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Berman’s Branches
Barbara Hacker Berman
Tapestry Bermans Branches

Introduction to our Family History

Why am I writing a family history? Who cares? Good questions.

In 1995 my mother died. I realized that I had little information about her and her family. I decided I would just find out a few things.....some dates, etc. I wanted to do this for myself but more for my children and grandchildren.

I took a beginners class in family history at our local community college. It opened my eyes! I found out that so much was available and how to access the information. This was before the use of computers in family history. Everything was paperwork.

I put my toe in the water of family history. Before I knew it, I was up to my ears! I was fascinated with learning about my and Lew’s family histories. It is like a giant puzzle. You find one piece and then it leads you to another and another and another.

I found a magazine called Avotaynu that was aimed at those researching Jewish Genealogy. From that, I found that a group went to Salt Lake City once a year for a week to do research. The Later Day Saints Genealogy Library is the larger repository of family history in the world. I was a novice. But I went. The two professional genealogists helped us. The first day I found my grandfather’s (Israel Druse) citizenship papers. What a gold mine of information! I was thrilled. And I was hooked.

When will I be done? Properly never. I hope someone else takes up the search when I can no longer do so. At this time, I am going to put the information into a format that I can share with you.

We are each a thread in a wonderful tapestry. Each thread creates a story of the past and present, and, hopefully, it will go on and on and on. The picture here is a work of my
maternal grandparents, Israel and Bella Swerdloff Druse. I was told he designed it and she did the embroidery. It is one of two pieces I have framed in my home.

This is a spiritual journey for me. I feel I connect with the history of the times, the people and their journeys. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I have.

Love, Barbara Hacker Berman