Berman’s Branches
Barbara Hacker Berman
Articles - Two Shootings

New York Times Article

June 21, 1914

Section II; Page 13, Column 4

Julius Rogovin, age 7, was shot to death one summer day eating jam and bread on the front porch. The incident was told to me by his older sister, Frances. She said the children found old civil war pistols in the basement. The children decided to play with them. A cousin, Max Rogovin, aimed at Julius and shot him dead. The children said they did not know the guns were loaded. The article is below.

A shooting also happened on the Hacker/Sternberg side of the family.

Frank (Ephraim) Sternberg was born in NYC in 1893 to Abraham and Minnie Sternberg. He died by gunshot in the streets of NYC June 15, 1909. According to witness’s he and other boys were playing, “cops and robbers”