Berman’s Branches
Barbara Hacker Berman
Interviews - Jeanette Veraldo and Martha Berman

Interview with Jeanette Veraldo, Martha Berman
April, 1997
Montvale, NJ

The Casale family was quite refined. When Guido and Sylvia Rohr married, her father tore his clothes and considered her dead. He did die shortly after. The family said it was because of Sylvia’s marriage.

Guido had a laundry route. Guido left the family when Jeanette was 8. Sylvia was having an affair with Eddie Widenmeyer, a jeweler, even before Guido left--that is why he left. Guido lived in NY, remarried in 1951 and moved to Florida in his 70’s. Eddie and Sylvia lived together until Eddie’s death. Jeanette and Stephen were brought up with no religious training.

The Rohrs were generous and hardworking but did not have good dispositions. There are only two with no scandal--Rose and Jack. The other women were a bit “loose”. The birth control at that time was abortions. Martha remembers women saying they were going the the doctor for a “cleaning”.

Rebecca Rohr had 13 children, 8 survived. She raised the family and also had ladies working for her doing piece work.

When Helen and Leon lived on Ave. C, they had a herring store for a short time. Then they sold baby clothes on a pushcart.

Sylvia was hit by a car near her home on Nov. 2, 1977. She was not supposed to live but did. From that time on Jeanette cared for her 24 hours a day. This was a strain on her family, but she felt she needed to do so. Sylvia felt her accident was her “payment” for disappointing her parents, ie: the marriage.