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We Must Remember..... Kovel

Can you imagine........being locked in a Synagogue on August 23,1942, knowing that soon you would die at the hands of the Germans? What had you done wrong? The were a Jew.

Kovel, now in the Ukraine, is in the area that many of our relatives came from. While this history does not want to dwell on the Holocaust, we must remember.

Those poor souls spent their last hours on earth writing notes on the walls of the Synagogue. In 1944, the notes were discovered. There were over 95 of them. I have chosen several of them to represent their plight and to help us say, “Never again.”

Here live the dead, crying out crying out from their graves for justice. Benjamin Pieta

Silence, The murderers are coming. Silence prevails in the world. Listen to the sound of the hearts dreaming with all their might. Listen to the sound of the hearts ceasing to beat. Lord, let us take You in Your eternity. The murderers will pay, pay with their blood. How can I rejoice-if I am already in the grave. But I wanted to be alive. Their children will cut down the last to remain...Another hour...another moment...I bid farewell to my beautiful world before I was able to know you. Tania Arbeiter and all of her family.

I will write one last time before my death. I don’t know if any of the Jews will remain alive. Alas, I will not be the happy one. Unknown

Moszko and Tunik take their leave of everyone. The last Mohicans of the Barzilai and Tojbiczow families.

I will rest in the common grave of the tortured with my best friends Sonia and Kuba Rojter. The easier for our common misfortune. Unknown

Niura Rajber-Landau will die today. I so badly wanted to live.

Alas, I waited for you with Yankl for two days. The entire time I was with your brother, as with you. So good together. Motele, my heart! We leave this beautiful world. The blood should not be silent. We go to a Jewish State. I kiss you. The entire family. Fayga

May we never forget them!