthur. 917 Vose Drive, Apt. 311, Gurnee, Ill., 60031, 847-680-5198.